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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

ga.n = the letter or sound `ga.n

gakaaraH = beginning with the letter `ga'

gaganayaatrikaH = (m) astronaut

gaN^gaa = river Ganga

gaN^gaasaagara = the sea of Ganga (banks of the Ganges)

gachati = to go

gachchhataam.h = (may the two)go

gachchhati = goes

gachchhan.h = going

gachchhanti = they reach

gaja = Elephant

gajaH = elephant

gajakeshariyoga = Yoga in which the Moon is in an angular position (Kendra) or 1,4,7,10 signs from Jupiter. Good Yoga for Wealth and Power based on strength and other factors in the chart

gajendraaNaaM = of lordly elephants

gaJNjiiphaa = playing cards

gaN.h = to count, to consider

gaNa = Number

gaNakaR^ishhiH = the rishi of this stotra is gaNaka

gaNanaa = consideration

gaNapataye = to gaNapati

gaNapati = gaNaanaaM pathiH or lord of groups (of devas)

gaNapatiM = Ganesh

gaNapatirdevataa = the god of this stotra

gaNapatii = god of luck and wisdom

gaNayati = (10 up) to count

gaNita = mathematics

gaNeshavidyaa = the knowledge of gaNeshha

gaNDa = the cheek

gata = gone

gata(H) = (Masc.Nom.S)having gone or the person who has gone

gataM = reached (past part.)

gataH = returned

gatachintaa = thinking of

gatarasaM = tasteless

gatavati = while gone

gatavyathaaH = freed from all distress

gatasaN^gasya = of one unattached to the modes of material nature

gataa = became

gataaH = having achieved

gataagataM = death and birth

gataasuun.h = gata + asuun.h:departed life (dead people)

gati = the movement

gatiM = progress

gatiH = entrance

gatra = body

gatvaa = attaining

gadati = (1 pp) to say

gadinaM = with maces

gantavyaM = to be reached

gantaasi = you shall go

gandha = smell (masc)

gandhaH = fragrance

gandharva = of the Gandharvas

gandharvaaNaaM = of the citizens of the Gandharva planet

gandhaan.h = smells

gamaH = take to

gamana = Going

gamanaM = going

gamyate = one can attain

gariimaa = (f) superiority

gariiyaH = better

gariiyase = who are better

gariiyaan.h = glorious

garuDa = eagle

garuDaasana = the eagle posture

garj.h = to thunder

garjanam.h = thundering sound

garta = (m) pit, trench, cavity

garda = Dark shade

gardabha = donkey

gardabhaH = (m) donkey

garbha = womb

garbhaM = pregnancy

garbhaH = embryo

garbhapiNDa = an embryo

garbhaasana = the foetus posture

garbhiNii = (f) a pregnant woman

garva = vanity

garvaM = arrogance/haughtiness

gala = neck

galita = (adj) dropped off

galitaM = weakened

gavaakshaH = (m) window, an opening for ventilation

gavi = in the cow

gahanaa = very difficult

gaa = (v) to come

gaaM = the planets

gaaN^ga = of the ganga river

gaaNDiivaM = the bow of Arjuna

gaatraaNi = limbs of the body

gaana = singing

gaayakaH = (m) singer

gaayati = (1 pp) to sing

gaayatrii = the Gayatri hymns

gaayikaa = (f) singer

gaahate = (1 ap) to plunge

gaahamaana = (present participle) swimming or floating

gir.h = language

giraH = words

giraaM = of vibrations

giri = mountain

girikandara = (neut) ravine

girijaa = paarvati

girish = God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva

gilati = to swallow

giita = (n) song

giitaM = described

giitaa = Shrimad.h Bhagavad.h gItA

gu = darkness

guDa = jaggery

guDaH = (m) jaggery

guDaakesha = O Arjuna

guDaakeshaH = Arjuna, the master of curbing ignorance

guDaakeshena = by Arjuna

guNa = qualities

guNakathanapuNyena = through the merit from praising Thy glories

guNakarma = of works under material influence

guNakarmasu = in material activities

guNataH = by the modes of material nature

guNatrayaH = three qualities i.e satvaH , rajaH \&tamaH

guNan.h = praising

guNanam.h = (n) multiplication

guNanidhiM = the stock-pile of good qualities

guNabhedataH = in terms of different modes of material nature

guNabhoktR^i = master of the gunas

guNamayii = consisting of the three modes of material nature

guNamayaiH = consisting of the gunas

guNavaan.h = a man with good qualities

guNasa.nkhyaane = in terms of different modes

guNasaN^gaH = the association with the modes of nature

guNaGYa = one who knows qualities (one who is a patron of good qualities)

