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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

iN^gate = waver

ichchh.h = to wish

ichchha = the will

ichchhati = (6 up) to wish

ichchhan.h = present participle of ishh, to wish

ichchhantaH = desiring

ichchhasi = you wish

ichchhaa = desire

ichchhaami = do I wish

ijyate = is performed

ijyayaa = by worship

iDaa = the channel on the left of the spine

iDyaM = worshipable

itaH = besides this

itara = Other

itaraH = common

itaretara = mutual, each-other

itastataH = (indecl) here and there

iti = like that

itihaasa = history

itihaasa(H) = history; epic

itthaM = like that

ityuta = thus it is said

ityetaani = iti+etAni, thus+ these

ityevaM = knowing thus

idaM = this

idaaniiM = now

idR^ik.h = as it is

indiraa = Goddess Lakshmi

indiraaramaNa = Vishnu, Husband of Goddess Lakshmi

indu = moon

indugopa = a centipede commonly seen during rainy season

indraH = the god Indra

indrachaapa = (m) rainbow

indradhanuH = (m) rainbow

indriya = organ of sense or action

indriyaH = senses

indriyagocharaaH = the objects of the senses

indriyagraamaM = the full set of senses

indriyajaya = mastery of the senses by controlling the desires

indriyasya = of the senses

indriyasyaarthe = in the sense objects

indriyaaNaaM = of the senses

indriyaaNi = the senses

indriyaaraamaH = satisfied in sense gratification

indriyaarthaan.h = sense objects

indriyaarthebhyaH = from the sense objects

indriyaartheshhu = in sense gratification

indriyebhyaH = more than the senses

indriyaiH = by the senses

indro = the Lord Indra

indhana = fuel

imaM = (from idaM) this

imaaH = all these

imaan.h = these

ime = these

imau = these

iyaM = this

iva = just like or as if

ishat.h = a little

ishhubhiH = with arrows

ishhTa = of all desirable things

ishhTaM = leading to heaven

ishhTaaH = palatable

ishhTaan.h = desired

ishhTikaa = (f) brick

ishhTvaa = worshiping

iha = here

ihaiva = in the present body

ikshuH = sugarcane

ikshvaakave = unto King Iksvaku

iidR^ishhaM = like this

iirma = (m) arm

iirsha = jelousy

iisha = God

iishaM = Lord Siva

iishaavaasyaM = inhabited or manifested by the Master

iishvara = lord, the capable (here)

iishvaraM = the Supersoul

iishvaraH = the Supreme Lord

iishvarapraaNidhaana = attentiveness to god

iih.h = to wish

iihate = he aspires

iihante = they desire

iihaa = wish

iiksh.h = to see

iikshaNa = seeing

iikshaNaM = eyes

iikshate = (1 ap) to see

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