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Google Tools

Canig - Tool which attempts to output whether a URL meets Google's criteria to be able to use their URL removal tool to remove content from the search index.

Chrome Web Store: Personal Blocklist - Browser extension to remove domains or URLs from search results. - Portal for sharing Google Analytics dashboards and guides on how to translate data into action.

DentedReality: XooMLe - Allows access to the API via a REST-like interface, with results returned in XML.

DevilFinder - Search tool which shows Google results arranged 100 per page. Also has an image search which displays images full size, and a choice of news headlines from a variety of sources.

Floogle - Uses the Web API to allow users to search through Google's entire database with results displayed in a Flash interface.

Geographic Search - Allows Google users to find web pages that are located within a specific geographic locale. Source code is distributed under the GNU GPL.

Google - Yahoo Comparison - Tool for comparing the search results of Google and Yahoo in the same page.

Google Alert - Monitors professional interests online. Tracks the web for topics and sends new Google results by daily email. Not affiliated with Google.

Google Dance Machine - Facilitates searching of all Google servers simultaneously. Includes additional options for German speakers. Requires frames.

Google Dance Tool - Checks Google servers to determine if there is an update in progress.

Google Monitor Query - Web based tool for checking the search position in and five other Google domains for URLs and keywords.

Google Ping - Free Google Ping service.

Google position - Checks the Google position of a website for related keywords.

Google Preview - A Firefox browser extension that inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites, Amazon products and stock charts into the Google search results page.

Google Rankings - Online tool for checking any domain position for a given keywords in the Google's search results for free.

Google Relatedness - Calculates how related two given words are by using the API. Requires the Mozilla browser.

Google SearchTool - Floating toolbar for Windows allowing you to conduct searches with Google. Includes FAQs, screen shots and system requirements.

Google Tool - Search www/www2/www3 or the five Google data centers simultaneously. Can be used to check if the dance has begun.

Googlebar - Created to be used with Netscape 6/Mozilla, this unofficial software emulates many features of the Google Toolbar. Screenshots, downloads, and wishlist.

Googolplex - A Python library to retrieve Google results without Google API.

Intecca - A service which gathers product data from Yahoo Store and sends the feed to Google Product Search.

Mangle Random Link Generator - Displays a random web site from Google's archive. Powered by the Web API.

My Google Search Tools - Compilation of Google search tools to improve queries by allowing to mix operators in a simple way. Also provides access to other search-related services.

PageRank Calculator - Online graphic PR calculator.

PageRank Monitor - A free tool to check Google PageRank of any website and to display its value on a web page.

Random Google Page - Uses a given amount of terms to select a 'random' page from the index.

Random Google Search Thing - Generates random search queries for a user-defined number of search terms. The PHP source code is available.

RankOG - Finds out the rank of a site for a keyword in Google's results in various countries.

SEO Tools: PageRank Search - Shows the Google results with their PageRank.

Stadtaus: Google Dance Tool PHP Script - A PHP script to compare the results of the three Google servers www, www2 and www3 at a glance. The tool can be downloaded and used without charge or registration.

Stagger Nation - Offering various tools based on the Google API. Includes source code.

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser - Java application that uses the Web API to produce graphs of related pages by running "similar-to" queries on Google.

Yahoo Store Feed to Google Product Search - Offers a web-based datafeed submission to Google Product Search for a Yahoo store.

Zurdler - Compares the number of hits from two or more Google searches.

Optimization For Google Search

Daring Fireball: Writing for Google - Weblog entry. If you wish for something you write for web consumption to turn up in a Google search, here are some suggestions.

History of Google | About Google - A blog dedicated to Google history. How Google Got It So Right - David Teather's article: "The success of Google, the internet search engine, has come about through the old fashioned form of viral marketing: word of mouth."

The Search Engine Report: Google Goes Forward - "While I've considered Google a "major player" in the search space for some time, the deal with Netscape gives it a mass audience for the first time, along with its first business deal."

