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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

Nactan' = 'nigth

na = not

naH = by us

nakulaH = (m) a mongoose

nakta.ncharaantakam.h = the finisher(destroyer) of the

nakra = a crocodile

nakha = nail

naga = the vital air that causes burping

naTaH = (m) actor, filmstar

naTi = Actress

naTii = (f) actress, heroine

nata = Bowed

nataraaja = Lord of the dancers, a name of Shiva

nataraajaasana = the Lord of the Dance posture

nataaH = bowed down

nada = The Universal Sound. Vibration

nadi = (f) river

nadiinaaM = of the rivers

nanu = really

nandaH = nanda

nandati = revels

nandatyeva = nandati+eva, revels alone/revels indeed

nandana = child

napu.nsakaM = neuter

nabhaH = the sky

nabhaHspR^ishaM = touching the sky

nabhastala = sky

nam.h = to salute

namaH = a salute

namati = to bow

namaskaara = Salutation

namaskaaraniichamanii = Salutation to evil minded

namaskuru = offer obeisances

namaskR^itvaa = offering obeisances

namaste = offering my respects unto You

namasyantaH = offering obeisances

namasyanti = are offering respects

namaami = I bow

namaamyaham.h = namAmi+ahaM, bow+I

nameran.h = they should offer proper obeisances

namo = salutation

namya = (adj) bendable

nayana = eye

nayanaM = eyes

nayet.h = must bring under

nara = Man

naraH = a man

naraka = hell

narakasya = of hell

narakaaya = for the hell

narake = in hell

narajanma = human birh

narapuN^gavaH = hero in human society

nararaakshasa = adj. devil incarnate

naralokaviiraaH = kings of human society

narasi.nha = the man-lion, fourth incarnation of Vishnu

naraaNaaM = among human beings

naraadhamaaH = lowest among mankind

naraadhamaan.h = the lowest of mankind

naraadhipaM = the king

naraiH = by men

narka = Hell

nartakii = (f) danseuse , a female dancer

nartana = Dance

nalinii = lotus

naliniidalagata = nalinI+dala+gata, lotus+petal+reached/gone

nava = (adj) nine

navaM = a boat

navakamaladala = newly blossomed lotus petal (another meaning for `nava' is

navadvaare = in the place where there are nine gates

navami = Ninth Tithi of the Moon

navavastu = New article

navaa.nsha = A Varga. The Ninth divisional harmonic. Used with the Rashi, Chandra and bhaava charts to determine a basic delineation. Used for reading the delineations of the Spouse

navaani = new garments

naviinam.h = (adj) new

nashyati = (4 pp) to perish, to be destroyed

nashyaatsu = being annihilated

nashvara = Temporary

nashhTa = Destroyed or missing birth data. A method of calculating the Chart when one has missing data

nashhTaH = scattered

nashhTaan.h = all ruined

nashhTe = being destroyed

nahi = No; never

nahyati = (4 pp) to bind

nakshatra = A division of the Zodiac into 27 parts. There were originally 28 parts but one seems to have been dropped. Each Division is ruled by a planet and is further divided into Padas or quarters. The nakshatra contains 9 navaa.nshas and forms the base position for lunar Dasha systems

nakshatram.h = (n) constellation

nakshatraaNaaM = of the stars

naaka = heaven, sky

naaga = snake

naagaphaNii = cactus

naagabandha = cobra pattern, a form of poetry

naagavalli = the paan (betel leaf)

naagaanaaM = of the manyhooded serpents

naagaashana = peacock (whose food is snakes)

naagendra = elephant

naaTaka = (m) a play , drama

naaDii = a channel within the subtle body

naaDiishodhana = the purification of the nadis

naaNakam.h = (n) coin

naath = lord

naatha = Protector

naathaaya = to the protector or lord

naada = Sound

naadaH = the sound

naadabrahma = Blissful tone

naanaa = many

naanaabhaavaan.h = multifarious situations

naanaavidhaani = variegated

naanR^itaM = na + anR\^itaM: not untruth

naantaM = no end

naanyaM = na+anyaM, no other

naanyagaaminaa = without their being deviated

naabhiM = navel

naabhijaanaati = does not know

naabhipedaasana = the upward ankle-twist posture

naabhiideshaM = nAbhI+deshaM, navel+region/country

naama = Name

naaman.h = name

naamabhiH = the names of rAma

naamabhirdivyaiH = by the divine `nAmAs'(names)

