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Hieizan Enryakuji - Mount Hie's official site in English and Japanese with virtual tours and information.

The Buddhism of T'ien T'ai - Provides a historical perspective, explanation of teachings and practice, and lists literary works important to the teachings of Buddhism as taught by Chih-i.

Japanese History Pages - Tendai Buddhism - Explains the role of Tendai Buddhism in the evolution of Japanese history.

Parable of the Burning House - Story told in the "Lotus of the Wonderful Law" Sutra, which illustrates the superiority of these teachings over other Buddhist teachings.

Tendai Buddhism - Highlights the history and practice, with list of locations in the United States.

Tendai Buddhism - General introduction to Tendai.

Tendai Buddhist Open Teachings - Reading list with online resources and contact information.

Tendai Discussion List - Online email discussion list for study and propagation hosted by Yahoo Groups.

Tendai Lotus Teachings - Introduces the teachings, offers select descriptions and explanations, overview of the Tenfold Contemplation Method, and provides online store for purchasing supplies.

T'ien T'ai Club - Online forum for topical discussions.

World Cultures - History of the founding of the Tendai school at Mount Hiei, Japan.

Karuna Tendai Dharma Center - Provides information on Tendai sanghas and contacts in Albany and Buffalo, New York, and Chelmsford and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Also features organizational training and retreat event descriptions, schedules, photos, and bulletin board.

Chohoji - Pictures of this National Treasure in Japan.

Hieizan Enryakuji - Mount Hie's official site in English and Japanese with virtual tours and information.

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