Atharva Veda - Book 19

Atharva Veda

Translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith

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HYMN I Scroll Up

An accompaniment to the offering of a Mixt Oblation

1Let the streams flow together, let the winds and birds assembled
Strengthen this sacrifice of mine, ye singers. I offer up a duly
mixt oblation.
2O Burnt Oblations, aid, and ye, Blent Offerings, this my
Strengthen this sacrifice of mine, ye singers. I offer up a duly
mixt oblation.
3Each several form, each several force I seize, and compass round
this man.
May the Four Quarters strengthen this my sacrifice. I offer up a
duly mixt oblation.

HYMN II Scroll Up

A hymn to all waters

1Blest be the Streams from hills of snow, sweet be spring Waters
unto thee.
Sweet be swift-running Waters, sweet to thee be Water of the
Rains. p. 212
2Sweet unto thee be Waters of the waste and Waters of the pool.
Sweet be the Waters dug from earth, to thee, and Waters
brought in jars.
3To those who delve without a tool to dig, the wise, the deeply
To Waters better healers than physicians we address our prayer.
4Bathed in the Waters verily divine, in water of the streams,
Bathed in the Waters verily, O Horses, be ye fleet and strong.
5Blest be the Waters unto thee, suspicious Waters, bringing.
They cure the injured place for thee even as thy comfort craveth

HYMN III Scroll Up

A hymn to Agni for protection and prosperity

1Whithersoe'er, from sky, earth, air's mid-regions from plants ands
herbs, from tall trees, Jātavedas.
Is carried here and there to divers places, even thence come thou
to us with loving-kindness.
2All majesty of thine in floods, in forest, in plants, in cattle, in
the depths of waters
Closely uniting all thy forms, O Agni, come unto us wealth-giv-
ing, undecaying.
3Thy majesty among the Gods in Svarga, thy body which hath
past into the Fathers.
Thy plenty far-diffused mid human beings, even with this, O
Agni, give us riches.
4To him the wise, the famous, swift to listen, with words and
verses I come nigh for bounty.
May we be safe from threatening danger. Soften by sacrifice the-
wrath of Gods, O Agni.

HYMN IV Scroll Up

A prayer, accompanying sacrifice, for the attainment of a wish

1The first oblation that Atharvan oared, earliest sacrifice paid by
Jātavedas, p. 213
Even this I, foremost, with repeated worship, now offer unto
thee. May Agni carry the sacrificer's present. Hail to Agni!
2In front I set Intention, blessed Goddess. Mother of thought,
may she be prompt to hear us.
Mine, and mine only, be the hope I fashion! May I gain this
that hath possessed my spirit.
3With Purpose, O Prajāpati, with Purpose come thou near to us.
Bestow on us a share of luck, and so be swift to hear our call.
4Prajāpati Angirasa with favour regard this word and this my
settled purpose!
May he, whence Gods and Deities had being Kāma attend us
with his gentle guidance.

HYMN V Scroll Up

A prayer for riches

4King of the living world and men is Indra, of all in varied form
that earth containeth.
Thence to the worshipper he giveth riches: may he enrich even
us when we have praised him.

HYMN VI Scroll Up

The purusha-Sūkta, on the mystical Sacrifice of Purusha

1Purusha hath a thousand arms, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet.
On every side pervading earth he fills a space ten fingers wide.
2He with three quarters rose to heaven here reappeared a fourth
of him.
Thence he strode forth on every side to all that eats not and that
3So mighty is his grandeur, yea, greater than this is Purusha.
All creatures are one-fourth of him, three-fourths what dieth
not in heaven. p. 214
4Purusha is in truth this All, what hath been and what yet shall;
Lord, too, of immortality—and what hath grown with some-
what else.
5When they divided Purusha how many portions did they make?
What was his mouth? what were his arms? what are the names
of thighs and feet?
6The Brāhman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rājanya
His waist became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sūdra was
7The Moon was gendered from his mind, and from his eye the
Sun had birth.
Indra and Agni from his mouth were born and Vāyu from his
8Forth from his navel come mid-air; the sky was fashioned from
his head.
Earth from his feet, and from his ear the regions. Thus they
formed the worlds.
9In the beginning rose Virāj: Purusha from Virāj was born.
As soon as he was born he spread westward and eastward o'er
the earth.
10When Gods performed the sacrifice with Purusha as their
Spring was the butter, summer was the fuel, autumn was the
11That sacrifice, first-born Purusha, they hallowed with the sprink-
led Rains.
The Deities, the Sādhyas, all the Vasus sacrificed with him.
12From it were horses born, from it all creatures with two rows of
From it were generated kine, from it were goats and sheep
13From that great general sacrifice Richas and Sāma hymns were
Therefrom the metres were produced: the Yajus had its birth
from it.
14From that great general sacrifice the dripping fat was gathered up:
It formed the creatures fleet as wind, and animals both wild and
tame. p. 215
15Seven fencing-logs had he, thrice seven layers of fuel were
When, offering sacrifice, the Gods bound as their victim Purusha.
16Forth from head of the high God seven-and-seventy bright
Sprang into being, of the King Soma produced from Purusha.

