Hymns of the Atharvaveda Book - 07

Atharva Veda

Translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith

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HYMN I Scroll Up

Glorification of the power of prayer and to Agni

1They who by thought have guided all that Speech hath best, or
they who with their heart have uttered words of truth,
Made stronger by the strength which the third prayer bestows,
have by the fourth prayer learned the nature of the Cow.
2Well knows this son his sire, he knows his mother well: he hath
been son, and he hath been illiberal.
He hath encompassed heaven, and air's mid-realm, and sky; he
hath become this All; he hath come nigh to us.

HYMN II Scroll Up

Praise of Atharvan

1Invoke for us, proclaim in sundry places, the kinsman of the
Gods, our sire Atharvan,
His mother's germ, his father's breath, the youthful, who with
his mind hath noticed this oblation.

HYMN IV Scroll Up

To Vāyu God of the Wind

1With thine eleven teams, to aid our wishes, yea, with thy two-
and-twenty teams, O Vāyu,
With all thy three-and-thirty teams for drawing, here loose these
teams, thou who art prompt to listen!

HYMN V Scroll Up

A glorification of sacrifice

1The Gods adored the Sacrifice with worship: these were the
statutes of primeval ages.
Those mighty ones attained the cope of heaven, there where the
Sādhyas, Gods of old, are dwelling.
2Sacrifice was, was manifest among us: it sprang to life and then
in time grew stronger.
Then it became thedeities' lord and ruler: may it bestow on us
abundant riches.
3Where the Gods worshipped Gods with their oblation, worship-
ped immortals with immortal spirit, p. a272
There in the loftiest heaven may we be happy, and look upon
that light when Sūrya rises.
4With their oblation, Purusha, the Gods performed a sacrifice.
A sacrifice more potent still they paid with the invoking hymn.
5With dog the Gods, perplexed, have paid oblation, and with
cow's limbs in sundry sacrifices.
Invoke for us, in many a place declare him who with his mind.
hath noticed this our worship.

HYMN VII Scroll Up

Praise of the Ādityas

1I have sung praise to Diti's sons and Aditi's, those very lofty and
invulnerable Gods.
For far within the depths of ocean is their home and in the wor-
ship paid them none excelleth these.


Godspeed to a departing traveller

1Go forward on thy way from good to better: Brihaspati pre-
cede thy steps and guide thee! p. a274
Place this man here, within this earth's enclosure, afar from foes
with all his men about him.

HYMN IX Scroll Up

A prayer to Pūshan for protection and the recovery of lost property

1Pūshan was born to move on distant pathways, on roads remote
from earth, remote from heaven.
To both most lovely places of assembly he travels and returns
with perfect knowledge.
2Pūshan knows all these realms: may he conduct us by ways that
are most free from fear and danger.
Giver of blessings, glowing, all heroic, may he the wise and
watchful go before us.
3We are thy praisers here, O Pūshan: never let us be injured
under thy protection.
4From out the distance, far and wide, may Pūshan stretch his
right hand forth.
Let him drive back our lost to us, let us return with what is lost.

HYMN X Scroll Up

A prayer for the favour of Sarasvati

1That breast of thine, exhaustless and delightful, good to invoke,
beneficent, free giver.
Wherewith thou feedest all things that are choicest, bring that,
Sarasvati, that we may drain it.

HYMN XI Scroll Up

A prayer to protect corn from lightning and drought

1That far-spread thunder, sent from thee, which cometh on all
this world, a high celestial signal
Strike not, O God, our growing corn with lightning, not kill it
with the burning rays of Sūrya.

HYMN XII Scroll Up

A prayer for influence at deliberative and religious meetings

1In concord may Prajapati's two daughters, Gathering and As-
sembly, both protect me.
May every man I meet respect and aid me. Fair be my words,
O Fathers, at the meetings.
2We know thy name, O Conference: thy name is interchange of
Let all the company who join the Conference agree with me.
3Of these men seated here I make the splendour and the lore
mine own.
Indra, make me conspicuous in all this gathered company.
4Whether your thoughts are turned away, or bound and fastened
here or there,
We draw them hitherward again: let your mind firmly rest on


A charm to win superiority over foes and rivals

1As the Sun, rising, taketh to himself the brightness of the stars,.
So I assume the glory of women and men mine enemies.
All ye amang my rivals who behold me as I come to you,
I seize the glory of my foes as the Sun, rising, theirs who sleep.

HYMN XIV Scroll Up

A prayer to Savitar for prosperity

1I praise this God, parent of heaven and earth, exceeding wiser
possessed of real energy, giver of treasure, thinker dear to all,.
2Whose splendour is sublime, whose light shone brilliant in crea-
tion, who, wise, and golden-handed, in his beauty made the
3As thou, God! quickening, for our ancient father, sentest him
height above and room about him,
So unto us, O Savitar, send treasures, abundant, day by day, in
shape of cattle.
4Savitar, God, our household friend, most precious, hath sent
our fathers life and power and riches.
Let him drink Soma and rejoice when worshipped. Under his
law even the Wanderer travels.

HYMN XV Scroll Up

A charm to win divine favour and felicity

1I choose, O Savitar, that glorious favour, with fruitful energy
and every blessing,
Even this one's teeming cow, erst milked by Kanva, thousand-
streamed, milked for happiness by the mighty.

HYMN XVI Scroll Up

A prayer for prosperity

1Increase this man Brihaspati! Illume him, O Savitar, for high
and happy fortune.
Sharpen him thoroughly though already sharpened: with glad
acclaim let all the Gods receive him.


A prayer for wealth and children

1May the Ordainer give us wealth, Lord, ruler of the world of
life: with full hand may he give to us.
2May Dhātar grant the worshipper henceforth imperishable life.
May we obtain the favour of the God who giveth every boon.
3To him may Dhātar grant all kinds of blessings who, craving
children, serves him in his dwelling.
Him may the Gods invest with life eternal, yea, all the Gods and
Aditi accordant.
4May this our gift please Savitar, Rāti, Dhātar, Prajāpati, and
Agni Lord of Treasures.
May Tvashtar, Vishnu, blessing him with children, give store ot
riches to the sacrificer.


