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Disclaimer: The following are links to Buddhism, Buddha's Teachings, Buddhist Sects, and related subjects. Since they are third-party links we do not have any control over them and we cannot guarantee their accuracy or their authenticity. The links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Hinduwebsite.com of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. Hinduwebsite.com bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Any transactions that you enter into with a vendor, merchant or other party listed in this site or linked from this site are solely between you and that vendor, merchant or other party. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

Being Quest - A heroic quest for spiritual truth and enlightenment through confrontation with the divine and demonic in the heart, seeking through creative and dramatic literary works the reformation and resolution of our mysterious human existence.

The Clear Proof: The author and owner of this website claims: "I will prove that rebirth, or reincarnation is a fact, and that I am the reborn apostle Peter, who on earth is the head of the church of Jesus Christ.  I am the coming of the son of man."

Communications from Spirit Through the Mediumship of Lucy Hale - Transcriptions of recordings made in Home Circles and Spiritualist Churches in the UK plus associated material.

Ghosts & Spirits of Spiritualism - Features spirit photography. Includes discussion and chat forums.

Man and the Unknown - Original introductions to little known subjects ranging from paranormal voices (sound clips) including Rosemary Brown and Leslie Flint and many other subjects.

New Thought Spiritualism - A philosophy based upon the New Thought Movement and modern spiritualism. The focus of this group is to advance spiritualism to the next evolutional step, by focusing not on demonstration of gifts but upon individual spiritual practices that are in harmony with natural and spiritual laws.

Pathways To Eden - Enlightenment, spirituality, new age, meditation. Guided site for spiritual discovery and discussion of alternative healing therapies and remedies. Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world; dedicated to the healing and transformation of humanity.

Psychic World - PsychicWorld.net is the site to visit for spiritual and paranormal subjects covered by many internationally published authors. Covers many aspects of Spiritualism.

School of Spiritual Knowledge - Community board with lots of interesting forums, with a Spiritualist slant.

Spirit Communications - An ebook of teachings received from the Blue Fire Group of Spirit Workers through the mediumship of Lin Marshall. It contains both prose and poetry.

SPIRITcommunicator.com - Directory of mediums, healers, books, and travel services for spiritualists.

Spiritual Whispers - Contains wisdom, philosophy, and inspirational writings on spritualism. Also offers free web sets of a mystical nature.

Spiritualism - Careful explanations dealing with all the aspects of life, afterlife, spirit communication, karma, reincarnation, meditation, ghosts, hauntings, evil, heaven, hell, premonition, fortune telling, auras, trinity, Christ,God, devil, different religions, healing and many, many other important subjects.

Spiritualism - John Olav Oldertrøen on Physical Mediumship in contemporary England.

Spiritualist Religion Pages - Learn the basics about the religion, science, and philosophy of Spiritualism. Read the Spiritualist Basics book online - Spiritualist Basics is an explanation of what Spiritualism is about, written for someone who is unaware that Spiritualism exists as a religion, science, and philosophy, but has heard of "psychic readings".

Spirituality - An exploration of finding harmony through balance of the spiritual, mental and sensual being.

White Light Magazine - An informative Spiritualist magazine catering to a diversity of needs.

Mediums and Healers

Alexander Murray - Trance medium. Biography, information about workshops and consultations, and contact details.

Angel Spirit - Clairvoyance, automatic writing and spiritual art. Biography, session information and links from this medium.

Anji Wylde - Spiritualist medium and clairvoyant who is based in the UK.

Anne Germain - Medium. Profile and pictures, up and coming events, and contact forms.

Barb Mallon - Medium offering telephone readings, instant messaging and in-person readings. Services offered, FAQs, rates, contact details, and profile.

Barb Powell - Canadian psychic medium and profiler who performs readings by telephone and in person.

Best Psychic Mediums - Author and magazine editor, Bob Olson, presents a list of what he considers to be genuine psychics.

Bill Harrison - Spiritual healing, healing books and cards. Based in Somerset, UK.

Billy Cook - Spiritual medium and teacher from the UK who offers demonstrations of mediumship and development workshops.

Bonnie Lee - Offers psychic mediumship and private readings.

Carin Anderson - A New Zealand based medium who works internationally. Gives details of her services and prices.

Carla Mae - Medium, teacher and author. Movie clips, client stories, calendar, and contact information.

Catherine Adams - Clairvoyant. Biography, contact information, and rates.

Charlene Schine - Medium. General information, itinerary, and contact form.

Charles J. Sibley - Full body trance medium based in the UK. Messages from the famous, profile, testimonials, FAQs, and general information.

Cheryl Ann - Offers clairvoyant readings, remote readings using photos. Based in Nebraska.

Cheryl Booth - California based psychic medium and hypnotherapist available for lectures, telephone sessions and private readings.

Chris Connelly - Details the Spiritualist work and beliefs of this medium.

Christine Hurley - Offering readings, training, and workshops.

Colin Fry - British medium who works internationally. Profile, beliefs, past show information, tour dates, FAQs, and contact form.

Dan Price - A clairvoyant medium from Stroud in Gloucestershire who is available for private and group sittings, public demonstrations and church services.

Daniel Pitt - British based medium offering consultations and workshops. Biography, schedule, guestbook, and contact form.

Deborah Richmond Foulkes - Spiritual medium, clairvoyant and healer who offers private readings and teaches classes on reincarnation and alchemy healing.

Dennis Binks - Clairvoyant, medium and psychic who offers telephone readings and information about his platform mediumship.

Derek Acorah - UK medium. Articles and features with profile, details of tour dates and media appearances and merchandise section.

Dialogues With the Departed - Medium. Session information and contact details.

Dorinda - Conducts readings free of charge. Her personal stories, FAQs, short article and contact details.

Dr. Lauren Thibodeau - Medium, speaker, and author. Profile, news and events, media information, and news letters.

