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A Peace Quotation

Quotations by Jayaram V

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If you want to find a true friend, find someone who is never tired of listening to you and who is always willing to forigive you. Most likely, you will never find that person, except in yourself.

Universities and institutions do not impart greatness to people. If it is true, everyone who studies there will be great. They may teach greatness, but it is people who make them great in the process of becoming great.

Are you what you are or what you think you are? Is your life your interpretation of it or the actual experience? Is truth the truth or your view of it? Is your reality real or a projection of your thoughts, beliefs, desires and expectations?

Noise does not disturb silence. Noise moves through silence and eventually dissolves in it. The noise that we create upon earth is but a little whimper in the eternal silence of the universe.

Failure in good actions is better than success in evil actions. The former lifts you up. The latter pulls you down.

To awaken the mind of God, you must rest your own.

Once upon a time the demons used to live in far away lands. Later they began living inside us. Nowadays they live right under our roofs, right in front of us as television sets and talk to the demons inside us.

If God sleeps the world will be asleep. To keep Himself awake all this is.

Do you want to change some behavior in you? Here is the simplest solution which is also the most difficult to practice. Just stop doing it!

Life is too short to envy other people's wealth. Create your own.

God said, Let there be light. The media said, action!

A saintly person may have disciples, rivals, critics, enemies, friends and relations. He may be understood or misunderstood. His teachings may be followed or misinterpreted. People may dig out unsavory events from his past to defame him. If he is a self-realized yogi (yukta), he remains equal to them, without showing anxiety or concern to defend himself or strike against his opponents. The attitude of equanimity in a saintly person is not an affected trait, but the spontaneous outcome of his natural state of detachment, inner stability, and union with his inner Self. - the Bhagavadgita Complete Translation

When in doubt, listen to your mind but trust your heart.

With each lie you leave a wrinkle on your soul. With each lie you remove a brick on the bridge to freedom. With each lie, you bring evil closer to your heart.

If it happens once, it is circumstances. If you do it always, it is habit. If it you do it mostly, it is weakness. If you do nothing about it, it is self-denial. If you lie about it, it is deception.

Your problems are gifts from heaven.

When you are flying, you cannot be slack. If you want to enjoy the view up from there, you need to keep your wings flapping.

With each lie you distance yourself from yourself. with each lie, you step away from reality.With each lie you hurt those whom you love.

Use your problems to know what is wrong with you, your actions or your life. Let them tell you why you have invited them into your life and what you intend to learn from them.

When demons dominate, democracy becomes demonocracy.

Until we know the truth, let us keep sacred things sacred.

If you want to know why Hindus remained enslaved for centuries in the past, you do not have to look far. Look at present day Hindu society. You will find all the answers there.

Fools disagree because of ignorance. Intelligent people disagree because of their excess knowledge. The wise one neither agrees nor disagrees. Hence he is called, muni, the silent one.

We are born to die. We start dying from the day we are born. We spend a whole lifetime trying not to remember this universal truth. We ignore it when we are young. We try to deal with it as we become older and perhaps start worrying about it as our bodies begin to fail us.

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