A prayer for rain

1Burst open, Prithvi, and cleave asunder this celestial cloud.
Untie, O Dhātar—for thou canst—the bottle of the breast of
2Let not the Sun's heat burn, nor cold destroy her. Let Earth
with all her quickening drops burst open.
Even for her the waters flow, and fatness: where Soma is even
there is bliss for ever.

HYMN XIX Scroll Up

A prayer for prosperity

1Prajapati engenders earthly creatures: may the benevolent
Ordainer form them,
Having one common womb, and mind, and spirit. He who is.
Lord of Plenty give me plenty!

HYMN XX Scroll Up

A prayer for prosperity and happiness

1Anumati approve to-day our sacrifice among the Gods!
May Agni bear mine offerings away for me the worshipper.
2Do thou, Anumati! approve, and grant us health and happiness.
Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, give us progeny. p. a279
3May he approving in return accord us wealth inexhaustible with
store of children.
Never may we be subject to his anger, but rest in his benevo-
lence and mercy.
4Thy name is easy to invoke, good leader! approved, Anumati
and rich in bounty.
Source of all bonds! fill up therewith our worship, and, Blest
One! grant us wealth with goodly heroes.
5Anumati hath come to this our worship well-formed to give
good lands and valiant heroes:
For her kind care hath blessed us. God-protected, may she assist
the sacrifice we offer.
6Anumati became this All, whatever standeth or walketh, every-
thing that moveth.
May we enjoy thy gracious love, O Goddess. Regard us, O Anu-
mati, with favour.

HYMN XXI Scroll Up

A funeral stanza

1With prayer come all together to the Lord of Heaven: he is the
peerless one, far-reaching, guest of men.
He, God of ancient time, hath gained a recent thrall; to him
alone is turned the path which all must tread.


To Savitar, or Yama invested with Savitar's attributes

1Unto a thousand sages he hath given sight: thought, light is he
in ranging all.
2The Bright One hath sent forth the Dawns, a closely gathered
Immaculate, unanimous, brightly refulgent in their homes.


A charm to banish fiends and troubles

1The fearful dream, and indigence, the monster, the malignant
All female fiends of evil name and wicked tongue we drive afar.


A prayer for riches

1What treasure hath been dug for us by Indra, by Agni, Visve-
devas, tuneful Maruts,
On us may Savitar whose laws are faithful, Prajāpati, and
Heavenly Grace bestow it.

HYMN XXV Scroll Up

Praise of Vishnu and Varuna

1The early morning prayer hath come to Vishnu and Varuna,
Lords through might, whom none hath equalled,
Gods by whose power the realms of air were stablished, strongest
and most heroic in their vigour.
2The early prayer hath ever come to Vishnu and Varuna by that
God's high power and statute.
In whose control is all this world that shineth, all that hath
powers to see and all that breatheth.


Praise of Vishnu

1I will declare the mighty deeds of Vishnu, of him who measured
out the earthly regions, p. a281
Who propped the highest place of congregation, thrice setting
down his footstep, widely striding.
2Loud boast doth Vishnu make of this achievement, like some
wild beast, dread, prowling, mountain-roaming.
May he approach us from the farthest distance.
3Thou within whose three wide-extended paces all worlds and
creatures have their habitation,
Drink oil, thou homed in oil! promote the sacrificer more and
4Through all this world strode Vishnu: thrice his foot he planted,
and the whole
Was gathered in his footstep's dust.
5Vishnu the guardian, he whom none deceiveth, made three steps,
Establishing these high decrees.
6Look ye on Vishnu's works, whereby the friend of Indra, close-
Hath let his holy ways be seen.
7The princes evermore behold that loftiest place where Vishnu is,
Like an extended eye in heaven,
8From heaven, O Vishnu, or from earth, O Vishnu, or from the
great far-spreading air's mid-region,
Fill both thy hands full of abundant treasures, and from the
right and left bestow them freely.


A prayer to Ida, Goddess of devotion

1May Idā with her statute dwell beside us, she in whose place the
pious purge and cleanse them.
She, mighty, Soma-decked, whose foot drops fatness, meet for
All-Gods, hath come to aid our worship.


Praise of the sacrificial utensils

1Blest be the Broom, may the Mace bring a blessing, and may the
Altar and the Hatchet bless us.
Worshipful Gods, may they accept this worship, lovers of sacri-
fice, and sacrificers.


To Agni and Vishnu

1This is your glorious might, Agni and Vishnu! Ye drink the
essence of the mystic butter.
Placing in every home seven costly treasures. Let your tongue
stretch to take the offered fatness.
2Ye love the great law, Agni Vishnu! joying, ye feast on mystic
essences of butter,
Exalted in each house with fair laudation. Let your tongue
stretch to take the offered fatness.

HYMN XXX Scroll Up

A charm to be used when the eyes are anointed

1Heaven, Earth, and Mitra here have caused mine eyes to be-
anointed well,
Savitar, Brāhmanaspati take care that they be duly balmed!


A prayer for the overthrow of enemies

1Rouse us to-day O Indra, Maghavan, hero, with thy best pos-
sible and varied succours,
May he who hateth us fall low beneath us, and him whom we
detest let life abandon.


A prayer to Agni for long life

1We bringing homage have approached the friend who seeks our
wondering praise,
Young, strengthener of the sacrifice. May he bestow long life on


A prayer for long life, children, and riches

1Let Pūshan, let the Maruts, let Brihaspati pour forth on me;
This present Agni pour on me children and riches in a stream!
May he bestow long life on me.


A prayer for freedom from sin and the overthrow of enemies

1Agni, drive off my rivals born and living, repel those yet unborn,
O Jātavedas.
Cast down beneath my feet mine adversaries. In Aditi's regard
may we be sinless.


