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Links To Hinduism Art, Literature and Music - Acharyanet is the premier online resource for Indian Music lessons in the world with over 500 lessons taught by legends and celebrities that empower students of any age and all levels across the world to get the best of this great system at their own pace. Learn from the best minds.

Black Peacock - Offers a wide selection of pictorial art based on the Hindu religion, and especially the Vaishnava traditions.

Rangoli Foundation for Art & Culture - A non profit organization established in 1985 by artistic director Malathi Iyengar. Promoting the visual and performing arts of India including music and dance.

Sanatan Society - An international networking association of students of late Harish Johari. Promotes products of the associated teachers and artists.

The Sensuous and the Sacred - On line exhibition of the works of Indian sculptural art - the temple bronzes cast a thousand years ago in the Tamil-speaking region of south India during the Chola dynasty.

Yakshagana - Provides information on Yakshagana, an art form enacting the Hindu mythological stories, popular in the coastal districts of Karnataka State. Hindu Art Galleries

Divya Desam Online - Images gallery of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including Radha-Krishna, Rama-Sita, Hanuman, Vishnu Avatars, and more.

Hindu Image Gallery - Image gallery of Hindu deities.

Sacred Aums - Thousands of aums as thumbnails from a CD. Hindu Literature

Hinduism Scripture - English Traslations of important texts of Hinduism

Matrupanchakam - About the five verse sloka composed by Sri Bhashya Swami in praise of 'The Mother'. Includes a download of the sloka in the pdf format.

Saint Tukaram - English translations of the poems of the 17th century Marathi poet in praise of Lord Vithoba (known as Abhangs in Marathi). The site is in Marathi and English.

Songs of the Dark One - Bengali poems to Goddess Kali written by the famous devotional poets Ramprasad Sen, Kamlalakanta Chakrabarti, Rabindranath Tagore, and Kazi Nazrul Islam. These poems set to music are now known as Shyama Sangeeth. Music

Bhajana Sampradaya - Information on the composers, lyrics, and tradition of Hindu devotional music known as Bhajans. Includes audios of songs.

Bhakthi Lahari Devotional Songs - A collection of Hindu devotional songs written by A.V. Hebbar, in Kannada. Free song downloads.

Bhakti Sangeet - Devotional songs in real audio format with transliteration. Includes the Hindu calendar, images of deities, a list of temples, and videos (RealMedia).

Guruguha - The biography and compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar. Includes English translations of the lyrics and links to other resources on devotional music.

Saint Thyagarajar - Life story and compositions. Includes details of Thiagaraja Aradhana and a photo gallery.

Tyagaraja's Shiva Kritis - Lyrics and English translations of the compositions of Saint Tyagarajar on Lord Shiva.

The Bhaja Govindam - Introduction, and also the text with word by word translations, as well as verse translations.

Bhaja Govindam : - Contains the text of the hymn in Devanagari and scholarly romanization, with translations into English. - Bhaja Govindam - Introduction, history, and text in ITRANS format, with translations.

Slokas And Mantras - Introduction, and the text in ITRANS and translation.

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