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At the Fence - Articles and advice on all kinds of relationships issues including dating, marriage, divorce, and parenting.

Autonomy vs Manipulation - Offers information on relationships as seen in domestic violence, totalitarian states, and cults, as well as information on general human interactions. Includes articles and a forum.

The B-Sort for Intimate Relationships - An interactive self-help exercise. Helps people decide whether to stay in or leave a relationship. Licensed psychologists developed the B-Sort from psychotherapy theory and research on how to resolve inner conflict. - Provides advice and answers in a public, anonymous discussion forum.

Heal From Betrayal - Information about using energy healing to overcome the pain of betrayal in relationships.

Helpguide: Love Relationship Advice and Help - Articles from therapists that offer advice on communication skills for maintaining emotional connection, and managing conflict in love relationships.

Life Choices Web - Articles and information on relationships and personal growth.

The Love Center - Contains information on relationships and marriage. Includes contact details and a love course.

Lovetalk Forums - A forum for people to discuss relationships.

My Counseling Site - Self help information to improve relationships.

Online Healthy Relationships Project - A program to prevent violence in teen relationships

Pathway to Happiness - Articles, exercises, and audio directed at self awareness and building relationships.

The Relationship Center - Articles and tele-courses, based on choice theory, offered to improve relationships.

Relationship Savers - Web site with articles and discussion board to provide advice for relationships.

Relationship Steps - Information and suggestions to help build and maintain successful relationships.

Relationship talk - A collection of articles, advice, chat and forum about relationships

Relationships, Romance and Reality - Self help guide for relationships with articles on topics of romance, dating, and marriage

Shrink Rap Articles - Straight-talking articles about love and relationships.

Success FAQs on Singles, Dating & Relationships - Offers carefully researched answers to the success FAQs that most concern singles;new questions accepted as well as links and a resource list.

The Tao of Relationships - Provides articles and discussion about the common mistakes people make in relationships


Advice Diva - Offers articles for men and women, with forums, recipes, tests and quotations. Includes testimonials, and e-books for sale.

Advice Lady - Offers free advice on love and relationships, posts questions and answers.

The Advice Sisters - Life and career expert offers articles, counseling, tips, columns, links, forums, and tools.

Agony Aunt Advice - Email advice question and response service plus advice articles in relationships and other areas.

Armchair Advice - A place to visit when experiencing problems due to relationship breakdown or considering divorce.

Ask A Male - A guy 's point of view is on issues like dating, relationships and commitment. Registration required.

Ask A Real Guy - Male gives relationship and dating advice from a guy's point of view.

Ask Angel - Family advice, chat, and message boards.

Ask Deb - Deb answers questions and offers advice on many subjects. Read Dear Deb letters. Let's talk about love, sex and relationships, issues, concerns or just vent.

Ask Dr. Tracy - Searchable encyclopedia of advice on relationships, a love advice column, and private counseling.

Ask E. Jean - Relationship advisor and advice column.

Ask John Q - A free online advice column which allows the reader to interact online by giving advice or asking for it.

Ask Nina Now - Advice to your questions on dating, love and romance. Offers tests, relationship checklists and a bulletin board.

Ask The Date Guy - Providing no-nonsense relationship and dating advice for females from a guy's perspective.

Ask Zuri - Relationship expert provides free love advice and guidance on marital, dating, break up and friendship issues. Paid email advice also available, as well as a variety of self help articles. - Focuses on the unique issues which impact African American and interracial relationships.

At the Fence - Articles and advice on all kinds of relationships issues including dating, marriage, divorce, and parenting.

Bar Advice - Articles in a blog designed to help people that come to the bar and get the advice instead of a real doctor.

Been-Dumped - An online forum for people suffering from breakups and emotional loss.

Broken Heart Help - Providing quick help for you to heal a broken heart.

Cary Counseling Center Online - Intimacy and personal boundaries are both necessary to maintain love. A collection of articles about how to balance them.

Celebrate Love and Relationships - Larry James, offers personal coaching, articles and an online bookstore.

Consum-mate - Offers relationship advice and coaching for singles. Contains news, articles and links.

