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The American Buddhist Conjtree was founded in 1987 to provide a united voice for Buddhist communities in the USA on matters of common interest and foster fellowship among various Buddhist communities and organizations, and develop an "American" Buddhism which, while paying respect to Buddhist traditions of other cultures and acknowledging our debt of gratitude to them, seeks to synthesize American values and traditions with the basic Buddhism of the Tripitaka without the linguistic and cultural trappings which are not understood by most Americans. The Congress has an Excutive Council and a General Council and headquartered in Los Angeles.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order - Organisation devoted to re-expressing the essentials of Buddhism for modern Western society. Includes teachings, history, and links to Centers worldwide.

FWBO News - Blog with news of events and people related to the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Wildmind Online Meditation Teaching - Online meditation courses in the Buddhist tradition. Includes personalized teaching, bookstore and retreat recommendations.

Buddhist Ecological Practice - A network of Western Buddhists who are trying to integrate an ecological perspective into everyday life.

The Karuna Trust - UK-based Buddhist organization affiliated with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order that has education, health and cultural projects for poor people in India of any religion. Also helps fund Buddhist activities.

FWBO Discussion - Critique of the FWBO drawn from debate on the BUDDHIST-L online discussion group.


Clear Vision Trust - A registered UK charity whose aims are to promote an understanding and appreciation of Buddhism through video and the visual media.

Dharma Life Magazine - A magazine devoted to the meeting of Buddhism and the modern world.

Free Buddhist Audio (Dharmachakra Archive) - Recordings and transcriptions of lectures and seminars for free download.

FWBO Discussion - Articles by members of the Western Buddhist Order. Includes an academic bibliography.

Land of No Buddha: Reflections of a Sceptical Buddhist - A collection of essays, original written for "Spring Wind: Buddhist Cultural Forum" of which the author was a contributing editor. Now published together as one book.

Libros Budistas - Spanish translations of books on Buddhism and meditation. Available for sale or free download.

Lights in the Sky - Offers videos on Buddhism and the FWBO.

Urthona Magazine: Art and Buddhism - Magazine devoted to the arts produced by artists who practice within the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

VideoSangha - Video clips by members of the FWBO sangha.

Western Buddhist Review - An electronic Journal of Buddhist ideas published by the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Windhorse Books - A non-profit business run by Australian Buddhists, supplying a wide range of Buddhist books.

Windhorse Publications - Publishing house for the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. Online catalogue for UK customers.

Personal Pages

Achintya - Personal music projects. Includes downloads and contact details.

Akashadeva - David Earl: Cambridge based piano teacher, concert performer, and composer.

Akuppa: The Mango Tree - Story telling from the Buddhist tradition.

Asvajit's FWBO Page - Personal and religious details of Asvajit, a long-time member of the FWBO.

Bodhipaksa: Meditation, Buddhism, Vegetarianism - Includes blog and publications details.

Cittapala - Study notes and talks.

Dhammarati - Photographs and a diary blog.

FWBO People - A directory of web sites by people associated with the FWBO.

Inquiring Buddhist - Popular and unpopular writings on Buddhism by Dharmacari Dayamati (aka Professor Richard P. Hayes)

Jayarava - Art, writing, music. Includes links to other personal projects.

Kamalashila - Talks and photos. Includes book downloads.

Kulananda: Mindfulness Works - Mindulness workshops and training.

Mahabodhi - Extracts from work in progress.

Maniraja - A Western Buddhist's blog.

Munisha - Travel lectures.

Padmayogini - Photography, paintings and a blog.

Personal Reflections on Being a Buddhist - Reflections on Buddhism and the Dharma as taught to Dharmacari Jayarava by Sangharakshita.

Ratnaghosha - Talks, reflections and photos.

Sadara - Blog.

Sahaja - Images and information about the Sahaja's metal sculpting work

Sahananda - Photos, CV, and REXX resources.

Sangharakshita - Poems by Urgyen Sangharakshita, the founder of the Western Buddhist Order.

Solitary Retreat Caravan - Details of a caravan available to FWBO Order members, Mitras and Friends for solitary retreats.

Sunanda: Personal website - Details of prison visiting, Buddhist activities and other websites managed.

ThinkBuddha - Reflections on Buddhism by freelance writer and philospoher Will Buckingham

Upekshapriya - Blog.

Right Livelihood Businesses

London: Bodywise Natural Health Centre - Aims to provide complementary health care to people from all sections of the community in Tower Hamlets and neighbouring boroughs.

Manchester: Earth Cafe - Vegetarian cafe, run on the basis of Buddhist ethics.

Missoula, Montana: Tipu's Tiger - Restaurant serving traditional vegetarian food from India.

Windhorse Trading - UK giftware supplier. Includes details of product ranges, and ethical policy.


Brisbane FWBO Group - Details of classes and activities.

Dandenong Ranges Buddhist Centre - FWBO activities in Dandenong Ranges, Victoria.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order in Australia - Links to FWBO centres in Australia offering meditation, Buddhism, retreats, yoga and other activities.