HYMN VII Scroll Up

A Prayer to the Lunar Mansions and other Powers for protection and prosperity

1The brilliant lights shining in heaven together, which through
the world glide on with rapid motion.
And Days, and Firmament with songs I worship, seeking the
Twenty-eight-fold for its favour.
2Krittikās, Rohinī be swift to hear me! Let Mrigasiras bless me,
help me Ārdrā!
Punarvasu and Sūnritā, fair Pushya, the Sun, Asleshās, Maghā
lead me onward!
3My bliss be Svāti and benignant Chitrā, my right First Phalgunis p. 217
and present Hasta.
Rādhas, Visākhas, gracious Anurādhā, Jyeshthā and happy-
starred uninjured Mūla.
4Food shall be earlier Ashādhas grant me; let those that follow
bring me strength and vigour;
With virtuous merit Abhijit endow me! Sravana and Sravishthās
make me prosper.
5Satabhishak afford me ample freedom, and both the Proshtha-
padas guard me safely.
Revati and the Asvayujas bring me luck, and the Bharanis
abundant riches!

1Benign to me be all those Lunar Mansions to which the Moon
as he moves on doth honour.
All that are in the sky, the air, the waters, on earth, on moun-
tains, in the heavenly regions.
2Propitious, mighty, let the eight-and-twenty together deal me
out my share of profit.
Profit and wealth be mine, and wealth and profit! To Day and
Night be adoration rendered!
3Fair be my sunset, fair my morn and evening and day with.
lucky chase and happy omens;
With blessing and success, immortal Agni, go to the mortal and.
return rejoicing.
4Excitement and invoking cry, ill-omened sneezing and reproof,
All sounds of empty pitchers send into the distance, Savitar!
5May we escape an evil sneeze, enjoy the sneeze of happy luck,
And may our nostrils smelling what is pleasant pour forth
fragrant scent.
6These flames of Brāhmanaspati borne to all quarters in the-
Turn them all hither, Indra, and make them most gracious unto,

HYMN IX Scroll Up

A prayer for general protection and prosperity

1Gentle be heaven, gentle be earth, gentle this spacious,
Gentle be waters as they flow, gentle to us be plants and herbs!
2Gentle be signs of coming change, and that which is and is not.
Gentle be past and future, yea, let all be gracious unto us.
3Quickened by Prayer, this Goddess Vāk who standeth in the
highest place,
By whom the awful spell was made, even through her to us be
4Or, made more keen by Prayer, this mind that standeth in the
highest place,
Whereby the awful spell was made, even through this be peace
to us!
5These five sense-organs with the mind as sixth, sharpened by
Prayer, abiding in my heart,
By which the awful spell was made, even by these be peace to
6Favour us Mitra, Varuna, and Vishnu, and Prajāpati! Gracious•
to us be Indra and Brihaspati and Aryaman.
7Favour us Mitra, Varuna, Vivasvān, and the Finisher,
Portents on earth and in the air, and planets wandering in
8Gracious to us be trembling earth, gracious the flaming meteor
Gracious be kine who yield red milk, gracious be earth when
sinking down!
9Gracious be meteor-stricken constellation, gracious to us be
magic spells and witchcraft!
Gracious to us be buried charms, and gracious the meteors and
the portents of the region!
10Kind be the Powers who seize the Moon, with Rāhu be Ādityas
Favour us Death and Cornet, and Rudras with penetrating.
11Rudras and Vasus favour us, Ādityas, Agnis favour us!
Favour us mighty Rishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Brihaspati!
12Brahma, Dhātar, Prajāpati, Worlds, Vedas, Agnis, Rishis Seven. p. 220
All these have blessed my happy way. May Indra be my
guardian, may Brahmā protect and shelter me.
13May all the Gods protect me, may the Gods united shield me
May all alleviations in the world which the Seven Rishis know.
Be kind and gracious unto me. Bliss and security be mine!
14Earth alleviation, air alleviation, heaven alleviation, waters
alleviation, plants alleviation, trees alleviation, all Gods my al-
leviation, collective Gods my alleviation, alleviation by allevia-
tions. By these alleviations, these universal alleviations, I allay
all that is terrific here, all that is cruel, all that is wicked. This
hath been calmed, this is now auspicious.
Let all be favourable to us.

