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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

ba.ndhanaat.h = (Nr.abl.S) bondage; tie

baka = stork

bakaH = (m) crane

bakulaM = blossom (bakula tree blossom

bakulaH = type of tree/shrub

bakulaa = (f)pr.n

baN^gabhaashhaa = Bengali language

baDisham.h = (n) fishing rod

bata = how strange it is

badarikaa = the jujube fruit (``bora'' in marathi)

baddha = caught

baddhapadma = having bound himself in lotus-

baddhahasta\-shirshhaasana = the bound hands headstand posture

baddhaaH = being bound

badh = to tie up

badh.h = to trap, to tie down

badhnaati = to tie, to pack

badhyate = becomes entangled

bandii = prisoner, detainee

bandha = a form of poetry

bandhaM = bondage

bandha\-padmaasana = the bound lotus posture

bandhana = retriction

bandhanaiH = from the bondage

bandhaat.h = from bondage

bandhu = brother

bandhuH = friend

bandhuvargaH = relatives

bandhushhu = and the relatives or well-wishers

bandhuun.h = relatives

bandhau = in (towards) relatives

babhuuva = became (from bhuu, to become)

barham.h = (n) peacock feather

bala = strength

balaM = army

balavat.h = strong

balavataaM = of the strong

balavaan.h = powerful

balahiinena = (instr.sing.) by the person bereft of power or strength

balaa = force

balaat.h = by force

balaarishhTa = Infant mortality

balishhTha = strong

balii = a demon king

basti = method for cleaning the intestines

bahavaH = in great numbers

bahiH = outside

bahu = a lot

bahukR^ita = variously done/made-up

bahukR^itaveshhaH = various make-ups/roles

bahujanasukhaaya = (dat.Sing.) for he happiness of many

bahujanahitaaya = (dat.Sing.)for the welfare of many

bahuDhaa = (indec.)in many ways or differently

bahuda.nshhTraa = many teeth

bahudustaare = fordable with great difficulty

bahudhaa = in many ways

bahunaa = many

bahumataH = in great estimation

bahuraashhTriyasaMsthaa = (f) a multinational corporation

bahulaaM = various

bahulaayaasaM = with great labor

bahuvachanaM = plural

bahuvidhaaH = various kinds of

bahushaakhaaH = having various branches

bahusyaaM = may exist as many

bahuudaraM = many bellies

bahuun.h = many

bahuunaaM = many

bahuuni = many

baaNa = Arrow

baaNaH = (m) arrow

baaNapaaNiM = with hand holding arrow (and Bow)

baadhate = (1 ap) to obstruct

baadhyate = affected, afflicted

baandhava = brother

baala = child

baalaH = young boy

baalakaH = boy

baalakavii = young poet

baalabuddhii = adj. childish

baalaa = Girl

baalaaH = the less intelligent

baalikaaH = girl

baalonmattavadeva = like a child who has gone mad

baalyakaalaat.h = from a young age

baashhpasthaalii = (f) pressure cooker

baahu = arm

baahuM = arms

baahulya = plentitude

baahyasparsheshhu = in external sense pleasure

baahyaan.h = unnecessary

biDaalaH = (m) cat

bindu = dot

binduH = (m) point, drop

binduu = a drop, a dot

bibharti = is maintaining

bibhiishhaNashriidaH = the man who gave `shrI' riches etc, to vibhIshhaNa

bibheti = fears

bibheshhi = afraid

bibhyati = is afraid;fears

bila = hole (neut)

biija = seed

biijaM = the seed

biijagaNita = algebra

biijapradaH = the seed-giving

biijaaN^kuranyaaya = maxim of seed and shoot

biibhatsa = the sentiment of disgust (nauseating, revolting )

biibhatsakarman.h = adj. repulsive worker

bud.hdhyaa = by intelligence

bud.hdhvaa = knowing

bud.hbudaaH = (m) bubbles

buddha = Buddha

buddhagataM = having gone to Buddhaor due to Buddha

buddhayaH = intelligence

buddhi = intelligence

buddhiM = intelligence

buddhiH = intellect

buddhinaashaH = loss of intelligence

buddhinaashaat.h = and from loss of intelligence

buddhibhedaM = disruption of intelligence

buddhimataaM = of the intelligent

buddhimaan.h = is intelligent

buddhiyuktaH = one who is engaged in devotional service

buddhiyuktaaH = being engaged in devotional service

buddhiyogaM = real intelligence

buddhiyogaat.h = on the strength of KRishhNa consciousness

buddhisa.nyogaM = revival of consciousness

buddhii = Intelligence

buddheH = more than the intelligence

buddhau = in such consciousness

budha = wise

budhaH = the intelligent person

budhakaushika = the person budhakaushika

budhakaushikaH = budhakaushikaH (the author of this hymn)

