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Affirmations For Positive Thinking - Offers personal affirmations tutorials, together with a free daily affirmation. Includes pricing and order details.

AspireNow - On-line seminars and programs for individuals to discover your purpose and live more abundantly. Interactive help for success with goals, relationships, and work.

Careapy - Distance learning courses developed by Barbara and Glenn Smyly through their work in the Alivening Project. Personal development, spiritual psychology and character education programs.

Counselors Association Inc - Offering LifeChange program which combines hypnosis with a workbook. Tutorials, resources and associated articles.

Delfin Knowldege System - A self-development system to enhance the way one thinks, immediately and permanently.

Dr. Hudesman's Test Anxiety Reduction Program - Brief information about this program, with email address for further details.

Effectiveness-Plus - Coaching, training, social anxiety and effectiveness resources (reports, books, links, articles) for the management of performance anxiety, development of savvy interactions and confidence, and creation of satisfying and productive personal and business relationships.

Empowerment Training Programs - Offers five personal empowerment programs. This site describes each training and features additional resources.

Flying in the Comfort Zone - Programs for fear of flying. Free information on anxiety control, PTSD treatment plan, and fighting trauma.

I Need Motivation - Offering courses, recordings and coaching for personal success and satisfaction.

InnerPeace - Interfaith self-help program. Removes issues that interfere with your inner peace. Creates states that support your inner peace.

James Battle & Associates - Publishers and distributors of a variety of publications and resources, aimed at the professional psychologist as well as the lay-person. Online catalog and company profile.

The Journey to Profound Happiness - Details of a 30-day course which aims to help alleviate depression, fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Learn the Lessons Technologies - Created to provide a quick reference and tools for learning life's lessons and to help others deal effectively with day-to-day problems.

Learn To Feel Good: A Systematic Approach - Psychologist Dr. M. Adam Sheck. Includes articles, quotations, teaching tales, poems, cartoons, a free newsletter, and free greeting cards. Email courses also available.

Living Consciously - A simple, practical process for personal growth, balance, healing, well-being, consciousness and motivation in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of life. Audio cassette course, seminars, employee training and wellness programs, special programs for at-risk students.

Mark Shafer, PhD - Workshops, classes, and retreats focused on personal and spiritual growth.

Moodshifting - A 3 step program to eliminate negative moods

NorthEast Health Realization Institute NEHRI - Health Realization Model, an approach for prevention of problem behaviors through books, training, coaching. Three principles for parenting, mental health, education, and well-being from the inside-out.

Option Institute - Nonprofit educational organization offering year-round self-empowerment programs.

Power Optimism - Teaches people to release negative patterns and create positive practices. Learn how optimism promotes resiliency, self-esteem and personal growth. Workshops and workplace training.

Release Technique - Self improvement program that can help relieve anxiety and stress, fight depression, improve health and promote wealth and success. Testimonials, ordering facility, background information and newsletter.

Revive Being Alive - A downloadable program for self improvement, heal relationships, and take action for a better quality if life.

Sedona Training Associates - Offers self improvement products and courses focused on eliminating anxiety and fear, managing anger, and increasing emotional intelligence and motivation.

Self Esteem And Confidence Improvement - Offers training to improve self esteem, confidence, and self image by working with self improvement techniques and a personal coach.

The Self Help Centre - Provides opportunities to enhance life through personal development in various ways. Learn to establish a business, live debt free, or set and achieve personal goals. Audio tape programs.

Self Help Life Changing Course - Offers a training system, including personal coaching, to create success by developing the power of your subconscious mind. Includes success stories, monthly tip and newsletter.

Transactional Analysis Tutor - Visual presentation of some basic transactional analysis concepts and tools along with 400+ clinical handouts.

Landmark Education

Landmark Education - Official site.

EST and the Forum - Background for people considering taking the training, written by a psychologist and graduate of Est.

The Scoop About the Landmark Forum - Provides information from participants, experts, and media sources.

Werner Erhard - Biography and other information about the man whose study and work culminated in the creation of the program.

Wikipedia: Landmark Education - The free encyclopedia gives background information.

Yahoo! Groups - Landmark Forum Grads - Mailing list for graduates. 

Pay Money, Be Happy - Article in New York Magazine describes some personal experiences. (July 9, 2001)

The Best of est? - explains the development of the program. (June 24, 2001)

Soul Training - Boston Globe Online. Provides personal accounts. (March 3, 1999)

The est of Friends - Feature article in Metroactive. (July 9, 1998)

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