Conversely - Site dedicated to relationships between men and women.

Couples Company - Features articles on relationships, marriage, couplehood, sexuality, parenting, and more. With links to ebooks and additional resources.

Dear Anyone - Ask a relationship question and have it answered by the viewers.

Dennie Hughes - An award winning journalist and columnist, she now writes about every aspect of relating and is available to answer any question from dating to divorce. Includes an archive with tips and contact details.

Direct Answers from Wayne and Tamara - Relationship advice from authors and columnist Wayne and Tamara Mitchell, topics include; dating, infidelity, divorce, sex, marriage.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf - Couples therapist and relationship advice.

Dr. Kathy's Relationship Advice Blog - Relationship advice from Dr. Kathy in her online blog.

Dr. Roman Tic - Relationship advice, dating tips and gift ideas from a relationship expert.

Em & Lo - Offering advice for the modern bedroom.

eNotalone - Articles and discussion about all aspects of relationships, both positive and negative.

Free Love and Online Romance Tips Report - A free love and online romance tips report reveals how to find and/or keep a lover.

FreeloveMD - Get relationship questions answered, view the advice column, articles and forums.

Friends and Lovers - Relationships advice, midlife crisis forums, chat, personals, chapel of love, articles and poetry.

Girls Ask Guys & Guys Ask Girls - Girls and guys can ask questions of each other on this interactive relationship website.

GirlShrink - Lisa Angelettie provides advice and tips for women on health, relationship, body image, and financial issues. Includes FAQ, articles, and list of resources.

Go Ask Alice About Relationships - Advice covering various relationship topics. Site has a no cost request for advice section.

The Hard Part - Difficult relationship advice and discussion.'s Love and Sex Channel - Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.

Judith and Jim - Dedicated to the magic in the differences between men and women. Includes a newsletter, events, articles and links.

Know Thy Self - Keys to successful living with articles on relationships and inspiration.

Ladder Wiki - Theory and Advice on Relationships, Dating, and Attraction. - Focusing on principles to nurture love relationships. Free e-mail newsletter and reading library.

Lifted Hearts Network - For all your relationship issues, including commitment phobias, breakups, infidelity, rebounds, love addiction, unrequited love, and dating again.

LightYourFire - Chat, and advice on relationships, love, and romance.

The Love Center - Contains information on relationships and marriage. Includes contact details and a love course.

Love Mermaid - A place to receive free love advice, learn about romance, and experience the joys and pleasures of life's most passionate feeling.

Love Victory - Author and speaker Dr. LeslieBeth Wish offers her advice and guidance on relationships, love and family.

Lovegevity - Relationship advice on dating, marriage, engagement/wedding plans and parenting. - A blog with articles on breakups, divorce and starting new relationships.

LoveShack - Interpersonal relationship advice. Personal conflicts are confronted, and participation in self-discovery is promoted.

Lucky Lily's Weblog - A blog with advice and tips on relationships, romance, love, friendship and more. Free newsletter on relationships available.

Marriage Advice - Advice from professional counselors and educators.

Michael Stone on Relationships - Send a letter or visit live, talk chat.

MyNDTALK - Relationships and mental health self-help resources.

The Perfect Apology - A user guide for extending apologies in your personal and business lives. Includes research, recommendations, and covers all aspects of apologies.

Professional Christian Keynote Speakers - Professional Christian keynote speakers on relationship advice, romance advice and marriage counseling.

Relationship Headquarters - Relationship site featuring books, articles, blog and relationship recommendation.

Relationship Tips - Offers users tips related to everything from internet relationships to love advice.

Relationship Web - Directory of relationship information. Contains links and forums.

Romance and Real Love - Articles about dating, the differences between men and woman and bringing love into a relationship.

Romanceopedia - Advise and insight into single, committed, romantic and alternative relationships. Also includes advice on ending relationships.

Royce's Relationships Resource - Contains articles, forums, links and contact details.

Sassy Bean - Spills the beans on dating, love, marriage, sex and relationships. Offers fitness tips, diet information, and personal advice from dating guru Matt Titus on love and relationships.