budhavaara = Wednesday

budhaaH = those who know

budhaadityayoga = Combination for learning

budhiH = mind

bR^ihatsaama = the Braahat-sama

bR^ihaspatiM = Brhaspati

bR^ihaspatiH = the teacher of the Devas called "Brihaspati" literally

bR^ihaspatirdadhaatu = Brihaspadi may give us

bR^ihaspatii = A name of the planet Jupiter

bR^ihaspatii-varshha = The Jovian or Jupiter Year. Cycle of 60 years which starts with the first New Moon in Tropical Aries. Mundane Astrology term

bR^ihaspatiivaara = Thursday

boddhavyaM = should be understood

bodhayantaH = preaching

bodhi = supreme knowledge

bodhita = having been taught/enlightened

braM = (root) to wander

braviimi = I am speaking

braviishhi = You are explaining

brahma = cosmos

brahmaM = (Acc.S)the great self

brahmacharya = control of sexual impulses

brahmacharyaM = celibacy

brahmacharyaasana = the posterior stretch posture

brahmachaariNau = (2)bachelors

brahmachaarin.h = celebates, established in (the persuit of) Brahma

brahmachaarivrate = in the vow of celibacy

brahmajiGYaasaa = desire to know or understand Brahman

brahmaNaH = gen. sing. of brahman

brahmaNaa = by the spirit soul

brahmaNi = Brahman.h ;God

brahmatejobalaM = the power or might arising out of the effulgence of Brahman

brahmadaNDena = (Nr.instr.S) the big egg i.e Universe

brahmadvaara = the door where kundalini enters the spine

brahman.h = the preceptor

brahmanirvaaNaM = the spiritual kingdom of God

brahmapadaM = the state/position of Brahma/god-realised state

brahmabhuH = the earth

brahmabhuyaaya = elevated to the Brahman platform

brahmabhuutaM = liberation by identification with the Absolute

brahmabhuutaH = being self-realized

brahmabhuuyaaya = for self-realization

brahmamayaH = full of Brahma (Ananda) i.e.bliss

brahmayoga = by concentration in Brahman

brahmavaadinaaM = of the transcendentalists

brahmavit.h = one who knows the Supreme perfectly

brahmavidaH = who know the Absolute

brahmasa.nsparshaM = being in constant touch with the Supreme

brahmasamaaja = Brahmasamaj, a movement in 19-20th century near Calcutta

brahmasuutra = of the Vedanta

brahmaa = non. sing of brahman, masc

brahmaaNaM = Lord Brahma

brahmaaNDapraaNa = cosmic breath

brahmaadiinaamapi = even of Brahma and others

brahmaadyaacharaNaM = practises this brahma science

brahmaasi = are Brahma

brahmaasmi = brahmA and asmi: Brahma and am

braahmaNa = Brahmin, priest, knower of Brahma (brahmaM jaanaati iti)