Dr. Patti Diamond, DD - Offers channeled soul readings and vibrational healing.

Elizabeth Baron - Trance medium. Biography, newspaper articles, client comments, FAQs, and booking form.

Elizabeth Herrington - Medium based in Pennsylvania. Services, testimonials, biography and events.

Ericka - Intuitive, medium and psychic detective who offers readings and psychic assistance with missing persons.

Ernest VanDenBossche - Medium based in Maine who offers private spirit readings, demonstrations of clairvoyance and healing.

Gayle Kirk - A psychic medium based in Massachusetts who is also a trance channel and a spiritual development teacher.

George Anderson - Medium. Session information, FAQs, 'Ask George' page, client comments, bulletin board, and contact information.

Glenn Klausner - Medium, teacher, and lecturer. Biography, FAQ, media gallery, FAQs, news and calendar, and contact information.

Gordon Smith - International medium and author of books dealing with the development of mediumship, Spiritualism and bereavement.

Hollister Rand - Medium. Readings and events, FAQs, brief book reviews, and contact details.

Honor Church - Medium based in the UK. Biography and testimonials.

Ian Lawman - Medium and psychic investigator who also deals with regression and ghost hunting.

Janet Cyford - British medium. Information about her gifts, articles, biography, and session information.

Jason L. Oliver - Medium and hypnotist. Biography, session details, and contact information.

Jenni Vinecourt - Medium, minister and teacher. General information and announcements.

Jill and Terry Allenby - Offering information about their activities in mediumship and healing.

Jo Allen - Spiritualist medium and clairvoyant from the UK who also works in crystal healing.

Joan Marie Whelan - An intuitive specialist and spiritual medium and healer offering holistic, self-help coaching and resources.

Joanne Gerber - An evidential medium from Boston, Massachusetts who offers private readings, lectures and demonstrations of mediumship.

Joe Power - Psychic profiler and medium offers private readings and lists his tour dates.

John Cappello - Medium. Profile, upcoming appearances, articles and poems, and contact details.

Judith Seaman - Spain based minister and teacher. Biography, schedule, and information about numerology.

Juergen Karl Hildebrand - FAQs, order form, and contact details.

Karen Plimpton - Medium. Information about services offered, general information, and contact email address.

Kathleen Tucci - Medium. Press and media releases, workshop information, contact details, and profile.

Kerrie Wearing - An Australian psychic medium, who teaches and provides psychic readings.

Kimberley Lovell - Medium offering personal and spiritual growth, counselling and therapy. General information and biography.

Laurence Harry - Medium. General information, FAQs, testimonials, memorials, and inspirational writings.

Laurie Campbell - Medium. Services offered, contact form, links, news and events, and gallery.

Linda Beattie - Based in Hertfordshire, UK. Clairvoyant offering psychometry and tarot card readings. General information, profile, testimonials, and contact information.

Lynn Kent - Medium. Testimonials, services, contact form, and frequently asked questions.

Maria Whitworth - Medium and animal communicator. Biography, session information, and contact details.

Marianne Michaels - Spiritual medium who offers one-on-one consultations, life coaching, meditation sessions, lectures and workshops.

Marie Rose - Clairvoyant and aura reader. Sound files, testimonials and contact email address.

Mariea Rudenko - A Surrey based medium and healer offering therapies and courses in spiritual unfoldment and mediumship development.

Mark Hartshorn - Medium and spiritual teacher provides a schedule of events, articles on Spiritualism and offers private readings.

Mary Occhino - A psychic medium provides details of her radio show, seminars, her biography, books and video clips.

Mediums Unlimited - Based in Cornwall, UK. Biography, quotes and contact email address.

Melanie Polley - Trance medium who runs residential spiritual and mediumship development courses in the UK.

Messages From Spirit - Channeler Donna Coble. Services offered, profile, and contact information.

Mia Dolan - Psychic medium gives tour dates and details of her psychic school.

Monnica Sepulveda - Medium. Profile, services offered and contact email address.

Mystic Farms - Medium and author based in Cleveland, Ohio. Consultation information, profile, articles, FAQs, and contact details.

Mystic Holistic - Clairvoyant based in England. Information about readings, workshops, and public demonstrations. Contact information.

Mystic Wonder - This spiritual medium offers telephone readings, empowerment, self-help, spiritual and psychic assistance.

Ocallah - Medium. Private reading information, testimonials, and FAQs.

Pamela Tanner - A spiritual medium and healer offering various articles about her gift, including Reiki healing.

Patrick Mathews - Medium, lecturer, teacher, and published author. Profile, FAQs, session information, and contact details.

Paul Norton & Tracy Hall - International spiritualist mediums. Find out about both mediums, their private and public meetings.

Psychic Christina - Offers in person and telephone readings. Biography, articles, and contact email address.

Purplemoon Jo - A UK psychic medium who gives details about private readings and provides articles about mediumship.

Rachel Beavan - Medium who offers readings, psychic development, healing and past life regression.

Raven - Spiritual medium details services offered, contact details, events and general information.

Rebecca Millman - A Western Australian spiritual medium who offers readings and demonstrations of mediumship.

Rebecca Rosen - Medium based in Santa Monica, CA. Reading and schedule information, biography, testimonials, contact information and directions, and links to articles.

Ricky Wood - Details of his psychic mediumship, readings and spiritual work.

Robert Allen Fahey - Medium. Biography, event information, and general information.

Robyn Z - A medium who offers private readings in Florida.

Rom Weber - Medium. Profile, FAQs, information about developing your abilities, and contact information.

Rosemary the Celtic Lady - Medium. General information, rates, and newsletter.

Sally Morgan - Psychic medium who gives details of her gift of mediumship.

Sally Taylor - A clairvoyant medium based in Norfolk who is also an energy practitioner EIP and DNA Healing.