SearchEngineWatch: Happy Birthday, Google! - Five years ago, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated their fledgling startup, notes Chris Sherman.

BBC News: Is it possible to quit Google? - Google's reach spreads far across the web. But is it possible to go online without being noticed by the search giant? Three computer professionals try to part ways with Google. (July 10, 2012)

BBC: Google Data Request Fuels Fears - Net experts and civil libertarians fear US official requests for data could set a dangerous precedent. (January 20, 2006)

Google: Time Warner's AOL and Google to Expand Strategic Alliance - Press release announcing that Google is to invest $1 billion for a 5% stake in AOL. (December 20, 2005)

NPR : Escaping the Google Spotlight - Some people go to great lengths to keep their names off the search engine Ann Harrison of Wired News tells Scott Simon how to pursue the goal of becoming un-Googleable. [2:56 streaming audio broadcast] (October 08, 2005)

WorldNetDaily: Google bans Christian ad - Anti-homosexual remarks considered to be 'hate' content. (August 17, 2004)

San Francisco Chronicle - Google's ad rules - Details of Google's ad policy disclosed in internal documents obtained by The Chronicle. (August 09, 2004)

Wired News: Searching for The New York Times - One of America's newspapers barely gets a mention in Google. Here's an explanation and a suggested remedy. (July 14, 2004)

Google Introduces New Features - Press release about new services personalized Web search and Web alerts. Also explains the changes to the Google design and new search features. (March 29, 2004)

BusinessWeek Online : Google's Ads - and Minuses - Argues that restrictive and opaque policies regarding Google's Adwords program hurts Google's reputation. (March 01, 2004)

BBC Is Google Good for You? - The Google search engine has become the Coke of the web, argues technology analyst Bill Thompson. (December 19, 2003)

Google's Florida Shake Up: A View from the Beginning - Jim Hedger of the Internet Search Engines Database presents a compilation of his reactions and conclusions over weeks following Google change of 16 November. (December 16, 2003)

BBC: Google Changes Anger Web Businesses - Tweaks to the way the world's biggest search engine works mean many companies no longer show up on rankings. (December 04, 2003)

BBC: Google Celebrates Fifth Birthday - The hugely popular search engine, Google, is turning five years old this weekend. (September 07, 2003)

Slashdot: Craig Silverstein Answers Your Google Questions - 11 questions answered covering technical, business model, and site ranking issues. (July 03, 2003)

Information Today: Google Buys Applied Semantics - Google announced that it has acquired Applied Semantics, a Santa Monica, California-based company known for its semantic text processing technology. (April 28, 2003) Sites Become Dependent on Google - Many smaller merchants in specialized niches rely on their sites turning up in Google's free search results. [Requires free registration to view.] (December 09, 2002) Postcards From Planet Google - Discusses how Google organizes and analyses the collective searches of people worldwide. [Requires free registration to view.] (November 28, 2002)

Localized Google Search Result Exclusions - Harvard Law School researchers document sites filtered by international versions of Google. (October 26, 2002)

Sites Blocked by China - Research article documenting specific web pages blocked in China. (September 24, 2002)

Approved Sites may Profit from Blockage : Google's Loss Spells Gain for Web Firms in China - The blocking of Google means increased traffic for Chinese based sites. (September 11, 2002)

Can the Marcia Brady of Search Stay Sweet? - Article by Danny Sullivan on the growing dominance of Google and their ability to draw attention to themselves. (September 03, 2002)

BBC News: China Blocking Google - Beijing bears down on Google, blocking access to the search engine. (September 02, 2002)

The Register: Google Labs Passes Borges Test - Andrew Orlowski's article: "Google has opened its kimono on some new labs work, soliciting feedback for four experimental features." (May 23, 2002)

CNet: Google Ushers Web Surfers Into Its Labs - Paul Festa's article: "Popular search engine Google on Tuesday launched two sites for developing experimental search and browsing technologies." (May 21, 2002)

