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Links To Stress and Anxiety Resources - A free self-help site for persons suffering from an anxiety disorder, including panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), fear of flying, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Anxiety Busters - Free anxiety helpline and self-help treatment to move past panic disorder and anxiety. Also hints and tips to overcome panic attacks.

Anxiety Centre - Online e-learning and support resource for sufferers of anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias and anxiety.

Anxiety Coach - A self-help guide for people with anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, agoraphobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and fear of flying.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America - Complete information on anxiety, as well as a special section on teen anxiety.

Attacking Panic Attack - Book written by a recovered victim of panic attacks, that unleashes vital information for all victims.

Conquer Anxiety - Self Help Anxiety Treatment Program to overcome anxiety and panic attacks and identify their symptoms. Anxiety and Panic Community - information on anxiety disorders and panic attacks,anti-anxiety medications, and self-help for anxiety.

Help for Anxiety, Phobias, OCD, and Depression - Insight into anxiety-related problems and a self help approach to begin to deal with them.

Joe Panic - Guide to relief from panic attacks, anxiety and stress - self help, cognitive therapy, ethics, and coping skills.

LifeSkills Resource Center - On-line self-help resources on anxiety disorders, anger, parenting, stress management and related topics.

One Step Forward - Anxiety and phobia treatments and information, with links to other anxiety, phobia and depression sites.

Online Screening for Anxiety - Presented by the New York University Department of Psychiatry, designed to give a preliminary idea about the presence of mild to moderate anxiety symptoms that indicate the need for an evaluation by a psychiatrist.

Panic, Anxiety, and Depression: The Road To Recovery - Resource and support site for those suffering with panic, anxiety, or depression.

The Worry Club - Dealing with worry, anxiety and stress through the use of humor as well as providing helpful products, books and resources.

Book Resources

Anxiety Book Store - Extensive collection of the latest and best selling help books for Anxiety Disorders.

Highly Sensitive People - Books about highly sensitive people and the spiritual roots of social anxiety.

Lifeline Anxiety Disorder Newsletter Book Store - Books reviewed by Lifeline, a newsletter for people - and families of people - who suffer from the panic brought about by fears, anxieties and phobias.

Back in the driver's seat - Program and book to anxiety about driving.

EL Method - A method to conquer excessive anxiety and inhibitions.

Fear from Nowhere - Information on Lori' book about anxiety and panic disorder in young children.

Freedom from Agoraphobia - A practical, medication-independent program on CD-ROM and book for the treatment of agoraphobia, anxiety disorder, and panic attacks.

How to Overcome Fear of Heights - Ebook on how to overcome fear of heights, based on energy work.

Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety - A 15 week in home self study program entitled "Attacking Anxiety" including 16 audio tapes and a booklet.

Overcoming Anxiety and Panic - How to triumph over panic disorder and get your life back.

Painfully Shy - Social anxiety disorder is a common disabling condition. dealt with in this book by Drs. Barbara and Greg Markway.

Songs of My Soul - Information on a posthumously published book of poetry written by a Canadian teenager who suffered from agoraphobia.

Undress Your Stress - This book's down-to-earth approach incorporates a touch of sarcasm, a little irreverence and a lot of laughter-the perfect recipe to reduce stress.

When The Body Says No - The Hidden Cost of Stress - The intimate connection between mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Gabor Mate offers a new perspective on the connection between chronic illness and disease and stress and trauma.

You Shall Not Worry - Christian perspective, self-help tips, and advice on dealing with worry by an ex-chronic worrier.

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