The Savvy Male - Relationship advice for men, about women. - An online woman’s magazine offering free love and relationship advice for women. - Dating and romance source for advice, articles, romance polls, horoscopes, games, styles and shopping.

So You Think You're Right - Offering free public polling to settle disagreements within various types of relationships.

Soulmate Relationships - Articles examining jealousy, communicating, building trust and ways to improve a relationship.

Straight From The Heart - Psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman offers questions and answers.

Tango Magazine - Love and Relationship advice for women who are single, dating, married, living together or breaking up.

Tigress Den - Help to mend the broken hearted.

Trap Him, Feed Him, Keep Him - Offers relationship advice in the form of articles, reader questions and answers, recipes, tests and quizzes for every stage of a relationship.

Anger Management

AJ Novick Group - Offers anger and stress management classes for adults, adolescents, businesses and court referrals. They also offer workshop programs, home study courses and professional training.

American Psychological Association HelpCenter - Warning Signs on-line brochure providing information on detecting a tendency of violence and on controlling the anger driving it.

Anger Management Services Online - Learn anger management techniques by Leonard Ingram that will help you improve your personal and family relationships, relationships with co-workers, or deal with the loss of a loved one.

Anger Management Techniques - Offers tips and techniques for anger control and management. Contains articles, tips and contact details.

Anger Profile - A free Anger Management Test scored on-line. Evaluates the ability to deal with anger in various types of situations.

Anger Self-Test - Explanations about anger and a self-test on the anger in your life.

Anger Toolbox - Offers seminars and online course for controlling anger in children, adults and families. Includes newsletter and contact details.

Angry Self, The by Miriam M. Gottlieb, Ph.D. - A comprehensive approach to the treatment of anger which can be used directly by the patient or jointly by counselor and patient within the therapy session.

Compassion Power - Offers workshops and programs to reduce anger, resentment and violence. Includes articles, statistics and reviews.

Controlling Anger - Americal Psychological Association presents tips and definitions.

Controlling The Volcano Within - Assistance in anger management, trauma, dissocitaion by Dr. George Rhoades Jr.

Expressing Anger Constructively - Advice from, a commercial site offering a marriage manual and workshops.

Get Your Angries Out - Help to improve relationships and work out anger in positive ways.

Growth Central - Help for families, relationships, anger control and anger management, assertiveness, anxiety, panic, binge and compulsive eating. Free information and mental health resources. - Providing solutions for controlling the stress that can cause rage and tools for understanding and managing anger.

Humanity Quest - Contains quotations, definitions, etymology, stories, discussions, articles, art and cartoons about anger.

The Iron Mask - The Common Sources of Personality Disorders - Offer an in depth article concerning acute anger by Dr. Sam Vaknin.

Marital Conflict First Aid Kit - On line kit prescribes inteventions for each marital conflict syndrome.

Psychological Self-Help from MentalHealth.Net - This chapter of the book provides information on the signs of anger, theories about how and why aggression develops, and help with preventing or coping with anger.

Therapeutic Options - Crisis intervention, aggression prevention and violence restraint. A comprehensive and sensible approach to reducing violence. Targets health care and educational environments.

Why Is Everyone So Cranky? - Book by Leslie Charles, which outlines the ten social trends that have created the anger epidemic of our culture and how to combat it.

WOW Zone - A model for positive social change and evolution.


Better Divorce for the Children's Sake - Resources to help make divorce gentler for the whole family. Information on statistics, custody, effects of divorce on children, conflict resolution, divorce rituals, and emotional support.

Divorce Aid - Divorce support for the United Kingdom.

Divorce Magazine - Online version includes articles on topics such as infidelity, establishing new relationships, mediation, local legal issues, and child custody, as well as links to professional service providers.

Divorce Magazine - Self-help resource for people in need of information about separation and divorce.

Divorce Poetry and Advice - Poems, poetry and prose on divorce and the tragic effects of the breakdown of a marriage.

Divorce Recovery University - Free online mini courses, e-manual, poetry, and phone mentors to help deal with the emotional effects of divorce.