braahmaNaH = )Masc.Nom.S) the Brahmin

braahmaNasya = of the man who knows the Supreme Brahman

braahmaNaa = sacrificial formulae

braahmaNaaH = brahmanas

braahmaNaan.h = Brahmins

braahmaNe = in the brahmana

braahmii = spiritual

bruu = to speak

bruuhi = tell

bha.nga = (masc) break

bhaMbhaM = (v) to fuck up the ass

bhakataH = devotee

bhakta = devotee

bhaktaH = devotee

bhaktaaH = devotees

bhaktaanukaMpinaaM = compassionate to the devotees

bhakti = devotion, worship

bhaktiM = devotional service

bhaktiH = in devotional service

bhaktimaan.h = devotee

bhaktiyogena = by devotional service

bhakteshhu = amongst devotees

bhaktyaa = in full devotion

bhaktyupahR^itaM = offered in devotion

bhagavat.h = God

bhagavad.h = god's

bhagavad.hgiitaa = the dialogues between Krishna and Arjuna

bhagavan.h = O Supreme

bhagavaan.h = O Personality of Godhead

bhagavaana = holy

bhaginii = sister

bhagneshakaarmukaH = the man who broke the bow of Isha(shiva) i.e. rAma

bhaj.h = to practice / incur

bhaja = worship

bhajaka = worshippers

bhajataaM = in rendering devotional service

bhajati = (1 pp) to divide, to allocate

bhajate = renders transcendental loving service

bhajana = a hymn

bhajanti = render service

bhajante = render services

bhajasva = be engaged in loving service

bhajaami = reward

bhaje = I worship

bhajaina = (f) where to your erection

bhaTTakavaara = Sunday

bhadraM = (Nr.nom. + acc.sing.)goodness

bhadraaH = goodness

bhadraasana = the auspicious posture

bhaya = fear

bhayaM = fear

bhayanaka = that which causes fear

bhayaat.h = out of fear

bhayaanaka = the sentiment of fear, terror

bhayaanakaani = very fearful

bhayaavahaH = dangerous

bhayena = out of fear

bhar = (v) to bear

bhara = weight

bharaNi = jewel

bharaNii = Second nakshatra

bharata = Bharat

bharatarshhabha = O chief amongst the descendants of Bharata

bharatava.nditaH = the who has been saluted by Bharata

bharatashreshhTha = O chief of the Bharatas

bharatasattama = O best of the Bharatas

bharataagraja = the one going before Bharata (elder of bharata)

bharjanaM = nourisher?

bharjayati = to fry

bhartaa = sustainer

bhallatakaH = (m) cashewnut

bhallukaH = (m) bear

bhav.h = to be

bhava = become

bhava.ntu = let them be or become

bhavaH = birth

bhavataH = Thy

bhavataraNe = for crossing the ocean of births \& deaths

bhavati = becomes

bhavatii = you

bhavatu = let there be

bhavana = home, residence, place

bhavaneshhu = in the homes of

bhavantaM = You

bhavantaH = you

bhavanti = grow

bhavabiijaanaaM = the birth-seeds

bhavasaagaraM = the ocean of births and deaths

bhavaan.h = you

bhavaami = I become

bhavaaya = for the sake of the world

bhavaarNava = bhava+arNava, birth\&death+ocean

bhavi = future

bhavitaa = will come to be

bhavishya = future, of future

bhavishhya = future

bhavishhyataaM = of future manifestations

bhavishhyati = it will increase in the future

bhavishhyanti = will be

bhavishhyaaNi = future

bhavishhyaamaH = shall exist

bhavet.h = would be

bhashhati = to bark

bhastrikaa = the bellows breath

bhasma = ash

bhasmaM = ashes

bhasmasaat.h = to burn to ashes

bhasmaavasheshhaM = ashes+remains

bhaksha = Food

bhakshayati = (10 up) to eat, to devour

bhaaH = light

bhaagadheya = fortune

bhaagya = Blessing

bhaagya-bhaava = Ninth house of Luck

bhaagyaM = fortune; luck

bhaagyodaya = prosperity, rise of wealth and belongings

bhaajanam.h = (n) division

bhaajaaM = acquiring peeople

bhaati = light

bhaanuu = a name of Sun

bhaara = load

bhaarata = O descendant of Bharata

bhaaratii = Utterance

bhaarate = (Loc.S)in India or Bharat

bhaaravaahakam.h = (n) a truck

bhaaryaa = wife

bhaaryaa-bhaava = Seventh house of spouse (wife)

bhaaryaanuraagaH = attachment to wife

bhaalaM = forehead

bhaava = House and is also used to indicate the chart that uses Porphyry's Cusps

bhaavaM = nature

bhaavaH = endurance

bhaavanaa = fixed mind (in happiness)

