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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

ya = who

yaM = one to whom

ya.ntu = reach us

yaH = anyone who

yakR^it.h = liver

yajati = (1 pp) to sacrifice

yajatraaH = doing yAga or yagya or sacrifice?

yajantaH = sacrificing

yajanti = they worship

yajante = they worship by sacrifices

yajaama = I pl `imperative' parasmaipada of yaj

yajinaH = devotees

yajuH = the Yajur Veda

yajurvedaH = Yajur Veda

yat.h = to strive

yata = controlled

yataH = because

yatachitta = controlling the mind

yatachittasya = whose mind is controlled

yatachittaatmaa = always careful in mind

yatachetasaaM = who have full control over the mind

yatataH = while endeavoring

yatataa = while endeavoring

yatataaM = of those so endeavoring

yatati = endeavors

yatate = (1 app) to attempt, to try

yatantaH = fully endeavoring

yatanti = endeavor

yatamaanaH = endeavoring

yatayaH = enlightened persons

yatasyataH = wherever

yataatma = self-controlled

yataatmanaaH = engaged in self-realization

yataatmavaan.h = self-situated

yati = Mendicant

yatiinaaM = of the saintly persons

yatna = effort

yatnaM = effort

yatra = wherein

yathaa = just as (or how)

yathaabhaagaM = as differently arranged

yathaavat.h = as they are

yadaa = when

yadaayuH = yat+AyuH

yadi = if

yadR^ichchhayaa = by its own accord

yadR^ichchhaa = out of its own accord

yadeva = yat.h + eva: whatever + itself or alone

yadyat.h = whatever

yadyapi = even though

yadvat.h = as

yadvaa = whether

yantR^i = charioteer

yantra = a design used in meditation

yantram.h = (n) machine

yantraagaaram.h = (n) factory

yama = the god of death, also the five moral commandments

yamaH = the controller of death

yamaduutaanaaM = the messengers of the lord of death (yama)

yamena = by Yama, the lord of Death

yamevaisha = yaM + eva + esha: him + itself or alone + this

yayaa = by which

yayau = went (past perfect tense of yaa gachha meaning to go)

yallabhase = yat.h+labhase, whatever+(you)obtain

yavana = Foreign

yavanikaa = (f) curtain

yasha = Success

yashaH = fame

yashas.h = glory

yashaa.nsi = reputation

yashovaan.h = man with fame

yashhTavyaM = must be performed

yashhTikaasana = the stick posture

yashhTikriiDaa = (f) dandia (a dance using wooden sticks)

yasmaat.h = from whom

yasmin.h = in which

yasmai = that person to whom

yasya = whose

yasyaaM = in which

yaksha = the Yaksas

yaksharakshasaaM = of the Yaksas and Raksasas

yaksharakshaa.nsi = demons

yakshye = I shall sacrifice

yaGYa = a sacrifice

yaGYaM = sacrifice

yaGYaH = performance of yajna

yaGYabhaavitaaH = being satisfied by the performance of sacrifices

yaGYavidaH = conversant with the purpose of performing sacrifices

yaGYashishhTa = of the result of such performances of yajna

yaGYashishhTaa = of food taken after performance of yajna

yaGYakshapita = being cleansed as the result of such performances

yaGYaaH = sacrifices

yaGYaat.h = from the performance of sacrifice

yaGYaanaaM = sacrifices

yaGYaaya = for the sake of Yajna (KRishhNa)

yaGYaarthaat.h = done only for the sake of Yajna, or Visnu

yaGYe = in sacrifice

yaGYena = by sacrifice

yaGYeshaH = lord of all sacrifices, worshipping rites

yaGYeshhu = in the performances of yajna, sacrifice

yaGYaiH = with sacrifices

yaa = to go

yaachaka = begger

yaachate = (1 ap) to beg, to plead

yaaji = worshiper

yaatayaamaM = food cooked three hours before being eaten

yaati = goes

yaatraa = maintenance

yaathaarthyameva = the original nature of things or the natural states + alone

yaadasaaM = of all aquatics

yaadR^ik.h = as it is

yaan.h = those who

yaanti = undergo

yaabhiH = by which

yaama = one-eighth part of day, three yaamaas constitute one night

yaamini = night

yaamimaaM = all these

yaamuna = of the yamunaa river

yaavachcha..ndrashcha = yAvat.h + chandraH + cha:till the moon and (sun last)