A prayer for the prosperity of a King and his kingdom

1Subdue with conquering might his other rivals, those yet unborn
repel, O Jātavedas.
For great felicity protect this kingdom, and in this man let all
the Gods be joyful.
2Hae quot tibi sunt venae atque arteriae harum omnium os tibi
lapide occlusi.
3Uteri tui summam partem inferam facio: ne tibi soboles neque
filius eveniat. Sterilem et infecundam te facio: lapidem tuum,
operimentum facio.


A charm to be pronounced by bride and bridegroom

1Sweet are the glances of our eyes, our faces are as smooth as
Within thy bosom harbour me; one spirit dwell in both of us!


A nuptial charm to be spoken by the bride

1With this my robe, inherited from Manu, I envelop thee,
So that thou mayst be all mine own and give no thought to other


A maiden's love-charm

1I dig this Healing Herb that makes my lover look on me and
That bids the parting friend return and kindly greets him as he
2This Herb wherewith the Asuri drew Indra downward from the
With this same Herb I draw thee close that I may be most dear
to thee.
3Thou art the peer of Soma, yea, thou art the equal of the Sun, p. a285
The peer of all the Gods art thou: therefore we call thee hither—
4I am the speaker here, not thou: speak thou where the assembly
Thou shalt be mine and only mine, and never mention other
5If thou art far away beyond the rivers, far away from men,
This Herb shall seem to bind thee fast and bring thee back my


A sacrificial charm for rain and prosperity

1May he establish in our home the master of riches, gladdening
with rain in season,
Mighty, strong-winged, celestial, dropping moisture, Bull of the
plants and embryo of waters.

HYMN XL Scroll Up

A prayer for prosperity

1We call Sarasvān, under whose protection all cattle wander, to
preserve and aid us,
Him in whose ordinance abide the waters, to whose command
the Lord of Plenty listens.
2Abiding here let us invoke Sarasvān, the seat of riches, glorious,
Him who inclines and gives to him who worships, the rich pos-
sessor and the Lord of Fulness.

HYMN XLI Scroll Up

A prayer for prosperity

1Observing men, and viewing home, the Falcon hath cleft his swift
way over wastes and waters.
May he, with Indra for a friend, auspicious, traversing all air's
lower realms, come hither.
2The heavenly Falcon, viewing men, well-pinioned, strength-giver,
hundred-footed, hundred-nested,
Shall give us treasure which was taken from us. May it be rich
in food among our Fathers.


A prayer for delivery from sin and sickness

1Scatter and drive away, Soma and Rudra, the sickness that hath
come within our dwelling, p. a287
Afar into the distance chase Destruction, and even from commit-
ted sin release us.
2Lay on our bodies, O ye twain, O Soma and Rudra, all those
balms that heal diseases.
Set free and draw away the sin committed, which we have still
inherent in our persons.


A charm against lightning

1Some of thy words bode weal and some misfortune: thou scat-
terest them all with friendly feeling.
Deep within this three words are laid: among them one hath
flown off even as the sound was uttered.


In praise of Indra and Vishnu

1Ye twain have conquered, and have not been vanquished: not
either of the pair hath been defeated.
Ye, Indra Vishnu, when ye fought your battle; produced this
infinite with three divisions.

HYMN XLV Scroll Up

A charm against jealousy

1Brought hitherward from Sindhu, from a folk of every mingled
Fetched from afar, thou art I deem, a balm that cureth.
2As one with water quencheth fire, so calm this lover's
Like heat of fire that burneth here, or flame that rageth through
the wood.


A charm for offspring and prosperity

1O broad-tressed Sinivāli, thou who art the sister of the Gods,
Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
2Present the sacrifice to her, to Sinivāli, Queen of men, Beauti-
ful-fingered, lovely-armed, prolific, bearing many a child.
3Thou who as Queen of men art Indra's equal, a Goddess
coming with a thousand tresses,
To thee our sacrifices are performed, O Consort of Vishnu
Goddess, urge thy Lord to bounty!


A prayer for wealth and birth of a son

1Oft in this sacrifice with favoured cry I call Kuhū, beneficent
Goddess, skilled in all her works.
May she vouchsafe us wealth with every boon, and give a, hero
meet for praise who gives a hundred gifts.
2Kuhl), the Queen of Gods and immortality, called to assist,
enjoy this sacrifice of' ours!
Let her, desirous of our worship, hear to-day: may she,
intelligent, give increase of our wealth.


A prayer for prosperity and the birth of a son

1I call on Rākā with hair laud and reverent cry: may she,
auspicious, hear us and herself observe.
With never-breaking needle may she sew her work, and send a
glorious man who gives a hundred gifts.
2All thy kind favours, Rākā! lovely in their form, wherewith
thou grantest treasures to the man who gives,
With these come thou to us this day benevolent, O blessed one,
bestowing wealth of thousand sorts.


A prayer for children and booty

1May the Gods' Consorts aid us of their own free will, help us
to offspring and the winning of the spoil.
May Goddesses who quickly listen shelter us, both those on
earth and they within the waters' realm.
2May the Dames, wives of Gods, enjoy our presents, Rāt, Asvini
Indrāni and Agnāyi;
May Rodasi and Varunāni hear us, and Goddesses come at the
matrons' season.

HYMN L Scroll Up

A gambler's prayer for success in gaming

1As evermore the lightning flash strikes, irresistible, the tree,
So, irresistible, may I conquer the gamblers with the dice. p. a290
2From every side, from hale and sick, impotent to defend them-
May all the fortune of the folk as winnings pass into my hands.
3I pray to Agni, him who guards his treasure: here, won by
homage, may he pile our winnings.
As 'twere with racing cars I bring my presents: duly with
reverence, let me laud the Maruts.
4With thee to aid us may we win the treasure: do thou assist
our side in every battle.
Give us wide room and easy way, O Indra; break down, O
Maghavan, the foemen's valour.
5I have completely cleaned thee out, won from thee what thou
keptest back.
As a wolf tears and rends a sheep, so do I tear thy stake away.
6Yea, by superior play one gains advantage: in time he piles his
spoil as doth a gambler.
He overwhelms with wealth's inherent powers the devotee who
keeps not back his riches.
7May we all, much-invoked! repel with cattle want that brings
sin, hunger with store of barley.
May we uninjured, first among the princes, obtain possessions
by our own exertions.
8My right hand holds my winnings fast, and in my left is
I would that I were winner of cattle and horses, wealth and
9Dice, give me play that bringeth fruit as 'twere a cow with
flowing milk!
And, as the bowstring binds, the bow, unite me with a stream of

HYMN LI Scroll Up

A prayer for Brihaspati's and Indra's protection

1Brihaspati protect us from the sinner, from rearward, from
above, and from below us!
May Indra from the front and from the centre, as friend to
friends, vouchsafe us room and freedom.

