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Engaged Buddhism - Comments on engaged Buddhism and practicing in everyday life.

Engaged Buddhism Resources - Links to pages on Engaged Buddhism related topics including environmentally aware Buddhism, Gay and Lesbian, hospice projects, prison projects, development, women's groups.

Joanna Macy | Engaged Buddhism - Teachings from an eco-philosopher and student of Buddhism on engaged Buddhism.

Strong Lessons for Engaged Buddhists - Critique of socially engaged Buddhism from a situationist perspective.


Amitabha Hospice - An engaged Buddhist community directly supporting a large hospice in Australia and indirectly supporting hospice caregivers worldwide. This website has a wealth of online resources for Buddhists involved with death, dying, and bereavement.

Brisbane Australia Karuna Hospice Service - Offers free, 24 hour, compassionate, caring support in Brisbane at home to terminally ill people and their families, based on the Buddhist tradition.

Buddhanet Death and Dying Resource Center - Articles and links to Buddhist resources for death, dying, and bereavement.

Buddhist Hospice Trust - Aims to provide compassionate care and companionship for the living, the dying, and the bereaved.

Clear Light Society - Provides assistance to the terminally ill and their families using meditation.

Sangha Metta Project - Engages monks in HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The monks, taking the Buddha's teachings as their inspiration, concluded that a core aspect of HIV/AIDS was ignorance about the condition among both the sufferers and the general public.

Zen Hospice Project - An engaged Buddhist community supporting and staffing a large San Francisco hospice. The website also feature resources for hospice caregivers worldwide.


Amida Trust - Features group gathering a corps of people seriously interested in developing humanitarian projects on Buddhist principles to help overcome suffering in the world.

The Anand Society (Steuncomité Anand) - This group of enthusiasts invites visitors to the Buddhist holy sites, and to Bodhgaya in particular, to really practice the concepts of metta and karuna by supporting the Jeevan Deep network of education projects for Bodhgaya's communities of "untouchables".

Buddhist Peace Fellowship - The Buddhist Peace Fellowship, founded in 1978, brings together Buddhist teachings with progressive social action. Programs include peace and justice work, prison work, Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement, and the magazine Turning Wheel.

Buddhist Relief Mission - Buddhist Relief Mission is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization supporting Buddhist projects worldwide, particularly in remote areas.

Dharma Access Project - Brailled Buddhist prayers are provide for free upon request - bound Brailled copies of The Four Immeasurables and the Prayer of Shantideva to any Dharma center or member who would like one for a family member or friend who is blind.

Dharma Gaia Trust - Project with a mission to nurture awareness of the complementarity of Buddhism and ecology.

Earth Sangha - Buddhist environmental nonprofit organization founded on the premise that the Buddhist way of looking at life can play a major role in healing the planet's environmental crisis. Formal mission to practice Buddhism in ways that help people become better stewards of the planet, and to do the practical environmental work that good stewardship demands.

Himalayan Kingdom Foundation Trust - A private non-profit organization based in Nepal, sponsoring projects marketing Nepali goods to benefit the educational, social, medical, artistic and spiritual needs of the Nepalese people.

Jamyang Choling - An innovative education project for Himalayan women with buddhist orientation.

The Karuna Trust - UK based Buddhist organization that has education, health and cultural projects for poor people in India of any religion. Also helps fund Buddhist activities.

Metta Welfare Association - Singaporean organization working for welfare of the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the terminally ill.

Multicultural Buddhists for Peace - Buddhist people of color multicultural interfaith message board and speakers bureau sponsoring diversity in the heart of Americans to achieve peace, religious tolerance, heal racism, end violence, and alleviate poverty.

Rokpa - An international family of charities helping the hungry, sick, orphaned and poor.

Rokpa UK - Non-sectarian non political approach to raising money to build schools and clinics in some of the poorest areas of the world. RokpaUK Charity is based at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in the boorders of Scotland.

Rokpa USA - Works in the areas of basic and further education, health care, relief of hunger,preservation of culture, self-help and ecology.

Strawberry Dragon Zendo - A Buddhist outreach program supporting peaceful social action in places such as prisons, hospitals and with our Native American people.

Tzu Chi Foundation - Taiwanese compassionate relief organization.

Tzu-Chi Foundation: Northern California Chapter - The Buddhist Compassion Relief, Tzu-Chi Foundation is a non-profit organization whose objective is to provide charity, medical treatment, educational development, and cultural promotion to the needy and the society worldwide

UWTC - Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Collegiate Association, Seattle Chapter

Zaltho Foundation - Promotes peace and nonviolence in and among individuals, families, societies and countries. It supports all efforts to attain this goal through whatever peaceful and non-violent means are available.

Zen Environmental Studies Center - Formed in 1992 to coordinate Zen Mountain Monastery's activities in the areas of environmental education, recreation, research, and protection. Information on activities and philosophy.


Angulimala - the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation - Organisation representing Buddhism in the prison service.

Buddhist Inmate Sangha - An interfaith group of Buddhists devoted to connecting prisoners who desire to learn about Buddhism with pen pals of their respective faiths. Provides books on Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy to inmates and prison libraries upon request.

Buddhist Relief Mission - Prison Dharma Support system of the Buddhist Relief Mission.

Gateless Gate Prison Outreach Program - Florida prison effort of the Kwan Um School of Zen.

Kanromon - Meditation group meeting at Baltimore City Detention Center.

National Buddhist Prison Sangha - Zen Mountain Monastery Prison Program - Volunteer organization. Depending on their experience with practice, as well as their time and personal resources, these volunteers may provide support through correspondence, visits, and the creation and leading of practice groups.

Prison Dharma Network - A nonsectarian Buddhist support network for prisoners, prison volunteers, and correctional workers. An affiliate of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

Prison Dharma Support - A non-sectarian Buddhist support network for prisoners, prison volunteers and correctional workers.

Shambhala Prison Community - Initiates Buddhist meditation groups in US prisons and jails.

Shambhala Prison Community - Serves spiritual and educational needs in prisons.

Zen Practice for Inmates - Meditation training as an alternative to conventional sentencing. During the past year a "scholarship" fund has been created to assist serious inmate practitioners in attending a monastic training period on parole or at release from prison. The Engaged Zen Foundation intends to establish a monastic-based alternative sentencing facility where offenders may serve out sentences in a highly disciplined Zendo atmosphere.

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