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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

eka = one

ekaM = one

ekaH = (adj) one

ekatvaM = in oneness

ekatvena = in oneness

ekada.ntaM = one who has a single tusk

ekada.ntaaya = to the one-tusked

ekamaksharaM = pranava

ekamevaadvitiiyaM = one without a second

ekayaa = by one

ekavachanaM = singular

ekasthaM = in one place

ekasmin.h = in one

ekaaH = one

ekaakini = solitary woman

ekaakii = alone

ekaagra = one-pointed

ekaagraM = with one attention

ekaagreNa = with full attention

ekaantaM = overly

ekaaksharaM = the one syllable

eke = in one

ekena = alone

ekaikaM = one by one

ekaikamaksharaM = each and every word

eko.ahaM = I the one single being

etat.h = it

etan.h = this

etayoH = of these two

etasya = of this

etaaM = this

etaan.h = all these

etaani = all these

etaavat.h = this much

eti = attains

ete = they

etena = by this

eteshhaaM = of the Pandavas

etaiH = all these

edhate = (1 ap) to grow

edhaa.nsi = firewood

enaM = this

ebhiH = by them

ebhyaH = to these demigods

eva = ( used to put emphasis )

evaM = thus

eva.nvidhaH = like this

eva.nvidhaaH = like this

evaapi = also

eshhaH = this

eshhaa = this

eshhaaM = of them

eshhyati = comes

eshhyasi = you will attain

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