HYMN LII Scroll Up

A prayer for peace and concord

1Give us agreement with our own, with strangers give us unity:
Do ye, O Asvins, in this place join us in sympathy and love.
2May we agree in mind, agree in purpose: let us not fight against
the heavenly spirit.
Around us rise no din of frequent slaughter, nor Indra's arrow
fly, for day is present!


A charm to recover a sick man at the point of death

1As thou, Brihaspati, from the curse hast saved us, from dwel-
ling yonder in the realm of Yama,
The Asvins, leeches of the Gods, O Agni, have chased Death
far from us with mighty powers.
2Move both together; do not leave the body. Let both the
breathings stay for thee united.
Waxing in strength live thou a hundred autumns. Thy noblest
guardian and thy lord is Agni. p. a292
3Return, thy life now vanished into distance! Return, the breath
thou drawest and exhalest!
Agni hath snatched it from Destruction's bosom: into thyself
again I introduce it.
4Let not the vital breath he draws forsake him, let not his
expiration part and leave him.
I give him over to the Seven Rishis: let them conduct him to
old age in safety.
5Enter him, both ye breaths, like two draught-oxen entering their
Let him, the treasure of old age, still wax in strength, uninjured,.
6I send thee back thy vital breath; I drive Consumption far from
May Agni here, most excellent, sustain our life on every side.
7From out the depth of darkness, we, ascending to the highest
Have come to the sublimest light, to Sūrya, God among the.

HYMN LIV Scroll Up

A charm to obtain knowledge of the Veda

1We worship holy Verse and Song, by which they carry out their
Shining in order's seat these twain present the sacrifice to Gods.
2As I have asked about Verse, Song, Sacrifice, strength, force,.
So never let this lore that I have sought forsake me, Lord of

HYMN LV Scroll Up

A charm to ensure a prosperous journey

1Thy downward paths from heaven, whereby thou hast raised all
the world to life,
Give us in gracious love, good Lord!

HYMN LVI Scroll Up

A charm against poisonous bites and stings

1Whether it came from viper, from black snake or snake with
transverse stripes,
Or Kankaparvan's bite, this herb hath made the poison power-
2Honey-born, honey-dropping, rich in honey, honeysweet, this
Is medicine that heals the wound and kills the gnat that bites
and stings.
3Whatever bit, or sucked thy blood, we summon thence away
from thee
The ineffectual poison of the little sharply-stinging gnat.
4Thou here who crookest wicked jaws, thou tortuous, jointless,
limbless thing,
These jaws thou, Brāhmanaspati! shalt bend together like a
5This scorpion here that creeps along, low on the ground and
powerless— p. a294
I have removed his poison and then utterly demolished him.
6No strength in thy two arms hast thou, nor in thy head, nor in
thy waist:
Then what is that small thing thou so viciously bearest in thy
7The emmets make a meal of thee and peahens tear and mangle
All ye are crying out, In sooth the scorpion's poison hath no
8Thou creature who inflictest wounds both with thy mouth and
with thy tail,
No poison in thy mouth hast thou: what at thy tail's root will
there be?


A charm for some physical disorder

1Whatever trouble hath disturbed and shaken me—I speak with
hope, I move, imploring, 'mid the folk
What harm my body in myself hath suffered, now let Sarasvati
relieve with fatness.
2Seven flow for him, the youth on whom the Maruts wait: the
sons have taught the Father everlasting laws.
Both worlds are his: both shine belonging unto him. Both
move together: both, as his possession thrive.


An invitation to Indra and Varuna

1True to laws, Indra Varuna, drinkers of the juice, quaff this
pressed Soma which shall give you rapturous joy!
Let sacrifice, your car, to entertain the Gods, approach its rest-
ing-place that they may drink thereof.
2O Indra Varuna, drink your fill, ye heroes, of this effectual and
sweetest Soma.
This juice was shed by us that ye might quaff it. On this trimmed
grass be seated and rejoice you.

HYMN LIX Scroll Up

An imprecation

1Like a tree struck by lightning may the man be withered from
the root.
Who curseth us who curse not him, or, when we curse him.
curseth us.

HYMN LX Scroll Up

A parting traveller's address to the houses of his village

1I, prudent, bringing power, a treasure-winner, with amicable
eye that strikes no terror,
Come, praising and kind-thoughted, to these houses: be not
afraid of me, be glad and joyful.
2Let these delightful Houses that are rich in power and store of
Replete with wealth and standing firm, become aware of our
3These Houses we invoke, whereon the distant exile sets his
thought, p. a296
Wherein dwells many a friendly heart: let them beware of our
4Thus greeted, ye of ample wealth, friends who enjoy delightful
Be ever free from hunger, free from thirst! Ye Houses, fear us
5Kind greeting to the cattle here, kind greeting to the goats and
Then, of the food within our homes, kind greeting to the plea-
sant drink!
6Full of refreshment, full of charms, of laughter and felicity,
Be ever free from hunger, free from thirst! Ye Houses, fear us
Stay here, and come not after me: prosper in every form and
With happy fortune will I come! Grow more abundant still
through me!

