Purpose Without Soul

Perspectives and Viewpoints

by Jayaram V

If there is no soul or no after life, then is there any greater significance to your life other than that of a tree, plant, animal or object in the world?

Why should you toil at all for others or make yourself useful to them, unless you are driven by some idiotic self-destructive and self-sabotaging causes.

If this life is all that you have, and you are just a mass of flesh and bones with a wavering and restless consciousness, you life becomes just a little pieces in an incomprehensible, large puzzle, whose beginning and end you cannot fathom.

 It becomes reduced to a mere process in the mysterious mechanism of Nature.

You will never understand why life has to even exist and for what ends. The whole universe as far as we can reach is without life.

Then what is the point of one tiny planet brimming with life in a sea of lifeless phenomena?

Without soul, without the possibility of eternity, you will be just one of Nature's innumerable specimens for observation, experimentation and learning.

Nature may learn from your experience, but what will be your reason to build your character, think beyond yourself or your interests, live for others, or for a greater cause?

In that scenario, you are fully justified to think for yourself, live for yourself and remain utterly and totally selfish and self-centered about your life, values and priorities.

No one will blame you if you make use of your talents, resources, opportunities, and relationships, for your own survival and wellbeing and not worry about others.

Atheism takes away the romance from life.

It makes existence meaningless and purposeless.

If all people in the world become atheists, I do not know what else will motivate them to be their best selves.

 It is either this or science must find ways and means to prolong human life and make the life of each individual worth living and worth prolonging.

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