bhaavaya = deem/consider/visualise/imagine

bhaavayataa = having pleased

bhaavayantaH = pleasing one another

bhaavayantu = will please

bhaavasamanvitaH = with great attention

bhaavaaH = natures

bhaavitaaH = remembering

bhaaveshhu = natures cintyah

bhaavaiH = by the states of being

bhaashate = (1 ap) to speak

bhaashin.h = one who talks

bhaashh.h = to speak

bhaashhaNa = speech

bhaashhase = speaking

bhaashhaa = language

bhaashhaayaaM = in the language

bhaashhiNi = speaker

bhaashhita = speech

bhaasaH = effulgence

bhaasayate = illuminates

bhaasasya = Bhasa's

bhaaskra = a name of Sun

bhaasvataa = glowing

bhiNDiH = (f) ladies-finger, okra

bhitaaH = out of fear

bhittiH = (m) walls

bhid.h = to break

bhinnaa = separated

bhilla = tribal

bhikshaapaatram.h = (n) begging bowl

bhikshukaH = (m) beggar

bhiitaM = fearful

bhiitabhiitaH = fearful

bhiitaani = out of fear

bhiiti = fear

bhiitiM = fear

bhiitiH = fear

bhiima = terrible

bhiimakarmaa = one who performs herculean tasks

bhiimaarjuna = to Bhima and Arjuna

bhiishhma = by Grandfather Bhishma

bhiishhmaM = unto Grandfather Bhishma

bhiishhmaH = Grandfather Bhishma

bhukti = The Sub-period in a Dasha. Also known as the Antara

bhuktvaa = enjoying

bhuN^kte = enjoys

bhuN^kshva = enjoy

bhuj.h = to eat

bhuja = arm or shoulder

bhuja.nga = snake

bhujaN^ga = snake

bhujan.gaasana = the cobra posture

bhujaasana = the arm posture

bhujau = upper arms

bhuJNjate = enjoy

bhuJNjaanaM = enjoying

bhuJNjiiya = one has to enjoy

bhutaH = (past part.)was there

bhudaana = the donation of land

bhunaktu = (may) eat or enjoy

bhumiH = the earth

bhumikatva = firm ground

bhumii = the object of meditation

bhumau = on the earth

bhuvaH = the upper world

bhuvana = home

bhuvi = in this world

bhushuNDii = (f) rifle, gun

bhuu = (v) to become, appear

bhuuH = become

bhuuta = happened

bhuutaM = created being

bhuutagaNaan.h = ghosts

bhuutagraamaM = all the cosmic manifestations

bhuutagraamaH = the aggregate of all living entities

bhuutabhartR^i = the maintainer of all living entities

bhuutabhaavana = O origin of everything

bhuutabhaavanaH = the source of all manifestations

bhuutabhaavodbhavakaraH = producing the material bodies of the living entities

bhuutabhR^it.h = the maintainer of all living entities

bhuutala = on the surface of the earth

bhuutasargau = created living beings

bhuutasthaH = in the cosmic manifestation

bhuutasya = of forms

bhuutaanaaM = of living entities

bhuutaani = living entities (that are born)

bhuutaanii = all that are created

bhuutiH = exceptional power

bhuutejyaaH = worshipers of ghosts and spirits

bhuutesha = O Lord of everything

bhuuteshhu = living entities

bhuutvaa = having come into being

bhuud.h = was

bhuupa = king

bhuupaTaH = (m) map, chart

bhuupati = lord of the earth (king)

bhuubhR^it.h = mountain

bhuumiH = earth

bhuumiti = geometry

bhuumiisuta = A name for the planet Mars

bhuuyaH = repeatedly

bhuuyo = again

bhuuri = much, great

bhuushanaM = ornament (Nr.nom.sing.)

bhuushhaNa = ornament

bhuushhita = adorned

bhR^ikuTi = upper part of the eye-lashes and lower part of the forehead

bhR^iguH = Bhrigu

bhR^ijjati = to bake

bhR^it.h = one who carries

bhR^itya = servant

bhR^isha = (adv) ample

bheka = a frog

bheda = break, pierce, also difference

bhedaM = the differences

bhedana = breaking through, piercing

bhedaaGYaanaM = difference/otherness/duality

bheruNDa = terrible

bheruNDaasana = the formidable posture

bheryaH = large drums

bheshhaja = medicine

bhairava = terrible, one of the forms of Shiva

bhaikshyaM = by begging

bho = exclamatory word for addressing a person

bhoutikashaastram.h = physics

bhoktavya = should be used, enjoyed

bhoktaa = the enjoyer

bhoktaaraM = the beneficiary

bhoktiaa = one who enjoys

bhoktuM = to enjoy life

bhoktR^itve = in enjoyment

bhoga = enjoyment

bhogarataH = indulging in worldly pleasures

bhogaaH = material enjoyment

bhogaan.h = enjoyable things

bhogi = serpent (that has bhoga, meaning hood)

bhogii = the enjoyer

bhogaiH = enjoyment

bhojanaM = eating

bhojanashaalaa = (f) dining room

bhojaneshhu = or while eating together

bhojotsavaH = (m) feast

bhokshyase = you enjoy

bhaujya = enjoyment (of kingship)

bhautika = material

bhauma = A name for the planet Mars

bhramati = (1 pp) to roam, to wander

bhramara = a large bee

bhramarakam.h = (n) a top (spun using a thread)

bhramarii = the bee breath

bhramiH = a screw

bhraataH = (m) brother

bhraatarau = the two brothers

bhraataa = brother

bhraatR^i = brother

bhraatR^ikaaraka = Significator of Brother which is Mars

bhraatR^in.h = brothers

bhraanta = lost

bhraanti = confusion

bhraantidarshana = a delusion

bhraamayan.h = causing to travel

bhruvoH = the eyebrows

bhruuH = brow

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