USA Today: Thrill of Hunt Lures Google Competitors - Jefferson Graham's article: "Even as Google keeps growing, competitors are taking aim at the Internet's top search service." (May 12, 2002)

BBC News: Google Is 'Feeling Lucky' - "Seek and ye will find ... two entrepreneurial students with a $100k cheque in their pockets did just that, and founded the internet search engine Google. Peter Day, of BBC Radio 4's In Business programme, checks out a business that's far from failing". (May 10, 2002)

USA Today: Google Hit With Patent Suit Over 'Paid Listings' - "Internet advertising company Overture Services said Friday it sued search-engine company Google, alleging that Google's system for featuring paid advertisements infringes an Overture patent". (May 04, 2002)

CNet: Google Protects Its Search Results - Gwendolyn Mariano's article: "Dimandja Emoungu got a surprise when he tried to search Google this month: Instead of a results list, he says, the company handed him a 'rude' note denying service." (April 16, 2002)

BBC News: Google Hit By Link Bombers - "Popular search site Google is being exploited by some net users to mount protests and play jokes on their friends." (March 13, 2002) War, Music, Magic Sought in 2001 - "Inquiring minds searched the Internet on a virtual cornucopia of topics during 2001, stretching from war and terrorism to music, magic, and prophecy, according to a listing of top queries released by Google." (December 21, 2001)

Wired News: A Catalog to Catalog All Catalogs - "Google's catalog search combs the pages of more than 600 current catalogs -- 1,500 including back issues -- to help both consumers and corporations find everything from apple butter to zipper doodles." (December 18, 2001)

Wired 9.10: I'm Feeling Lucky - Chip Bayers' article: "Google's built a no-nonsense path to profitability by treating advertising just like search. The secret? Three words, ranked by relevance: Results. Results. Results." (October 01, 2001)

A Search for Google’s Success Turns Up Two Words: Trust and Technology - Article that looks on the reasons behind Google success. [Free registration required.] (September 26, 2001)

Linux Gazette: Sergey Brin - Transcript of an interview with Google's co-founder. (November 01, 2000)

E-Commerce Times: UK Shopping Guide Turns to Google - Andy Wang's article: "UK-based entertainment and shopping guide Virgin Net announced today that it has selected upstart search engine Google to provide search services for its Web site." (November 29, 1999) How Google Is That? - Om Malik's article: "The reason why all these Valley hotshots are going gaga over Google is because the company has a search technology that is far better than anything else out there." (October 04, 1999) A Search Engine Worth Gambling On - "Developed by two Stanford Ph.D. candidates, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google is lightning-quick. And, while it's not completely on target, it's close." (September 24, 1999)

Meta Search

AmSeek - Meta-search engine combining results from a number of search engines.

ApocalX - Combined results from Google, Bing and Yahoo! Special search for recipes and reviews.

Carrot2 - Search results clustering engine pulling data from a meta-search engine, Bing, Wikipedia and other sources. Also provides visual representations of the clusters.

Dogpile - InfoSpace metasearch engine offering search of the general web, or images, audio, video and news. Also offers search of Yellow Pages and White Pages.

eLocalFinder - Combined results from Google, Yahoo, Live and Altavista. The results of the different search engines are also listed for comparison. Offers local search for business.

Findelio - Metasearch engine and a directory with regional sections.

FuzzFind - A web search mashup that combines user personalized search results from the leading search engines (Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing) and social bookmarking sites (

Geegain - Provides web, images and video results from various services.

Godzuki: Biscuit - Combined results from Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Blekko. Allows to block domains and change language, for current and future searches.

GoKookyGo - Metasearch service with optional thumbshots and quick look function in many languages.

Gopher - Results - including sponsored ones - from the major search engines are combined. An Infospace product.

