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Daigoji Temple - Gives tourist information about this main temple for the Ono Branch of the Shingon School.

Japanese Esoteric Buddhist Studies - With Asunam Sensei. The Shingon School, Kobo Daishi, Koyosan, and Three Secrets.

Shingon Buddhism - Japanese history - Shingon, a major Japanese school of esoteric Buddhism.

Shingon Buddhism Introduction - One page intro.

Shingon Buddhist International Institute - The institute was set up to promote the understanding Japanese Shingon Buddhism. The pages here include Shingon Buddhist history and deities, rituals and teachings.

Shingon-shu Buzan-ha - Shingon-shu Buzan-ha is based on the teachings of three great Buddhist masters: Kobo Daishi, who systematized the esoteric teaching of Shingon Sect, Kogyo Daishi, who restored his teachings in the 12th century, and Senyo Sojo (Archbishop Senyo), who founded the Buzan Division in the 16th century.

A Short Biography of Kobo Daishi


Croatia: Dharma Treasury - Site by the Mandala Shingon Buddhist Society, and the Shingon Centre of Croatia.

France: Komyo-In - Shingon Temple - The temple is located in the central part of France in a region called Burgundy. About 2 hours away by highway from Paris.

Koyasan Shingon Temples - Temples in Japan, North America, Hawaii, South America.

Mandala Vermont - Shingon Buddhism - Mandala Vermont shares Shingon Buddhism, Japanese culture and the Shingon style of meditation practice.

Northern California Shingon Buddhism - Temple for Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.

Wakayama Prefecture: Negoro-ji Temple - Founded by Kakuban, who formed a subsect of Shingon Buddhism that sought to revert to its esoteric fundamentals.

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