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Advertising Quotes - Indexed notes on advertising.

All Things William - 10,000 quotes based on the name William in its various forms and offered in the spirit of sharing and celebration!

Animal quotations - Animal quotations and quips about dogs and cats. Quotes about our favorite pets.

Annabelle's Quotation Guide - Organized by topic and author, quote-o-gram, weekly quotes mailing, and a quote of the week.

Anyara's Aphorisms - Quotations sorted by topic, with the speaker's sun sign noted.

Aphorisms Galore - Find witty sayings by author or category, read background information, and contribute favorite sayings.

AtoZquotes.com - A large searchable database of quotations featuring commonly requested quotation categories.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Searchable quotations site, provided in electronic format by Project Bartleby at Columbia University.

Board of Wisdom - Share and debate famous quotes, sayings and witticisms.

Born Today - Quotes by, pictures of, and links to information about people who were born on each day of the year.

Brain Candy: Celebrity Quotations - Advice given by well known people. Also famous put downs or insults.

BrainyQuote - Thousands of quotes grouped by topic and by author.

Business Quotes - Motivational quotations from Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Zig Ziglar as well as other American business communicators.

Creative Quotations - Search quotes from famous people by keyword, author, and source, or by author's day of birth, nationality, and profession.

Critial Thought and Religious Liberty - Quotes - Includes pages with quotes from America's founding fathers, Albert Einstein, Adolph Hitler, and Stephen Jay Gould.

Crystal Clouds - Providing quotations on a range of topics and by a number of famous and lesser known figures of both past and present

Daily Celebrations: Quotations Directory - A collection of quotes on a large number of topics. Topics are listed in alphabetical order.

Daily Miscellany: Archive of Quotations - Inspirational words on a variety of topics.

Dictionary of Quotations - Famous and inspiring quotations organized by subject and author.

DividingLine.com - Quotations by philosophers, poets, and psychologists, with additional sayings about nature and love/romance.

Elibron Wit & Wisdom - Thousands of famous quotations organized by categories.

Famous Quotes and Quotations - Browse a collection of famous quotes and quotations listed both by author's name and topic or submit your own quotes.

Food Quotations - Quotations about food, ranging from the humorous to the philosophical, by everyone from Confucius to Mark Twain.

GIGA Quotes - This collection of quotations, aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, mottoes, book excerpts, and poems is browsable by author or cross-referenced topic.

Great Aviation Quotes - Thoughts on flying, airplanes, and being a pilot.

History Quotes - Includes a list of quotes about history from various authors and historians.

House of Quotes - Quotes categorized by topic.

Insight Quotes - Collection of quotations as well as a free Daily Insight e-mail.

The Institution of Silly & Meaningless Sayings - The study of isms. Current database holds almost 450 isms heard at first hand.

ITQuotations.com - Amusing Quotes for the information age

Libraries and Librarians - Famous words about libraries.

Literature Quotations from LiteratureClassics.com - More than 10,000 quotations from literature texts, covering Chaucer to modern writers. Organised according to author and fully searchable.

Little Sayings - This is a searchable site for sayings, quotes and aphorisms. There are over 1600 sayings with 159+ categories.

Mark's Quotes - A selection of motivational and self-help quotations as well as other topics in random order.

Matthew Doucette's Quotes - Scientific, inspirational, and intelligence quotations.

MemorableQuotations.com - Quotations gleaned from the writings and speeches of the world's most memorable individuals.

Military Quotes, Mottos, Jokes and Humor - Military quotations and other material, including Murphy's Laws of Combat, Military mottos, military jokes and other military humor.

The Movie Quote Quiz; The Colossal Quote Archive - Sound bites from movies. Sorted by movie, not searchable.

Noring Collection of Quotations - Huge single page from the alt.quotations newsgroup.

Notable Quotables - A large collection of quotes searchable by both subject and author.

The Other Pages: Quotations - Over 20,000 quotes searchable by topic and author.

The Phrase Finder - A large archive of phrases, sayings, quotes and cliches, with their meanings and origins. Give it a word and it will return a related list.

Phrases Worth Considering - About a hundred proverbs and famous quotations, sorted by subject, selected by Gunnar Hjalmarsson.