Sarah Tyler-Walters - Trance medium, teacher and healer. Readings, development groups, courses and workshops.

Scarborough Hypnosis - Based in North Yorkshire, UK. Offers clairvoyance, e-mail readings and hypnosis. Short biography, prices and links.

Sharlette Pumphrey - Medium. Biography, general information, chat and a message board.

Sharon May - Medium based in the UK. Profile, list of churches, workshop information, event schedule, poetry, FAQs, and contact information.

Sharon Tenney - Medium. Fees and a link to her blog

Sherry Lynn - Medium. General information, FAQs, and contact email address.

Spirit Bridge - Medium. Offers general information, downloadable reading material, message board, and profile.

Spirit Teaching - Information about channeling and healing, and writings of Gregory Haye, who communicates through one of the mediums.

The Spirit Zone - Mediums. Information about their work and communicating with the Spirit world, articles about related topics, healing, and links.

Spiritual Harmony - Channeled prayers, spiritual guidance, poetry, and assistance for life improvement. Also offers books.

Stephen J. Wakeling - Medium. Biography, general information, photographs, a recording of a BBC interview, guestbook, and tour dates.

Steve and Stella Upton - UK based minister and medium. Biography, schedule, general information, and contact details.

Steve Hermann - Medium. Profile, session information, press and media information, images, and contact details.

Steve Holbrook - Psychic medium who gives details of his mediumship events and a short biography.

Suzane Northrop - Medium. Short biography, calendar and store.

Sylvia Browne - Psychic clairvoyant and author listing her lectures and events.

Tana Hoy - Medium. Biography, general information, and booking form.

Tara Night - Medium. Biography, session and pricing information, testimonials, and contact details.

Terence M. Hamilton-Morris - Clairvoyant, trance medium lecture transcripts, articles, stories and question pages.

Terri Clemens - Medium based in Spring Hill, Florida. Session information, questions and answers page, and contact information.

Terri Jay - A psychic medium and pet psychic from Nevada who is a published author, clinician and speaker.

Terry Harnett - Clairvoyant based in Nelson, New Zealand. Profile and enquiry form.

Tim Abbott - International medium and teacher who runs courses on developing mediumship.

Tony Stockwell - British based medium and psychic detective. Biography, seminars, workshops and tour dates, gallery, contact information, and merchandise.

Tracy Higgs - A psychic medium who describes her mediumship, her work in the media.

Vernon Overlee - Transfiguration medium. General information, questions and answers, testimonials, and contact details.

Historical Mediums

Bangs Sisters, The - During the heyday of spiritualism, among the 'physical phenomena' commonly manifested were so-called spirit paintings. An article on the Bangs Sisters by Joe Nickell for Investigative Files (Skeptical Briefs June 2000).

Barrett , Harrison D. - Biographical notes on this medium, writer, organizer and first President of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Britten, Emma Hardinge - perhaps, the most renowned and most respected advocate and proponent in the early Modern Spiritualist Movement.

Campbell Brothers, The - During the heyday of spiritualism, among the 'physical phenomena' commonly manifested were so-called spirit paintings. An article on the Campbell Brothers by Joe Nickell, Investigative Files (Skeptical Briefs March 2000).

Duncan, Helen - Official home for news about Helen Duncan and the attempts to clear her name.

Dye, Aunt Caroline - An African-American spiritualist medium and hoodoo root worker of the 19th century whose exploits are celebrated in blues songs.

Flint, Leslie - An Introduction to Leslie Flint the direct voice medium, contains many audio recordings of his work.

Home, Daniel Dunglas - A brief biography of the 19th Century physical medium.

Mesmer, Anton - Anton Mesmer's writings set off an intense interest in hypnotism. A good overview of his life from a slightly sceptical point of view.

Mirabelli, Carmine (1889-1951) - Carmine Mirabelli (1889-1951), born in Botucatú, Brazil, became internationally recognized as "the world's most powerful medium". This is a biographical site.

Modern Spiritualism: Pioneers - Biographies of many of the leading proponents such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Eileen Garrett and many others.

Peebles, Dr. James M. - James Martin Peebles, (1822-1922), author, Spiritualist, medium, leader in 19th Century Spiritualism, physician, healer; biography, photo.

Piper, Leonore E. - A brief discussion on Boston's most prestigious trance medium.

Randall, Edward C. - Randall established himself as a voice for Spiritualists, his books outlining the philosophy of eternal life and marshalling what he viewed as empirical evidence supporting his beliefs. Notes on his life and details of the collection of his manuscripts in William L. Clements Library: The University of Michigan.

Randolph, Paschal Beverly - A celebrated African-American spiritualist medium, healer, novelist, and sex magician of the 19th century; a contemporary and friend of Emma Hardinge Britten.

Past Life Readers

Barbara Burgess - Transformational therapist, psychic, medium and healer provides past life email readings, psychic readings, clairvoyance, mediumship, and workshops. Includes credentials and rates.

Channeling Past Lives - Channeling past lives through spiritual and psychic readings.

Dennis Jackson, Medium - Intuitive and past lives readings on phone or email. Dream interpretation, among other offerings.

Holy Mother Starlight Devi - British avatar offers one-to-one readings, healing and spiritual training. Features articles and fees.

Judy Kay - Past life workshops and readings online. Also private telephone readings.

Lisa and Stephen Mucci, Spiritual Consultants - Intuitive readings to past life regressions. Available for parties, gatherings, and consultations.

Meta Talk - Sherryl Anne Malone, Clairvoyant. Readings, distance healing, past life regression, and hypnosis.

MuseNet - Medium/clairvoyant Julia Melges-Brenner offers readings to communicate with loved ones in Spirit. Includes details, rates, testimonials and order information.

Past Forward - Past life profiles provided through a channeler.

Past Life Readings - Specializing in regression readings and trains. Also offers general psychic readings.

