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Links to Buddhism Personal Pages and Blogs - Articles on the notion that students of meditation should maintain traditions of free speech and scientific rationalism.

The Angry Buddhist - Rembember... No Matter How Angry I Get - I am always holding back

Anthony Yeo Buddhism Page - Thai Buddhism.

ariya Buddhism - Julius Evola's personal site on Buddhism.

auspicious coincidence - where a girl and her discursive mind meet.

Bodhi's Enlightened Serenity Hoempage - Homepage for clean and sober Aussie Buddhist who is currently in the ordination process with the Western Buddhist Order. Site includes related links.

Bodhyrga - A Jaino-Buddhist Group, encouraging self exploration, over dogma, superstition and blind faith, yet freely acknowledging the depth of wisdom contained in the teachings of both Mahavir and Gotama Buddhas, and also other a-theistic teachers, such as Epicurus, and Lao Tzu.

The Buddha is my DJ - A depository of the authors rambling thoughts, a resource for revolutionaries, a reflection of the buddha. Make of it what you will.

Buddha Sasana - A Buddhist page by Binh Anson. Offers various readings on Buddhism, Theravada, and Mahayana.

Buddhapunk - A personal site for the politically activist, socially inclined Buddhist.

Buddhism Depot - Buddhism information (introduction, scriptures), discussion, chat.

Buddhist Inspirational Quotes - A collection of Buddhist quotations and sayings.

Buddhist Viewpoints - Links to writings from Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism on various sites.

Centering upon Fushidansekkyo - Fushidansekkyo is called "Preaching of Pathos" in Japanese Buddhism.

Dhamma Corner - Features Buddhist principles, issues and history. Also consists of quotes and other Buddhist links.

Fraught with Peril - Welcome to Fraught With Peril, Buddhism with Attitude.

freedom for all - An Irreverent Buddhist comments on the World. Campaigning for political and economic reform to end thirty thousand needless child deaths every day. That's just the start.

Gilli's Buddhism Home Page - devoted to those who are interested in learning more about Buddhism

Grohmann, Friedrich F: Awakening Academie - German Buddhist scholar living in Taiwan. Includes Buddhological research, linguistics, psychology and mythology, and translations of ancient Chinese stories.

Jack/Zen - A zen affirmation of life from an intention of humility, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Jayarava Rave - Reflections, commentary, and opinion from a more or less Buddhist point of view by a non-sectarian Western Buddhist.

Jim Adamik's Home Page - A personal web site, explaining the author's years of living and working at Buddhist and Yoga Retreat Centers.

Jou's Web-site - Comparative Religion and Spirituality: Harmonizing Texts and Experience in Buddhism and Christianity.

Leow Chee Ming's Homepage - Personal interests in Buddhism.

Lobsang Rampa - Author of Spiritual Knowledge Books, Tibetan Buddhist - Provides information about the life of Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa plus free downloads of his books. Also includes information about Tibet, astral travel and extensive links directory.

The Lotus Throne of the IronBuddha - A site for sharing Buddhist ideas, experiences, and awareness. Through interaction we can hope to bring order out of chaos for all sentient beings.

My Personal Homepage about Buddhism - Personal thoughts, links and more information about Buddhism.

Notes From a Life in Progress - Psychobabble, poetry, prose, pontification (and occasionally politics and pictures)as practiced by an aspiring Buddha and chaser of The Muse.

Prayer to Kuan Yin - A prayer to the Bhodisattva Kuan Yin, and includes links to other sites that teach a little about her.

Present Moment - A record of Buddhist meditation in the form of a weblog.

Purify Our Mind - Help us control upgrade ourselves deal with different situations build up utmost wisdom understand world universe dispel depression engage self cultivation start life anew.

ShanT's Website - Photo's Stories, politics, Spiritual Quests and more ...

Steps along the path - A dedicated contemplative practicing in a Nikayan Buddhist context, but not strictly so. Nikayan refers to pre-sectarian Buddhism as defined in the Nikayas (collections) portion of the Pali Canon.

Stonepeace : Moonpointer Buddhist Blog - Somewhat enlightening and entertaining reflections on the path to the natural unshakable peacefulness of a stone - Wayward Thoughts on the Buddhist Way - A site for critical and thoughtful reflection upon the traditions and teachings of Buddhism.

Thoughts Chase Thoughts - They certainly do! Treat yourself to some in-depth Buddhist philosophising and debate.

Vincent Lai - Pure Land Buddhism - Namo Amituofo - Vincent Lai's personal page on Pure Land Buddhism

The Whole Wide World Of Fat Buddha! - Musings of a misanthropic Birmingham City loving social worker. Links, links and more links with a bit of moaning in between.

Writings of G.R. Lewis - This website features some of the Shin Buddhist writings of G.R. Lewis, founder of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut.

Yiu-man Chan's Homepage - A collection of Stories from Buddhism and biographies of Celebrity Buddhists.

zanwat : the weblog - just a weblog ... (Buddhist)

Zen Filter - "Zen Buddhist websites, news, and discussion" a kind of meta-blog of many things Buddhist

Becoming a Buddhist Monk - Yahoo group of trainee monk as he enters life in the Sangha.

My Dhamma Corner - A Singapore Buddhist homepage which provides a synopsis of principles, issues, and history of Buddhism.


Becoming a Buddhist Monk - Yahoo group of trainee monk as he enters life in the Sangha.

My Dhamma Corner - A Singapore Buddhist homepage which provides a synopsis of principles, issues, and history of Buddhism.


The Arya Tara Page - Information about and images of Tara in her various forms. Brief descriptions of Tara practice.