Psycho Proverb Zone - Humorous and thought provoking quotations and proverbs.

The Quotable Writer - Humorous, thought-provoking, and inspirational quotations about the craft of writing and the publishing business.

Quotation Center - Over 13,000 quotes searchable by author or subject.

The Quotation Database - Collection from modern and historical figures

Quotation Library - Searchable database of quotations with author and subject indexes.

Quotation Ring Mailing List - Mailing list and archive; accepts contributions.

Quotations - Learn about clichés, euphemisms, quotes from famous people, and how to use quotations in written text. From About.com.

The Quotations and Sayings Database - Portal to quotations collections.

The Quotations Archive - A database of quotations. Contains a special section on love and marriage, useful for wedding toasts.

The Quotations Book - Aims to be the foremost quotations, fortunes and proverbs site.

Quotations Central - 1200 quotations sorted by subject.

The Quotations Page - Search through nine different collections.

Quote Garden - Sorted by subject: inspirational, thought-provoking, humorous, and literary; quotes for occasions and greetings.

Quote Geek - Searchable index of quotations from movies, television, literature, celebrities, and theater.

Quote Me On It - Large collection of quotations organized by subject and author.

QuoteKingdom - Three thousand quotations by hundreds of famous people, arranged alphabetically.

QuoteWorld.org - A large comprehensive site with a search engine.

RhymeZone - Quotes sorted by author, searchable by content.

Roger's Collection of Famous Quotations - Quip, proverbs and sayings by famous and not so famous people that ranges from Aristotle to Warren Zevon featuring Albert Einstein, Mae West and W.C. Fields.

Sad Quotes - Quotations sorted into sad songs, sad words and sad films.

Said What - Hand-picked collection quotations.

Simpson's Contemporary Quotations - Simpson, James B. 1988. Simpson's Contemporary Quotations from the Bartleby project.

Speculative Fiction for the Web - Thought-provoking and humurous quotes on writing, life, and the writing life.

The Time of your Life - Collections based on the idea of time.

To Tell A Quote - Quotes on people, life, vegetarianism, history, and love. Updated often. Wide variety of links.

Vivamiracle! - Quotations, searchable database, jokes, and music.

Who Said That - Meaningful quotes from a wide variety of sources.

Wikiquote - A free quote database built collaboratively using Wiki software, a sister project to Wikipedia. (GNU Free Documentation License)

Wish I'd Said That! - A personal collection of over 4,300 quotations, professionally presented, with all the biographical and citation info I could dig up for each.

Woopit: Famous Quotes - Quotes by author and topic.

WordSkit - Quotations, categorized by source, includes examples of quotation mythology; wrongful attribution and misquotation.

Wordz - This site is a collection of quotations grouped by subject, including love, dreams, writing, and last words, among others.

World of Quotes - Over 14,000 quotes arranged by topic and author.

Zenkou - New classical quotes added weekly.

Daily and Random

BlogBites - Humorous quotations every day. Features profile, RSS subscription and archive.

Charlie Fink's Quote-O-Rama - Quotation archive searchable by subject and author. Free weekly newsletter.

Cool Quotes - Large collection of famous quotes, categorized by subject and author.

Daily Messages Online - Subscribable quote service.

The Daily Muse - A free email newsletter with quotes from the interesting, and creative thoughts of history's greatest philosophers and writers.

Daily Quote - Daily quote with archives and a mailing list available. Also a daily joke.

Delanceyplace.com - Brief daily email with an excerpt or quote. Features profile, blog, email sign up, leave comment and archive.

Hershey's - Daily Kiss - Daily motivational, love and friendship quotes via a free downloadable program from Hershey's Chocolates.

Jon's Quotes of the Day - Signatures, quotes, and ramblings offered daily with past selections searchable by month.

Linnuse Random Quotes - Offers a new quote each time the page is refreshed.

The Meditation Tip of the Day - Daily wisdom from different sources. Daily quotation email available.

Noyemi - Quotes, sayings, poems, updated weekly.

Positive Thinking Quotes - Daily quotes for attaining perfection in life. Email and RSS subscription available.

The Powerline - Thought For The Day - An inspirational quotation and picture, updated daily and available as an email service.