Past Life Readings - Donna Ciaciarella offers reincarnation and regression readings by telephone and in person. Includes her profile, example cases, rates, a recommended reading list and letters from clients. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

Past Lives With Vicky York - Parapsychologist with a private practice in Berkshire, UK, offers past life regression therapy, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. Includes a profile and details of services.

3rd Eye - Aura portraits, past lives, chakra, and intuitive readings. Meditation group and newsletter available.

Sacred Path Spiritual Hypnotherapy - Yana L. Freeman, practicing hypnotherapist in Arkansas since 1995, offers guided imagery and spiritul hypnotherapy sessions, and classes and workshops in regression. Provides a profile, details of services and fees.

Tarot and Palmistry Readings - Readings using tarot, palmistry, and astrology. The service is extended to spiritual healing and past lives regression.

Your Past Lives - Dominique Merlin, psychic medium, offers an insight into reincarnation and karma by telephone or in person in Los Angeles, California, United States. Includes a profile, details of services, fees and FAQs.


The Arthur Findlay College - Training college for mediumship and healing. Also offers residential study courses covering the philosophy associated with the religion of Spiritualism.

Aspects - A group run by John Fitzsimons that sells books and runs seminars, meetings, and classes on metaphysical topics including spiritual healing and mediumship.

Associated Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia - Detailing member churches around Australia along with articles about Spiritualism, mediums and healing.

Association of Spiritualists & Healers - West Midlands healing academy and church centre, offering Spiritualist healing and training courses.

Association of Universal Healers and Spiritualists - UK charity offering training and insurance for healers and mediums.

Australian Spiritualist Association - Promoting the philosophy of Spiritualism in Australia with listings of member churches and mediums.

Church of the Living Spirit Lily Dale - Provides information about the Church of the Living Spirit at Lily Dale, New York. A full calendar of events is provided.

College of Psychic Studies - Runs courses, lectures and provides training in Spiritualism and mediumship.

Etna Spiritualist Association at Camp Etna - Camp Etna sits on 27 wooded acres in Central Maine. Founded in 1877, it is the home of the Etna Spiritualist Association. Each summer season features church services, classes, workshops, Medium's Days and a Healing Arts Festival.

Fellowships of the Spirit - A spiritual organization that exists to provide environments where all people can experience their connection with God. They study, teach and practice spiritual unfoldment.

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association - A Christian branch of Spiritualism in the United Kingdom offering a list of their churches and a bookshop.

Insight & Intuition - An educational programme guiding students through the process of Psycho-Spiritual unfoldment. Founded by Julie Soskin in 1996.

Institute of Spiritualist Mediums - UK based organisation dedicated to the promotion, teaching and development of spirit communication.

International Spiritualist Alliance - Based in British Columbia, the ISA offers Sunday services, spiritual healing, education, and counselling.

International Spiritualist Federation - Promotes the philosophy and religion of Spiritualism through events, education and communication, worldwide.

Leslie Flint Educational Trust - Preserving the recordings of the work of direct voice medium Leslie Flint.

Maine Spiritualist Association of Churches - Resources in Maine for Spiritualism with a directory of churches.

Morris Pratt Institute - Milwaukee based Spiritualist organization founded by Morris Pratt in 1889.

The National Spiritual Alliance - Located in Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts, was founded in 1913, and is an offshoot of the New England Spiritualist Campmeeting Association formed in 1874.

National Spiritualist Association of Churches - USA organization, its teachings and activities, websites. Covers all topics in Spiritualism, and mediumship spirit, psychic, healing, natural Laws.

New Promise Ministries - Religious organization dedicated to the promotion of personal spiritual development offering ministerial assistance and readings by mediums.

SNU Trust - The Spiritualists National Union Trust is a mutual building society run by and for the benefit of its members and churches.

SpiritNetwork - An multi-denominational online society with spiritualist roots offering homepages, resources, insights and articles.

Spiritual Awareness - Details about joining in the efforts to bring love, peace, harmony and respect back to mankind by linking in with prayer each Friday.

Spiritualist Association of Great Britain - Established in 1872, the SAGB provides demonstrations of clairvoyance, spiritualist healing and mediumship development workshops.

Spiritualist Church of Canada - An overview of Spiritualist philosophy and a list of Canadian churches.

Spiritualist Church of New Zealand - The SCNZ offer a list of their churches and information about Spiritualism.

Spiritualists' National Union - The largest Spiritualist organization in the UK. Offering a list of their churches and information about the religion of Spiritualism.

Two Worlds - Two Worlds, an independent monthly magazine for Spiritualists. Founded in 1887.

Waterloo Spiritualist Association - A Liverpool based Spiritualist portal with general information about the religion of Spiritualism.

Personal Pages

Afterlife Communication / Visitations - AFTERLIFE Visitations from beloved people/animals are explored in 80 compelling true first person stories of life-changing reunions by Lee Lawson,author of "Visitations From the Afterlife / True Stories of Love and Healing".

Anthony E. Baker - Agony Uncle for the Spiritually Bemused - Questions and answers to spiritual problems from readers of the site and an excerpt from his book

Beyond -- A Poem of Inspiration and Comfort - This poem is intended to be inspiration for the living and comfort for the dying. It was written by Chatrtime with the apparant help of someone from Beyond.

Crystal Chimes - The Spirit Within - Thoughts and philosophy on Spiritualism with inspirational poetry.

Discussion concerning communication with the spirits - These pages are a discussion of different methods of communication with the spirits. They includes true stories of possible communication with the dead, dreams and premonitions, Ouija Boards, Angels, and Jesus Christ.

'Don't Wait To Be Rescued' - Everyone of us dies and goes into spirit, but very few realize that what we do at the time of death has great consequences for us, both then and later. Book by Shirley Pratt.

Dreamvisions of the afterlife worlds - I have experienced a number of Dreamvisions of the heavenly afterlife worlds. In this site, I have many of them written up, so that you may read them.