HYMN LXI Scroll Up

A prayer for sacred knowledge and its fruits

1Since, Agni, with our fervent zeal we undergo austerity,
May we be dear to Sacred Lore, may we be wise and live long
2Agni, we practise acts austere, we undergo austerity.
So listening to Holy Lore may we grow wise and full of days.


A prayer for the overthrow of enemies

1Like a car-warrior, Agni here, grown mighty, Lord of the brave,
Chief Priest, hath conquered footmen.
Laid on earth's centre he hath flashed and glittered. Low may
he lay our enemies beneath us.


A prayer for deliverance from affliction

1We call with lauds from his most lofty dwelling victorious Agni,
conqueror in battles.
May he conveyus over all distresses, may the God Agni bear us
past our troubles.


A charm to avert an evil omen

1From all that woe and trouble may the Waters save and rescue
Whate'er the Raven, black of hue, flying out hither ward, hath
2May Agni Gārhapatya save and set me free from all this guilt.
Which the black Raven with thy mouth, O Nirriti, hath wiped

HYMN LXV Scroll Up

A charm against imprecation and threatened evils

1With retroverted fruit hast thou, O Apāmārga, sprung and
Hence into distance most remote drive every curse away from,
2Whatever evil we have done, whatever vile or sinful act,
With thee, O Apāmārga, who lookest all ways, we wipe it off.
3If with the cripple we have lived, whose teeth are black and
nails deformed,
With thee, O Apāmārga, we wipe all that ill away from us.


A prayer to Vāk

1If it was in the wind or air's mid-region, if it was in the trees or
in the bushes,
To meet whose utterance forth streamed the cattle, may that.
Celestial Power again approach us.


A priest's prayer to the Agnayo Dhishnyāh

1May sense return to me again, and spirit, return my Sacred
Power and my possessions!
Again let fires, aflame on lesser altars, each duly stationed, here
succeed and prosper.


A prayer for children and prosperity

1Sarasvati, in thy decrees, Goddess, in thy celestial laws,
Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
2Here is, Sarasvati, thy fat libation, this sacrifice passing to the
mouth of Fathers.
These most auspicious offerings have ascended to thee: through,
these may we be full of sweetness.
3Be kind and most auspicious, be gracious to us, Sarasvati, May
we be ever in thy sight.


A prayer for prosperity

1May the wind kindly breathe on us, may the Sun warm us.
May days pass happily for us, may night draw near delightfully,
may dawn break joyfully for us!

HYMN LXX Scroll Up

A charm to frustrate an enemy's sacrifice

1Whatever sacrifice that man performeth with voice, mind, sacred
formula, oblation,
May, in accord with Death, Destruction ruin his offering before
it gain fulfilment.
2For him may sorcerers, Destruction, demons strike and prevent
fulfilment through their falsehood.
Let Gods, by Indra sent, destroy his butter, and let his sacrifice
be ineffective.
3Let the two Sovrans, swift to come, like falcons swooping on
their prey,
Destroy the butter of the foe whoever plots to injure us.
4I seize thine arms and draw them back, I bind a bandage on thy
I with the anger of the God Agni have killed thy sacrifice. p. a300
5Behind thy back I tie thine arms, I bind a bandage on thy
With the terrific Agni's wrath have I destroyed thy sacrifice.


In praise of Agni

1We set thee round us as a fort, victorious Agni! thee a sage,
Bold in thy colour day by day, destroyer of the treacherous foe.


An invitation to Indra

1Rise up and look upon the share of Indra fixt by ritual use.
Whether ye poured libation dressed or took delight in it un-
2Libation is prepared. Come to us, Indra: the Sun hath travelled
over half his journey.
Friends with their treasures sit around thee, waiting like heads
of houses for their wandering chieftain.
3Dressed in the udder and on fire, I fancy; well dressed, I fancy,
is this new oblation.
Quaff thickened milk of noon's libation, Indra, well pleased, O
Thunderer, famed for many an exploit!


An invitation to the Asvins

1Inflamed is Agni, Heroes! charioteer of heaven. The caldron
boils: the meath is drained to be your food.
For we, O Asvins, singers sprung from many a house, invite you
to be present at our banquetings. p. a301
2Asvins, the fire is all aglow: your caldron hath been heated;.
Here, even now, O Heroes, are the milch-kine milked. The
priests, ye mighty ones! rejoice.
3Pure with the Gods is sacrifice with cry of Hail! That is the
Asvins' cup whence Gods are wont to drink.
Yea, the Immortal Ones accept it, one and all, and come to kiss
that cup with the Gandharva's mouth.
4Milk, molten butter offered when the mornings break,—this is
your portion, Asvins! Come ye hitherward.
Lords of the brave, balm-lovers, guards of sacrifice, drink ye the
warm libation in the light of heaven.
5Let the warm drink approach you with its Hotar-priest: let the
Adhvaryu come to you with store of milk.
Come, O ye Asvins, taste the meath that hath been drained,
drink of the milk provided by this radiant cow.
6Come hither, quickly come, thou milker of the kine; into the
caldron pour milk of the radiant cow.
Most precious Savitar hath looked upon the heaven. After
Dawn's going-forth he sends his light abroad.
7I invocate this milch-cow good for milking, so that the milker,
deft of hand, may milk her.
May Savitar give goodliest stimulation. The caldron hath been
warmed. Let him proclaim it.
8She, sovran of all treasures, is come hither yearning in spirit for
her calf, and lowing.
May this cow yield her milk for both the Asvins, and may she
prosper to our great advantage.
9As dear house-friend, guest welcome in the dwelling, to this our
sacrifice come thou who knowest.
And, Agni, having scattered all assailants, bring to us the posses-
sions of our foemen.
10Show thyself strong for mighty bliss, O Agni! Most excellent be
thine effulgent splendours!
Make easy to maintain our household lordship, and overcome
the might of those who hate us.
11Fortunate mayst thou be with goodly pasture, and may we also
be exceeding wealthy.
Feed on the grass, O Cow, at every season, and, coming hither,
drink the limpid water.