HYMN X Scroll Up

A prayer for the same

1Befriend us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and Varuna
who receive oblations!
Indra and Soma give health, wealth and comfort, Indra and
Pūshan be our strength in battle!
2Auspicious friends to us be Bhaga. Sansa, auspicious be Pur-
andhi and all Riches,
The blessing of the true and well-conducted and Aryaman in
many forms apparent.
3Kind unto us be Maker and Sustainer and the far-reaching
One with godlike nature.
Auspicious unto us be Earth and Heaven, the Mountain and the
Gods' fair invocations. p. 221
4Favour us Agni with his face of splendour, and Varuna and'
Mitra and the Asvins.
Favour us noble actions of the pious; impetuous Vāta blow on,
us with favour!
5Early invoked may Heaven and Earth be friendly, and Air's
mid-region good for us to look on.
To us may herbs and forest trees be gracious, gracious the Lord
victorious of the region.
6Be the God Indra with the Vasus friendly, and with Ādityas
Varuna who blesseth.
Kind with the Rudras be the healer Rudra, and with the Dames
here Tvashtar kindly hear us.
7Kind unto us be Soma and Devotions, kind be the sacrifice and
Stones for pressing.
Kind be the fixing of the Sacred Pillars, kind be the tender
Grass, and kind the Altar.
8May the far-seeing Sun rise up to bless us: be the four quarters-
of the heaven auspicious.
Auspicious be the firmly-seated Mountains, auspicious be the
Rivers and the Waters.
9May Aditi through holy works be gracious, and may the Maruts,_
loud in song, be friendly.
May Vishnu give felicity, and, Pūshan, and Air that cherisheth.
our lives, and Vāyu.
10Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the radiant.
Mornings be propitious.
Propitious to our children be Pārjanya, kind to us be the field's
benign Protector!

HYMN XI Scroll Up

A continuation of Hymn 10

1May the great Lords of Truth protect and aid us: blest to us be
our horses and our cattle.
Kind be the pious, skilful-handed Ribhus, kind be the Fathers
at our invocations
2Kind to us be the Gods and Visve Devas, Sarasvati with Holy
Thoughts be gracious.
Friendly be they, the Liberal Ones, who seek us, yea, those who
dwell in-heaven, on earth, in waters.
3May Aja-Ekapād the God be gracious, gracious the Dragon of
the Deep, and Ocean.
Gracious be he, the swelling Child of Waters, gracious be Prisni
who hath Gods to guard her.
4So may the Rudras, Vasus, and Ādityas accept the new hymn we
now are making.
May all the Holy Ones of earth and heaven, and the Cow's off-
spring hear our invocation.
5Priests of the Gods, worthy of sacrifices, immortal, knowing
Law, whom man must worship.
May these to-day give us broad paths to travel. Preserve us
evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XII Scroll Up

A prayer to Ushas or Dawn for wealth and long life

1Dawn drives away her sister's gloom, and through her excellence
makes her retrace her path.
Through her may we gain God-appointed treasure, and with
brave sons be glad through hundred winters.