Enlighted Friends Centre - A spiritual site with discussions on spiritualism, tarot, healing and clairvoyance. With a free chat room and message board.

John Roberts' Alcove - The writings of John Roberts, a Spiritualist, who has recorded his thoughts on the subject of the Bible

The Journey of the Spirit - Topics of all things of the human spirit and its gifts.

Novus Spiritus and Sylvia Browne - If you enjoy Sylvia Browne's philosophy on life and death...this is the place for you. Come and share your thoughts and views as we all take a journey of the soul. NB. limited content as of June 2001.

Peaceful Spirits - writings on spirituality truth, forgiveness and love.

Porter, Jennifer - Teacher in spiritual studies at Memorial University of New Foundland in Canada. Research interest in religion and popular culture with a special focus on Star Trek mythology.

Rev. Susan's Meditation Gardens - Introduction to Spiritualism, personal reflections, articles and links.

Sandra Helton - A Spiritualist minister living in Cassadaga, Florida where she sees clients and teaches metaphysics. She promotes animal welfare and serves through teaching and astrology research.

Silverdawn's Unique Life Choices - a website dedicated to the unique life choices of silverdawn. Covers personal views on Spiritualism and Witchcraft.

Spirit Learn - Inspirational writings from spirit for the benefit of mankind on this earth about the New Golden Age and other spiritual philosophy.

Spirit Path - A journey into Spiritualism by a trainee medium.

Spiritual Development Pages. - A site about Spiritual and personal development, personal responsibility, emotional pain release, healing emotional wounds and regaining control of life.

The Spiritual Factor - Personal homepage that include my entire essay that handle on the concept "spirit".

Spiritualism and Healing - What is Spiritualism?; Eightfold Path; Nivana; Dream Dictionary; Earth's Natural Remedies; Sacred Texts

Tanika's Books Psychic Research and Publishing - Tanika's Books presents research and publications on paranormal phenomena and communication with the dead. Includes articles on Leslie Flint, James Van Praagh and Brian E. Hurst.

Psychic Artists

Abelia - Psychic artist, clairvoyant and Spiritualist healer. Deceased loved ones and spirit guides drawn.

Angela - A medium who receives messages from the universe and conveys them in her drawings.

Angelflyte - Psychic artist connects with your soul to give you a portrait of your spirit guide, past life or inner child.

Ann Jacqueline Davies - Psychic artist and medium specialising in spirit portraits from clairvoyant visions.

Ann Oliver - Psychic artist and reiki master with a gallery of spirit art, a personal profile and an events diary.

Annabel Burton - Spirit guide art, includes a gallery of Annabel's work as a psychic artist and astrologer.

ArtVision - ArtVision creates colorful spiritual art and self discovery products.

Brenda Kay - Psychic artist creating spirit guide portraits based in Victoria, Australia.

Christine D. Winters - A psychic artist will draw your soulmate portrait, guardian angel or spirit guide.

David Cheyne - Specialises in readings with paintings that depict spiritual pathways. David also creates drawings and paintings of guides or loved ones in spirit.

Debbie Dean - A natural medium and spirit portrait artist. Contains a short biography and a gallery of her work.

Diane Joy Rayfield - Evidential medium and artist who creates pastel portraits of departed loved ones and hand painted auragraphs.

Eden Spirit - Contemporary personalised celebration psychic art by Jacqui Grogan.

Eloryia Ra - Offers aura readings and custom art based on the auric field.

George David Fryer - Psychic paintings of spirit guides, past life reincarnations and other spiritual art.

Ian Doherty - A medium and psychic artist specializing in auragraphs, these are symbolic representations of a persons aura in a pictorial form.

International Metaphysical & Holistic Arts Centre - Psychic artist Nicola MacMillan's gallery of inspirational art. Reiki attunements and spiritual healing are also available.

Jackie Halverson - Contains examples of spirit drawings and ordering information.

Jan Dayton - Spiritualist psychic artist, medium and healer from Sussex in the UK.

Jeff Horrocks - Description of psychic art and mediumship development along with a gallery of drawings inspired by spirit.

Jim Leausure - New Orleans artist displays his psychic portraits of personal guardian angels.

June-Elleni Laine - Psychic artist and medium who offers portraits of loved ones in spirit, private sittings and spiritual workshops.

Leo Jean - Examples of psychic paintings along with a short biography of Leo's artwork.

Nick Ashron - Spirit guide drawings and psychic art by a spiritual artist and musician who also offers relaxation and healing music.

Patrick Gamble - A psychic artist, with a gallery of his work and details of how to book private sittings.

Remembering Soul - Offers a selection of readings and artwork. Also has information on private sessions and workshops.

Rita Berkowitz - A spirit artist and clairvoyant who offers spiritual readings and drawings.

Sarah Taylor - Spirit guide drawings, inspirational and psychic art.

Silver Shades of Grey - Noud Gilissen is a channeler. He channels universal messages of love and light in his artwork.

Spiritart - Psychic husband and wife team, who together create portraits and give messages from passed loved ones and spirit guides.

Spiritual Energy Paintings - A gallery of spiritually inspired paintings.

Stephen Cox - Psychic artist from the UK, with a biography and a gallery of his clairvoyant art.

Susan Hewitt - Spirit guide portraits by a psychic artist who also offers spiritual messages.

Victoria Neal - A psychic artist based in Suffolk, with a gallery of her work and a schedule of events.

Wendy Leppard. - Artist aims to capture the essence of the living or the deceased. Portrait galleries and contact information.


Advanced Study Group of Spiritism - GEAE - Spiritist virtual community founded in October of 1992 explains what is Spiritism (Spiritist Doctrine) and offers a newsletter and some electronic books for download.

Allan Kardec - Contains downloable version of the works of Allan Kardec, Gabriel Delanne, and Leon Denis.