naamayati = to bend

naamasmaraNaat.h = (exceept) through/from rememberance of the lord's name

naayakaaH = captains

naaraN^gaphalam.h = (n) orange

naaradaH = Narada

naarasi.nhii = pertaining to Narasimha

naaraayaNaH = Lord Narayana

naaraayaaNa = the supporter of life - Vishnu

naarikela = coconut

naarikelaH = (m) coconut

naarikelam.h = (n) coconut

naarii = female

naariiNaaM = of women

naaryaH = ( women

naalaH = (m) tap

naalikaa = (f) pipe

naava = a boat

naavaasana = the boat posture

naasha = destruction

naashaH = loss

naashanaM = the destroyer

naashanam.h = destroyer

naashayati = destroys

naashayaami = dispel

naashaaya = for destruction

naashitaM = is destroyed

naashha = destruction

naasaabhyantara = within the nostrils

naasikaa = nose

naasti = na+asti, not there

ni = down

ni+vid.h = to tell

ni+vR^it.h = to go away

ni.HkR^ishThkuliinaH = adj. born to a lowly family

niMbhuminyak.h = (f) a woman who can't get enough

niH = without

niHsheshha = remainderless

niHshreNikaa = (f) ladder

niHshreyasakarau = leading to the path of liberation

niHspR^ihaH = desireless

niHsvana = silent (without sound)

nikaH = rays

nikR^itii = (f) falsehood, cunning move

nikR^ishhTa = inferior

nigachchhati = attains

nigaDaH = (m) handcuffs

niguuDhaa = cast in

nigR^ihiitaani = so curbed down

nigR^ihNaami = withhold

nigrahaM = subduing

nigrahaH = repression

nichR^idgaayatriichchha.ndaH = the prosody form is `nichR\^it.h gAyatrii'

nicholaH = (m) skirt

nija = one's own

nijakarma = nija+karma, one's+duty(normal work)

nita = to bend

nitaM = has been led

nitya = always

nityaM = daily/always

nityaH = eternal

nityajaataM = always born

nityatvaM = constancy

nityam.h = ever

nityamadhiiyataaM = daily, may be studied

nityayuktaH = always engaged

nityayuktaaH = perpetually engaged

nityavairiNa = by the eternal enemy

nityashaH = regularly

nityasattvasthaH = in a pure state of spiritual existence

nityasya = eternal in existence

nityaaH = in eternity

nididhyaasana = meditation and contemplation

nidraa = sleep

nidraabhiH = and sleep

nidhanaM = destruction

nidhanaani = when vanquished

nidhaanaM = resting place

nidhaanikaa = (f) cupboard, almariah

nidhi = reservoir, treasure

ninaada = sound

nind.h = to condemn

nindati = (1 pp) to blame

nindantaH = while vilifying

nindaa = in defamation

nipaana = (n) a pond

nibaddha = tied down (from bandh)

nibaddhaH = conditioned

nibadhnanti = bind

nibadhnaati = binds

nibadhyate = becomes affected

nibadh{}nanti = do bind

nibandhaaya = for bondage

nibodha = just take note of, be informed

nibodhita(H) = (masc.Nom.sing.)having been enlightened

nibhR^ita = are served

nimajjati = to drown

nimittamaatraM = just the cause

nimittaani = causes

nimishhan.h = closing

nimiilita = closed

nimeshhaat.h = in the twinkling of the eye

nimnagaa = (f) river

nimba = neem

niyata = Discipline

niyataM = always

niyatamanasaH = with a regulated mind

niyatasya = prescribed

niyataaH = controlled

niyataatmabhiH = by the self-controlled

niyantaa = controller

niyantraNa = (n) control

niyantrayati = (10 pp) to control

niyama = self-purification through discipline

niyamaM = regulations

niyamaadeva = control alone(niyamAt.h eva)

