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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

la.ngh.h = to climb

laMbodaraM = having a long stomach

laMbodaraaya = to the long-stomached

laguDa = a club, a stick

lagna = The Ascendant or 1st house

lagnadhipati = Ascendant lord

laghu = small / inferior / light

laghuH = light

laghuDa = club, stick

laghutvaM = lightness

laghvaashii = eating a small quantity

laN^kaa = the kingdon of Ravana, Ceylon or Sri Lanka

lajjaa = modesty

lajjyate = (1 ap) to be ashamed, embarrassed

lata = creeper

lataa = (f) creeper, vine

ladduka = laddoo, a sweet-ball

labdhaM = gained

labdhaa = regained

labdhvaa = having achieved

labh.h = to obtain

labhate = (1 ap) to get, to obtain

labhante = do achieve

labhasva = gain

labhe = I obtain

labhet.h = gains

labhya = Easy

labhyaH = can be achieved

laya = Decline

layaM = tranquillity or the lull after destruction or the Deluge

layayoga = yoga using the latent power of kundalini

lalaaTa = the forehead

lalaaTaka = (n) forehead

lalita = lovely, beautiful, elegant, graceful

lava = Piece

lavaN^ga = clove

lavaN^gaH = (m) cloves

lavaNa = (m) salty

lavaNam.h = (n) salt

lavana = mineral

lashunam.h = (n) garlic

lasatbhiH = glowing

lasitaM = beautified

laksha = Lakh, 100,000 in number, also sight

lakshaNaM = symptom; indication; aspect; characteristics

lakshmaNapuurvajaM = the (earlier-born)elder of LakshmaNa

lakshmaNaanucharo = having LakshmaNa as the follower

lakshmaNo = laksshmaNaH

lakshmaNopetaM = having Lakshmana nearby

lakshmi = goddess of wealth, beauty and luck, wife of Vishnu

lakshmii = wealth

lakshyam.h = (n) aim, target, goal

lakshyamaatravyaapakaH = lakshyam + atra + vyApakaH:goal or target + here + manifested

laakiNii = the goddess in manipuraka

laaghava = sweetness, kindness, lightness

laaghavaM = with ease or lightness

laajaiH = with the roasted rice, wheat flakes

laabha = acquirement, acquisition

laabhaM = gain

laabhaalaabhau = both profit and loss

laal.h = to pamper

likh.h = to write

likhati = wrote

likhitavaan.h = wrote

liN^gaM = gender

liN^gaanaaM = genders

liN^gaani = genders

liN^gaiH = symptoms

lip = to smear

lipyate = is affected

limpati = (6 pp) to anoint

limpanti = do affect

liilaa = legend (?)

luJNchhitakesha = hair cut here and there

lupta = stopped

lubdhaH = greedy

lubdhaka = (m) hunter

lubhyati = (4 pp) to covet

lumpati = (6 pp) to break

lekha = writings, article

lekhanii = (f) pencil

lekhaphalakam.h = (n) slate

lekhaani = writings

lepa = smearing

lepakaaraH = (m) person who builds houses

lelihyase = You are licking

lesha = little-bit, slight

loka = this world

lokaM = world;people

lokaH = world

lokatraye = in the three planetary systems

lokaya = (verbal stem) to see

lokayaanam.h = (n) car

lokasa.ngrahaM = the people in general

lokasya = of the people

lokaaH = all the world

lokaat.h = from people

lokaan.h = to heaven

lokaapavaada = general infamy

lokaabhiraamaM = the laudable one of the people

loke = in the world

lokeshhu = planetary systems

lochana = eye

lochanam.h = eyes

lobha = greed

lobhaM = greed

lobhaH = greed

lobhaviraha = greedless

lobhaavishhTa = (adj) greedy

loma = hair

lola = swinging

lolaasana = the swing posture

loshhTa = clay

loshhTra = pebbles

loha = iron

lohamaargaH = (m) railway track

laulikii = a movement of the abdominal muscles and organs

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