yaavat.h = by the time when

yaavantaH = as many as

yaavaan.h = all that

yaasyasi = you will go

yukta = used

yuktaH = dovetailed

yuktachetasaH = their minds engaged in Me

yuktatamaH = the greatest yogi

yuktatamaaH = most perfect in yoga

yuktasya = engaged

yuktaa = with

yuktaaH = engaged

yuktaatma = having the mind firmly set on

yuktaatmaa = self-connected

yukti = utility ; proportion

yukte = being yoked

yuktena = being engaged in meditation

yuktaiH = engaged

yuktvaa = being absorbed

yuga = World Ages

yugapat.h = simultaneously

yugale = dual

yuge = millennium

yuj.h = to yoke, join, concentrate on

yujyate = is engaged

yujyasva = engage (fight)

yuJNjataH = constantly engaged

yuJNjan.h = practicing

yuJNjiita = must concentrate in KRishhNa consciousness

yuJNjyaat.h = should execute

yuta = equipped with

yutaka = (n) shirt

yuddha = Planetary War

yuddhaM = war

yuddhavishaaradaaH = experienced in military science

yuddhaat.h = than fighting

yuddhaaya = for the sake of fighting

yuddhe = in the fight

yudhaamanyuH = Yudhamanyu

yudhi = in the fight

yudhishhThiraH = Yudhisthira

yudhya = fight

yudhyate = (4 ap) to fight

yudhyasva = fight

yuyaM = (pron) you (pl)

yuyutsavaH = desiring to fight

yuyutsuM = all in a fighting spirit

yuyudhaanaH = Yuyudhana

yuvan.h = young

yuvaa = the two youths

yuutha = (neut) collection, troop

ye = those who

yethechchayaa = (adverb) at will

yena = by whom

yenakenachit.h = with anything

yeshhaaM = whose

yo = who

yo.adhiite = who studies

yo.ayaM = this system

yoktavyaH = must be practiced

yoga = effort

yogaM = self-realization

yogaH = KRishhNa consciousness

yogakaaraka = Planet in both its Rashi and navaa.nsha sign giving it Swakshetra-like strength. Also a combination that produces a Yoga

yogadaNDaasana = the yogin's staff posture

yogadhaaraNaaM = the yogic situation

yoganidraa = the sleep of yoga, where the body is resting but the mind is awake

yoganiyojita = ccontrolled by yoga

yogabalena = by the power of mystic yoga

yogabhrashhTaH = one who has fallen from the path of self-realization

yogamaayaa = by internal potency

yogamaishvaraM = inconceivable mystic power

yogayaGYaaH = sacrifice in eightfold mysticism

yogayuktaH = engaged in devotional service

yogayuktaatmaa = one who is dovetailed in KRishhNa consciousness

yogarataH = indulging in yoga

yogavittamaaH = the most perfect in knowledge of yoga

yogasa.nsiddhiM = the highest perfection in mysticism

yogasa.nGYitaM = called trance in yoga

yogasevayaa = by performance of yoga

yogasthaH = equipoised

yogasya = about yoga

yogakshemaM = family welfare

yogaat.h = from the mystic link

yogaaya = for the sake of devotional service

yogaaruuDhaH = elevated in yoga

yogaasana = the anchor posture

yogin.h = one who practices yoga (Male)

yoginaM = yogi

yoginaH = mystics

yoginaaM = of the devotees

yoginii = one who practices yoga (Female)

yogii = one who practices yoga (Male)

yoge = in work without fruitive result

yogena = in devotional service

yogeshvara = O Lord of all mystic power

yogeshvaraH = the master of mysticism

yogeshvaraat.h = from the master of all mysticism

yogaiH = by devotional service

yogau = work in devotional service

yogya = like

yogyataa = appropriateness

yojakastatra = yojakaH + tatra:the joiner and there

yojinii = (f) stapler

yotsyamaanaan.h = those who will be fighting

yoddhavyaM = have to fight

yoddhukaamaan.h = desiring to fight

yodhamukhyaiH = chiefs among the warriors

yodhaviiraan.h = great warriors

yodhaaH = the soldiers

yonayaH = sources of

yoni = species of life

yoniM = species

yoniH = source of birth

yonishhu = into the wombs

yonii = vagina, womb, or the source

yoniini = whose source of birth

yauvana = youth

yauvanaM = youth

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