Inetmonster - Metasearch with thumbshots. - Results from the major search engines and pay-per-click directories. The research tab provides results from online encyclopedias.

iSEEK - Results are from a compilation of authoritative resources from university, government, and established non-commercial providers.

Ixquick - Combines the top ten results from multiple search engines. It does not store users' personal details or IP addresses and it uses SSL. Also provides an international phone directory.

Mamma - Metasearch tool for web, news, image, video and Twitter search. The results of each search are displayed in separate tabs.

Metabear - Offers Russian, world, FTP, and MP3/video search.

Monster Crawler - Offers search results combined from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.

OpenText Federated Query Server - Web search to demonstrate how this search solution can unify access to several information sources, clustering by site, by content, or both.

PolyMeta - Intelligent general meta search and clustering engine. Custom engines can be built on, even through using its search and clustering API.

Qksearch - Provides web, images, mp3, jobs, and news search in 6 different languages. - Results from the major search engines in an infinitely scrolling list with preview function.

Scour - Combined results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and OneRiot, enhanced with user feedback.

Search66 - Metasearches the whole Web or restricts search between some countries. Duplicate results are eliminated and these from the same domain clustered.

Searches - Options include choice between top and all engines, sorting by relevance, source, or title.

SurfWax - Meta-search engine that provides real-time page summaries - 'site snaps'. Those who open free accounts can select from a list of hundreds of search sources, and save and share what they find.

WebCrawler - InfoSpace product offering combined results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask. Searches the Web or only images, video, and news. Also offers white pages, and yellow pages.

Yippy - Combined results from a number of sources organized into clusters. Option to separate the results according to sources. Formerly known as Clusty.

Yometa - Results from the three major search engines in a graphic format showing their relevance according to the different search engines.

Multi Search

iTools - Provides search, language and research tools on one page. Includes web, discussion groups, and people search, language identifier, translator, dictionaries, encyclopedia, biography, quotations, and telephone area codes.

Zuula - Customizable tabbed interface for the major search engines. Offers web, image, video, news, blog, and job search.

Acme Search Forms - Offers access to the major search engines and directories, news, the Internet Movie Database, dictionaries, biography, the Bible, Shakespeare, United States government sites, United States addresses and patents.

Agent 55 - Offers access to hundreds of search engines organized into categories.

All Searches - Possibility to choose between over 100 different search sources arranged in categories. Easy switch from general to regional, reference, or files (images, audio, movies, software, ftp, and pdf).

Askboth - Allows the users to search at Google, Bing at Twitter at the same time. Results are displayed in three columns.

Azokan - One form to search various services.

boom let's go - Allows users to search the most popular websites instantly and simultaneously.

BuuZo - Offers access to the most important search engines for a subject: Web search, videos, social bookmark, research papers, news, music, lyrics, jobs, images, downloads, books, blogs, B2B marketplace.

Cosmoage - Search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The Drop Zone - A series of drop-down menus permit a range of Web and people searches, or link to reference sites, radio, email, software, webcams and online games.

Fefoo - Offers more refined ways to use the major search engines.

Fleiner - Send the same query string to many different Web, images, news, and email search engines with one click.

Go Search - Access to the major search engines.

LightSwitch - Type a query and choose one of 30 search engines.

LiteType - Search in different languages with the major search engines.

Mainpage - Provides search boxes to around 80 web sources, also includes over 500 related links.

Megosearch - Offering a single starting point to search many search engines. Results display in a new window.

Meta Web Search - Providing search results from multiple sources and site submission.

Miss Local - Offers a web search from a wide range of sources.

MultiSearcher Tool - Access to a large number of search engines. A customizable search box can be added to sites or blogs.

MySearchIt - Searches many search engines with one request. The results are presented in a tabbed interface.

nowGoogle - Results from a number of search engines, presented in tabs.

OneGate - Collection of the best search engines and other resources on various themes, from shopping to entertainment.