QOTD - A searchable database of 5,500 quotations and a featured quote of the day.

Quoteopia - A collection of quotes by author and subject. Includes daily quote subscription facility.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Quote Search - Daily quote and a database searchable by topic, title or word.

The Third Eye - A daily quote from the fields of science, metaphysics, technology, and spirit.

Thought of the Day - Humorous quotes alphabetized by speaker. Mailing list for daily quote available.

Wisdom Road - A daily wisdom quote merged with a thought-provoking image.

Yuni Words of Wisdom - Thought provoking words of wisdom, quotes, Latin phrases, eCards, poems and short stories.


Albert Einstein - Collected quotes from the physicist.

Aphorisms Galore - Includes sayings listed by category and authors.

Cute Choice - Resource of sayings from Confucius, Lord Chesterfield and Victor Frankel.

Don't Quote Me - Resource that features search functionality, daily quote subscription and e-card service.

Famous Quotations Network - Sorted by categories and subjects.

Famous Quotes - A collection of insightful and inspiring quotes from the great men and women of history. Searchable by name.

Famous Quotes - Quotations, epitaphs and speeches.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Quotation collection.

Free Famous Quotes - Includes over 5,000 quotations from hundreds of authors.

Great Quotes from President Reagan - Lots of quotes spanning three decades by the 40th President.

Lincoln, Abraham - Selected Quotations - This page has authentic quotes from President Abraham Lincoln.

Notable Quotes - A collection of quotes, categorized by subject and author.

The Perspectives of Nietzsche - Range of sayings from Friedrich Nietzsche.

Robert F. Kennedy - Contains segments of some of Robert F. Kennedy's more remembered speeches along with photos of the Senator.

Thomas Carlyle - Quote compilation of Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881.

UK Quotations - Collection of sayings by persons such as Albert Einstein, Aristotle and John F. Kennedy.


Aardvark Archie's Quotes - Covers sex, religion, celebrities, death and other topics.

Amusing Quotes - Quotes by the famous and not-so-famous, sorted by category and author.

Best of Celebrities Quotes - Fifty categories of quotes from famous people.

Confucius Says - Family-friendly, user-submitted quotations and sayings.

Cool Quotes Collection - Quotes from movies and poetry to laws and religion.

Creative Wit - A large number of quotes listed by subjects and authors.

EntRainbow Quotes - Quotations from the famous, listed by author and topic.

Famous Quotes - Quote collection listed by subject and author.

Fortunes Page - Quotes by famous people such as Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken and Abraham Lincoln and others.

Funny Quotes - Searchable archive of humorous quotes. Also includes a table of contents sorted alphabetically by last name.

Funny Sayings - A small collection of funny and thoughtful sayings.

FunThingies.com - Sayings from Mae West, W.C. Fields and Groucho Marx.

Generation Terrorists - Collection of humorous and serious quotations arranged into categories.

GoodQuotes.com - Serious and silly quotes, and funny thoughts from all over the world said by famous people.

Kuljo's Distilled Quotations - Quotations on a variety of topics, arranged by subject.

MikeAdvised.com - Webmaster offers to answer questions on a variety of topics, ranging from the serious to the silly.

Nuno Crispim's Quotations - Contains Nuno's own quotes and those of Woody Allen, Douglas Adams, David Letterman and others. Requests submissions.

Online Quotation Puzzles - The letters of a quote written in a crossword-style grid are transposed; the solver uses our unique Quotation Puzzle program to reconstruct the original.

Paul Tomko's Quotes - Alphabetized list of quotes by famous people. Sign up for a Quote of the Day Club.

Quotations by Sam Ewing - Includes many published quotes and articles from veteran humorist Sam Ewing.

Quote DB - Humorous and clever quotations from historical figures and celebrities.

Quote Machine - Database of amusing quotes, featuring a random quote generator.

Quotes, Oneliners and Jokes - A small collection of quotes and other humor.

Quotes 'R' Us - Collection of quotes said by your friends, roommates, and relatives.

Quotes4all - Rated quotations and sayings arranged by category, subject, author, and rank. Includes free homepage tools, mailing list, and downloads.