A charm to cure pustules, sores, or scrofulous swellings (apachitas)

1Black is the mother, we have heard, from whom the red-hued
Pustules sprang.
With the divine ascetic's root I pierce and penetrate them all.
2I pierce the foremost one of these, I perforate the middlemost,
And here I cut the hindermost asunder like a lock of hair.
3With spell that Tvashtar sent to us I have dispelled thy jealousy.
We mitigate and pacify the anger that thou feltest, Lord!
4Lord of religious rites, by law, anointed, shine thou forth here
for ever friendly-minded.
So may we all with children, Jātavedas! worship and humbly
wait on thee enkindled.


A blessing on cows

1Let not a thief or wicked man possess you: let not the dart of
Rudra come anear you,
Prolific, shining in the goodly pasture, drinking at pleasant pools
the limpid water. p. a303
2Ye know the place and rest content, close-gathered, called by
many a name. Come to me, Goddesses, with Gods
Bedew with streams of fatness us, this cattle-pen, and all this


A charm to cure scrofulous pustules and scrofula

1Rapidly dropping, quick to drop, more evil than the evil ones,
More sapless than a dried-up bone, swifter than salt to melt
2Pustules that rise upon the neck, Pustules upon the shoulder-
Pustules that, falling of themselves, spring up on every twofold
3I have expelled and banished all Scrofula harboured in the head,
And that which bores the breast-bone through, and that which
settles in the sole.
4Scrofula flies borne on by wings: it penerates and holds the
Here is the cure of either kind, the chronic and the transient.
5We know thine origin, Scrofula! know whence thou, Scrofula,
art born.
How hast thou then struck this man here, him in whose house
we sacrifice?
6Boldly drink Soma from the beaker, Indra! hero in war for
treasure! Vritra-slayer.
Fill thyself full at the mid-day libation: thyself possessing riches
grant us riches.


An incantation against an enemy

1Ye Maruts, full of fiery heat, accept this offering brought for
To help us, ye who slay the foe.
2Maruts, the man who filled with rage against us beyond our
thoughts would harm us, O ye Vasus,
May he be tangled in the toils of Mischief: smite ye him down
with your most flaming weapon.
3Each year come, friends to man, the tuneful Maruts, dwelling in
spacious mansions, trooped together.
Exhilarating, gladdening full of fiery heat, may they deliver us
from binding bonds of sin.


A charm for a prince's prosperity

1I free thee from the cord, I loose the bond, I loose the fastening.
Even here, perpetual, Agni, wax thou strong. p. a305
2I with celestial prayer appoint thee, Agni, maintainer of this
man in princely powers.
Here brightly shine for us with wealth: declare thou to Gods
this favoured giver of oblations.


A hymn to the New Moon

1Night of the New-born Moon, whatever fortune the Gods who
dwell with greatness have assigned thee,
Therewith fulfil our sacrifice, all-baunteous! Blessed One, grant
us wealth with manly offspring.
2I am the New Moon's Night, the good and pious are my in-
habitants, these dwell within me.
In me have Gods of both the spheres, and Sādhyas, with Indra
as their chief, all met together.
3The Night hath come, the gatherer of treasures, bestowing
strength, prosperity, and riches.
To New Moon's Night let us present oblation: pouring out
strength, with milk hath she come hither.
4Night of New Moon! ne'er hath been born another than thou
embracing all these forms and natures,
May we have what we longed for when we brought thee obla-
tions: may we be the lords of riches.


A hymn to the Full Moon

1Full in the front, full rearward, from the middle the Full Moon's
Night hath conquered in the battle.
In her: may we, dwelling with Gods and greatness, feast in the
height of heaven, on strengthening viands. p. a306
2To him, the Full Moon's mighty Bull, we pay our solemn sacri-
May he bestow upon us wealth unwasting, inexhaustible.
3No one but thou, Prajāpati, none beside thee, pervading, gave
to all these forms their being.
Grant us our hearts' desire when we invoke thee: may we have
store of riches in possession.
4First was the Full Moon meet for adoration among the days and
in the nights' deep darkness.
Into thy heaven, O Holy One, have entered those pious men
who honour thee with worship.


A hymn to the New Moon

1Forward and backward by their wondrous power move these
two youths, disporting, round the ocean.
One views all living things, and thou, the other, art born again
arranging times and seasons.
2Thou art re-born for ever new: thou marchest, ensign of days,
in forefront of the mornings.
Marching thou dealest to the Gods their portion. Thou lengthe-
nest, Moon! the days of man's existence.
3O spray of Soma, Lord of Wars! all-perfect verily art thou.
Make me all-perfect, Beauteous One! in riches and in progeny.
4Thou art the New Moon, fair to see, thou art complete in every
May I be perfect, fully blest in every way in steeds and kine, in
children, cattle, home, and wealth.
5Inflate thee with his vital breath who hathes us and whom we
May we grow rich in steeds and kine, in children, cattle, houses,
45With that unwasting stalk which Gods, unwasting Gods, in-
crease and eat, p. a307
May Varuna, Brihaspati, and Indra, the Lords and Guardians of
the world, increase us.


In praise of Agni

1Sing with fair laud the combat for the cattle. Bestow upon us
excellent possessions.
Lead to the Gods the sacrifice we offer: let streams of oil flow
pure and full of sweetness.
2Agni I first appropriate with power, with splendour, and with
I give myself children and lengthened life, with Hail! take Agni
to myself.
3Even here do thou, O Agni, stablish wealth: let not oppressors
injure thee by thinking of thee first.
Light be thy task of ruling, Agni, with, thy power: may he who
worships thee wax strong, invincible.
4Agni hath looked upon the spring of Morning, looked on the
days, the earliest Jātavedas.
So, following the gleams of Morning, Sūrya hath entered heaven
and earth as his possession.
5Agni hath looked upon the spring of Mornings, looked on the
days, the earliest Jātavedas.
So he in countless places hath extended, full against heaven and
earth, the beams of Sūrya. p. a308
6Butter to thee in heaven thy home, O Agni! Manu this day hath
kindled thee with butter.
Let the Celestial Daughters bring thee butter: Let cows pour
butter forth for thee, O Agni.