Melbourne Buddhist Centre - Offers a range of activities, including meditation and Buddhism courses and classes, seminars, retreats and arts and social events. Includes event calendar and newsletter.

Sydney Buddhist Centre - Offers Buddhist and meditation classes and retreats. Includes newsletter and events calendar.

Toowoomba Buddhist Centre - Offers an extensive programme of courses on Buddhism, meditation, and T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

Paris: Centre Bouddhiste de l'Ile de France - Offers classes and courses in Buddhism and meditation.

Bhaja International Retreat Centre - A retreat centre within sight of the Bhaja Buddhist rock-temple caves. Includes contact details.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order at Bodhgaya - Buddhist meditation and retreats at Bodhgaya, India - the place of the Buddha's Enlightenment - led by members of the Western Buddhist Order.

Dublin Buddhist Centre - Offers classes and courses in meditation, and yoga. Includes calendar of events.

Auckland Buddhist Centre - Offers regular classes and courses in meditation and Buddhism. Includes contact details and event calendar.

FWBO in New Zealand - The main site for the FWBO in New Zealand.

Wellington Buddhist Centre - Offers a weekly program of Buddhist studies.

Oslo Buddhist Center - Meditation, Buddhism, teachings and courses in Oslo.

Akashavana - Ordination retreat centre for women. Includes image gallery and activities schedule.

Guhyaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre - Alicante -- Offers intensive retreats in a secluded valley. Includes event schedule and booking details.

BuddhaField - A collective of Friends of the Western Buddhist Order Buddhists from eight UK Buddhist centres who teach meditation and Buddhism at festivals, fairs and similar events. They also hold their own retreat camps and mini-festival.

Going on Retreat - Provides information about FWBO retreat centres in the UK. Includes location map and search facility.

Birmingham Buddhist Centre - Offers classes, workshops and retreats on Buddhism, meditation, yoga and arts.

Brighton Buddhist Centre - Centre for the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order organization. Holds regular classes and courses for meditation and Buddhism and yoga.

The Bristol Buddhist Centre - Offers meditation and Buddhism classes. Includes event schedule.

Brixton: FWBO Buddhist Centre - Offers meditation and Buddhist teaching. Includes event calendar.

Buddhafield North - Buddhist camping retreats in the north of England. Includes programme and contact details.

Cambridge Buddhist Centre - Offers courses in Buddhism, meditation, and yoga for all levels of experience.

Colchester Buddhist Centre - The FWBO centre offers meditation courses and Dharma study classes for all levels of experience.

Croydon Buddhist Centre - Offers classes in meditation, Buddhism, and yoga.

Ipswich Buddhist Centre - Offers classes in meditation, Buddhism, yoga and tai chi.

Lancashire Buddhist Centre - Offers classes in Buddhism and meditation.

Leeds Buddhist Meditation Centre - Offers an extensive program of meditation classes, dharma study groups, and retreats.

Letchworth FWBO - Offers meditation and Buddhist classes. [Flash only]

London Buddhist Centre - Details of regular meditation courses in Covent Garden.

Manchester Buddhist Centre - Offers classes in meditation, Buddhism, yoga, as well as art events and retreats. Located in Manchester's Northern Quarter in the heart of the city.

Milton Keynes: FWBO - Offers weekly meditation and Buddhist teachings.

Newcastle Buddhist Centre - Offers a variety of courses in meditation and Buddhism to suit both beginners and the more experienced practitioner. Includes class schedules and background information.

Norfolk: Padmaloka Retreat Centre - A retreat centre for men. Includes details of the retreat programme and the residential community.

North London Buddhist Centre - Offers regular Buddhist study and meditation courses.

Norwich Buddhist Centre - Offers Buddhist study classes, and meditation and yoga courses.

Nottingham Buddhist Centre - Offers introductory courses in meditation and Buddhism. Site contains schedule of events.

Rivendell Retreat Centre (FWBO) - Offers a programme of meditation retreats throughout the year to teach meditation, and to explore the application of the traditional Buddhist principles to life in the modern world.

Sheffield Buddhist Centre - Offers daily programs in meditation and dharma study.

Shrewsbury:Buddhism and Meditation Group - Offers full instruction in meditation for beginners as well as the more experienced. Includes links to other nearby groups.

Shropshire: Taraloka Retreat Centre for Women - Buddhist centre for women on the Shropshire/Welsh border. Gives details of retreats, including ones for women new to retreats.

Southampton Buddhist Centre - Offers classes in Buddhism and meditation.

Southend Buddhist Group - Offers regular meditation and Buddhism classes. Includes event calendar.

Suffolk: Vajrasana Retreat Centre - Offers meditation retreats, including introductory weekends.

West London Buddhist Centre - Offers courses in meditation and Buddhism.

Worcester: Buddhism and Meditation Group - Offers full instruction in meditation for beginners as well as the more experienced. Includes details of classes and events.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order Centers in the US - List of FWBO centers in the US.

Centro Budista de Merida - Buddhist Center in the Andes, run by a member of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

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