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Dual Diagnosis - Email support group for persons diagnosed with alcoholism / addictions and bipolar / deppression / anxiety.

The Limbic Region - Emotion Central - Share poems, view art, and read collections of quotes. Has an alphabetical list of phobias.

SOS Self-Help Programs - Helps individuals to manage anxiety, anger, depression, and emotions by using cognitive therapy.

Uncommon Forum - Personal development and self help discussions in depression, anger management, stress and relationships, and hypnosis.

Wisdom Circles - Self-discovery and community building in small groups.

Personal Growth Books

Mystic Visions - Focusing on self-improvement, esteem, and motivation building. Includes a discussion board and related resources.

The Oculatum - A collection of writings offering insight and awareness for the soul.

Career Planning

A Career in Your Suitcase - Jo Parfitt's advice on building a portable career.

Commercial Aviation - Hundreds of professions in commercial aviation.

Follow Your True Colors - Advice on identifying natural gifts and talents for a satisfying career.

From Making a Living to Having a Life - Gloria Dunn's book on finding a satisfying career.

Future at Work - Tips to surviving the 21st century workplace.

Innovative Cruise Services - A career guide to jobs on cruise ships, ferries and yacht. Secure online ordering.

It's More Than A Resume, It's A Reflection Of You - Guide to resume writing

Pet Sitter How-to's - Learn how to start your own pet sitting business. E-book gives you everything you need to know with all forms and contracts necessary to begin.

Pet Sitting Business Start-up Guide - How to start and operate a pet sitting business. Business forms included.

Start Your Own Home Pet Sitting Business - A complete guide to starting your own pet sitting business at home.

Westside Confidential Transcription Service - A site to obtain a resume do it yourself booklet.

You Can Be a Movie Extra - How to become an extra.

Communication Books

The Anger Habit - Discusses anger management problems. Illustrations, including overcoming fear/anxiety, and control struggles.

B.S. Detecting - A word-survival guide, showing how to get out of word traps or ruts and find words that work.

Congress for the New Urbanism - Site for books on design and development of walkable neighborhoods.

In Your Face - Bill Cordingley's book reveals how to know people from their face.

Men Don't Listen - Wayne L. Misner's book about women dealing with men.

The Shyness Handbook - A practical 7-step guide.

Tell 'em About It! - Public speaking, including anecdotes that explain major points and entertain.

Self-Help Books

All - A how-to-guide that cultivates individuals on image, manners, business etiquette and international protocol.

The Alpha Publishing House - Publisher of books dealing with problem solving and human nature.

The Art of Change - Personal development books and recordings about health, men, how to make major life changes, how to meditate, and music for relaxation. Available to buy online.

Attitude is Everything - Motivational products, including books, audiotapes, seminars and newsletters. Community discussion and chat area.

Billings Worldwide Brain - Offers guides to boost self-esteem, self-confidence, and motivation, with an explanation of the author's theory.

Choices - Adventures of a Lifetime - Offers personal growth, motivational, relationship, success, support and recovery books and gifts, prayers, quotes, meditations, articles and news.

Clean Your Clutter, Clear Your Life - Step-by-step guide to help create a life free of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual clutter.

The Cultural Creatives - Lifestyle book on better health, lower consumption, more spirituality, more respect for the earth and the diversity within. Includes articles, events and how to buy the book.

Dewey Color System - Books on color matching and preference, with psychological interpretation.

Frederick Fell Publishing - Self-help and health improvement books to allow you to enhance your life and make your life more successful.

Hero or Victim - Myths and fairy tales help reveal the inner hero and victim.

How to Find the Perfect Roommate - Advice and information on finding and keeping a roommate.

How To Lose Anyone Anywhere - Information on stalking countermeasures.

Ice Cream for the Soul - Over 100 playful and light-hearted activities designed to nurture the spirit.

Knowing Your Intuitive Mind - Self help books and personal growth tools for intuitive problem solving with health, wealth, business, pets...all parts of life. Free self help book chapters, e-books and personal growth tools.

Living Solutions Bookshop - Seller of books and videos on self help including topics of alcoholism, substance abuse, eating disorders, and gambling issues.