Allan Kardec Educational Society - AKES - This educational society was founded in August of 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the purpose of disseminating the ideas and ideals of the Spiritist Doctrine.

Allan Kardec Study Group - Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Spiritism. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Allan Kardec University Study Group - Texas - An educational and non-profit organization which accepts man's spiritual evolution through successive reincarnations, and which seeks the absolute welfare of mankind, according to its utmost purpose of achieving spiritual enlightenment by following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Allan Kardec's Spirits' Book - Offers an HTML version of Allan Kardec's "Spirits' Book", Spiritism's first work, available over the Internet.

Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association - Spiritist Society in Miami, Florida (USA), offering public meetings, schedule of local events, and other community services.

Cesar Augusto Spiritist Study Group - Website of the Spiritist Society in New Jersey, USA, offering an introduction to the Spiritist Doctrine by Allan Kardec with messages, books, and information about the group's meetings.

Divine Spark Spiritist Site - Information on Spiritism in English, with many excertps from Allan Kardec's works.

First Spiritual Temple: Allan Kardec and Mediumship - Good introduction on Allan Kardec and his works by a non-denominational, Spiritualist Christian Church.

Seed of Light Spiritist Centre - A local group with regular activities in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. Site in English and Portuguese.

Sir William Crooks Spiritist Society - London group devoted to studying and researching the Spiritist Doctrine and related subjects, following the guidelines established by Kardec and the maxim: "Love one another and educate yourselves".

Spiritism 101 - An introduction to the Spiritist Doctrine as compiled by Allan Kardec.

Spiritist Group of New York - SGNY - Non-profit organization whose sole aim is to promote and disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine in English, as codified by Allan Kardec. Offers many downloadable books.

Spiritist Society of Baltimore - SSB - Non-profit group in Baltimore, USA, presenting basic Spiritist Books, news and a newsletter.

United States Spiritist Council - The official site of the United States Spiritist Council. Offers a newsletter, directory of member institutions and suggestions on starting a Spiritist center/institution.

Spiritual Healing

Avalon On-Line Healing Sanctuary - Online absent healing for all those in need, plus advice and guidance on healing. Also includes information on Ashford Christian Spiritualist Church.

First Spiritual Temple - Prayer based healing site with links to submit healing requests, pray for other seekers, related articles and references other sources of healing.

Free Healing - Hands-on healing both distant and in-person with testimonials, request form, and general information.

Gerhard Kluegl - Medium and healer who is able to detect and remove memories of past life, and current illnesses and injuries from the aura, includes workshops and event schedule, music therapy, and healing explanations.

Hildebrand Spiritual Healing - Distance healing through spirit energy transmissions.

Mary Malone - International faith healer and visionary, includes venues and schedule of appearances, testimonials, videos and tapes, and photo gallery, also includes information regarding obtaining absent healings.

Patrick Kempe - Distance healing for people, horses and other animals.

Philip Chave - Distance Spiritual Healer - Working with ancient universal energies to restore balance, bring inner harmony, stimulate the body's own immune system and induce deep relaxation.

Prayer, Spirituality and Healing - Defines spiritual healing and what can be healed, and the difference between spirituality and religion, also offers guidance through different aspects of self-healing.

Spiritual Healer On-Line - Offering absent or hands-on healing for people and their pets.

Spiritual Healing with Vinny Pinto - Remote healing over the telephone, includes methodology, fees and scheduling, specialties, training and background, and other services offered.

Trinity of Alabama - Teaching healing techniques through belief and faith in self, forgiveness, and God as a pure energy form or Universal Energy.

Psychic Surgery

Andy Kaufman's Psychic Surgery - Three captioned photos of Ramon Labo operating on comedian Andy Kaufman.

Crystalinks - Overview based upon investigations by Donald A. McDowall. Bibliography, links and a directory of Philippine healers are provided.

Father Joshua - Philipino psychic surgeon Father Joshua of Sedona, spiritual healer. Info on services, ministry, classes and sessions.

Healing Brazil - Surgeon working in the Casa de Dom Inacio Centre for Healing, offering healing to all who make the journey.

Healing Quests - Guided tours to healer John of God in Abadiania, Brazil led by Shamanic practitioner Heather Cumming. Detailed descriptions on trip and services included.

John of God - Psychic surgery by Joao de Deus in Abadiania, Brazil - he does not charge. Information on how to get there and what to expect.

John of God Healing - John of God also known as Joao de Deus is a healer from Abadiania, Brazil. Learn more about him, how to get there and get practical advice.

Miracle Man - John of God - Escorted healing journeys to meet the Miracle Man in Brazil.

Philippine Psychic Surgery - Inspirational message from satisfied patient Dan McKee.

Psychic Surgeon Web Ring - Testimonial sites sponsored by Dolfina.

Seeking Healing - Spiritual healing journey to visit John of God in Brazil.

Unravelling the Enigma of Psychic Surgery - Historical analysis which argues for a connection between the roots of Philippine healing and the doctrines of Christian Spiritism.

Spiritualist Churches

Alice Street Spiritualist Church - Features profiles of the mediums serving this Portland, Oregon church.

Amersham Spiritualist Centre - Buckinghamshire based church detailing their public services and the philosophy of Spiritualism.

Augusta Spiritualist Church - Listing services, events, declaration of principles, spirit healing, classes and related links.

Bedford Spiritualist Church - Details of church services, special events, history, committee and the seven principles of Spiritualism.

Bedworth Spiritualist Church - Services, special events and contact information. Located in Warwickshire, UK.

Bloxwich Spiritualist Church - Displays a programme of events with details of healing and committee members.

Bodmin Spiritualist Church - Provides a schedule of meetings and services at this church located in Cornwall.

Bon-Accord Spiritualist Church - This Aberdeen church gives information about their services and the principles of Spiritualism.

