Thoughts and Quotations by Jayaram V Part Nine

A Peace Quotation

Quotations by Jayaram V

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Progress mean more competition.

Take stock of your beliefs. Your life, happiness and sorrow, success and failure, courage, confidence and enthusiasm, are largely shaped by your beliefs and the thoughts associated with them.

When you do not have correct information you are bound to make wrong decisions. The problem is many people do not know that they do not have correct information.

When you do not have correct information you are bound to make wrong decisions. The problem is many people do not know that they do not have correct information.

Show me a life without problems and I will show you God.

You can distill knowledge and wisdom from your own experiences when you pay attention to them and think about them with detachment. Detachment is important because it makes your thinking and observation truly free.

If you love someone deeply, their pain becomes yours and that pain is generally more painful than your own. This is the true test of whether you love or care for anyone at all. Other than this, your reaction to a friend in pain is just a dance of the ego.

There may be limitations to your knowledge; but there are no boundaries to your mind. With increasing knowledge, you can stretch it infinitely. That mind, when filled with the purity of sattva, freed from the hold of desires and saturated with right knowledge, becomes divine, radiating the infinite knowledge of Brahman.

You cannot give what you do not have. You cannot make others happy or peaceful without being happy and peaceful inwardly. No wonder, our relationships reflect our states of mind.

You intelligence is a reflection of the supreme intelligence hidden in your consciousness. If you want to be supremely intelligent, you must develop a calm and clear mind so that it can radiate well the brilliance of that supreme intelligence. Hence they say, in silence you are closer to God. -

You may not resolve every problem in time, but first you must resolve your problem with the problems you face. You may ask me what is that problem? I would say, fear and anxiety.

Seeing the bright sun in the winter is always invigorating. For the mindful there is always a reason to rejoice!

Becoming less involved and more observant, more sensitive but less reactive, this is the essential purpose of mindfulness practice.

Our basic problem solving pattern is union or separation from the situation we desire or detest. There is another effective one, recommended in the scriptures such as the Bhagavadgita. It is tolerance and acceptance of what is, with awareness that comes with faith, renunciation, intelligence and detachment.

The difference between gods and the demons is the former believe in their spiritual identity and the latter in their physical. Physical, mental, intelligent, spiritual, these are the four states of our existence that correspond to the wakeful (jagrata), dream (svapna), deep sleep (taijasa) and transcendental (turiya) states. You awaken and advance spiritually to the extent you bring the essential qualities of the other three into your wakeful state.

Appreciation, understanding, tolerance, compassion, acceptance, trust, and letting go, come from loving and forgiving nature. And it must begin with you towards yourself.

I know you are too busy and engrossed to pay attention to words such as these. But are you paying attention to your own deepest thoughts and highest aspirations? Because if you do you are a fellow traveler with our visions stretched into infinity but focused upon the same light that shines upon us all.

If you have nothing else to do, please pray for others, anyone you know, you like, you love, you hate... Your prayers may or may not work out as intended, but it will surely make you feel good, step out of your comfort zone and connect to the world.

If you are thoughtful, consciously mindful, sensitively responsive to the world and people around you, you are a step above and ahead of your ordinary and habitual self. That is the beginning of an awakened life, a life that will open you to new experiences and stretch your vision far and wide.

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