Thoughts and Quotations by Jayaram V Part Two

A Peace Quotation

Quotations by Jayaram V

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I am fortunate that I am born as a Hindu. I have learned to tolerate my own ignorance and that of others.

You will know people better by watching their actions rather than their words.

Life is a combination of these three: random events, mechanical processes and intelligent actions. Probably the random events are also mechanical processes; but at this stage we do not have the knowledge to know as such.

Because we are made to be unpredictable, we can interfere with the design of the universe and change it with our intelligence. We are the “if and when” of the universe. The rest is all designed to be automatic and mechanical.

Matter becomes intelligent consciousness through transformation (parinamam) of the energy components. Then it takes over the leadership of the world and things and becomes accountable and responsible for its actions resulting in bondage and rebirth. To escape from it we need a still higher intelligence that is not subject to Nature.

Samkhya says intelligence preexists eternally in the form of individual souls. Our intelligence arising from Nature is their reflection only. This intelligence helps us to be free from all events, both random and intelligent and take us back to our original state, which we call liberation. This is a somewhat reinterpreted modern account of the ancient Samkhya.

True ignorance is not knowing the ignorance

For the human mind, perception is reality. Perceptions keep changing. Watch the same painting for a few minutes. Everytime you look at it, you see something new. Then is it right to live by surface thoughts, borrowed opinions, unverified experiences and assumed truths?

True liberation is liberation from the compulsion to be something or to have something but do not hesitate to have them when they come your way and let them go when they seem to.

The key to change anything is to remember constantly the deicion you made to change.

History is like an ancient monument in great ruins. You may look at it with awe and wonder, but you cannot live in it.

How can there be ever peace in the world when we have two major world religions which say "My religion or go to hell"

Half of the problems and quarrels in the world would disapper, if we stop acting as if we know what we do not actually know.

The Isa Upanishad says that all this here is inhabited by Brahman, the Supreme Self and belongs to Him. Therefore live here for a hundred years doing your work like a guest without claming ownership or doership. In Hinduism a guest is equal to God for this very reason. On earth, we all are guests in the mansion of God.

If you do not like to question and explore truth on your own, religions will perpetuate ignorance.

If you want to know why Hindus remained enslaved for centuries in the past, you do not have to look far. Look at present day Hindu society. You will find all the answers there.

One of the reasons why we worship statues is to become aware and even experience that to move God with an emotinal appeal is as difficult as moving a stone.

Until we know the truth, let us keep sacred things sacred

When demons dominate, democracy becomes demonocracy.

If it happens once, it is circumstances. If you do it always, it is habit. If it you do it mostly, it is weakness. If you do nothing about it, it is self-denial. If you lie about it, it is deception.

With each lie you distance yourself from yourself. with each lie, you step away from reality.With each lie you hurt those whom you love.

With each lie you leave a wrinkle on your soul. With each lie you remove a brick on the bridge to freedom. With each lie, you bring evil closer to your heart.

When in doubt, listen to your mind but trust your heart.

When you are flying, you cannot be slack. If you want to enjoy the view up from there, you need to keep your wings flapping.

People may propose a thousand theories; but I am revealing the secret. Aum is the sound of your breath, both incoming and outgoing. Knowingly or unknowingly, every living being continuously chants Aum. It is the symbol of life, the beginning of life. It starts in the womb and continues throughout the life. Just follow it in your meditation remembering the sound. It takes you beyond breathing, on the road to eternity.

If God were to incarnate here and now, He would not be able to restore dharma and fulfill His mission with all the negative media attention.

If you put a leash around a dog's neck for ten years and remove it one day, it will still behave as if it has a leash around its neck. Some nations that remained oppressed for centuries under foreign rule and gained independence later continue to act as if they are under leash.

Life is too short to envy other people's wealth. Create your own.

Now give me two minutes of your life and I will tell you how you can make those two minutes the most precious moments of your life, everyday. For the next two minutes, take a deep breath, relax and pay attention to yourself.

Do you want to change some behavior in you? Here is the simplest solution which is also the most difficult to practice. Just stop doing it!

To awaken the mind of God, you must rest your own

Once upon a time the demons used to live in far away lands. Later they began living inside us. Nowadays they live right under our roofs, right in front of us as television sets and talk to the demons inside us.

Noise does not disturb silence. Noise moves through silence and eventually dissolves in it. The noise that we create upon earth is but a little whimper in the eternal silence of the universe.

Do not judge people; but know them you must.

A wise man is silent when he is active; and active when he is silent.

Disturbed people make disturbing decisions.

Whoever is free in the body is free from the world.

A being is a soul with an attitude.

For deluded people, religion is a greater delusion and diversion.

For deluded minds God is a delusion

We do not see God because we are conditioned to see Him as a person. What Arjuna saw in the Bhagavadgita, we see everyday. Yet we do not know that what we see all around us constantly and every moment of our lives is the universal form of God.

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