Manual For Peace - Jill Virginia Kneer's book on peaceful awareness, responsible intentions, and peaceful solutions.

The Master Course - A five volume resource for transformation in life. Site includes pop-up windows.

One Way - A series of self help books to assist in recovery from addictions and becoming a better person through faith and spirit.

Prison Survival Manual - A guide with tips and suggestions to help an inmate do better time in prison.

Reflection Idea - A book about understanding life's jumble of joy and pain. Stories of real life, illustrate the idea.

Regain Your Self-Esteem - Causes and practical solutions for low self-esteem.

Think Something Wonderful - Creating happiness and positive thinking. Includes breathing practice, list of writings, and links.

Victoria Moran - Author of ten books and journals for building self-esteem and losing weight through positive thinking, exercise and yoga. Also available for speaking engagements.

Wilshire Book Company - Reviews and sales of Melvin Powers' books.

Relationship Advice

Advice Diva - Offers articles for men and women, with forums, recipes, tests and quotations. Includes testimonials, and e-books for sale.

Advice Lady - Offers free advice on love and relationships, posts questions and answers.

The Advice Sisters - Life and career expert offers articles, counseling, tips, columns, links, forums, and tools.

Agony Aunt Advice - Email advice question and response service plus advice articles in relationships and other areas.

Armchair Advice - A place to visit when experiencing problems due to relationship breakdown or considering divorce.

Ask A Male - A guy 's point of view is on issues like dating, relationships and commitment. Registration required.

Ask A Real Guy - Male gives relationship and dating advice from a guy's point of view.

Ask Angel - Family advice, chat, and message boards.

Ask Deb - Deb answers questions and offers advice on many subjects. Read Dear Deb letters. Let's talk about love, sex and relationships, issues, concerns or just vent.

Ask Dr. Tracy - Searchable encyclopedia of advice on relationships, a love advice column, and private counseling.

Ask E. Jean - Relationship advisor and advice column.

Ask John Q - A free online advice column which allows the reader to interact online by giving advice or asking for it.

Ask Nina Now - Advice to your questions on dating, love and romance. Offers tests, relationship checklists and a bulletin board.

Ask The Date Guy - Providing no-nonsense relationship and dating advice for females from a guy's perspective.

Ask Zuri - Relationship expert provides free love advice and guidance on marital, dating, break up and friendship issues. Paid email advice also available, as well as a variety of self help articles. - Focuses on the unique issues which impact African American and interracial relationships.

At the Fence - Articles and advice on all kinds of relationships issues including dating, marriage, divorce, and parenting.

Bar Advice - Articles in a blog designed to help people that come to the bar and get the advice instead of a real doctor.

Been-Dumped - An online forum for people suffering from breakups and emotional loss.

Broken Heart Help - Providing quick help for you to heal a broken heart.

Cary Counseling Center Online - Intimacy and personal boundaries are both necessary to maintain love. A collection of articles about how to balance them.

Celebrate Love and Relationships - Larry James, offers personal coaching, articles and an online bookstore.

Consum-mate - Offers relationship advice and coaching for singles. Contains news, articles and links.

Conversely - Site dedicated to relationships between men and women.

Couples Company - Features articles on relationships, marriage, couplehood, sexuality, parenting, and more. With links to ebooks and additional resources.

Dear Anyone - Ask a relationship question and have it answered by the viewers.

Dennie Hughes - An award winning journalist and columnist, she now writes about every aspect of relating and is available to answer any question from dating to divorce. Includes an archive with tips and contact details.

Direct Answers from Wayne and Tamara - Relationship advice from authors and columnist Wayne and Tamara Mitchell, topics include; dating, infidelity, divorce, sex, marriage.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf - Couples therapist and relationship advice.

Dr. Kathy's Relationship Advice Blog - Relationship advice from Dr. Kathy in her online blog.

Dr. Roman Tic - Relationship advice, dating tips and gift ideas from a relationship expert.

Em & Lo - Offering advice for the modern bedroom.

eNotalone - Articles and discussion about all aspects of relationships, both positive and negative.