A prayer for aid and victory in battle

1These the two sturdy, manly arms of Indra, these that are won-
drous, mighty, and successful
First, when the need hath come will I employ them by which
the heaven of Asuras was conquered.
2Swift, like a dread bull sharpening his weapons, rapidly striking,
stirring up the people,
Loud shouting, vigilant, the one sole Hero, Indra subdued a
hundred hosts together.
3With him loud-roaring, ever watchful, victor bold, hard to over-
throw, whom none may vanquish,
Indra the strong whose hand bears arrows, conquer, ye heroes
now, now vanquish in the combat.
4He rules with those who carry shafts and quivers, Indra who
with his hand brings hosts together,
Foe-conquering, strong of arm, the Soma-drinker,
with mighty bow, shooting with well-laid arrows.
5Conspicuous by thy strength, firm, foremost fighter, mighty and
fierce, victorious, all-subduing,
O'ercoming might, excelling men and heroes, mount the kine-
winning conquering car, O Indra.
6Troop-vanquisher, kine-winner, armed with thunder, who quells
an army and with might destroys it,
Follow him, comrades! quit yourselves like heroes, and like this
Indra show your zeal and courage.
7Piercing the cow-stalls with surpassing vigour, Indra the pitiless
hero, wild with anger, p. 224
Victor in fight, unshaken and resistless,—may he protect our
armies in our battles.
8Brihaspati, fly with thy chariot hither, slayer of demons, driving.
off our foemen.
Be thou protector of our bodies, crushing our enemies, destroy-
ing those who hate us.
9Indra guide these! Brihaspati, the Guerdon, and Soma, and the
Sacrifice precede them!
And let the banded Maruts march in forefront of heavenly hosts
that conquer and demolish.
10Ours be the potent host of mighty Indra, King Varuna, and
Maruts and Ādityas.
Uplifted is the shout of Gods who conquer, high-minded God
who cause the world to tremble.
11May Indra aid us when our flags are gathered: victorious be th
arrows of our army.
May our brave men of war prevail in battle. Ye Gods, protect u
in the shouts of onset.

HYMN XIV Scroll Up

A hymn after victory

1I have attained this goodliest place to rest in. Both Heaven and,
Earth have shown me grace and favour.
Without a foe for me be all the regions! We hate thee not. May
we have peace and safety.

HYMN XV Scroll Up

A prayer for peace and security

1Indra, give us security from that whereof we are afraid.
Help us, O Maghavan, let thy succour grant us this: drive foes
and enemies afar.
2We call on Indra, on the liberal giver: we will be prosperous in
men and cattle.
Let not the hosts of cruel fiends approach us. Drive of the
Druhs to every side, O Indra.
3Best, making household wealth increase. Indra our saviour, kills
the foe.
May he from outmost point be our potector, and from the
centre and from west and eastward.
4Lead us to ample room. O thou who knowest, to happiness
security, and sunlight.
Strong, Indra, are the arms of thee the mighty: may we betake
us to their lofty shelter.
5May air's mid-region give us peace and safety, safety may both
these, Heaven and Earth, afford us.
Security be ours from west, from eastward, from north and
south may we be free from danger.
6Safety be ours from friend and from the unfriendly, safety from
what we know and what we know not.
Safety be ours by night and in the day-time! friendly to me be
all my hopes and wishes!

HYMN XVI Scroll Up

A prayer for security from danger

1Peace hath been given us from the east, and from the west
Savitar guard me from the south, and from the north the Lord
of Might.
2May the Ādityas from the sky protect me, Agni from the
earth. p. 226
May Indra-Agni guard me from the eastward, on all sides may
the Asvins give me shelter.
May Jātavedas guard, sidelong, our cattle.
Our shield on all sides be the World-Creators!


A prayer for protection from dangers in all directions

1Agni from eastward guard me with the Vasus! To him I go, in
him I rest: this fort I seek for refuge.
May he protect me, may he be my guardian. I give my soul—All
hail! into his keeping.
2Vāyu with Air protect me from this region. To him I go, etc.
3May Soma from the south, with Rudras, guard me. To him, etc.
4Varuna with Ādityas guard me from this region! To him etc.
5Sūrya with Earth and Heaven from the western region guard me
well. To him, etc.
6May Waters joined with Plants protect me from this region. To
them I go, in them I rest: this fort I seek for refuge.
May they protect me, may they be my guardians. I give my
soul—All hail! —into their keeping.
7May Visvakarman with the Seven Rishis be my protector from
the northern region. To him, etc.
8May Indra, Marut-girt, protect me from this region. To him,
9Prajāpati, of generative power, with the Pratishlhā save me from
the nadir! To him, etc.
10Brihaspati, joined by the Visvedevas, protect me from the region
of the zenith! To him, I go, in him I rest; this fort I seek
for refuge.
May he protect me, may he be my guardian. I give my soul—
All hail!—into his keeping.


