How To Cultivate A God Centered Mind


by Jayaram V

"T" stands for transcendence, timeless awareness, talent bank and tithing. My personal experience is that without transcendence, life has no beauty. In order to live a full life, it is necessary to go beyond all boundaries. - Deepak Chopra

There are other realities that exist besides the reality you can see, touch and hear with your physical senses. These are the higher dimensions that your Higher Self lives in. These realities are very real; your Higher Self, other people's Higher Selves, and many high beings live there.- Orin

Well, if suddenly you become conscious within of something very different and much higher, then whatever it may be, this will be a spiritual experience.- The Mother

The mind is free only when it is no longer conditioned by its own experiences, by knowledge, by vanity, envy; and meditation is the freeing of the mind from all these things, form all self-centered activities and influences. JK

Yes, it is possible to develop God consciousness, which means to be aware of God all the time, to think of Him all the time and to remain Divine centered continuously amidst busy life.

We do not think of God continuously because we are totally preoccupied with ourselves and our problems. We have little time for others, especially God.

A mind which is filled with the thoughts of God is a divine mind. It radiates His glory and declares His greatness.

A mind which is saturated with the thoughts of God and free from the influence of the ego speaks the language of God. It expresses His thoughts all the time.

To think of God continuously is to invite God into your mind. To invite God into your mind is to make your life divine centered, blessed and uplifted.

God is the best companion we can have in our lives. He can be the invisible, ever loving, ever forgiving companion, to whom we can express our true feelings and fears without any reservation.

In Him we can confide our inmost secrets and thoughts and from Him we can seek guidance and direction whenever we need.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, make God your invisible partner and facilitator. Even to perform ordinary tasks seek His approval and permission.

A mind that is filled with the thoughts of God is the doorway to salvation. By repeating His name, thinking of Him, concentrating on Him, visualizing Him , looking for Him every where and in every thing, making Him your partner in all your deeds, attributing to Him all your successes and failures, you can bring God into your consciousness and feel His dynamic presence in yourself and in every aspect of your life.

So fill your mind with the thoughts of God. Use every opportunity to think of Him only. Remember Him on every possible occasion. Attribute all your successes and failures to Him and express your gratitude and admiration to Him. In the beginning your thoughts of God may be mere thoughts, but in course of time you will feel His dynamic presence in your consciousness and realize the true value of His grace and friendship.

Remember, the easiest way to realize God is to become His true devotee in thought and deed.Time and again, we have been told by all those who experienced divine consciousness, those Masters who continue to inspire us through their works and their words, that the only way to reach God is by keeping Him in your thoughts continuously and making Him the cause and the reason for all your activities and achievements.

The only way to reach Him is to start living with a divine oriented consciousness in which you are no more, but God is. Identifying yourself with God therefore is the key. As the Mother said" If you are identified with the forces from below, you suffer; if you are identified with the forces from above, you are happy.

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