Divorce Room - Discussion and personal stories about adjusting to an impending divorce, dealing with children's issues, and getting along with an ex-partner.

Divorce Support Plus - Exists to help the whole family heal after divorce. Information on coaching, workshops, and counselling services in Montreal, Quebec.

Divorce Transitions - Offers support and guidance to those dealing with or recovering from divorce. Basic information on separation, divorce, divorce recovery and starting over single.

Divorce with Compassion - One woman's story of how she dealt with her divorce by using Nonviolent Communication techniques.

Divorced Club - Designed to help men and women ease the pain of divorce. Community forums, newsletter, chat, poetry, soapbox, and resources for divorce or separation. Divorce - Articles and discussion board.

Guide to Divorce - A self-help resource for people facing separation or divorce.

How to Divorce As Friends - Advice, recommended books, and telephone counseling to help couples resolve difficult issues connected with divorce or even save their marriage.

Ondivorce - A variety of resources for those facing the break up of their relationship, including discussion boards, case studies, and a divorce checklist.

Positive Divorce Resolution - Offers a parenting course to parents involved in divorce as well as instructor training and support. Information on classes, Florida legal information, articles, and recommended resources.

Rebuilding - Information on Dr. Bruce Fisher's ten-week Rebuilding Divorce Seminar. Locations, contact details, and an overview of the program.

Single Again - Articles on spirituality, health, finances, counseling and relationships, focusing on those who are newly single in the middle of life. Articles are a combination of practical advice and commercial promotions.

Survive Divorce - Written by people who have experienced divorce. How to save a marriage, mental and physical health, protecting the children, legal issues, and moving on. Articles and links to more resources.

Woman's - Information guide covering legal and children's issues, financial survival, work, and emotional healing.


Smart Marriages  - Directory of conferences, seminars, education courses, providers, school and youth courses. Articles, tapes, video tapes and books available.

Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME) - Organization whose mission is to build better marriages by training and certifying leader couples, developing resources and providing ongoing opportunities for marriage education and enrichment.

The Becoming Parents Program (BPP) - Provides first time parents with knowledge and survival skills needed for taking care of their couple relationship, taking care of themselves, relating to their baby, and dealing with the many ways becoming parents impacts their lives.

Building Better Marriages - Offers information to assist couples enhance their marriages. Content based on Christian principles, speaker services, audio tapes and printed manuscripts.

Couples - Offers an educational video series to promote successful relationships and marriages.

Family Wisdom - Offers weekly articles, stories and essays about parenting and marriage.

FamilyIQ - Marriage education courses and relationship tests designed to improve marriages.

Fighting Fair - Detailed article covering conflict resolution for couples, including examples.

The First Year, What a Learning Experience - The issues and trials of our first year of marriage.

Georgia Family Council - A non-profit research and education organization that analyzes how cultural trends and public policies affect marriage and the family.

In-Law Problems Can Be Solved - M.D. and Ph.D. offer advice on how to cope with marital friction caused by in-laws.

Institute for Equality in Marriage - Nonprofit organization stresses equality in marriage, offering advice and resources for couples before, during, and after marriage and divorce.

Institute for the Study of Marriage, Law, and Culture - A non-partisan Canadian association for research and study of current trends and developments in marriage and family.

Is There Any Love Life Left in Your Marriage? - Boost the love life in your marriage. Follow these threads of thoughts from the professionals about your perceptions of your marriage.

JewishPath Marriage Conflict Index - Discussion of marriage conflict issues, conflict management, intermarriage issues, separation issues, separation agreements, divorce, conflict tools and how to avoid difficulties.

Life Innovations - Preparation for marriage and help to enrich marriages.

Love and Marriage - What one young woman really thinks about that love and marriage stuff. Personal essay and a website poll.

Loving Spirit Relationship Rescue - Provides tips, articles, exercises and lessons to promote healthy relationships and marriages.

Marriage - 4 Week Fix - Self help E-Book, fee coaching, advice forum and newsletter designed to improve marital relationships.

Marriage Builders - Provides answers and insight to questions about infidelity, marriage counseling, and divorce. A free support forum is also available.

