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What is a domain? A domain name is an internet address for your website. It is just like a license plate for your car or your house number. It helps other people to find you on the internet, through their computers and other devices. A domain name is unique with a unique IP address, which people can access through internet from anywhere in the world, unless you choose to keep it private and off the limits. you can use your domain name for your personal, professional or business purposes.

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Each domain is a web property. Its value depends upon its name and its appeal. In today's world, it is extremely difficult to find a suitable domain since billions of domains have already been registered and almost every word and combination of words which you can find in a standard dictionary have been used. Still you can find good domain names if you are creative.

Finding the right domain: Here are a few important suggestions to find suitable domain names for your business, blog or website.

  1. The domain name should reflect the nature of your business or online activity.
  2. Avoid domain names that are similar to popular websites in spelling to avoid being branded by search engines as spam or fishing websites.
  3. Try to register, as far as possible, .com website for ecommerce. Nowadays, you can find domain names with a number of suffixes. Still, having a .com domain name is the best option. You can then register same domain with different suffixes if your budget permits.
  4. If your audience are limited to a particular geographical or cultural niche, you may use vernacular or local names for your domain.
  5. Decide whether you want to register the domain in the name of a Company or in your own name.
  6. Make sure that you provide correct information. It is better to give your own name as the owner, administrator and technical contact, unless you have different people who have been assigned those functions.
  7. Whether you want to mask the domain ownership and administrative information or not depends upon your privacy concerns. If you do not mask it, your name, address and contact information will be in public domain.
  8. Avoid registering websites through webhosting companies, even if they offer it for free. In case, you want to do it to save costs, read the terms carefully.
  9. Make sure you renew your domains in time. For safe side, keep auto renew option on. It is also better if you lock your domains to prevent someone else stealing it in future.
  10. Use strong passwords to protect your account with the domain registration company.
  11. For registration purposes use an email address that will permanently stay with you and which you can easily access from anywhere. Protect it also with a very strong password.

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Free domain offers may come with some strings attached. If you are not careful you may end up losing your free domain and you may even incur business or personal loss. Therefore, while registering a domain the following are important considerations: reputation of the domain registrar, whether the free domains offered by the registration companies and hosting companies are really free and transferable, whether you have access to domain management from your registered account and whether you have the freedom to lock, unlock your domain, manage your name servers and transfer your domain to other registrars whenever you want. Some hosting companies offer free domain while hosting your domain, but restrict you from transferring it to other services later. Also make sure that when you register your domain, you use a very secure password, identify the ownership, administrative and technical contact details correctly. Use a reliable, secure and permanent email address to register your domains, since you email address is central to domain management . The following are some of the best domain registration services we have listed.

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Suggested domain registration companies

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CORE Not-for-profit membership association of Internet domain name registrars. Operates a cost-recovery basis, a shared registration system (SRS) for Internet domain names.

ICANN-Accredited Registrars Official list of accredited domain name registrars. Domain name registration services with information resources. Free parking and management. Complete services for domain registration.

AIT, Inc. Offers domain name registration service. Domain/email forwarding and domain name registration.

AWTDomains Provides domain registration and renewal.

BeepDomains Provides registration for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,,,, and domain names.

Best1Hosting Web hosting and domain registration services.

Brand It Now Provides registration for .com, .net, .org,, and domain names.

BRS Media .FM, .AM, .TV, and .CD registrations.

Calico UK Domain Registration Domain name registrations with free email and web hosting.

Canadian Domain Provides domain name registration to the Canadian market and a free search for available domain names.

CARegistration Domain name registration service for .ca domains.

CentralNic UK based global domain registration service.

Cheap Domain Name Registrar Domain name registration with free email and URL forwarding.

CoolcomDotCom Canada .ca domain registration service for Canadian domain names.

CyberID Free UK and International domain name registration with web hosting. Domain parking if you don't want to publish your web site just yet.

Cyberlogic Network Canadian Internet Service Provider. Domain name registration and web hosting. International Domain Name registration.

Dallas Domains Domain registration service; Tucows reseller

Delta2 .it domain name registration and hosting, website design and hosting.

devNIC Domain name registration for .com, .net, .org,,, and .ca domain names.

DirectNIC Offers registration for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv, .us, and .name domain names.

DNBuy Inc. Offer domain name registration, DNS hosting with web/email forwarding and website hosting services. Also offers SSL certificates. Based in Bowmanville, Canada.

Domain Direct Register and park your domain name, comes with free domain and e-mail forwarding.

Domain Discover Domain registration services provided by TierraNet.

Domain In The USA Offer registration, transfers, whois lookup, client control panel, and 24-hour customer support services.

Domain Name Com Provides domain registration for .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz domain names.

Domain Processor Domain name registration, parking, under construction page, and email forwarding services.

Domain Registration Services Fast registration of Australian domains.

Domain Services Limited Offers registration service for various country code top level domains.

Domain The Net Registration service provider offering domain names in a variety of extensions in Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

Domain-It Lookup and register domain names. Information on 150 country domains. domain name registration, web hosting, web site design, and search engine positioning Search for domain and register top-level domain names in many countries. Domain name registration services.

Domainlot Provides registration for .com, .net, .org, .cc, .tv, .info, .biz, .ca,, and domain names. Offers complete name registration service.

DomainNameRegistration.Com Provides domain name registration, page-forwarding and live support for .com, .net, .org, .ca,, .info, and .biz domain names.

DomainPro Company caters to high volume customers. Newsletters for industry news and a list of domain auction sites.

DomainRegister.Com Offers domain name registration. Provides registration for .com, .net, and .org domain names.

Domains Done Right Domain name registration, domain parking, web hosting, and email services.

Domains Matter Registrar.

