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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

ra.ngaavalii = colored design

ra.nj..h = to entertain

rakta = red

raktaM = the red one (raktaM may mean blood also)

raktaH = attached

raktaga.ndha = red scent

raktapusshhpaiH = with red flowers

raktavaasasam.h = haaving red dress

raghukulatilakaM = the mark (e.g. one on the forehead) of the Raghu family

raghuttamaH = best of the Raghu race

raghuna.ndana = the delighter of the Raghus

raghuna.ndanam.h = thedelighter of Raghus

raghunandana = Rama

raghunaathasya = lord of the Raghu's(rAma descended from the famous

raghunaathaaya = to the lord of Raghus

raghuva.nshanaatham.h = the lord of the Raghu family

raghuvaraM = the chosen Raghu

raghuuttamaH = the best of the raghus (raghu-descendants)

raghuuttamau = the best two of the Raghu race

raN^gavalli = (f) rangoli

rach.h = to form

rachayati = (10 up) to arrange

rajaH = (m) king

rajakaH = (m) washerman, dhobi

rajani = night

rajanii = night

rajaniichara = moon, demon

rajasa = mobility

rajasaH = from the mode of passion

rajasi = of the mode of passion

rajoguNa = the mode of passion

rajju = (fem) rope, straight line

rajjuH = (m) rope

raJNjana = entertainment, delight

raJNjanaa = (f) a giver of delight

raNa = battle

raNakarkasha = the vanquishing one in the war

raNara.ngadhiiram.h = the brave in the stage of war

raNaat.h = from the battlefield

raNe = on the battlefield

rata = engaged in

rataaH = engaged

ratna = precious stones

ratha = chariot

rathaM = the chariot

rathottamaM = the finest chariot

rathyaa = ?

radaM = ?

randhrikaa = (f) punching machine

rabhate = (1 ap) to begin, start

rama.nte = revel; enjoy (Vr.Pr.III P Pl.AP)

ramate = delights

ramanti = enjoy transcendental bliss

ramaavaasa = the abode of rama (lakshmi)

rame = Oh! ramA (Shiva tells this shloka to his consort PArvati

rameshaM = the lord of ramA(sItA)

rambhaaphala = plantain

rarijana = Entourage

ravi = a name of Sun

raviH = the sun

ravivaara = Sunday

rasa = enjoyment, interest

rasaH = sense of enjoyment

rasanaM = tongue

rasavarjaM = giving up the taste

rasaatmakaH = supplying the juice

rasaayanashaastram.h = chemistry

rasaala = mango

rasyaaH = juicy

rahasi = in a secluded place

rahasyaM = mystery

raksh.h = to protcet

rakshaH = the rAkshasaas

rakshakaH = (m) guard, protector

rakshaNa = protection

rakshaNaaya = for protection

rakshati = (1 pp) to protect

rakshasa = adj. devil

rakshaa = protection

rakshaaM = protecting armour

rakshaa.nsi = the demons

rakshitaM = the person who has ben protected(by)

rakshitaH = (past part.masc.nom.S) the protected one

rakshya = protection

raakiNii = the goddess in svadhishthana

raaga = Anger

raagavati = red-coloured, passionate

raagaatmakaM = born of desire or lust

raagii = very much attached

raaghavaM = thew descendant of Raghu

raaghavaH = RAghava (RAma)