guNaaH = senses

guNaatiitaH = transcendental to the material modes of nature

guNaan.h = the three modes of nature

guNaanvitaM = under the spell of the modes of material nature

guNebhyaH = to the modes of nature

guNeshhu = in sense gratification

guNaiH = by the qualities

guna = character

gunavat.h = man with good qualities

gup.h = guard, hide

gupta = secret

guptaasana = the hidden posture

guru = (adj) heavy

guruH = teacher; weighty

gurucharaNaambuja = the lotus feet of the teacher/guru

guruNaapi = even though very difficult

gurutvaM = (abstract noun)greatness;weeightiness

gurutvaaakarshhaNa = gravitational attraction

gurun.h = the superiors

guruvaara = Thrusday

guruu = teacher, preceptor, long syllables as against short(laghuu)

gulikaa = (f) tablet, pill

gulma = the spleen

guhaa = (fem) cave

guhyaM = confidential subject

guhyatamaM = the most confidential

guhyataraM = still more confidential

guhyaat.h = than confidential

guhyaanaaM = of secrets

gR^iJNjanakam.h = (n) carrot

gR^iNanti = are offering prayers

gR^iNaami = I hold

gR^idhraH = (m) eagle

gR^iha = house

gR^ihagodhikaa = (f) house lizard

gR^ihapaaThaH = (m) homework

gR^ihasthaaH = householders

gR^ihaadishhu = home, etc

gR^ihiitvaa = holding the

gR^ihNan.h = accepting

gR^ihNaati = to catch

gR^ihyate = can be so controlled

geya = that which can be sung

geyaM = is to be sung

gehe = in the house

go = cow / bull

gotra = family, race

gopa = cover, that which is not visible

gomukha = musical instrument resembling a cow's face

gomukhaaH = horns

gomukhaasana = the cow-faced posture

gorakshaasana = the cowherd posture

gola = globe

govinda = Lord KRishna

govindaM = Govinda

gaurava = glory

gauravaM = respect

granthaalayaH = (m) library

granthiH = (m) knot

granthii = a knot, obstruction in the chitrini

grasate = (1 pp) to swallow

grasamaanaH = devouring

grasishhNu = devouring

grastaM = having been caught/seized

graha = Planet

graamam.h = (n) village

graahakaH = (m) customer

graahaya = (verbal stem) to cause to be caught

graahaan.h = things

graaheNa = with endeavor

graahya = what is to be grasped

graahyaM = accessible

griivaM = neck

glaaniH = discrepancies

glaayati = (1 pp) to fade

ghaTa = pot

ghaTaH = (m) earthen pot

ghaTaka = component

ghaTi = Hour

ghataH = (m) earthen pot

ghatii = (f) clock, watch

ghana = dark, ghana also means cloud

ghanasama = Like cloud

ghanishha = well-built

ghaatayati = causes to hurt

ghaatukaH = (m) butcher

ghR^ita = purified butter, Hindi ghee

ghR^itaM = (Nr.nom. + acc. S) ghee; clarified butter

gheparaida = (m) a celebration of homosexuality

ghoraM = horrible

ghore = ghastly

ghoshha = noise

ghoshhaH = vibration

ghoshhayati = (10 up) to proclaim, announce

ghnataH = being killed

ghnii = destroying

ghraaNaM = smelling power


GYa = one who knows (suffix)

GYanakaaraka = Significator of knowledge which is Jupiter

GYaa = to know

GYaatachara = (adj) known

GYaatavyaM = knowable

GYaati = community (people of the same caste etc.)

GYaatuM = to know

GYaate = in the realised state

GYaatena = by knowing

GYaatvaa = knowing well

GYaana = knowledge

GYaanaM = knowledge

GYaanaH = whose knowledge

GYaanagamyaM = to be approached by knowledge

GYaanachakshushhaH = those who have the eyes of knowledge

GYaanachakshushhaa = by the vision of knowledge

GYaanadiipite = because of the urge for self-realization

GYaanaplavena = by the boat of transcendental knowledge

GYaanamana.ntaM = Knowledge and Infinity or Absoluteness

GYaanamayaH = (Masc. Nom.Sing.)full of knowledge

GYaanamayo = full of Gyana or knowledge

GYaanayaGYaH = sacrifice in knowledge

GYaanayaGYaaH = sacrifice in advancement of transcendental knowledge

GYaanayaGYena = by cultivation of knowledge

GYaanayogena = by the linking process of knowledge

GYaanavataaM = of the wise

GYaanavaan.h = learned

GYaanavihinaH = (but)bereft of knowledge of the Self

GYaanashabdayoH = of knowledge and sound

GYaanasya = of knowledge

GYaanaaH = knowledge

GYaanaagniH = the fire of knowledge

GYaanaat.h = than knowledge

GYaanaanaaM = of all knowledge

GYaanaavasthita = situated in transcendence

GYaaninaH = of the knower

GYaanibhyaH = than the wise

GYaanii = one who is in knowledge

GYaane = in knowledge

GYaanena = with knowledge

GYaanenaiva = GYAnena + eva:thro' knowledge alone

GYaanendriya = an organ of knowledge, i.e. the five senses

GYaayate = known

GYaayase = can to be known

GYaasyasi = you can know

GYeyaM = be known

GYeyaH = should be known

GYeyosi = You can be known

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