Brighton & Hove Spiritualist Church - A church and sanctuary of healing with services schedule, photo gallery and a short history.

Bromsgrove Spiritualist Church - Schedule of clairvoyance services and church events.

Calgary First Spiritualist Church - Information on church activities, private readings and healing.

Canterbury Christian Spiritualist Church - A 50 year old church, who believe that life continues after death. Offering comfort for those in need.

Central Spiritualist Church - Dedicated to teach and proclaim the religion and philosophy of Spiritualism in Sacramento.

Centre Christian Spiritualist Church - Based in Subiaco, Western Australia, this church details their services and activities.

The Chapel of Light Spiritualist Church - Located in Wilton, near Salisbury, England. Offers services, special events, healing and an open circle.

Chesterfield National Spiritualists Centre - Details their services, workshops and provides information about Spiritualism.

Christabelle Spiritualist Church - Listing events, healing and mediumship demonstrations in Cherry Valley, IL.

Church of Eternal Life - Based in Westville, NJ, affiliated with the NSAC, offers details of services and the principles of Spiritualism.

Church of Spiritual Fellowship - New Age metaphysical Spiritualist church. Services include spiritual healing, philosophy and spirit messages. Offers classes in all aspects of spirituality, mediumship and healing.

Church of the Living Spirit - Church organization, listing activities and functions in Glendale, AZ.

Church of Two Worlds - This Washington, DC church provides a schedule and tour of their facilities.

Clacton Christian Spiritualists - Event and services listings for this church in Clacton On Sea.

Clearwater Spriritualist Church - Founded by the Rev. Robert Hickey, a Spiritualist church church based in Maine.

Continuous Light Sanctuary - Located on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Crewe Spiritualist Centre - Affiliated to the Spiritualists' National Union. Offering mediumship, healing and training.

Croydon Spiritualist Church - Features articles on Spiritualism plus a church services calendar.

Dunedin Spiritualist Centre - Based in New Zealand and formerly known as Dunedin Spiritualist Church. Weekly speakers, healing and clairvoyance.

Eltham Spiritualist Church - Explains various aspects of Spiritualism and provides a schedule of events and services at this London church.

Enmore Spiritualist Church - This New South Wales church offers spiritual services, survival demonstrations and healing.

First National Spiritualist Church - Based in the city of Bristol in the south west of the United Kingdom.

First Spiritual Church of Montreal Canada - Member International Churches of Canada and National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Established in 1957 to promote spirituality, mediumship and healing.

First Spiritual Temple: A Christian Spiritualist Church (USA) - A Non-Denominational Christian Spiritualist Church, deeply embedded within the philosophy of Spiritualism. Making Sense of God, Christ, the Gifts of the Spirit, and Mediumship. Site contains a number of major articles on Spiritualism.

First Spiritualist Chruch of Austin - Listing events and articles about this Texas Spiritualist church.

First Spiritualist Church of Erie - An independent Spiritualist church based in Waterford, PA.

First Spiritualist Church of Salem - Spiritualism has been an important advent in Massachusetts USA. The church was founded in 1894.

First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic - Calendar of demonstrating mediums and some details about this Willimantic, CT church.

First Spiritualist Temple of East Aurora New York - Provides information on church community, events, classes, healing, and Spiritualism.

Fleet Spiritualist Church - Covering a schedule of services, healing and circles at this Hampshire church.

Fraternal Spiritualist Church - San Diego based church offers healing services, prophecy, mediums, and messages from spirits.

The Ghostlovers - Spiritual and mediumship information. Located in Baulkham Hills, Australia.

Golden Gate Spiritualist Church - Located in San Francisco, with details of church services and contact information.

Golden Light Healing Sanctuary - Located near Cannock, Staffordshire. Lists events and gives details about the church.

Gravesend Spiritualist Church - Listing services and events for this Kent Spiritualist church.

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church of Jersey CI - Over one hundred in-depth spiritual messages from the 'unnamed scribe' of the Bible. Also personal thoughts on Fundamentalism and liberal Christianity, and the errors of pedantic religion.

The Guiding Light Spiritualist Church - A modern Spiritualist church based in Hayes, Middlesex, with weekly demonstrations of mediumship and clairvoyance.

Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church - Based in Middlesex, this church offers a full programme of services, events and development circles.

Harmonial Philosophy Association - A non-profit organization, located in Erie, PA. General information on Spiritualism and the Church.

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association - Founded in 1896 to further the teaching of Spiritualism. Meditation and spiritual center, with healing and psychic classes, a programme of events is also provided.

Harrison D. Barrett Memorial Church - Featuring modern American Spiritualism spirit healing and mediumship church services and classes

Hull Spiritualist Centre - Contains service schedule and information about Spiritualism.

The International Temple of Spiritual Revelations - Spiritualist Church in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Journey Within (The) : Spiritualists' National Union Church - Spiritualists' National Union Church, Wayne and Pompton Lakes, NJ. Events and some information about Spiritualism.

JT and ET Crumbaugh Church - A Spiritualist church in Le Roy, Illinois.

Kettering Spiritualist National Church - Gives details of events and information about this UK church.

Kingston National Spiritualist Church - Gives a weekly schedule of services and a background of Spiritualism.

Lily Dale Assembly - In Chautauqua County, upstate New York. With maps, a bulletin board, upcoming events and a list of registered mediums.

Madison Spiritualist Camp - A Spiritualist summer camp with church services, classes for spiritual enlightenment, spirit healing, spirit readings and sharing with all continue the tradition of Spiritualism.

Maidstone Independent Christian Spiritualist Church - Details of services and development circles of this UK church.

Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre - A group of spiritually minded people, based in Maidstone, Kent, England.

Middleton Independent Spiritualist Church - Gives details of visiting mediums as well as a gallery of transfiguration images.

Monash Spiritual Centre - A non-profit church in Berwick, Victoria, set up to promote the teachings and philosophy of Spiritualism.