Free Love and Online Romance Tips Report - A free love and online romance tips report reveals how to find and/or keep a lover.

FreeloveMD - Get relationship questions answered, view the advice column, articles and forums.

Friends and Lovers - Relationships advice, midlife crisis forums, chat, personals, chapel of love, articles and poetry.

Girls Ask Guys & Guys Ask Girls - Girls and guys can ask questions of each other on this interactive relationship website.

GirlShrink - Lisa Angelettie provides advice and tips for women on health, relationship, body image, and financial issues. Includes FAQ, articles, and list of resources.

Go Ask Alice About Relationships - Advice covering various relationship topics. Site has a no cost request for advice section.

The Hard Part - Difficult relationship advice and discussion.'s Love and Sex Channel - Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.

Judith and Jim - Dedicated to the magic in the differences between men and women. Includes a newsletter, events, articles and links.

Know Thy Self - Keys to successful living with articles on relationships and inspiration.

Ladder Wiki - Theory and Advice on Relationships, Dating, and Attraction. - Focusing on principles to nurture love relationships. Free e-mail newsletter and reading library.

Lifted Hearts Network - For all your relationship issues, including commitment phobias, breakups, infidelity, rebounds, love addiction, unrequited love, and dating again.

LightYourFire - Chat, and advice on relationships, love, and romance.

The Love Center - Contains information on relationships and marriage. Includes contact details and a love course.

Love Mermaid - A place to receive free love advice, learn about romance, and experience the joys and pleasures of life's most passionate feeling.

Love Victory - Author and speaker Dr. LeslieBeth Wish offers her advice and guidance on relationships, love and family.

Lovegevity - Relationship advice on dating, marriage, engagement/wedding plans and parenting. - A blog with articles on breakups, divorce and starting new relationships.

LoveShack - Interpersonal relationship advice. Personal conflicts are confronted, and participation in self-discovery is promoted.

Lucky Lily's Weblog - A blog with advice and tips on relationships, romance, love, friendship and more. Free newsletter on relationships available.

Marriage Advice - Advice from professional counselors and educators.

Michael Stone on Relationships - Send a letter or visit live, talk chat.

MyNDTALK - Relationships and mental health self-help resources.

The Perfect Apology - A user guide for extending apologies in your personal and business lives. Includes research, recommendations, and covers all aspects of apologies.

Professional Christian Keynote Speakers - Professional Christian keynote speakers on relationship advice, romance advice and marriage counseling.

Relationship Headquarters - Relationship site featuring books, articles, blog and relationship recommendation.

Relationship Tips - Offers users tips related to everything from internet relationships to love advice.

Relationship Web - Directory of relationship information. Contains links and forums.

Romance and Real Love - Articles about dating, the differences between men and woman and bringing love into a relationship.

Romanceopedia - Advise and insight into single, committed, romantic and alternative relationships. Also includes advice on ending relationships.

Royce's Relationships Resource - Contains articles, forums, links and contact details.

Sassy Bean - Spills the beans on dating, love, marriage, sex and relationships. Offers fitness tips, diet information, and personal advice from dating guru Matt Titus on love and relationships.

The Savvy Male - Relationship advice for men, about women. - An online woman’s magazine offering free love and relationship advice for women. - Dating and romance source for advice, articles, romance polls, horoscopes, games, styles and shopping.

So You Think You're Right - Offering free public polling to settle disagreements within various types of relationships.

Soulmate Relationships - Articles examining jealousy, communicating, building trust and ways to improve a relationship.

Straight From The Heart - Psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman offers questions and answers.

Tango Magazine - Love and Relationship advice for women who are single, dating, married, living together or breaking up.

Tigress Den - Help to mend the broken hearted.

Trap Him, Feed Him, Keep Him - Offers relationship advice in the form of articles, reader questions and answers, recipes, tests and quizzes for every stage of a relationship.

Dating Dating Advice - Articles exploring all aspects of dating.

Advice for Swingers - Information and advice for people that swing, covering sexual health, single men and clubs. Photo adverts, chatroom, forum and parties.

America's Dating Coach - Singles advice for finding love by Patti Feinstein. Prospects, perspective and services.