PolyCola - Shows results from two search engines in two columns. Options include enlarging either column and displaying new pages of results simultaneously in both columns.

Schmeep - Offers access to the major search engines.

Search GBY - Results from Google or Bing with preview function.

Search-22 - Directory of Internet sources that provides categorized all-in-one search forms in sets of 22.

SearchEzee - Queries over 200 of the Web search resources, in an easy-to-use interface.

Seeaarch - Displays the major search engines' result side by side.

Soople - The advanced functions of Google via a simpler interface.

Soovle - Allows easy, keyboard access to major search engines and their search suggestions.

Squid Search - Offers access to popular search engines including news, videos, radio stations, images, recipes, dictionaries, kids websites and so on.

Surf Canyon - Real-time search personalization. Disambiguates the user's intent after the first query and brings forward the relevant results.

Targ8 - Provides web, image, music, video and news search from a customizable list of search engines.

Thumbshots Ranking - Compares site rankings by various search engines, with thumbshots appearing when hovering over a site.

Triplify - Displays the top summarized results from Google, Yahoo and BIng. The results can be sorted in various ways.

TurboScout - Access and compare original results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories on a single web page. The same search can be made on different search engines without retyping keywords.

Twingine - In two separate frames compares results of searching in Google and Yahoo.

Usearchme - Results from Google, Yahoo, Bing or their combination in five categories: news, images, web, local and audio. Thumbnails with quick view option.

Wankel - A search aggregator that allows users to refine their search using three different search engines for better results.

Webfetch - Infospace site offering a choice between Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing, as well as a selection of different types of content, such as web pages, images, video or news.

Yaweli - Offers access to search engines news, shopping, developer information sites and Hebrew web sites. No images for speed.

YouBoing - Customizable start page with the major search engines and one's favourite links.

YouDoogle - Results from Wikipedia, YouTube and Flickr.

Zakta - Results from the major search engines. Offers collaboration for searchers and guides created by users.

Specialty Search Engines - A search engine for alternatives, meaning it can search for existing opposites on any given subject.

AlternativeTo - Alternatives to software applications are organized into categories and can also be searched according to platforms and tags. - Search engine for US and European patents. Results from several sources are merged in a single list or in clusters. Order by relevance or date.

ColorOf - A color search engine meant to find items in defined colors.

Creative Commons Search - Powered by Nutch, it searches for content which can be re-used (for some uses) without having to pay or ask permission. - Finds active web servers and receives whatever information those servers disclose. Some of the features require free registration.

Dooblet - Find the alternatives to a broad range of subjects.

Dukten - A product information database searchable by the UPC or EAN that appears in the barcode of a product. Pictures, details, specifications.

Ecofreek - Searches the web for free and 'for swap/trade' items people no longer need.

FindHow - A "how-to" search engine for finding answers to common questions.

GetMeSubs - Search for subtitles based on the file name or the release name.

Globalogiq HTML Code Search Engine - Searches within HTML source code and http headers. Free demo requires registration.

Google minus Google - Search with Google without getting results from Google sites such as Knol, Blogger and YouTube.

GrantVine - Searchable grants database and assistance programs for individuals.

Green Maven - Green Search Engine which provides environmentally aware results, includes news and products.

Harpish - Designed to find files of a wide range of formats.

IFAC net - Global accountancy search engine, provides industry articles, guidelines and management tools.

The Internet Spec List - Search engine for Request For Comments (RFC). Also organized according to topic.

Jamespot - RSS feeds search engine indexing blogs posts, news sites stories, audio and video podcast in 33 languages.

Jumobi - Searches for mobile-friendly websites by keyword or category.

Lionseek - A search engine that scans the 'for sale' sections of online forums and organizes the data to make the search experience more efficient.

Lullar - Searches for profiles on social networking sites by e-mail, first, last name and username.

NiSearch - Finds documents in .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .rtf and html format. Requires registration.

