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Editor's Note: Readers please be noted that this Sanskrit Dictionary has been arranged according to the phonetic sounds rather than letters. There is a vast difference between English and Sanskrit alphabet. There are certain sounds which have no equivalent letters in English. For example, gna (as in gnana), sha (as in shanmukha), sa (as in sastra), dh (dhadhichi), r^ (as in ritu), lla (as in kalaa), au (as in aushadhi) and so on. For easy reference and the convenience of English readers, we have rearranged the Sanskrit words in the order of English Alphabet to the extent possible. So, when you search for specific words, look for the approximately sounding letters. This dictionary contains most commonly used words, but it is not complete.

cha = and

cha..ndramaa = (Fem.nom.S)the moon

cha.ndramaaH = the Moon god

chakaara = did (past perfect tense of kRi+kar to do)

chakaastu = let it be shining

chakra = Circle, wheel, psychic centre in humans

chakraM = cycle

chakrabandha = wheel pattern, a form of bandha poetry

chakram.h = (n) wheel, cycle, circle

chakravaataH = (m) cyclone

chakrahastaM = disc in hand

chakraaakaara = (bauvriihi) wheel-shaped

chakraasana = the wheel posture

chakriNaM = with discs

chaJNchalaM = flickering

chaJNchalatvaat.h = due to being restless

chaTakaH = (m) sparrow

chatuH = four

chaturaH = capable / skiled/ clever

chaturastraH = (m) square

chaturastrakam.h = (n) frame (of a photograph or a picture)

chaturtha = fourth

chaturthyaaM = during the (auspicious)4th day (from New Moon, full moon)

chaturbhujena = four-handed

chaturvidhaM = the four kinds

chaturvidhaaH = four kinds of

chaturhastaM = who has four hands

chatushhpaada-raashi = Quadrupedal signs

chatus.h = four

chatussaagaraparya.ntaM = till or upto the four oceans

catvaraH = (adj) four

chatvaaraH = four

chatvaari = four

cana = cha(?)+na, and +not

chandana = sandal

chandra = Name for the Moon

chandra-kuNDalii = Chart where the Ascendant or lagna is the sign of the natal moon

chandra-raashi = Natal Moon sign. Used in India much like we use the Sun sign system in the West

chandra-lagna = Ascendant using the Natal lunar position

chandrabimba = moon disc

chandramasi = in the moon

chandrika = moonlight

chandrodaya = moon-rise

chapala = fickle, unstable

chapalaM = fickle-minded

chamasaH = (m) spoon

chamuuM = military force

chaya = (m) a heap

chayanam.h = (n) selection, choice

char.h = to wander

chara = moving

chara-raashi = Moveable signs

charaM = moving

charaNa = foot

charaNaH = (m) foot

charataaM = while roaming

charati = (1 pp) to move, to roam

charan.h = acting upon

charanti = move or travel or wander

charaacharaM = moving and nonmoving

charita = nature

charitaM = story, character

charitra = life

charitraaNi = tales of valour

charaiveti = chara:moving (things) +eva:alone; only + iti:thus

charchaa = discussion

charpaTa = torn/tattered cloth

charman.h = (neu) skin, leather

charyaa = practise / observance

chal.h = to walk

chala = moving

chalaM = flickering

chalachchitra = movie

chalati = (1pp) to walk

chalita = deviated

chashhakaH = (m) glass

chashhakaadhaanii = (f) saucer

chakshu = eye

chakshuH = eyes

chakshus.h = eye

chaakalehaH = (m) chocolate candy, toffee

chaataka = the ever thirsty chaataka bird that lives only on raindrops

chaaturvarNyaM = the four divisions of human society

chaandramasaM = the moon planet

chaanyatraika = cha+anyatra+ekaH, and+in any other place+only one

chaapaM = the bow

chaapabaaNadharo = bearing bow\&arrow

chaapalya = (from chapala) rashness

chaapi = also

chaariNau = blowing

chaalakaH = (m) driver

chaasmi = as I am

chikitsaka = remedy

chikitsaalayam.h = (n) hospital

chikiirshhavaH = wishing

chikiirshhuH = desiring to lead

chikroDaH = (m) squirrel

chit.h = pure consciousness

chitaa = funeral pyre

chitta = mind

chittaM = mind

chittaH = mind

chittalayaH = absorbed mind

chittavikshepa = confusion, distraction

chittavR^itti = a mode of behaviour

chittaa = mind

chittaatmaa = mind and intelligence

chitra = strange

chitraM = surprising

chitrakaH = (m) a leopard

chitrakaara = (m) painter , artist

chitrapataN^gaH = (m) butterfly

chitramandiram.h = (n) movie theatre

chitrarathaH = Citraratha

chitraraasabhaH = (m) zebra

chitraveshhTiH = (m) lungi

chitraa = Fourteenth nakshatra

chitrinii = a fine cord within the spine

chitroshhTraH = (m) giraffe

chinoti = to collect, to gather

chint.h = to think

chintaya = (causative of cit) to think

chintayati = (10 up) to think

chintayantaH = concentrating

chintayet.h = should think of

chintaa = worrying

chintaaM = fears and anxieties

chintaamaNi = the gem that gives you anything you can think about

chintita = something one has thought about

chinmayaH = full of the `mind' or consciousness

chira = permanently

chirakaala = always, everpresent, permanent

chiraat.h = after a long time

chiraaya = for long

chiraayuH = long-life- span (`chira' actually means permanent cf. chiranjIvI)

chihna = sign

chii = to increase

chiira = dress made of bark?

chuTati = to pinch

chubukasamarpitajaanu = face dedicated to(huddled up between) the knees

chumbati = to kiss

churikaabandha = pattern of sword, a form of bandha poetry

chulli = (f) cooking fire

chuurNam.h = (n) fine powder

chuurNayati = to grind (as wheat to flour)

chuurNitaiH = with smashed

chekitaanaH = Cekitana

cheTii = (f) maid, dasii

chet.h = if

chetanaa = the living force

chetas.h = mind

chetasaH = their hearts

chetasaa = by consciousness

chetasaaM = of those whose minds

chetaaH = in heart

cheshhTaH = the endeavors

cheshhTate = (1 ap) to try, to attempt

cheshhTasya = of one who works for maintenance

chaitanya = energy, enthusiasm

chailaajina = of soft cloth and deerskin

chodanaa = the impetus

chodhitakaraNa = tested or awakened senses

chorayati = (10 up) to steal, to rob

chorah = (m) thief

chyavanti = fall down

chha.nda = Hobby

chha.ndaH = metre (poetic)

chhatra = umbrella

chhatram.h = (n) umbrella

chhatraakam.h = (n) mushroom

chhadiH = (m) roof

chhadmachaariNaH = those who wander by adopting tricks such as becoming

chhandasaaM = of all poetry

chhandaa.nsi = the Vedic hymns

chhandobhiH = by Vedic hymns

chhalayataaM = of all cheats

chhavii = picture , portrait

chhaatraaH = students

chhaadana = covering

chhaayaa = shade

chhittva = cutting

chhittvaa = cutting off

chhid.h = to cut, break by cutting

chhidra = (neut in this sense) hole, cut

chhinatti = to tear, to break

chhindanti = can cut to pieces

chhinna = having torn off

chhurikaa = (f) knife

chhettaa = remover

chhettuM = to dispel

chhedana = cutting

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