AOL Coaches - Love and Sex - Offers dating advice from various relationship experts.

Ask April - Online magazine offering advice for men wanting to date women.

Attraction Academy - Articles/tips on NLP, relationships, attraction and spirituality. Attraction courses and coaching also offered.

Cherade - Dating skills section providing video interviews, ice-breakers, tactics for approaching women, one on one situations, relationship pacing, confidence building.

Cincinnati Babes - Dating advice for men and women, plus articles on beauty, health and safety.

Coach Marcie - Life Coach specialising in dating. Blog, bios, services, FAQ and articles.

Date to Win - Free advice, books, workshops for singles to start on the path to finding true romantic happiness.

Dating Advice - Providing dating tips, articles and support for the newly single.

Dating Advice For Women - For women seeking love, romance and permanent partners. Photo and appearance tips, dating safety, intimacy, and other resources.

Dating Essentials - Canadian Dating Coach Kateryna Spiwak offers free articles and advice.

Dating Fast - Dating advice, tips, quotes and tests.

Dating For Beginners - Articles exploring many aspects of dating. With advice and date ideas.

A Dating Guide - A guide to dating online with reviews of popular personal ad services.

The Dating Muse - Online Dating Guidance - Guide to online dating services and personals, featuring in-depth reviews, FAQs, tips and articles to help you find dates, and romance online.

100 Dating Tips - Dating advice for men regarding rejection, shyness and sexuality with the opposite sex.

Dating-Services - Includes articles to help insure safety and enjoyment when meeting people online.

Don't Date Him Girl - Find profiles of men who are alleged cheaters, articles on dating and relationships, advice to help women make better decisions in finding the right man.

Every Day Better Living - Understanding Women - Tips on how to understand women and have happier relationship with them.

Freebies Dating - Free advice detailing the essential basics of dating that encourage confidence when meeting the opposite sex. - Offers a guide to online dating and a series of free articles aimed at romantic self improvement.

The Internet Dating Guide - Internet dating tips, hints, stories, and site reviews.

IQsingles - A guide to online dating services, providing information, reviews, ratings, tips and advice.

Love Sick Fools - Offers articles on dating, love and romance issues to help people in their conquest for love.

Love Tactics - Flash based dating advice and strategy system based upon the book of the same name.

The Mail Order Brides Guide - Articles, advice and reviews for men interested in mail order brides and dating foreign women.

Men are From Mars - Where are the Rest of You From? - A nice guy's guide to dating. Examines the fun and pitfalls in the search for that "special someone".

Online Dating Tips - Offers articles, tips, information, and advice for online and long distance dating.

Pulse of Love and Dating - Gives the man-on-the-street perspective to love and dating with video interviews from AOL Personals.

Purposeful Singleness - Join other single Christians in their journey of living purposeful and meaningful lives for Jesus Christ.

Romance On The Net - Safety and dating information for singles seeking online romance. Also features quotations and song lyrics.

Romance Tips - Romance tips, date ideas, romantic greeting cards, articles on engagement and marriage.

Seduction Insider - Why lazy lovers suck in bed, weekly newsletter, articles on dating for love or money, foreplay, what women want for valentines day.

Sharp Living - Top ten tips from women to get the first date you want.

Smart Divas - Tools, articles, name generator and tips are available to help you find your mate.

21st Century Love - Advice on dating, love, and sex with articles and safety tips for online dating.

Swami Love - A love relationship information site from a Yogic point of view. Practical, ideal and spiritual love.

ThirdAge Dating Connections - Advice, quizzes, forums and interactive tools.

TRUE U Magazine - About being single and offers relationship advice about finding love, dating online, flirting, romance, single parenting, being sexy and dating safety.

Friendship - Friendship and Friends - Articles and discussions. Includes a section about falling in love with friends.

Evaluating Friendships for Emotional Health - Terra Wellington interviews Silva Mirzoian, Jan Yager, and Cheryl Cran about friendships, including a healthy friendship self quiz.

Friends and Friendship - Describes what friendship is, how to build it, how to maintain it, pitfalls of having friends.

