Thoughts and Quotations by Jayaram V Part Four

A Peace Quotation

Quotations by Jayaram V

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I do not know whether we evolved from monkeys.  However, I believe that beings evolve from a state of ignorance to a state of intelligence in their lives, through acts of God (daivikam), modifications of Nature (bhautikam) and individual actions (adhyatmikam).

You are today more intelligent than when you were few years ago. It is because you learn through observation, analysis and understanding. most of which happens rather naturally without your active involvement.

Life teaches you valuable lessons and you become smarter in the process. That is evolution happening every moment in the little universe of yours.

Hindu schools of philosophy affirm that intelligence evolves upon earth. God, the Supreme Intelligence, is at the highest end of this chain. Lifeless, inert matter (primal Nature) is at the lowest. We are somewhere in the middle with, gods and celestial beings above us, and primitive life forms and demons below.

In Hinduism, believers learn through experience that truth is relative to the point of view and the source of our differences and quarrels about eternal wisdom is essentially about the way we look at it and understand it. - Introduction to Hinduism by

The strength of Hinduism comes from its core philosophy enshrined in the Vedas. While many people think that Hinduism undergoes constant reforms and acquires new knowledge, the truth is with each reform it sheds the superfluity it gathers from the world around and returns to its pristine source, which is the knowledge enshrined in the Vedas and other ancient texts. - From Introduction to Hinduism by

The people we take for granted give us the worst pain. The things we take for granted do us the worst damage.

In the Hindu Puranas we frequently hear about three types of beings: gods, who love to do their duties sincerely in the service of God; demons who love to disturb and harm those who are engaged in doing their duties; and humans who may follow either the gods or the demons in their actions according to their inclinations, individual natures and predominant qualities.

Sanatana Dharma, God's eternal law, is all about going with the flow and doing your part or duty in God's creation. If you are disturbing others, causing them pain and injury, hurting and harming others, causing commotion through your words and actions or creating chaos, you are not practicing it.

Karmayoga is the foundation of Hinduism. Bhaktiyoga is a delusion unless you understand why karmayoga is the heart of Hinduism

Black is the color of the universe. Light is an illusion

Life is noise. It becomes music when you are in harmony with yourself, with others and with everything else. For that you have to follow the rhythm of life rather than trying to create one of your own.

Learning is an important part of growing, especially learning from our mistakes. In life you rarely get away from the consequences if you make the same mistake twice. Imagine if that mistake has something to do with a whole generation or a whole nation.

There is so much suffering upon earth that if we let out all our tears, it will fill an ocean.

The wind never chooses in which direction it has to blow. A tree never decides where to plant its seeds. There is an order in randomness, which our organized minds cannot trust by design.

You are unable to flap the wings of your soul because you have tied them to the earth.

Come and sit with us in this sacrifice of knowledge. Join with us in this offering, while we lit up the hearts of millions with the light that illuminates us all.

No book is better than that which life writes in your mind.

When there is intelligence in your thinking, then know that your soul is radiating its light in your mind. Intelligence alone shows the light of God or of the soul to human beings. When intelligence sleeps, darkness spreads. -

What stands between you and the world is your interpretation of it. It is the fog which gives you a unique experience of the world, but in the process also complicates everything.

We are the fish of the internet.

Awareness saturated with thought, tempered with responsibility, polished by practice and skill, lead to balance, equanimity and inner stability

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