A prayer for deliverance from sin and other evils

1Stablished amid the waters is, King Varuna, thy golden home.
Thence let the Sovran who maintains the statutes loose all bind-
ing cords.
2Hence free thou us, King Varuna, from each successive bond
and tie.
As we have cried, O Varuna! have said, The Waters, they are
kine, thence set us free, O Varuna.
3Loosen the bonds, O Varuna, that hold us, loosen the bond.
above, between, and under.
So before Aditi may we be sinless under thy favouring auspices,
4Varuna, free us from all snares that bind us, Varuna's bonds, the
upper and the lower.
Drive from us evil dream, drive off misfortune: then let us pass
into the world of virtue.


A prayer for protection

1Holder of sway, shine here refulgent, Agni! invincible immortal
With succours friendly to mankind, auspicious, driving away all
maladies, guard our dwelling.
2Thou, Indra, lord and leader of the people, wast born for lovely
strength and high dominion.
Thou dravest off the folk who were unfriendly, and madest for
the Gods wide room and freedom.
3Like a dread wild beast roaming on the mountain, may he.
approach us from the farthest distance.
Whetting thy bolt and thy sharp blade, O Indra, crush down our
foes and scatter those who hate us.


A charm to ensure victory in battle

1This very mighty one whom Gods urge onward, the conqueror
of cars, ever triumphant,
Swift, fleet to battle, with uninjured fellies, even Tārkshya for
our weal will we call hither.


The same

1Indra the rescuer, Indra the helper, Indra the brave who hears
each invocation,
Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra Maghavan pros-
per and bless us.


A prayer to Rudra as Agni

1To Rudra in the fire, to him who dwells in floods, to Rudra who
hath entered into herbs and plants,
To him who formed and fashioned all these worlds, to him this
Rudra, yea, to Agni, reverence be paid!


A charm to cure a snake-bite

1Depart! thou art a foe, a foe. Poison with poison hast thou
mixt, yea, verily poison hast thou mixt.
Go to the serpent: strike him dead.


A prayer for purification and prosperity

1The heavenly Waters have I ranged: we have been sated with
their dew. p. a311
Here, Agni, bearing milk, am I. Endow me with the gift of
2Endow me with the gift of strength, with children, and a length-
ened life.
May the Gods mark this prayer of mine, may Indra with the
Rishis mark.
3Ye Waters, wash away this stain and whatsoever taint be here,
Each sinful wrong that I have done and every harmless curse
of mine.
4Thou art the wood, may I succeed! fuel, may I be glorified!
splendour, give splendour unto me.

HYMN XC Scroll Up

A charm against a rival in love

1Tear thou asunder, as of old, like tangles of a creeping plant.
Demolish thou the Dāsa's might.
2May we with Indra's help divide the gathered treasure of the
I, by the law of Varuna, bring down thy pride and wantonness.
3Ut virga abeat et feminis innocua fiat, (virga) membri humidi,
membri quod verberat penetratque, id quod tentum est laxa,
id quod sursum tentum est deorsum tende.

HYMN XCI Scroll Up

A Prayer for protection

1May Indra with his help, Lord of all treasures, be unto us a
careful protector.
Drive off our foes and give us peace and safety. May we be lords
of goodly store of heroes.


A Prayer for protection

1May this rich Indra as our good protector keep even far away
the men who hate us.
May we enjoy his favour, his the holy: may we enjoy his
blessed loving-kindness.


A prayer for success in battle

1With Indra's and with Manyu's aid may we subdue our enemies,
resistlessly destroying foes.


A charm to ensure the obedience of subjects

1We laid the constant Soma on with constant sacrificial gift,
That Indra may make all the tribes unanimous and only ours.

HYMN XCV Scroll Up

An incantation against an undetected thief

1To heaven, as 'twere, have soared this man's two vultures,
staggering, dusky hued.
The Parcher and the Drier-up, the pair who parch and dry his
2I verily have stirred them up like oxen resting after toil.
Like two loud-snarling curs, or like two wolves who watch to
make their spring:
3Like two that thrust, like two that pierce, like two that strike
with mutual blows.
I bind the conduit of the man or dame who hence hath taken


An incantation against an undetected thief

1The kine are resting in the stall, home to her nest hath flown
the bird,
The hills are firmly rooted: I have fixed the kidneys in their


Sacrificial formulas

1As we have here elected thee, skilled Hotar! to-day as this our
sacrifice proceedeth,
Come to the firm place, mightiest! yea, come firmly. Knowing
the sacrifice, approach the Soma.
2With kine connect us, and with spirit, Indra! Lord of Bay
Steeds, with princes and with favour,
With the God-destined portion of the Brāhmans,
and the good-will of Gods who merit worship.
3The willing Gods whom, God, thou hast brought hither, send
thou to their own dwelling-place, O Agni.
When ye have eaten and have drunk sweet juices, endow this
man with precious wealth, ye Vasus.
4Gods, we have made your seats of easy access, who, pleased
with me, have come to my libation.
Bearing and bringing hitherward your treasures, after the rich
warm beverage mount to heaven.
5Go to the sacrifiee, go to its master, Sacrifice! To thy birth-
place go with Svāhā. p. a314
6This is thy sacrifice with hole hymnal, Lord of the Rite, Svāhā!
and fraught with vigour.
7Vashat to paid and yet unpaid oblations! Ye Gods who know
the way, find and pursue it!
8Lord of the Mind, lay this our sacrifice in heaven among the
Gods. Svāhā in heaven! Svāhā on earth!
Svāhā in air! In wind have I paid offerings. Hail!


Anointing the sacred grass

1Balmed is the Grass with butter and libation, with Indra.
gracious Lord, and with the Maruts.
Hail! let the sacrifice go forth anointed to Indra with the Gods
and Visve Devas.