Domainscape Domain name registration and web site hosting. provides domain name registrations including transfers, URL redirection, email forwarding, and hosting services.

Domainsrush Provides registration for .com, .org, .net,, and domain names.

Domainz The New Zealand [.nz] and Australian domain registry.

Dot Solutions Provides registration services for .com, .net, .org, .ca, and .us domain names.

Dyn Offer DNS services, email server and portal solutions for home and small business.

easyDNS Online DNS services.

EasySpace Official domain registrar also offers partnership opportunities.

Energetex Engineering Domain registration, web hosting, web design and programming. Domain name registration, web hosting, web development, e-commerce, software development and networking. Domain Name Registration, trademark search, website design, hosting.

Fast Web Server Provides registration services for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv,, and, domain names.

fast-name Domain name registration, hosting and parking services.

Get Cyber Home Domain name registration, email forwarding, URL forwarding, and IP forwarding.

Get Online UK and International domain name registration services.

Get Web Domains Offers domain registration and provides web based domain control panel.

Global Gold Hosting Low cost domain name registration and hosting for European customers.

Global Knowledge Group Official domain name registrar also offers domain name consulting services.

GoDomains Fast, professional global service to register a name. Free information and Internet address search. Specialising in Australia:,,; New Zealand:; and United Kingdom:;

Hostcentric Hostcentric full-service Webhosting and application service provider.

IE Domain name registration for Irish Business.

Internet Connection Offers domain name-related services including domain name registration.

Internet Domain name registration and affiliate program. Web-based domain name management. Various TLD registrations, transferring and hosting.

Internetters Limited Register the internet domain name online.

Interspeed Web Solutions Free domain name registration service and parking, free listing of domain names for sale.

Intralinx Internet Services Site offers domain name registration, commercial web hosting and design.

Irish Domains Ltd Irish Domains Ltd provide domain name registration and web hosting services for Irish companies.

JSK Technologies Domain name registration and web hosting.

Jumpline, Inc. Domain name registration, domain parking, email forwarding and domain manager.

Mega Domain and Hosting Services Offers domain name registration including free URL, email forwarding, and DNS services.

Melbourne IT Registration including .name and renewals. Offers domain name registration, web hosting, email, DNS and forwarding services. DNS management, email and URL forwarding. Also offers hosting and SSL certificates.

Name Dropper Register, .com. .net and .org domain names.

NameCheap Offers domain name registration, parking, e-mail, URL forwarding, and SSL certificates.

NameFix Fix your name on the web and register your domain name.

NameISP Domain name registration and web hosting for individuals and businesses that wish to have a unique address and branded identity on the Internet. Provides name registration and web Hosting.

NameSecure An ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, offering a free suite of services including web forwarding, e-mail forwarding, and one-page mini-sites. Domain name registration, hosting and website development.

NameVision Domain name registration for .com, .net and .biz TLDs with parking, email forwarding and web hosting.

Need a Dot Com? Offers affordable web hosting and registration services.

Net4 Domains Offers registration of common domain extensions. Domain name registration and parking, email forwarding, web hosting. Domain registrations offering many extensions.

NetRegistry Global domain registration, web hosting and e-commerce service and other Internet business solutions.

NetWizards Domain Names Offers registration of domain names as well as internet access, e-business solutions, top-level domain registration (tlds), and integrated processing solutions.

Network Solutions Offers services that include domain registration, email and web hosting. Domain registration and transfer services. Based in Florida, USA.

NicRanch Offers registration of top level domains, and webhosting.

Nominate UK based domain name registration and Web hosting.

NS Design Domain registration for UK and International domains.

OneDNR Provides domain registration and web hosting for small businesses.

OpenSRS Reseller services group of Tucows, offering wholesale domain name registration, email services, and SSL certificates.

Oriweb Domain name registration, renewal, or transfer.

PacNames Domain name registration, transfer and search.

Pebblehaven Company Register .com, .net, .org address with free parking. Optional hosting, url forwarding and other features.

PhilDomain Domain name registration, email forwarding and URL forwarding. Monitors expiring and deleted domains and notifies when available.

PSI-Japan Domain name registration service for .com, .net, and .org, in 12 languages.

PSINet Official domain name registrar for gTLD. Domain registrations for .us, .name, .com and other top level domains.

Redstation Hosting company which also offers domain name registration services for UK and generic top level domains.

RegCA Enterprises RegCA Canadian one stop registrar for .ca .com .net and .org domains. URL forwarding and email with every domain name.

Register 4 Register your domain, affiliate and bulk registrations available.

Register Domain Names Site offers domain name registration.

Register Wizards Registration provided for .com, .org, and .net domain names. Offers global domain name registration, Web hosting, do-it-yourself Web site, and email services.

RegistryWeb Register over 25 different domains from 16 countries.

RSH Web Services Site offers domain name registration, domain parking, forwarding and web hosting service. Reduced domain name registration prices. Registration for .com, .net, and .org domain names.

Speednames Official domain name registrar.

Uniis Offers name registration, including the .US domain.

Universal Domains Domain name registration, trademark check, unregistered domains and name appraisals.

USP Networks British-based domain name registration and web hosting service.

Virtual Internet Domain name registration and hosting services.

VirtualNames Domain name registration services with forwarding and hosting.

Web Business Domain name registration. Search domain name for availability. Pay by check or credit card.

Web Hosts 2000 Domain name registration and parking.

WebDes Domain Registration Domain name registration and free on-line name check.

Webservio Domain name registration and online domain name management.

Why Pay More Registers com/net/org top level domain names.

WorldSite.WS Offers an alternative to .com.

WSMDomains Domain name registration, search and suggestion tool.

XRoad Dedicated service for domain and sub-domain name registration and link/redirect services.  

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