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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

ja = Born

ja.nghe = ankle

ja.ntuunaaM = ( living beings; insects

jagajaitra = jagaje?+atra, in the world?+here

jagat.h = universe

jagataH = of the world

jagataaM = of the Universe

jagatpate = O Lord of the entire universe

jagan.h = (Nr.nom + acc.sing.)world

jagannivaasa = O refuge of the worlds

jagrat.h = awakened

jagrataH = or one who keeps night watch too much

jaghanya = of abominable

jaN^gamaM = moving

jaTaamukuTama.nDitam.h = adorned by locks of hair forming a crown

jaTilaH = with knotted hair

jaThara = Intestine

jaThara\-parivartanaasana = the belly-turning posture

jaThare = in the stomach

jan.h = to to be born or produced

jana = man

janaH = people

janaka = father

janakaatmajaa = janakA's daughter

janakaadayaaH = Janaka and other kings

janana = birth

jananaM = birth

jananii = mother

janapadam.h = (n) district

janapadeshhu = in the society (janapada really meaning a village )

janayet.h = causal form from jan.h meaning ``should generate''

janasa.nsadi = to people in general

janaaH = persons

janaadhipaH = kings

janaanaaM = of the persons

janaardana = O maintainer of all living entities

jantavaH = the living entities

jantoH = of living beings

janma = birth, incarnation

janmaH = (Mas.nom.Sing.)birth.janma:(Nr.)

janmakarmaphalapradaaM = resulting in good birth and other fruitive reactions

janman.h = birth

janmanaaM = repeated births and deaths

janmabandha = from the bondage of birth and death

janmaraashi = Sign occupied by the Moon at birth

janmasu = in births

janmaani = births

japa = Recitation

japati = (1 pp) to mutter, mumble

japannityaM = japan+nityaM, chanting+ever

japayaGYaH = chanting

japtvaa = having chanted

jambaala = (masc) mud

jambiiram.h = (n) lemon

jambuukaH = fox

jaya = victory

jayaH = victory

jayate = becomes victorious; wins

jayama.ngalam.h = victory that is auspicious

jayaajayau = both victory and defeat

jayema = we may conquer

jayeyuH = they conquer

jaraa = old age

jarjara = old/digested (by disease etc)

jala = Water

jalaM = (Nr.non. + acc.S)water

jaladhi = sea/ ocean

jalandhara = bandha where the chin rests in the notch between the collar bones

jalapatanasaham.h = Sensitive point relating to going on a voyage. One of many used in Varshaphal and similar in idea to Arabic parts

jalapaataH = (m) waterfall

jalabandhaH = (m) dam

jalalava = water drop

jalaashaya = lake, pond

jalp.h = to babble

javanikaa = (f) towel

jahaati = can get rid of

jahi = conquer

jahiihi = jahi+iha, leave/give up+here(in this world)

jahnu = name of an ancient king who adopted the ganga river

jahnusutaa = ganga

jaGYire = (Verb, Past IIIP pl.PP) took birth; were born

jaagarti = is wakeful

jaagR^i = to stay awake

jaagR^ita = alert

jaagrata = (Vr.Imp.IIP.Pl.PP)Wake up; awake

jaagrataavasthaa = complete awareness of the state of the mind

jaagrati = are awake

jaaDya = laziness, inability to identify/appreciate good qualities (here)

jaata = born, become (from jan.h, to be born, or created)

jaataM = having become

jaataH = of all beings

jaataka = Nativity, literally means one who is born

jaatasya = of one who has taken his birth

jaataa = (part.fem.nom.S)is born

jaataaH = born

jaati = circumstances of life to which one is born

jaatidharmaaH = community projects

jaatu = at any time

jaanakaaraaH = knowledgeable

jaanakiivallabhaH = the darling of jAnaki (sItA)

jaanan.h = even if he knows

jaanaati = knows

jaaniite = know

jaaniimaH = know

jaanu = (n) knee

jaanu\-shirshhaasana = the head-knee posture

jaanunii = knees

jaane = I know

jaapyasameta = with chanting of the names of the lord

jaamadagnyajit.h = he who scored a victory over jAmadagni(ParashurAm, the son

jaambavadaashrayaH = he who gave refuge to jhambava(the bear-chieftain of

jaayate = (4 ap) to be born

jaayante = develop

jaayaa = Wife, female companion, spouse, strii

jaala = net

jaalam.h = (n) net

jaahnavii = the River Ganges

ji.nvhaa = tongue

jigishhataaM = of those who seek victory

jighrati = (1 pp) to smell

jighran.h = smelling

jijiivishhaamaH = we would want to live

jita = having conquered

jitaH = conquered

jitaatmanaH = of one who has conquered his mind

jitaatmaa = having control of the mind

jitendriyaM = the conqueror of senses

jitendriyaH = having conquered the senses

jitvaa = by conquering

jivadhaaraNakaari = responsible for life's existence

jivabhuutaaM = comprising the living entities

jivyate = remain alive

jivhaa = (f) tongue

jivhaaM = tongue

jiGYaasuH = inquisitive

jii = to live

jiirNa = very old, dilapidated, torn

jiirNaani = old and useless

jiiv.h = to live

jiiva = life

jiiva-loka = the mortal world

jiivaH = life

jiivati = while living(without earning)

jiivana = life

jiivanaM = life

jiivanmuktiH = salvation+freedom from bondage of birth

jiivabhuutaH = the conditioned living entity

jiivamaana = one who lives

jiivaloke = in the world of conditional life

jiivasya = (masc.poss.S) of life

jiivaatman.h = Also spelt Jeevatman. Is the soul within the human sphere

jiivaatmaa = the individual soul

jiivita = life

jiivitena = living

jiivemaH = may we live

jushhTaM = practiced by

juhosi = you offer

juhvati = offer

jR^imbhate = to yawn

jetaasi = you will conquer

jaiminii = Maharishi Jaimini a sage who wrote an elucidation of sections of Maharishi Parashara's work. This became the basis for another system of Astrology in India

joshhayet.h = he should dovetail

jyaayasaH = gen. sing. of jyaayas, greater

jyaayasi = better

jyaayaaH = better

jyeshhThaa = Eighteenth nakshatra

jyotiH = light

jyotirdhyaana = luminous contemplation

jyotishha = The study of Illuminated bodies. The study of Astrology and Astronomy which were one science in the past

jyotishhii = An Astrologer

jyotii = inner light

jyotiishhaaM = of all luminaries

jyotsna = moonlight

jyotsnaa = (f) moonlight

jvara = fever

jvala = flame

jvalati = (1 pp) to glow

jvaladbhiH = blazing

jvalanaM = a fire

jhashhaaNaaM = of all fish

jhR^imbaNam.h = (n) yawning

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