Russ' Cool Quotes - Quote generator that allows visitors to search for or randomly find humourous quotes and classic movie lines.

Things People Said - Collection of funny quotes taken from real life situations.

A View on Buddhism - A Buddhist organization's quotes on the human world.

Witty Quotes - Small collection of thought-provoking, humorous, and ironic quotations on several subjects.

Witty Quotes Haven - List of quotes, sayings, church bulletin boards, and words of wisdom in several categories.

Words Of Wisdom - Dedicated to education and humor through the use of quotes, slogans, taglines, epigrams, and bumperstickers.

You Can Quote That! - Humorous quotations of the famous in no particular order.


American Inspirational Network - Inspirational stories, poems, letters and quotes. Readers are encouraged to participate by submitting their own stories and letters.

Artisan Quotes - Inspirational quotes to elevate your human spirit.

Best of Today's Inspirational Quotes - Stephen Moore's collection.

BestInspiration.com - A directory of some of the most inspirational quotes, rated and submitted by visitors like you.

Bright Quotations - Over 3000 quotes, illustrations, analogies and profundities arranged in 40 categories. Selected especially to inspire and motivate individuals or whole organizations in personal, teamwork and leadership development.

Care For The Soul - Stories and affirmations for hope in everyday life. Also offers prayer requests, support groups, and poetry.

Daily Inspiration - An eclectic collection of inspirational and motivational quotes.

David Young - Power Lines - Motivational quotes updated daily.

Encouraging Quotes and Excerpts - Collection of encouraging, motivating and inspirational quotes.

Fence-post Thoughtful Quotes - Inspirational quotes by people in history.

Follow Your Dreams: Inspiration for Dreamers - Inspirational resource for dreamers, with 100s of quotations, a daily inspirational quote, and fine art postcards with quotations.

Friday's Inspiration - Provides current and archived material, with original annotations. Offers a weekly reminder service, as well as an online community.

HeartQuotes - Range of inspiring quotes and proverbs by topic.

Hearts & Minds - Collection of quotes and ideas to move and inspire you, neatly sub-divided into a range of categories.

Inspiration Lane - Inspirational thoughts and quotes.

Inspiration Peak - A beautiful collection of inspirational quotes, poetry and short stories. Updated weekly with a new inspirational message.

Inspirational Miracles in a Thought - Collection of Inspirational quotes as well as poems, e-cards, screensavers and prints.

Inspirational Quotations Mailing List - Weekly email newsletter of inspirational quotations and motivational messages. Site features newsletter archives going back to 1999.

Inspirational Quote for Today - Offers a daily inspirational or motivational quote via the site or email.

Inspirational Quotes - Inspirational quotes from Jean Anouilh to Oprah Winfrey.

Inspirational Quotes - Food for the mind, heart and soul. - Inspirational quotes including quotes on love, success, meaningful and witty quotes. Personal quotation exchange.

Inspirational Quotes by Famous People with Learning Disabilities - Quotations by famous people who faced difficulties in their lives like learning disabilities and other differences. They not only surmounted the obstacles in their lives, many are helping to make a difference in the world.

Inspirational Quotes: The Collection - Over 600 quotations arranged throughout 20 pages in a bold, easy-to-read layout.

Inspirational Wisdom - Quotations to uplift your spirits.

Inspiring Quotes By Women - A selection of around 30 inspirational quotes by women from all walks of life

Kudo4you - Presents a wide spectrum of quotations, kudos, compliments, and pep-talks.

Life is Made of Little Peaces - Inspirational quotations presented as a mosaic.

Living Life Fully - Uplifting, motivating and thought-provoking quotations from many different sources categorized by topic.

Lore to Ponder - knowledge to think about - Weigh mentally the knowledge and wisdom available for humanity. For us to reconsider the knowledge available to us in order to make our life worthwhile, with purpose, direction, and fulfillment.

Matthew Doucette's Inspirational Quotes - A vast list of my favorite inspirational quotes. Updated whenever I discover more quotes worth keeping.

Motivating Moments - Large collection of motivating and touching quotations and stories

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes - Uplifting quotes on topics such as life, teachers, education and success.

Motivational Inspirational Quotes - Categorized and searchable database.

