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Banish Low Self-Esteem with Handwriting Analysis - An explanation of how a person's handwriting holds clues to many special and unrecognized qualities, hidden potentials and proof of self-worth.

Billy Lilly's Web Page and Sacramento Self-Esteem - Lessons for building self-esteem.

Building Self-Esteem and Happiness - Building self-esteem and self-confidence with tips, free courses, and recommended books.

A College Student's Guide to Overcome Shyness - Written by a 24-year-old college student who once was very shy. Topics include how to improve body language, believing in yourself, and public speaking.

Confidence Club - Self esteem and confidence-building resources. Includes confidence profile questionnaire.

Enhancing Your Self-Esteem at Work - An overview of self-esteem and suggestions on celebrating yourself and receiving feedback from others. Includes a quiz to determine if you have low self-esteem.

Ibex Management Ltd - Offering coaching services for women in the area of self-esteem, with resources, online sales, and a self-assessment quiz. Based in the UK.

La Belle Foundation - Non-profit organization whose objective is to bring the teaching of self-development, personal and social responsibility to public school students.

National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE) - An organization dedicated to fully integrating self-esteem into the fabric of American society so every individual experiences personal worth and happiness. Includes sections on parenting, educational programs, conferences and an offer to subscribe to Self-Esteem Today Magazine.

Self Esteem - An essay examines the healthy self image and why comparisons hurt.

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