Online Webpage Image Downloader and ImageInfo Grabber - Grabs and lists image content and information from websites with filtering options. It also offers downloading of grabbed images and social network sharing of grabbed images.

Oolone - Provides images of result sites instead of text snippets.

Panjoy - Searches for recipes by ingredients, title, celebrity chefs.

PeekYou - Searches for names and usernames across a variety of social networking sites and even among Wikipedia editors, registers users of SourceForge, Launchpad and My Opera. Searching can be refined by location and age. - Allows users to perform free white page type searches as well as reverse address, phone and area code lookups.

QueryCAT - Searches the web for FAQs, automatically extracting questions and ranking the answers to facilitate finding the relevant piece of information.

Quicko - Presents a search results page from which relevant results can easily be selected then browsed sequentially without opening new tabs or windows.

Roozzy - A search engine to find mobile friendly websites.

Roysearch - Provides access to the Roysearch Knowledge Base of over 10 million concepts and 25 million semantic relations. Demonstrates how the knowledge base can be used for search refinement.

RSSsearchhub - Search for RSS, Rdf and Atom feeds or search the feeds.

Search IM - Offers search for users of Skype, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and MSN messenger by their hobbies, work/profession, interests and anything else they include in their 'about me' pages.

Search[code] - A code specific search engine. API documentation, code snippets and open-source repositories are indexed and searchable.

SearchIRC - Search Internet Relay Chat rooms and networks. - A service to check papers for passages plagiarized from the web. - Searches sites by domain name, title, keywords and IP address.

SHODAN - Search for computers based on software, geography, operating system, IP address and more. For example, it can find servers running Apache 2.2.3 on Windows 2000 in Switzerland.

Similar Pages - A search engine for finding similar and alternatives websites. Works on a dataset of about 200 million sites.

Similar Site Search - Helps to find similar, related, or alternative websites. Based on user generated tags.

Similar Site Search - Helps to find similar, related, or alternative websites. Based on user generated tags.

Similarkind - Helps users find new alternatives or similar content.

SimilarSites - Finds alternatives to popular websites.

Simply Hired - Provides a sizeable database of jobs, collates material from several businesses.

Sites Like Search - Helps to find similar or alternative websites.

SkillPages - SkillPages is creating new opportunities for everyone everywhere.

SlideFinder - Search engine for finding PowerPoint presentations and slides. The results include previews. The interface is available in several languages.

Social Search - Search for someone's status and shares on Facebook, Twitter & Google Buzz.

Social Searcher - Facebook search without logging in. Finds images, pages, posts by keywords.

Spokeo People Search - Finds personal photos, videos, and other information across social media platforms.

Stinky Teddy - Combines results from several sources to present the latest user-generated content. Its "buzz-o-meter" measures the current level of activity concerning the topic on Twitter.

Stylig - Collaborative fashion content search engine, indexes selected fashion blogs and online magazines.

Sysoon - Dead people search engine. Search by name, year or social security number (reverse lookup).

Taggl - Searches various applications, including, flickr, Scribd, YouTube, for tags.

TopicDash - Tracks the latest popular content on the web: Facebook, Twitter etc.

Topsy - Searches content published on Twitter and the web, sorted by relevance or date.

Twitority - Authority based Twitter search, find Twitter postings by number of followers.

Veromi - Offers services that include general people searches, criminal background checks, real property, death and marriage.

VideoStep - Indexes video files that can be embedded and makes them available to publishers and website owners.

Wolfram|Alpha - Computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly.

Yummly - Search for recipes by ingredient, diet, allergy, nutrition, taste, calories, fat, price, cuisine, time, course and source.

ZabaSearch - Free people search, for U.S. postal addresses and telephone numbers.

Zanran - A search engine for finding data and statistics. The search results will be graphs, charts and tables.

ZoomInfo - A business information search engine, providing company search, people search and job search. It constructs profiles on people and companies, drawn from the Web, or created by individuals and companies for themselves.

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