MotivationalQuotes.Com - Motivational resources, quotations database, prayers, affirmations, inspirational wallpapers, uplifting postcards, surveys, and a motivational links directory.

Peaceful Rivers - Inspirational poetry, quotes, art corner, Native American Medicine Cards, and words of wisdom from writers and sages.

Positive Motivational Quotes - Offers good collection of motivational quotes. Email subscription available.

Positive Path Network - Offers a variety of motivational and inspirational articles from a network of authors, speakers and life coaches.

Quotations for Inspiration - Collection of motivation quotations. Categories include overcoming obstacles, love, and friendship.

The Quote Lady - Over 2100 inspirational quotations arranged by author and subject, plus a new quote every morning.

Think Areté - Quotes and motivational wisdom on self-development from philosophers, religions and psychologists, plus a free daily inspirational quote.

To Inspire - A large, searchable collection of quotations organized by categories. Features include a free weekly email subscription service and a send-a-quote function.

Tracy's Motivational Page - Daily Motivator quotation, an extensive library of motivational quotes organized by category, and numerous uplifting stories.

UUquotes - Subscribe here to receive three short quotes per week with a liberal, humanistic, or unitarian-universalist flavor.

World of Inspiration - Contains stories and quotes on friendship, love, happiness, and other subjects.

Religion and Spirituality

Age of the Sage - Quotations from World Faith Mysticism and Poetry that explore human spirituality. Insights are included about enlightenment, God, humanity, and the wider world.

Amoira - Wisdom words on Fate and Destiny - Inspiring quotations on fate, providence, grace, God, and spiritual life. Also poems and prayers.

Ascension Gateway - Quotes - Selection of inspirational quotations by famous spiritual and religious leaders.

Bowl of Saki - Index of a daily quote by Inayat Khan and explanations by Hazrat Samuel L. Lewis.

Byzant Encyclopedia of Biography and Quotations - Quotes on esoteric and philosophical themes. Also has short biographies about significant figures in the history of mysticism, poets and philosophers.

Christian Quotations and other Religious Quotations - Quotations from the bible and from important writers on and critics of Christianity.

Enlightening Messages - An initiative to spread famous inspirational quotes through advertisement. The site gives the sayings and quotes and how you can help.

Heavenly Quotes - A collection of quotes on Heaven, Heavenly life, death and dying by among others: David Brandt Berg and Albert Einstein.

One Breath, One Life, One Soul - A collection of quotes from saints and mystics around the world which point to the oneness of the experience of God in all traditions.

One Little Angel - A large collection of quotes from various sages, spiritual teachers and such. Organized by subject, by author and by tradition.

Path to Peace - Quote of the Day - Daily inspirational quotes from “Path to Peace”, by Venerable Wuling. Pureland Buddhism.

Pick a Spiritual Quote - Random quotes by people like J. Krishnamurti, Sri Ram, zen-masters, Sufi-masters and Kahlil Gibran. Includes a section of Blavatsky-quotes.

Prayers and Contemplations - Quotes from great spiritual masters and various world traditions, among which Jesus, Babaji, Saint Francis and Vivekananda.

Quest - Spiritual quotations and a personal narrative.

Quote of the Day [Truthbook.com] - A daily quote from the Urantia book, accompanied by a beautiful picture.

Random Terrain's Favorite Quotes - Inspiring quotes in categories like children, love, success, smoking, teaching, and friendship.

Religion Quotes - Quotes from a liberal perspective.

Seriti quotes - Quotes and images that help to understand the meaning of life and our place in the universe.

Short Quotes Funny Sayings - A blog with quotations and commentary from religious and spiritual leaders.

To Dance With Angels: Famous Quotes - Inspirational quotations from famous thinkers.


Bitter Quotes - Bitter quotes on life, love, and relationships.

Famous Love Quotes - A collection of sad, cute and inspirational love quotes.

HeartQuotes Love Quotes - HeartQuotes is a free archive containing hundreds of Love quotes, proverbs, sayings and insights from the famous and anonymous.

Hilarious Words of Motherly Wisdom - A collection of quotes and hilarious remarks from mothers ranging from that of Mona Lisa to Edison.

Love and Kissing Quotations - A variety of quotations which include romance and kissing.