A prayer for security and peace on all sides

1Let those who vex me from the eastern region, sinners, praise
Agni followed by the Vasus.
2Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, praise Vāyu
compassed by the Air's mid region.
3Let those who vex me from the southern quarter, sinners, sing
praise to Soma with the Rudras.
4Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, praise Varuna
connected with Ādityas.
5Let those who vex me from the western quarter, sinners, praise
Sūrya linked with Earth and Heaven.
6Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners give praise to
plants' associates the Waters.
7Let those who from the north side vex me, sinners, praise
Visvakarman with the Seven Rishis.
8Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, praise Indra
with the Marut host about him.
9Let those who vex me from the nadir, sinners, extol Prajāpati
of genial power.
10Let those who vex me from the zenith, sinners, extol Brihaspati
with the Visve Devas.

HYMN XIX Scroll Up

A hymn recommending the protection of various Gods

1Mitra arose with Earth. To that fort I lead you: enter it,
occupy it. Let it give you protection and defence.
2Vāyu arose with Air. To that fort, etc.
3Sūrya arose with Heaven. To that fort, etc.
4Chandramās arose with the Constellation. To that fort, etc.
5Sacrifice arose with Priestly Fees. To that fort, etc.
6Ocean arose with the Rivers. To that fort, etc.
7Brahma arose with the Brahmachārīs. To that fort, etc.
8Indra arose with Might. To that fort, etc. p. 228
9The Gods arose with Immortality. To that fort, etc.
10Prajāpati arose with Creatures. To that fort I lead you: enter
it, occupy it give you protection and defence.

HYMN XX Scroll Up

A prayer for protection from death and misfortune

1May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pūshan
guard us well from Mrityu—
Death caused by men, which Indra-Agni, Dhātar, Brihaspati and
Savitar appointed.
2All that the World's Lord made, all that for creatures Prajāpati
and Mātarisvan fashioned,
All things within the quarters and their spaces, let all these be
my manifold defences.
3That which the Gods bound on them when they battled for their
royal sway.
What Indra made his shield, may that protect us well on every
4My shield is Heaven and Earth, my shield is the bright Day, my
shield the Sun.
The Visva Devas made my shield. Let not misfortune fall on

HYMN XXI Scroll Up

A single line giving the names of the chief Vedic metres

1Gāyatri, Ushnih, Anushtup, Brihatī, Trishtup, Jagatī.


A prose hymn of homage to various portions of the Atharva-veda, to the Rishis, and to Brahma

1With the first five chapters of the Angirases, Hail! p. 229
2To the sixth, Hail!
3To the seventh and eight, Hail!
4The black-clawed ones, Hail!
5To the golden-hued ones, Hail!
6To the small ones, Hail!
7To those composed in strophes, Hail!
8To the first shells, Hail!
9To the second shells, Hail!
10To the third shells, Hail!
11To the penultimates, Hail.
12To the last ones, Hail!
13To the latter ones, Hail!
14To the Rishis, Hail!
15To those with hair in tufts, Hail!
16To the Ganas, Hail!
17To the great Ganas, Hail!
18To all the Vidagana Angirases, Hail!
19To those two with separate thousands, Hail!
20To Brahma, Hail!
21Collected manly powers are topped by Brahma. Brahma at first
spread out the loftiest heaven.
Brahma was born first of all things existing. Who then is meet
to be that Brahma's rival?