Friendship and children - This site is dedicated to the relationships of friends and to the importance of children.


ESFB Channel - On line community for people suffering from facial blushing, excessive sweating and anxiety associated with these symptoms. Discussion forum.

SA Scotland - Online community for Scottish people dealing with Social Anxiety - discussion forum, online chat nights, and occasional offline meets.

SA West - Information on weekly group meetings held in Bristol, South West England.

Social Anxiety Forums - Online forum and articles.

Social Anxiety Match - Online community offers members a database of penpals, friends, and groups, as well as events calendar and FAQ.

Social Anxiety Support - Online community provides forums, chat rooms, member stories and social networking. Also includes details of diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment options.

Social Anxiety Support - Provides information and support through newsletters, library resources, meetings, and social events.

The Social Anxiety Support Group - Details of meetings, directions, messageboard and links. Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

Social Phobia - MSN support group for people living with, or coping with others suffering and recovering from, social phobia.

Social Phobics Anonymous - 12 Step recovery program for social phobia and social anxiety sufferers.

Toronto Social Phobics Support Group - Peer support group for people living with Social Phobia in the greater Toronto area (Canada).

Understanding Shyness - FAQ from the newsgroup.

The Web of Loneliness - Resources and support group for all types of loneliness.

Substance Abuse

Addiction or Self-Medication - Substance abuse from different standpoints.

Anonymous One - Find personal stories of addiction and recovery as well as a search page to help find Twelve Step meetings, support groups, hospitals, and treatment centers.

Aquarius alcohol and drugs services - UK Midlands charity providing advice and counselling on alcohol and drugs problems.

Celebrate Recovery at Parkcrest - They fellowship and celebrate God's healing power in lives through Eight Recovery Principles and the Christ Centered Twelve Steps. Information about the program and their meetings. In Lakewood, California.

Celebrate Recovery at Edgewood Baptist - A Christ-centered program ministering to those who struggle with hurts, hang-ups, habits, or addictions. Uses the Beatitudes to reinforce the Twelve Step approach. In Rock Island, Illinois

Celebrate Recovery at First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley - How this church combines the 8 Recovery Principles of with the Twelve Steps to address a number of recovery issues. In Berkeley, California.

Celebrate Recovery at First United Methodist Church, Albuquerque - The Christ-centered Twelve Steps and Biblical principles lead to spiritual growth and freedom from addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. Information about the program and their meetings. In Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Celebrate Recovery Ministry at Saddleback Church - Members apply "8 Recovery Principles" to become free from addictive, compulsive and, dysfunctional behaviors. Christ centered recovery program addresses all types of habits, hurts, and hang-ups.

Changing Attitudes In Recovery - Christ centered support Group which welcomes people with addiction, emotional, relational problems who would like tools and support in learning how to apply God's Plan for recovery in their lives.

Christian Recovery Resources Database - Searchable database of Ministries, Organizations, Local Groups and Meetings in the US, and Canada other parts of the world.

Crystal Meth Anonymous - CMA is a relatively new twelve step program for people who are addicted to crystal meth. Links provide support for family and friends as well.

Crystal Meth Anonymous of New York City - Local support group for those addicted to crystal meth. Meeting times and mission statement.

CyberSober - The resource for recovery of alcoholics, narcotics, gamblers, and overeaters. More than 100,000 meetings, hospitals and treatment centers with maps and directions.

Drugs and Homeless Initiative - A comprehensive range of support services for people addressing drug and alcohol problems, with particular regard for those who are homeless or in housing need.

Dual Recovery Anonymous - DRA is an independent, non-professional, Twelve Step, self-help fellowship. Members are chemically dependent and also affected by an emotional or psychiatric illness.

Friends of Choices - Help for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. We work in the service of people with Chemical Dependency and those that love them.

Geoff's Phoenix House Pages - Discussion forum, chat room, pictures of the facility, and links to the corporate site as well as other substance abuse support groups.

Grrreets - Fairly eclectic site, but includes original "clean/sober" writings, cartoons, and unofficial Northern CA AA/NA meeting lists.

Hetty's - Drug Support Network - Support network for parents, carers, family and friends of illicit drug users.

