Thoughts and Quotations by Jayaram V Part Ten

A Peace Quotation

Quotations by Jayaram V

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Most of the time for humans change means just another, perhaps better, illusion.

The question is whether your knowledge sets you free or binds you more.

The difference between knowledge and ignorance is purely subjective and speculative.

Ignorance thrives alongside knowledge like its shadow. The farther you are from light the longer the shadow.

God does not create inequality. We all are born with the same potentials. Inequality comes later from our collective actions.

Do you know we're never at the same place & time in the space of the universe? We cling to those illusions when we look downward.

The truth or the paradox is you cannot teach advaita because teaching means duality.

We live amidst great people & minds. We do not know them because they have not become history yet.

From particulars come wisdom as its essence, but wisdom is lost when you get into particulars .

We worship the earth yet call it dirt.

As Hindus we cremate the dead because we want to move on instead of getting stuck in the graveyard of history.

You may chew the words but words do not convey enough the taste of true knowledge.

Evil thrives in the shadow of each religion.

We are always afraid of it and we always fall for it. What is it? Change.

Change does not necessarily mean better, sometimes just another.

Wisdom comes inside when you step aside and do not block the door.

You transcend duality only when you find God in what you hate and dislike. It is true liberation.

When you make peace with everything peace will come to you. Until then you may keep trying.

Good people are difficult to find. Why? You will not find them unless you are one.

In the din of life sometimes you may hear a feeble voice. Listen to it for it may want to help you or need help.

Silence never deserts you while you may. What is the proof? You may return to it any time and it offers no resistance.

Religion facilitates knowledge until it grows into your ego & becomes an obstacle. Hence, renunciation prescribed.

Self-realization is not a point in time. It is a journey into infinity which never ends .

Is it possible to understand Reality without the social and cultural context, & without the learning and conditioning?

From understanding & interpretation come diversity of thought, while knowledge is more or less the same accumulation .

Religion is a tool not a weapon.

From emptiness comes all awareness

Life gives you ample opportunities to unload and unburden yourself. When you fail Death intervenes to do that job for you.

In worldly life progress depends upon how much you accumulate, but in spiritual life how much you get rid off

A monk is like wind subtle but active. The enlightened one (Buddha) is like space, subtler, everywhere, and unmoving

Is compassion a mere mental program of Nature or product of intelligence? Who knows?

A weak leader is a friend of his enemies and an enemy of his people.

Without character a nation is lost.

50 shades of knowledge & it is difficult to tell the difference unless it comes from another

Simplicity, a word that requires no adjectives

Don't know why sadharana in Sanskrit means common. Its actual meaning is equanimity or equal attention

If there is only one extraordinary person in a nation of ordinary people he will become an extraordinary dictator.

Sadharana in Sanskrit means common probably because when it was coined, equanimity was the common state of mind!

We are able to speak wisely once in a while means Nature is still working on it.

No one can guarantee perfection, but one must be willing to atone, forgive and forget. It is perfection in itself

If I keep tweeting this way I'm afraid I may end up writing a book in 140 characters.

In democracies power tends to concentrate in a few families. The rest just keep voting to keep them in power

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