A prose hymn of homage to various portions of the Atharva-vada classed according to the number of verses which their hymns contain

1Hail to the four-verse strophes of the Atharvanas!
2Hail to the five-versed! p. 230
3Hail to the six-versed!
4Hail to the seven-versed!
5Hail to the eight-versed!
6Hail to the nine-versed!
7Hail to the ten-versed!
8Hail to the eleven-versed!
9Hail to the twelve-versed!
10Hail to the thirteen-versed
11Hail to the fourteen-versed!
12Hail to the fifteen-versed!
13Hail to the sixteen-versed!
14Hail to the seventeen-versed!
15Hail to the eighteen-versed!
16Hail, nineteen!
17Hail, twenty!
18Hail to the Great Section!
19Hail to the triplets!
20Hail to the single-versed hymns!
21Hail to the little ones!
22Hail to the single non-Rich-versed ones!
23Hail to the Rohitas!
24Hail to the two Sūryā hymns!
25Hail to the two Vrātya hymns!
26Hail to the two Prajāpati hymns!
27Hail to the hymn of victory!
28Hail to the hymns for happiness!
29Hail to Brahma!
30Collected manly powers are topped by Brahma. Brahma at first
spread out the loftiest heaven.
Brahma was born first of all things existing. Who then is fit to
be this Brahma's rival?


A benediction on a newly elected King

1Do ye, O Brāhmanaspati, invest for the royal sway this man.
With that wherewith the Deities invested Savitar the God.
2Invest this Indra for long life, invest him for great princely
That I may lead him on to eld, that the man watch his
princedom long.
3Invest this Soma for long life, invest him for great hearing
That I may lead him on to eld, that he may watch o'er hearing
4For us, surround him, cover him with splendour, give him long
life, and death when age removes him.
This garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King,
to wrap about him.
5Advance to good old age: endue the mantle. Be thou our
heifers' guard from imprecation.
Live thou a hundred full and plenteous autumns, and wrap thee
in prosperity of riches.
6Thou for weal hast clothed thee in this garment: thou hast
become our cows' sure guard from curses.
Live thou a hundred full and plenteous autumns: then living,
fair thyself, shalt deal forth treasures.
7In every need, in every fray we call, as friends, to succour us,
Indra the mightiest of all.
8Gold-coloured, undecaying, blest with heroes, dwell, dying in
old age, with children round thee.
This is the spoken word of Agni, Soma, Brihaspati and Savitar,
and Indra.

HYMN XXV Scroll Up

A charm to be used when a young ox is first yoked

1I yoke thee with the mind of one unwearied still and first of all.
Be thou a bearer up the hill: run hither bearing up thy load.


A hymn accompanying investiture with an amulet of gold

1Gold that was born from Fire is immortal hath been deposited
with mortal creatures.
He who knows this deserves to own this jewel, and in extreme
old age dies he who wears it.
2The men of ancient time with children round them longed for
this Gold, bright with the Sun's own colour,
This shall endow thee, as it shines, with splendour, and long
shall be the life of him who wears it.
3Long life and splendour let it bring energy and strength to thee.
That thou mayst shine among the folk with all the brightness of
the Gold.
4What Varuna the King knows well, and what the God
And Indra, Slayer of the Foe, may that bestow long life on thee,
may that increase thy splendid strength.


A benedictory hymn

1Let the Bull guard thee with the kine, the Stallien with the fleet-
foot steeds. p. 233
Let Vāyu keep thee safe with prayer, and Indra with his mighty
2Let Soma guard thee with the plants, Sūrya protect thee with
the stars;
With breath let Wind protect thee, and the Moon, foe-slayer,
with the months.
3Three are the earths, they say, and three the heavens, three are
the atmospheres, and four the oceans.
Threefold the hymn of praise, threefold the Waters. Let these
with triple song and triplets guard thee.
4Three vaults of heaven, and three seas, three bright, three
stationary ones,
Three Mātarisvans, and three suns, protectors, I arrange for
5Increasing thee with butter I, Agni! with fatness sprinkle thee.
Let not magicians harm the life of Agni or of Moon or Sun.
6 Let not magicians mar your heat, your vital or diffusive breath.
Brilliant and all-possessing Gods, run ye your course with God-
like power.
7Fire they endow with vital breath, Wind is compact, with vital
With vital breath the Gods produced the Sun whose face turn
every way.
8Live with the Life-Creators' life. Die not, live on to lengthened
Live with the breath of men with souls. Submit not to the power
of Death.
9The secret treasure of the Gods which Indra, by pathways
travelled by the Gods, discovered,
That gold the Waters with the triplets guarded. May they keep
thee with threebold hymn and triplets.
10With friendly thoughts the Deities, three-and thirty, and three
great Powers preserved it in the Waters.
He made heroic powers with the gold that lies upon this Moon.
11O ye eleven Gods who are in heaven, accept this sacrifice.
12O ye eleven Gods who are in air, accept this sacrifice.
13O ye eleven Gods who are on earth, accept this sacrifice.
1415 repeated from XIX. 16. 1, 2.