The preparation of the altar

1Strew thou the Grass, and spread it on the Altar: rob not the
sister who is lying yonder.
The Hotar's seat is green and golden: these are gold necklets.
in the plaee of him who worships.

HYMN C Scroll Up

A charm against nightmare

1I turn away from evil dream, from dream of sin, from indigence.
I make the prayer mine inmost friend. Hence! torturing.
dreamy phantasies!

HYMN CI Scroll Up

The same

1The food that in a dream I eat is not perceived at early morn.
May all that food be blest to me because it is not seen by day.

HYMN CII Scroll Up

A charm to obtain pardon for an indecent act

1When I have worshipped Heaven and Earth, reverenced Firma-
ment and Death,
I will make water standing up. Let not the Sovrans injure me.


The cry of an unemployed priest

1What princely warrior, seeking higher fortune, will free us from
this shameful fiend of mischief?
What friend of sacrifice? What guerdon-lover? Who winneth:
'mid the Gods a long existence?

HYMN CIV Scroll Up

A prayer for prosperity

1Who will prepare the dappled Cow, good milker, ne'er without
calf, whom Varuna gave Atharvan,
And, joying in Brihaspati's alliance, arrange according to his will
her body?

HYMN CV Scroll Up

An initiation formula

1Leaving humanity behind, making the heavenly word thy choice,
With all thy friends address thyself to furthering and guiding

HYMN CVI Scroll Up

A prayer for pardon of sin

1Each thoughtless ill that we have done, O Agni, all error in our
conduct, Jātavedas!
Therefrom do thou, O sapient God, preserve us. May we thy
friends, for bliss, have life eternal.


A charm against Cough

1The seven bright beams of Surya bring the waters downward
from the sky,
The streams of ocean: these have made the sting that pained
thee drop away.


A prayer for protection

1Whoso by stealth or openly would harm us, a friend who knows
us, or a stranger, Agni!
May the strange she-fiend armed with teeth attack them: O
Agni, theirs be neither home nor children!
2Whoso oppresseth us O Jātavedas, asleep or waking, standing
still or moving.
Accordant with Vaisvānara thy comrade, O Jātavedas, meet
them and consume them.

HYMN CIX Scroll Up

A prayer for success in gambling

1My homage to the strong, the brown, the sovran lord among
the dice!
Butter on Kali I bestow: may he be kind to one like me.
2Bear butter to the Apsarases, O Agni, and to the Dice bear dust
and sand and water.
The Gods delight in both oblations, joying in sacrificial gifts
apportioned duly.
3The Apsarases take pleasure in the banquet between the Sun and.
the libation-holder.
With butter let them fill my hands, and give me, to be my prey,
the man who plays against me.
4Evil be mine opponent's luck! Sprinkle thou butter over us.
Strike, as a tree with lightning flash, mine adversary in the game.
5The God who found for us this wealth for gambling, to cast the
dice and count the winning number,
May he accept the sacrifice we offer, and with Gandharvas revel
in the banquet.
6Fellow-inhabitants, such is your title, for Dice with looks of
power support dominion. p. a318
As such with offerings may we serve you, Indus! May we have
riches in our own possession.
7As I invoke the Gods at need, as I have lived in chastity,
May these, when I have grasped the Dice, the brown, be kind to
one like me.

HYMN CX Scroll Up

A prayer for success in battle

1Resistless, Agni, Indra, smite his foemen for the worshipper,
For best foe-slayers are ye both.
2Agni I call, and Indra, foe-destroyers, swift moving, heroes,
Gods who wield the thunder,
Through whom they won the light in the beginning, these who
have made all worlds their habitation.
3The God Brihaspati hath won thy friendly favour with the cup.
With hymns, O Indra, enter us for the juice-pouring worshipper.

HYMN CXI Scroll Up

A prayer for offspring

1Belly of Indra art thou, Soma-holder! the very soul of Gods
and human beings.
Here be the sire of offspring, thine here present! Here be they
glad in thee who now are elsewhere.


A prayer for protection and freedom from sin

1Radiant with light are Heaven and Earth, whose grace is nigh,
whose sway is vast.
Seven Goddesses have flowed to us: may they deliver us from
2Release me from the curse's bond and plague that comes from
Free me from Yama's fetter and from every sin against the


A woman's incantation against a rival

1Rough Plant, thou rough rude parasite, cut thou that man, O
Rough and Rude,
That thou mayst hinder from his act that man in all his manly
2Thou, rugged Plant, art rude and rough, Vishā, Vishātaki art
That thou mayest be cast off by him, as by a bull a barren cow.


A woman's incantation against a rival

1I have extracted from thy sides, I have extracted from thy heart,
I have extracted from thy face the strength and splendour that
were thine.
2Let pain and suffering pass away, let cares and curses vanish.
Let Agni slay the fiendish hags, Soma kill bags who trouble us.

HYMN CXV Scroll Up

A charm against Misfortune

1Hence. Evil Fortune! fly away, vanish from this place and from
We fix thee with an iron hook unto the man who hateth us.
2Granting us riches, Savitar! golden-banded, send thou away
from us to other regions
That Fortune who, flying, abominable, hath, as a creeper climbs•
a tree, assailed me.
3One and a hundred Fortunes all together are at his birth born
with a mortal's body.
Of these we send away the most unlucky: keep lucky ones for
us, O Jātavedas.
4I have disparted these and those like cows who stray on common
Here let auspicious Fortunes stay: hence have I banished evil


A charm against Fever

1Homage to him the burning one, shaker, exciter, violent!
Homage to him the cold who acts according to his ancient will!
2May he, the lawless one, who comes alternate or two following
days, pass over and possess the frog.


A charm to ensure prosperity

1Come hither, Indra, with bay steeds, joyous, with tails like pea-
cock plumes.
Let none impede thy way as fowlers stay the bird: pass o'er
them as o'er desert lands.


A benediction on a warrior

1Thy vital parts I cover with thine armour: with immortality
King Soma clothe thee!
Varuna give thee what is more than ample, and in thy triumph
let the Gods be joyful.

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