niyamya = regulating

niyojaya = (verbal stem) make ready

niyojayasi = You are engaging

niyojitaH = engaged

niyokshyati = will engage

niraJNjana = pure, free from falsehood

nirataH = engaged

niratiyasha = (adj) unsurpassed, perfect

nirapavaadaH = free from blemish

nirayana = Sidereal or fixed Zodiac without precession

nirarthakaM = needlessly

nirasta = removed

nirastapaadapa = (adj) barren, tree-less

nirahaN^kaaraH = without false ego

niraamaya = (adj) healthy, disease-free

niraalamba = unsupported

niraashiiH = without desire for profit

niraashrayaH = without any shelter

niraahaarasya = by negative restrictions

niriiha = the desireless person

niriihataa = Lack of desire

niriikshe = may look upon

niruddhaM = being restrained from matter

nirudhya = confining

nirodha = control or restraint

nirguNaM = without material qualities

nirguNatvaat.h = due to being transcendental

nirdaalana = Destruction

nirdishati = to indicate, to point out

nirdeshaH = indication

nirdeshakaH = (m) director

nirdoshhaM = flawless

nirdvandvaH = without duality

nirdhana = poor

nirdhanayoga = Combinations for poverty

nirdhuuta = cleansed

nirbhara = dependent

nirmamaH = without a sense of proprietorship

nirmala = clear

nirmalaM = purified

nirmalatvaat.h = being purest in the material world

nirmaa = to create

nirmita = made

nirmitavataH = of the author

nirmuktaaH = free from

nirmuulana = uprootment

nirmohatvaM = non-infatuated state/clearheadedness

niryaasaH = (m) gum, glue

niryogakshemaH = free from ideas of gain and protection

nirlipta = unstainedness

nirvaachana = (m ?) election

nirvaaNa = freedom of the personal soul from the physical world

nirvaaNaparamaaM = cessation of material existence

nirvaata = (adj) windless

nirvaapayati = to douse

nirvikaaraH = without change

nirvichaara = non-investigational meditation

nirvitarka = non-inspectional meditation

nirvisheshha = Ordinary

nirvR^itiM = non-engagement, non-performance, release from bondage, salvation

nirvedaM = callousness

nirvairaH = without an enemy

nilimpa = a pictured one: a god

nivarta.nte = return(Verb Pr.III P. plural PP)

nivartate = he ceases from

nivartanti = they come back

nivartante = come back

nivartituM = to cease

nivasati = lives/dwells

nivasishhyasi = you will live

nivaha = flow

nivahaH = (m) group, crowd, herd

nivahena = by carrying

nivaatasthaH = in a place without wind

nivaasa = residence

nivaasaH = living

nivR^ittiM = not acting improperly

niveshaya = apply

nishaa = Night

nishaachara = animals who roam around in the dark or night

nishaacharachamuu = the army of the night-wanderers(demons)

nishita = sharpened

nishiitha = night

nisheka = Coital Chart

nishchaya = determination

nishchayaM = certainty

nishchayaH = in certainty

nishchayena = with firm determination

nishchalatattvaM = tranquillity/imperturbability

nishchalati = becomes verily agitated

nishchalaa = unmoved

nishchaayakapramaaNena = thro'confirmation and proof

nishchita = determined, ascertained

nishchitaM = confidently

nishchitaaH = having ascertained

nishchitya = ascertaining

nishhkarshhaH = (m) conclusion, result

nishhkaasayati = to remove, to take off

nishhkoshhayati = to peel

nishhThaa = faith

nishhThiivati = to spit

nishhpaavaH = (m) peas

nishhpiiDayati = to squeeze

nistraiguNyaH = transcendental to the three modes of material nature

nispR^ihaH = devoid of desire

nissaN^gatvaM = aloneness/non-attachment/detachment

nisspR^iha = one who has no desire

nihataaH = killed

nihatya = by killing

nihan.h = destroy

nikshipati = to throw in

nikshepaNaya = for putting down (the next step)

nii = to take

niicha = the inferior man

niichaM = low

niichabhaN^ga = neechabhanga Raja Yoga. A combination whereby a debilitated planet by virtue of its placement and association of relevant planets can reverse and bestow great wealth and power

niichamanii = Evil minded

niiDa = (masc, neut) nest

niita = taken

niitiH = morality

niiraja = (n) lotus

niiradaabham.h = bearing a resemblance to rain-bearing cloud i.e with

niiruja = free from disease

niire = water

niila = (adj) blue

niilalohitaH = navy blue colour

niilaabja = blue lotus

niilotpalashyaamaM = bearing the bluish black color of blue lilies

nu = of course

nuta = praised

nuunaM = really

nR^i = man

nR^ityati = (6 pp) to dance

nR^ipa = (m) king

nR^ipatva = The title of king

nR^iloke = in this material world

nR^isha.nsa = wicked

nR^ishhu = in men

ne = not

netaa = (m) leader

neti = not so

netiyoga = cleansing of the nostrils

netra = eye

netraM = eyes

neyaM = is to be lead/taken

naitika = (adj) ethical

naiva = never is it so

naishaa = na + eshA:no + this(fem.)

naishhkarmyaM = freedom from reaction

naishhkarmyakarma = actionless action

naishhkarmyasiddhiM = the perfection of nonreaction

naishhkR^itikaH = expert in insulting others

naishhThikiiM = unflinching

naisargikabala = Natural strength and a part of Shad Bala or Six strength calculation method of planetary weighting

no = nor

nau = us

naukaa = Boat

naukiilakam.h = (n) anchor

nauli = an abdominal exercise (lauliki)

nyaaya = justice

nyaayalayaH = (m) court

nyaayavaadii = (m) lawyer

nyaayaadhishaH = (m) judge

nyaayyaM = right

nyaasaM = renunciation

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