A charm for the destruction of enemies

1On thee I bind this Amulet for lengthened life and brilliancy.
The rival-quelling Darbha grass that burns the spirit of a foe.
2Burning the spirit of the foe, vexing the heart of enemies.
Darbha, on every side, like heat, inflame all evil-hearted men.
3O Darbha, burning round like heat, consuming foes, O Amulet,.
Like Indra rending Vala cleave mine adversaries' hearts in twain.
4Cleave through. O Darbha, Amulet, my foes', mine adversaries'.
Rise thou and batter down their heads like growth that coverethl
the earth.
5Cleave thou my rivals, Darbha, cleave the men who fain would,
fight with me.
Cleave all who wish me evil, cleave the men who hate me,.
6Wound thou, my rivals, Darbha, etc. (as in 5, substituting.
'wound' for cleave.)
7Tear thou my rivals, Darbha, etc.
8How thou my rivals, Darbha, etc.
9Carve thou my rivals, Darbha, etc.
10Pierce thou my rivals, Darbha, pierce the men who fain would
fight with me.
Pierce those who wish me evil, pierce the men who hate me,


A charm for the destruction of enemies, continued from 28

1Pierce thou my rivals, Darbha, pierce the men who fain would
fight with me.
Pierce all who wish me evil, pierce the men who hate me,.
2Split thou my rivals, Darbha, etc. (as in 1, with 'split' for
'pierce' throughout).
3Check thou, etc.
4Crush thou, etc.
5Shake thou, etc.
6Bruise thou, etc.
7Burn thou, etc.
8Consume, etc.
9Slay thou my rivals. Darbha, slay the men who fain would fight
with me.
Slay all who wish me evil, slay the men who hate me, Amulet.

HYMN XXX Scroll Up

A protective charm accompanying investiture with an amulet of Darbha grass

1Darbha, with that good shield of thine, of hundred guards tilt
death in eld,
Arm thou this man, and with thy might strike thou his adver-
saries down.
2Darbha, thou hast a hundred shields, thou hast a thousand.
manly powers.
All Gods have given thee to him to bear thee till extreme old
3They call thee, ‘Darbha, shield of Gods, they call the Brāhmanas-
They call thee shield of Indra: thou protectest kingdoms from
4Darbha, destroyer of the foe, vexing the hearts of enemies,
An Amulet that strengthens rule I make thee, and the body's.
5What time Parjanya roared to it with lightning flashes in the sea,
Thence came the drop, the golden drop, thence Darbha into
being sprang.


A charm to ensure general prosperity, accompanying self-investiture with an amulet of Udumbara

1Savitar make all cattle grow and prosper in my stable with.
Amulet of Udumbara, helper of him who longs for wealth!
2May he who was our Household Fire, the ruler of our cattle,
Amulet of Udumbara endow us with prosperity.
3By power of the Udumbara Charm may Dhātar give me plenty,
In the kine's droppings and in fruit, and, in our dwelling, food,
and drink.
4I win great plenty, while I wear the Amulet of Udumbara.
Of quadrupeds and bipeds, of juices and food of every sort.
5I have obtained abundant wealth of cattle, bipeds and quad-
rupeds, and corn in plenty.
Savitar and Brihaspati vouchsafe me the milk of kine and herbs'
refreshing juices!
6Fain would I be the lord of herds of cattle: may he who rules
o'er riches send me riches!
May the Udumbara Amulet vouchsafe possessions unto me.
7To me with wealth and children come the Amulet of Udumbara.
With splendour come the Amulet hastened by Indra on its way!
8Divine, foe-quelling Amulet, wealth-winner for the gain of
May it give store of beasts and food and cause our kine to
9As thou, O Forest Tree, wast born with increase when thy life
So let Sarasvati bestow abundant growth of wealth on me.
10Sarasvati vouchsafe me wealth, household prosperity, and corn!
Let Sinivāli bring them, and this Amulet of Udumbara.
11The Lord of amulets art thou, most mighty: in thee wealth's
ruler hath engendered riches,
These gains are lodged in thee, and all great treasures. Amulet,
conquer thou: far from us banish malignity and indigence,
and hunger. p. 237
12Vigour art thou, in me do thou plant vigour: riches art thou, so
do thou grant me riches.
Plenty art thou, so prosper me with plenty: House-holder, hear"
a householder's petition.
13Amulet of Udumbara, enrich us: vouchsafe us wealth with all
good men about us. I bind thee on for increase of possessions.
14For hero is this hero bound, Amulet of Udumbara.
So may he make our offering sweetly-savoured, and grant us
wealth with all good men about us.


