Thoughts and Quotations by Jayaram V Part Five

A Peace Quotation

Quotations by Jayaram V

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The Noble Foundation will probably award the next year peace prize to the Solar System for keeping the planets in their orbits!

When things go wrong, you may look at the circumstances, at the choices you have made or at both; but most importantly, you have to consider the choices you are going to make based on the lessons the experience taught you.

Festivals are meant to awaken the gods in our consciousness and celebrate the occasion as an opportunity to reset our minds.

The knowledge of Brahman does not increase by knowing more about Him nor does it diminish by not knowing Him. It is the sacred knowledge, which manifests itself when the mind is asleep, when the senses are withdrawn, and when we are no more bound to the boundaries of our waking consciousness.

Let your religion be a source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration, but not pride and vanity.

In giving practice humility, in seeking gratitude, in speaking restraint and in service generosity and compassion.

No matter what happens to you, if you do not lose courage and if you keep learning, you will make progress in the school of life.

Elvis Presley's music teacher at L.C.Humes High School in Memphis gave him a C and told him he could not sing. - From the Road to Success is paved with failure.

Superstition is ignorance masquerading as faith. Faith that rests upon intelligence (buddhi) is superior to the faith that stems from superstition, fear and anxiety.

The misconception is democracy is for the people, by the people and with the people. That is as far as you can stretch your idealism. The truth is in practice democracy is sustained and controlled for the groups, by the groups and with the groups.

I know you are too busy and engrossed to pay attention to words such as these. But are you paying attention to your own deepest thoughts and highest aspirations? Because if you do you are a fellow traveler with our visions stretched into infinity but focused upon the same light that shines upon us all.

How can you expect others to love you or like you when you do not love or like yourself?

Do not push away the discomfort and the unhappiness that you cannot control. Embrace it. Give it shelter in your heart with all the compassion. Peace comes from understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.

If you are thoughtful, consciously mindful, sensitively responsive to the world and people around you, you are a step above and ahead of your ordinary and habitual self. That is the beginning of an awakened life, a life that will open you to new experiences and stretch your vision far and wide.

Hinduism is essentially a religion of sounds and prayers. The Vedas are prayer books filled with the power of specific sounds. You unlock those sounds (through speech) to invoke gods, fulfill your desires and manifest things. You call the highest of that manifesting power as Isvara, the lord of the sounds who is also their source.

Sounds are powerful. Sounds can create, preserve and destroy. This is the message of the Vedas. This is true even in mundane life. With sounds we can invoke different responses in others. We can create and preserve relationships or destroy them. The Vedas suggest that you can do the same with the gods of the universe. And they are right.

The most common word used to refer to the body in Sanskrit is deha or deham. De means to protect and aham means the Self. Deham, thus, means that which protects an individual Self. The physical body not only protects the Self but also assists it in various ways during its continuation upon earth as a bound soul (baddha).

We give more importance to the teachings of the dead people that may not be even relevant to our times rather than caring for the living.

The world is also an illusion, in a certain sense because it does not exist except in your imagination, from certain perspectives, based upon certain perceptions and knowledge, and in relations to things to which you are attached.

Read everyday something worth remembering, worth knowing or practicing. Read a verse from the Bhagavadgita, or any other scripture you like. If you do not like religious scriptures , read something that touches your heart or inspires you,. It can be anything, the work of a poet, philosopher, self-help guru, teacher or even your football coach.

Nourish your mind. It makes you different from a vast number of people who have stopped breathing mentally years ago.

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