Muskoka Spiritualist Church - Serving the Muskoka Lakes area of Canada, the church offers inspirational speakers and mediumship.

Nanaimo Spiritualist Center - A Christian Spiritualist church in Nanaimo British Columbia with church services every second and fourth Sunday of the month.

New Age Spiritual Mission - Details of Spiritualism, services and healing in this South Australian church.

New London Spiritualist Church - Dealing with life after death and communication and healing through mediumship, located in New London, Connecticut.

Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church - Twice weekly services and healing sessions.

Northampton Spiritualist Church - Provides details of public services, workshops and circles being run from this UK church.

Oldham Spiritualist Church - With details of their scheduled clairvoyance services and the seven principles of Spiritualism.

On-I-Set Wigwam Spiritualist Camp - Located in Onset Massachusetts USA since 1882, built by a Spiritualist with local Indian friendship in the shape of a wigwam.

Orpington Spiritual Progress Centre - Spiritualist church in Orpington, Kent gives details of their services of mediumship.

Paignton Spiritualist Church - Details of services, events and workshops in Paignton, Devon.

Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp, Niantic, Connecticut - The science, philosophy and religion of Modern Spiritualism teaches that there is no death, but life everlasting. Mediumship and spiritual healing are the work of Spiritualist Mediums.

Pinpoint of Light Spiritual Center and Camp - This site contains articles and information that give insite to Spiritualism and its Principles.

Plymouth Spiritualist Church - Located in Rochester, New York the home of modern Spiritualism in the United States.

Portland Spiritualist Church - Located in Westbrook Maine, with information about the philosophy of Spiritualism, plus a calendar of events.

Rays of Light Spiritualist Church - Located in Gahanna, Ohio with details of the lectures, workshops and teachings based upon the principles of Spiritualism.

Redditch Spiritualist Church - A Spiritualist church in Redditch, Worcestershire UK.

South Auckland Spiritualist Church - Provides a background of the church along with service listings and classes.

Southampton Spiritualist Church - Includes a calendar of events and contact details for this Hampshire church.

The Spirit Gathering - Church for advancement of metaphysical and holistic practices and studies.

Spiritual Episcopal Church - A mystical Christian Spiritualist church. A religion based on spirit communication, mediumship and spiritual healing based on the teachings of Jesus.

Spiritual Wisdom - A Spiritualist church and learning centre for the development of spirituality and mediumship in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Spiritualism and Spiritualist Churches in Australia - Good definition and guide. Also covers some groups in USA.

Spiritualist Chapel of the Pines - Gives the church schedule of events and a short introduction to Spiritualism. Located in Auburn, CA.

The Spiritualist Church of Awareness - Based in Orlando Florida, the church offers program of services, including healing and mini readings.

Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis - Listing Sunday services, special events and contact details.

Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds - Featuring a church calendar and details of services in San Leandro, California.

1st Yeovil Spiritualist Church - Details of sunday services, other events, and healer training program of the 1st Yeovil Spiritualist Church, Yeovil, Somerset, England.

Stafford Spiritualist Church - Detailing services and events, this Staffordshire church also has a gallery and information about Spiritualism.

Stockport Christian Spiritualist Church - Gives a history of the church along with a services schedule and a description of spiritual healing.

Stourbridge Spiritualist Church - Provides details of speakers, mediums and services at this Midlands church.

Summerland Spiritualist Church of the Comforter - Based in Santa Barbara, CA and is linked to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Swindon Spiritualist Centre - Provides a background of Spiritualism, a speakers list and forthcoming events.

Temple Heights Spiritual Camp, on the Maine Coast - Spiritualist summer camp with mediumship and spirit healing.

Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church - Overview of this Essex church, with services, events, healing, beliefs and teachings.

Tumbetin Spiritual Centre - Shows weekly Spiritualist activities at this Victoria church.

Universal Brotherhood Spiritualist Church - A British Columbia church featuring services, worship, mediumship and the teachings of Spiritualism.

Uxbridge Spiritualists' Association - Formed in 1988, and holds its meetings every Thursday at the Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge in Middlesex (UK). Events and details of the church.

Victorian Spiritualists’ Union - Promoting Spiritualism in Melbourne, Victoria with services and development classes.

Ward End Christian Spiritualist Church - Birmingham based church offers services on Fridays, Tuesdays and Sundays.

Westcliff National Spiritualist Church - Gives information on services, clairvoyance, mediumship, spiritual healing, ceremonies and events.

Wilton Spiritualist Church - Near Salisbury, in the UK. Programme of events, history of this lovely church and regularly updated articles on aspects of healing and Spiritualism.

Windsor Spiritualist Church - Provides a schedule of services and activities.

Wolverhampton Spiritualist Church - Offers a service diary, with healing and development information for this UK based Spiritualist church.

Worthing Spiritualist Church - Situated in Sussex, offering Thursday and Sunday church services, plus spiritual healing.


The Dragon's Cave - A place for sharing and discussing Spiritual information. Contains spiritual archives and forums.

Four Spirit Teachers - Through the Mediumship of Sheila Jones - with questions and answers.

Spirit Teachings by Topic - Based on the book by medium Rev. Stainton Moses, arranged by category. Topics include spirit life, sin, salvation, Heaven and Hell, mediumshp, prayer, angels and demons, God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Spiritsinc, proving life after death with Colin Fry. - Information on physical mediumship with an opportunity to acquire a series of spiritual teaching videos, which also aim to convey the truth behind our Earthly existence.

Spiritual Quotes - Includes texts and articles. Copy of Spirit Teachings is here.

Spiritualist Chatroom - Offers a number of bulletin boards / newsgroups where members can discuss any spiritualist matter they choose, plus a live chat room.

(The) New Gospel - Messages from Jesus and Celestials - James Padgett - Spiritualism. Automatic writing.

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