Bodhi Journal - Current news about the Dalai Lama and Tibet. Gallery of photographs of Ladakh.

Buddha's Words - Gotaro - Information on The Dalai Lama and Tibet; also related data. Includes inspirational sayings of The Dalai Lama and others.

Buddhism Meditation Retreat in Nepal, Kathmandu - For students and friends of Kopan Monastery and Meditation Centre in Kathmandu. Author's experiences there, photos and message board.

Dharma Crumbs - Personal notes by individuals on the path of Dharma. A weblog with the focus on Dharma.

Dharma Haven: A Harbor from the Storms of Panic and Confusion - An extensive collection of resources and links related to Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine. Essays by Terry Halwes on health, learning, and science in relation to Buddhism.

The Dharma page of Thubten Tenzin - Information and links related to Tibetan Buddhism.

K. K. Tham - Personal homepage & picture sites.

Kalachakra's Home Page - A traditionally initiated Vajramaster in the Ganden tradition of the Glorious Gelug lineage of Je Tsongkapa. Offering private instruction in Lam Rim, meditation and Yoga Tantra practices.

Karmakiwi - A personal site dedicated to the long life of H.H. the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Urgyen Trinley Dorje, and to Kagyu Buddhism in New Zealand, particularly Christchurch.

Karma's Dharma - A Buddhist site with links, Sutras (scriptures), Dharma resources, Phoenix Arizona events for Karma Dorje & Khandro Tashi, the Universal Life Buddhist Association, prayer requests and Reiki healing

Law's View - Essays by Susan Law on topics related to Tibetan Buddhist practice and theory.

Leigh Brasington's Home Page - Leigh is a teacher of jhana meditation. Site includes some interesting articles on this subject - usually a well guarded secret.

Notes on Lamrim - Gradual Path to Enlightenment - Notes selected from many sources to help in the understanding of Buddhism, especially in the Tibetan tradition.

Perfection of Wisdom and Nagarjuna by Craig Jamieson - The Perfection of Wisdom manuscript illustrations with a preface by the Dalai Lama and texts by Nagarjuna in books by R.C. Jamieson. Paul Pelliot. Marc Aurel Stein. Dunhuang. Sanskrit & Tibetan manuscripts. Dependent origination. Prajnaparamita.

Photos of the Tibetan Tantric Buddhism - Selection of photos made on locations in and around Tibet, made by a professional Dutch photographer. Some pages are in Dutch.

Photos of Tibetan dZi Beads - Photographs of various types of dZi beads. Chung dZi and etched Carnelians are prized and revered by the Tibetans and the Bonpo before them.

Red Dawn - A page on Tibetan Buddhism covering: the Karmapa, the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, the Shi-Tro mandala, books on Buddhism, the Panchen lama and links to related Buddhist sites.

A Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism - The four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and links to more information about each school.

Tibet - Freedom Now! - Information about the situation in Tibet, biography of the Dalai Lama, chronology of the Chinese conquest of Tibet. Also texts and information in Swedish.

Tibetan Buddhism - A short, comprehensive explanation of Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice. Dzogchen. Vajrayana. Comparison with other Buddhist traditions.

Turtle Hill Sangha - A small band of Nyingmapa householders in rural TN. Includes a collection of transcribed teachings given by Khenchen Palden Sherab and works of other teachers.

A View on Buddhism - Personal website of Rudy Harderwijk, intended to provide some information on the philosophy, practice and history of Buddhism

Virtual Tibet - Collection of news, links, and research files on Tibet. Dedicated to HH Dalai Lama in efforts to create a Free Tibet!


Dark Luminosity - Smashing the Black Lacquer Barrel. An Enlightenment experience in the Zen tradition. By the Wanderling.

Death Had A Face - The role of the Near Death Experience and the Death of the Ego in the personal transformation realized in the awakening experience in the Zen tradition.

Digital Zendo - Zen resources. Sutras, writings by Eido Shimano Roshi, meditation, Zazen.

Erik Storlie, Zen Author and Teacher - Personal page of Erik Storlie, author of "Nothing on my Mind" and "Two Zen Masters."

Kai Kracht on Zen Buddhism - A personal Zen experience.

Marks Mind - This is site of quotes and ideas with a Zen twist. Of stories, poetry, and inspiration; where I explore life and truth.

Maximum Bliss - Provides Zen meditation techniques, quotes, a dictionary of common terms, and inspiration for those who meditate.

Michael McAlister - Zen practitioner at Green Gulch Farm in Sausalito, California since 1988. Educational background details offered. Sitting groups information in the East Bay. Features an ongoing dialog with Michael.

A Pilgrimage In Japan - Story of a traditional pilgrimage to Zen temples in Japan.

Proverbial Zen! -- Poetic Zen Guidance - Sam Hazelhurst's Zen page.

Sayings from "The Little Zen Companion"

ScurrilousMonk - The Blog of Rev. Fudo Michael Koppang. It contains thoughts on Zen, meditation, and Buddhism. You will find an occaisional Zen poem, or thoughts on the everday events that illustrate a point, or speak to those who are practicing zen. Rev. Koppang is an ordained Soto priest.

What Is Zen? - Writings about the nature of Zen by a student of Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Zen Buddhism @ Neurotopia - Information on mudras, meditation techniques, Zen stories and teachings.

Zen Christianity - A personal page about redefining Christianity as a Zen path.

Zen Master Dragon Mind - Zen Master Dragon Mind's words about Zen in America

The Zen Page - Essays, koans, and poems inspired by or about Zen Buddhism.

Zenophilia - Zen and Tao-related poetry, artwork, koans, and links.

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