Marriage Care - Offering guidance and helping to create and sustain loving relationships into the 21st century.

The Marriage Course - Offers books, audio tapes and video tapes designed to prepare, build or mend marriages.

Marriage Education Institute. - Online curriculum of marriage education courses for singles and couples.

Marriage Problems First Aid Kit - Offers descriptions, explanations, suggestions and interventions for many common marital conflict problems.

Marriage Relationship Help - Relationship help article for marriages with relationship problems.

Marriage Success Training - Marriage preparation workshops to help premarital couples in the New York state area.

Marriage Support - Online learning community for solving marriage problems, improving relationship skills, celebrating marriage, and achieving happiness with your partner.

Marriage Works - Offers tips, books, ideas and studies to improve your marriage relationship. A free download of the book 'Marriage Works' is available.

MarriageGym for Women - A downloadable 10 Audio CD relationship program for married women. - Offers marriage poems, stories, articles and streaming audio. Membership is required in order to access some content.

MarriageWise - Nonprofit organization that provides marriage preparation programs, conducts research on marriage and the prevention of marital discord and divorce.

The Meaning of Marriage - Metaphysical meaning of marriage: A path to a healthy relationhip.

National PreMarital Institute - Offers a pre marital education course for couples.

One Accord - One Accord believes in the Christian basis of marriage. It seeks to create more rewarding marriages in churches and in the wider community.

Pairs - Offers seminars that provide dozens of practical, usable skills to create extraordinary relationships.

PREP Inc. - Divorce prevention and marriage enhancement program.

Relate Questionnaire - Questionnaire and report that helps strengthen relationships before and after marriage.

Save My Marriage - Features articles and links to resources to help education couples and save marriages.

Soulmate Oracle - Practical guidance from relationship authors John Grey, Ph.D. and Bonney Grey, R.N. Offers online tools, articles, information, quiz, relationship coaching and love advice.

Stop Unwanted Divorce - Offers tips and insight for anyone facing a serious relationship crisis, an unwanted divorce or the loss of a key relationship.

To Be Married - An article exploring factors that influence the decision to marry.

True Love Marriage - Offers a complementary personal strengths profile questionnaire for couples to better understand one another and their marriage.

You, Me and Us - Offers self-diagnostic relationship assessments to provide insite into your relationship.


Blurt or Brood? - How do you verbalize your emotions?

The Boyfriend Test - Also see The Girlfriend Test. Good message board.

#1 Choice Dating - Several personality & relationship questionnaires to choose from.

Coping Skills Inventory - An interesting assortment of relationship tests.

Crush Quiz - Are you so deep in love you can't think straight? Get a little perspective with this quick quiz.

The Froy Marriage Test - A marriage-risk calculator based on the 1957 book "How To Avoid Matrimony".

The Girlfriend Test - Also see The Boyfriend Test. Good message board.

Honesty Test - Is honesty really the best policy?

The Implicit Association Test - Demonstration test from Project Implicit, which gaugues prejudicial attitudes or beliefs about certain groups of people.

The Jealousy Quiz - Quiz on how jealousy can affect relationships.

Ladies Home Journal Quizzes - Good family and friend attitude checks

Listening Skills Evaluation - Self-evaluation quiz on effective communications in relationships.

Love Calculator - Are your numbers compatible?

Love Test - Test your relationship against several metaphysical standards.

Personal Dating Test - A man with a plan (or at least a questionnaire).

Personality Match - Are there hidden depths to yours and your loved ones personalities?

The Political Compass - Chart your course through the political quagmire.

Quiz Stop - Personality tests and quizzes on love, relationships, personality, and knowledge.

Rate a Date - Find out how you rated on your last date.

The Relationship Basic 3 - Investigate the intellectual, physical, and emotional aspects of your relationships.

The Relationship Institute - Relationship problems? Search for answers here.

Relationship Satisfaction Test - How do you feel about your relationship and your place in it?

Sharing Nature's Interest - What is your ecological footprint?

Soulmate Calculator - Calculator to calculate the number of American singles you must meet to find your soulmate.

Tickle - Personality and relationship tests, for fun.

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