Love Quotes Encyclopedia - Comprehensive searchable resource of romantic quotations and wedding toasts from love poems, movies, and songs.

LuvPages - A large collection of quotations on love, romance and passion.

Quotations on Motherhood - A Collection of quotes on Motherhood from the mouths of famous personalities.

Romantic Quotations - A nice collection of romantic quotations.

Wedding References - Quotes taken from poetry, literature and the Bible. Topics include men and women, relationships, courtship, love, marriage and weddings.


Against Excessive Skepticism - Find the perfect rejoinder for the closedminded doubters in your life, or gather ammunition for the next flamewar on sci.skeptic newsgroup.

The Contempt Page - Quotations against the intense dullness in today's software practice.

Last Words - Negative predictions on ultimately successful technologies.

Mathematical Quotation Server - Only mathematical quotations.

Quotes for Programmers - Quotations about software, computers and programming.

A Short Dictionary of Scientific Quotations - A collection of quotations about science by scientists and other writers both ancient and modern.


Famous Veggie - A comprehensive list of quotes from a variety of sources.

Quotable Quotes - From the Beyond Beef campaign.

Quotes About Vegetarianism and Compassion - From important people about vegetarianism and human compassion.

Quotes by Ellen G. White - Contains inspiring vegetarian quotes by the founder of Seventh Day Adventists.

Vegetarian Diet Is Superior - Contains some quotes on the advantages of vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Image - More quotes.

Vegetarian Network Victoria - Philosophical veggie quotes.

Vegetarian Quotes - Interesting quotes from influential people.


Aphorist's Corner Weekly - Collection of aphorisms and brief observations by Igor D. Radovic.

Cute Quotes - Collection of anonymous and famous quotes on love, life, evil, idiocy and sadness.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet - Quotations - Comprehensive overview of websites providing quotes from certain philosophers and philosophic themes.

Instant Wisdom - Proverbs, quotes, stories, wisdom, jokes and tips.

A Little Perspective - A little bit of philosophy with a large listing of various quotations.

Notnewz, famous quotes - Contains drops of wisdom written by poets, phylosophers, writers, commedians and famous people. The quotes are short aphorisms taken from books, magazines and speeches.

Nuggets of Wisdom - A collection of categorized wise and deep quotes and thoughts. Topics include: thoughts to ponder over, advise from the wise, irony and song lyrics.

Oneira - Dream Wisdom - Quotations on dreams and dreamers.

Pearls of Wisdom - Collection dedicated to the magic and power of wise words, including buddhist and native american quotes and insights.

Philosophical Quotations - Nearly 1000 philosophical quotations, searchable, includes citations information.

PhilosophyQuotes.com - A free daily ezine featuring quotations from 3000 years of great thinkers. Each issue contains 3-5 quotes selected from the history of Western and Eastern philosophy, as well as links to additional information on the web.

Proverbs and Quotations - Topically arranged proverbs and quotations.

Quotations Used In The WMail Philosophy Newsletter - Thought-provoking quotations used in the free monthly WMail philosophy newsletter.

Quotes to Keep - A compilation of quotes sorted by topic.

Rein's Ruminations - A collection of original aphorisms by Rein Nomm.

Royal Words of Wisdom - The Queen's favorite quotations and a selection of quotations from around the world by both known and unknown authors.

The Spirit of Gardening - Over 2,000 quotes for lovers of the Green Way.

Thoughts - Words of wisdom.

Tom's Quotations Page - Famous and meaningful quotes categorized in advice, facts of life, theories about life, wise words and wise proverbs.

Value Quotes - Famous Quotes on value, values, virtues, business ethics and corporate responsibility. From Socrates to George Bush.

Wisdom 101 - A small collection of Words of Wisdom from some of the greatest minds. Inspirational and motivational.

Wisdom of the Ages - Collection of quotations by Sheldon Kopp illustrated by a photographic essay.

Wisdom Quotes - Quotations for a variety of occasions: shed light, help keep perspective, inspire, energize, or just make me think. Sorted by topic.


Quotable Women - Memorable quotes by women.

Women's Voices: Quotations from Women - More than 200 notable women represented in this extensive and growing list of quotations, organized by author.

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