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E-commerce business has its own challenges. Running an e-commerce venture is much more challenging than running a mom and pop store, while the advantages are also many since it gives more visibility, better reach and some cost savings too. However, you are also exposed to many threats both on the operational side and on the technical side. For example, you are vulnerable to bad reviews, which can easily destroy your company’s image and reputation and sow seeds of doubt and negativity in the minds of prospective new customers.

Secondly, you become vulnerable to credit card fraud and identity theft. Online fraudsters specifically focus upon small business websites since they assume that they may either lack the knowhow or do not possess enough resources and security programs to protect themselves and their businesses. Thirdly they may also face fraudulent lawsuits and intimidation from predatory competitors and unethical law firms.

New businesses also take time to grow and become popular. If you seek outside investment, you will have to sell a part of your business in exchange and in the process, you may lose control. When, the business becomes successful, it creates more hurdles. If you do not seek investment, you may not have enough options to grow your business. As you can see, although starting an ecommerce business is easier than thought, growing it and maintaining it in a competitive environment will pose many problems.

Despite these problems, you can still succeed, if you focus on a few important areas such as quality, service, economy of operations, recruiting the right talent, protecting your trade secrets, complying with government regulations, avoiding unethical practices and adapting to competition and changing environment.

A decade ago, if you wanted to run an ecommerce business, you had to depend a lot upon your own technical people to create and manage most of your programs and processes. Nowadays, thanks to the innovation and the progress we have achieved in the last decade, we now have many third party applications, which make certain tasks easier, such as applications which will help you track and update your inventories, create and print shipping labels, keep track of customer communications and incomplete shopping carts, send emails and newsletters, etc.

Third Party Applications For E-Commerce Websites

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a2z, Inc. Online solution for managing and marketing conferences, exhibitions, conventions, seminars, expositions and trade shows.

ABAS Software AG Development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies.

Albany Software Limited Provides software for electronic automation of business processes. Albany is a Sage Developer and Pegasus e-commerce partner.

Art Technology Group, Inc. Provides e-commerce and web marketing software.

Beyond Solutions Auction software, database and e-commerce development.

Brainshark Allows users to post Powerpoint presentations on the web in a custom streaming format.

Brolin Corporation Ecommerce, web portal, and business management solutions. Provides details of the various products and services available to business clients.

Bullnet Multi currency e-commerce solution for existing web sites.

CASEwise Markets Corporate Modeler, ERP Modeler and E2-Modeler Process Modeling programs.

Dynistics Provides e-commerce solutions offering rapid development and deployment (RAD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Personalization. Built on technologies such as XML, XSL and XSP.

eBizTotalSolution. Inc Software for B2B B2C, supply chain management, vendor inventory control, MRP, ERP module, referral engine, and shopping carts.

eComm PRO Software for the rapid development of e-commerce sites.

ecPartner Shopping Cart Systems Advanced shopping cart system for your secure e-commerce transactions. Allows you to take secure credit card payments.

End Design Portal Builder provides a scalable platform to run a community of e-commerce stores from a single site, with tools to build, host and manage an online shopping centre.

Ezimerchant Offer e-commerce seller tool for eBay merchants.

Galileo Commerce Offers a suite of tools for merchants to organize and manage their store.

Geomerx Offers geoStore, geoManager, and geoSetup, software to build and manage e-commerce sites.

Global VMI Supply-side management software for e-business that gives access to both real-time and historical data.

GoldbarOne Subscription-based suite of applications including shopping cart and promotion and customer management tools.

ILLY Computer Systems Ltd. Developers of software systems for banking and finance operations.

Imagiforce Corporation Offers a variety of shopping cart software programs.

Infoparc Web based contact manager and online project tracking software. Web promotion, search engine positioning and ranking services.

Intershop Software that allows customers to sell anywhere using a wide range of current and emerging e-commerce models.

Jade An e-business technology for the rapid deployment of high performance transaction based business systems for electronic commerce.

LaGarde, Inc. E-commerce store creation software for Microsoft FrontPage.

Level 8 Markets Geneva Integration Suite, a toolset for application integration, enterprise messaging, business process automation, and application engineering.

Magic Software Offering web development tools, customizable enterprise-level applications, and services.

Mailware Mail Order Software Web-enabled software for mail order companies. Features include, Order Entry, Customer Database, Inventory Management, Advertising Tracking, and a full report writer. A free demo is available for download.

MB Commerce Ltd. Designs, builds, hosts and supports information, web and commerce solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of business clients.

Media99 Provides retail florist website templates, custom design and hosting, and programming for POS system integration. Includes design portfolio.

Miva Provider of web commerce systems with a focus on ISPs, hosting services and their customers.

Pandell Technology Corporation Providers of software and business services for oil and gas companies, as well as web-based PLI solutions for enterprise firms.

Pattern Discovery Basic Permission Portal software provides the consumer with a private, personal, link with the ecommerce sites that they choose to visit. It is private, because it resides on your pc, and nobody sees, or has access to it but you.

QCommerce Provides e-commerce software solutions that allow merchants to easily establish on-line storefronts for selling on the Internet.

RNetEC Delivers retail EDI solutions.

Runner Technologies, Inc. Runner Technologies specializes in the design and implementation of development tools for enabling Rapid Application Design for Web and Oracle Forms applications.

Sapiens NV Develops and markets solutions for rapid and cost-effective creation, re-engineering and maintenance of mission-critical enterprise software applications.

Scala Business Solutions Collaborative ERP software - integrating Internet technology and traditional ERP functionality.

Shift4 Corporation Credit card and transaction processing applications.

Siteforum A suite of integrated web applications designed to facilitate customer interaction and collaborative transactions on the Web.

Softshare, Inc. A provider of electronic commerce software and services with expertise in the area of EDI, XML and data integration.

THINK Subscription Provides services and technology to manage subscriptions, memberships, and time-based products on the web.

uburst Offers several e-commerce software packages ranging from small business solutions to interactive CD-ROM cataloging systems.

Uducat A full eCommerce Internet publishing engine.

Universal Data Interface Corporation Developer of an XML-based middleware tool for data integration and B2B e-commerce.

update software AG Supplier of industry-sector oriented CRM solutions. Based in Vienna, Austria, with branches throughout Europe.

VeriFone, Inc Offers transaction processing software to handle payments on websites/computers. Support for credit cards, checks, gift cards, debit and EBT.

Web eStore Offers personal and store building websites using a web-based page editor. Packages include design, templates and hosting with payment made monthly.

WebGenie Software Helps you implement electronic commerce tools necessary to develop and manage your web site without any external assistance.

WebsiteCM Software Inc Specialize in designs, modifications and custom work for the x-cart ecommerce platform. Offers tutorials and technical information on available mods.

Zilliant Provides software designed to help companies define and manage pricing by determining the right prices for products and services based on customer behavior.

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