Ten Virtues Of Monks


Complied by Pravin K. Shah

Along with the five great vows, monks strive after the tenfold virtues of a self controlled ascetic. The layperson follows these virtues partially.

  • Kshamaa Forbearance, Forgiveness
  • Maardava Modesty, Humility
  • Aarjava Straightforwardness, Candor
  • Saucha Contentment
  • Satya Truthfullness
  • Samyam Selfrestraint, Control of Senses
  • Tapa Austerity, Penance
  • Tyaga Renunciation
  • Akinchanya Nonattachment
  • Brahmacharya Celibacy, Chastity.

Monks are required to bear equanimity towards all living beings, friends and foes alike.

In addition to the ten fold virtues Monks live on alms, do not eat food at night, do not use any kind of conveyance, and do not possess any property.

Jain Dashlakshni parva which begins from Bhaadaravo Sud 5, and ends, Bhaadravo Sud 14, Anantachaturdashi, is the celebration of ten virtues, Each day is dedicated to one virtue.

Bhaadaravo Vad 1, is called Kshamaavaanee day. This is the day of forgiving and asking forgiveness.

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Source: Ten Virtues Of Monks (G40) 01/19/93 10VIRTUE.A01 Complied by Pravin K. Shah, Jain Study Center of North Carolina

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