LifeRing Secular Recovery - A non-religious self-help recovery organization for individuals who seek group support to achieve abstinence from alcohol and other addictive drugs.

Live And Let Live Group - For people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual orientation and who have a desire to recover from alcohol or drug addiction.

Marina Dock - A safe, clean and sober meeting facility and social club, open to the public since 1986.

Meth Madness - Message board which focuses on methamphetamines and general discussions.

Nickscape Recovery Zone - Offers information about substance abuse and recovery.

Pagan 12-Step Haven - A group for recovering pagans in 12-step recovery: AA, NA, OA, and DA. This group will focus on working the 12 steps and supporting each other in recovery.

Pills Anonymous - An MSN support group for people with drug dependencies.

Quit Abuse Society - Resources and information group for the many faces of abuse with chat and message boards and related links for support.

Reachout (Wiltshire) Drug Use Support Group - A non-profit organization supporting those affected by drug use in the Chippenham area in Wiltshire.

Recovery Inn - Free help for those who want to stop their addictions. No counselers, not a religious program. Members have been there and found a way to stay clean and sober and help others.

Recovery Through Christ - Forum discussing a 12 Step Program for Christians and others who suffer with addictions.

Recovery Wisdom, One Day at a Time - Twelve step slogans, start your day with a new slogan, send in your own and get a free book.

The Recovery Zone - Features 12 step recovery resources with information and help for people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking addiction, compulsive eating disorders, and gambling addiction.

Recovery Zones - Drug addiction prevention, treatment and recovery resources. Plus chat, message boards and free recovery email addresses.

Reformer's Unanimous - A Christ-centered program that directs those battling addictions to God's intended support group - the local church.

Righteous Oaks Recovery Center - A site giving all pertinent information about the formation, operation, philosophies and testimonies concerning the success of our six month, resident, Christ centered addiction recovery program for men.

Say No to Drugs - Official site for the Russian government's Commission on Fighting Drug Abuse and Illegal Turnover.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety - A non-religious support group for people who want to give up alcohol or drugs. Located in Rochester, New York.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety - An international network of peer support groups for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.

Sober Start - Substance abuse recovery forum and resource for information and support related to narcotics addiction and alcoholism.

Solpadeine Addiction Support Group - Self help support group for people addicted to Solpadeine over-the-counter painkillers.

12 Step Pagans - Contact information for an email support group for pagans interested in the 12 Step program.

12 Step Sources - Provides explanations and links about support groups,

Steppin' Out - The 12 Step Radio Show - Where alcoholics and addicts share their true stories of before and after drinking and sobriety. In New York City.

Substance Abuse Prevention of Carroll County, Maryland - Substance abuse prevention message board and information for Carroll County Maryland.

Transitions Daily - AA and other daily readings for chemically dependent people. Daily e-mail by free subscription. [May not work for all browsers.]

The Triangle Club of Washington, DC - Provides meeting space for 12-step groups and recovery activities for Gay and Lesbian people of the Washington Metropolitan area.

Twelve Steps to Emotional Health - A version of the '12steps' based on the psychological theory called 'Affect Theory' as developed by Silvan S. Tomkins and Donald Nathanson.

Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users - VANDU is a group of IV drug users and former drug users who work to improve the lives of people who use illicit drugs. They do this through user-based peer support and education.

Westside Service Center - A service organization for recovering alcoholics/addicts. Beaverton, OR. - Provides a forum for examining addictions and compulsive behaviors to support recovery from the family disease of addiction using the Twelve Step Programs.

XA-Speakers Tapes - Recordings of Twelve Step speakers for free download. AA Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, NA Narcotics Anonymous, CA Cocaine Anonymous, OA Overeaters Anonymous, and others. Donation.

York Street Club - Located in a restored Victorian mansion in Denver, Colorado. Meeting facilities, membership, events and social environment for recovering alcoholics.

Substance Abuse Recovery Programs: Which One is Right for You? - Article compares several alcoholism and substance abuse support groups including AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), MM, RR, SMART, SOS, and WFS. [CNN with WebMD] (May 19, 1999)

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