raajaguhyaM = the king of confidential knowledge

raajaduutaH = (m) ambassador, diplomat

raajadvaara = doors of apalace

raajan.h = king

raajaniti = (f) politics

raajamaNiH = the jewel of the kings or the king of jewels

raajayoga = Combinations for Status and Power

raajarshhayaH = the saintly kings

raajavidyaa = the king of education

raajasaM = in the mode of passion

raajasaH = in the mode of passion

raajasabhaa = assembly of king, advisors, and subjects

raajasasya = to one in the mode of passion

raajasaaH = those situated in the mode of passion

raajasika = Regal planets - Sun, Mars and Venus

raajasii = in the mode of passion

raajaha.nsa = swan

raajaha.nsaH = the royal swan

raajaa = a ruler, king

raajaadhiraaja = Overking of kings

raajiiv = lotus

raajiiva = lotus

raajiivanetraM = the lotus-eyed

raaje.ndraM = the lord of kings

raajya = Kingdom

raajyaM = kingdom

raajyasukhalobhena = driven by greed for royal happiness

raajyasya = for the kingdom

raajyena = is the kingdom

raatra = night

raatri = night

raatriM = night

raatriH = night

raatrikR^itaM = night-done

raatrichandrau = the pair of night and moon

raatrau = in the night

raatryaagame = at the fall of night

raadhaa = Radha, Krishna's beloved

raama = Rama, deity Shrii Rama

raamaM = rAma

raamaH = Rama

raamakavachaM = rAma-armour

raamakR^ishhNa = Commonly known Ramakrishna, a saint from Bengal

raamakR^ishhNasya = of Ramakrishna

raamacha.ndra = rAmachandra

raamacha.ndraH = rAma

raamacha.ndram.h = rAmachandra

raamacha.ndraaya = to rAmachandra

raamacha.ndreti = saying `rAmachandra'

raamacha.ndro = Lord RAmachandra

raamanaama = the name of rAma (uttering of the word `rAma' only once is

raamanaamnaa = by the name of rAma

raamabalopetaaM = that which has been attained through rAma'a strength, power

raamabhadra = raama who gives the well-being

raamabhadraaya = to the good-giving, protecting RAma

raamabhadreti = rAmabhadra+iti, saying `rAmabhadra"(raama who gives the

raamarakshaa = rAma armour or rama- protection

raamarakshaaM = raamarakshA (hymn)

raamarakshaastotrajape = in the chanting of rAmaraksha hymn

raamalakshmaNau = raama \& lakshmaNa

raamasya = rAmaa's

raamah = Lord Rama

raamaannaasti = no one is except from rAma

raamaabhoga = sexual pleasures?

raamaaya = to rAma

raamaayaNaH = epic Ramayana, part of itihas (history)

raame = in RAma

raameNaabhihataa = the one struck by rAma

raameti = rAma+iti saying thus rAma

raamo = rAma

raavaNa = a demon king from Lanka who abducted the wife of Rama

raavaNaarim.h = rAvaNasya ariM, the enemy of rAvaNa

raashi = Sign of the Zodiac

raashTra = nation

raasalaasya = raasa dance

raahuu = North Lunar Node. Caput Draconis or Dragon's head

raakshasa = demon

raakshasiiM = demonic

raaGYii = (f) queen

riN^gati = to crawl

ripavaH = enemies

ripu = Enemy

ripuH = enemy

riitiH = procedure/practice/custom

ru = light

ruchiH = taste; flavour

rud.h = to cry

rud.hdhvaa = checking

rudra = a form of Shiva

rudraH = the Destroying God

rudraaNaaM = of all the Rudras

rudraan.h = the eleven forms of Rudra

rudh.h = to stop, control

rudhira = blood

rupaM = beauty

ruksha = dry

ruupa = beautiful form

ruupaM = beaut

ruupamaishvaraM = universal form

ruupasa.npannau = (two)persons endowed with beautiful appearance

ruupasya = form

ruupaaNi = forms

ruupeNa = form

rekhaa = line

rechaka = outbreathing

reta = semen

revati = Twenty-seventh nakshatra

roga = disease

rogii = patient, ill or sick person

rochate = (1 ap) to like

roditi = to cry

romaharshhaH = standing of hair on end

romaharshhaNaM = making the hair stand on end

rohati = (1 pp) to grow

rohiNii = Fourth nakshatra

raudra = the sentiment of violence, wrath, rage


R^ik.h = the Rg Veda

R^ichaH = the Rig Veda

R^ichchhati = one attains

R^ijuH = (adj) straight

R^iNa = debt

R^itaM = truth

R^itu = season

R^ituunaaM = of all seasons

R^ite = without, except for

R^iddhaM = prosperous

R^iddham.h = enriched

R^ishhayaH = those who are active within

R^ishhiH = the sage

R^ishhin.h = great sages

R^ishhibhiH = by the wise sages

R^iitaM = truth

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