A charm, with an amulet of Darbha grass, to subdue enemies and win the affection of others

1For lengthened life I bind on thee the Darbha grass, the mighty
Excellent, hard to overthrow, with hundred stems and thousand
2They cut not off his hair, they strike blow upon the breast for'
To whom one gives protection by Darbha that hath uninjured
3O Plant, thy root is in the sky, and thou art stationed on the
With thee who hast a thousand stalks we strengthen all the
powers of life.
4Through all three skies the plant hath pierced, and the three
regions of the earth;
With thee I split in twain the tongue and words of the bad-
hearted man.
5Thou art victorious in thy might I am endowed with conquering
Possessed of overpowering force we two will quell our enemies.
6Subdue our foeman, overcome the men who fain would fight:
with us. p. 238
Conquer all evil-hearted ones: make many well-disposed to me.
7With Darbha that hath sprung from Gods, stationed in heaven,
full many a time.
With this have I won many men, have won and may I win them
8Do thou, O Darbha, make me dear to Brāhman and Rājanya,
dear to Sūdra, and to Arya dear,
Yea, dear to every man we love, to every man with eyes to see.
9He who first born fixed earth in her position, he who established
heaven and air's mid-region,
Whom sinner ne'er hath known as his supporter,—this Darbha
be our shelter and protection!
10First of all plants it sprang into existence, victorious, hundred-
stemmed, the foe-subduer,
So may this Darbha from all sides protect us: with this may I
subdue our foes in battle.


A protective and benedictive charm

1Hundred stemmed, succulent, and worth a thousand, the Royal
Rite of plants, the Water's Agni,
Let this same Darbha guard us from all quarters. This Godlike
Amulet shall with life endow us.
2Drawn forth from butter, juicy, sweetly-flavoured, firm as the
earth, unshaken, overthrowing.
Driving off foes and casting them beneath me, mount with the
strength of mighty Ones, O Darbha.
3Thou movest o'er the earth with vigour: lovely in sacrifice thou
sittest on the altar.
The Rishis bear thee as a purifier: cleanse thou us from all evil
deeds' defilement.
4A stern and all-victorious king, foe-queller, dear to every man—
That energy of Gods and mighty power, I bind this on thee for
long life and welfare. p. 239
5Achieve heroic deeds with Darbha, wearing this Darbha never
let thy soul be troubled.
In splendour and precedence over others illumine like the Sun
the heaven's four regions.


A protective charm addressed to the panacea called A Jangida

1Jangida, thou art Angiras: thou art a guardian, Jangida.
Let Jangida, keep safely all our bipeds and our quadrupeds.
2Dice-witcheries, the fifty-threes, the hundred witchcraft-practi-
All these may Jangida make weak, bereft of their effectual
3Baffle the loud factitious howl, make impotent the seven decays.
As when an archer speeds the shaft, drive away want, O
4This counteracts the sorceress, this banishes malignity: Then
may victorious Jangida's prolong the days we have to live.
5Let Jangida's protecting might encompass us on every side.
Wherewith he quells Vishkandha and Sanskandha, might by
greater might.
6Three times the Gods engendered thee fixt on the surface of the
The Brāhmans of the olden time knew that thy name was
7The ancient plants surpass thee not, nor any herbs of recent
A potent charm is Jangida, a most felicitous defence.
8Then when thou sprangest into life, Jangida of un-measured
Indra, O mighty One, bestowed great power upon thee from the
first. p. 240
9To thee in truth, O Forest Tree, Indra the mighty One gave
Driving away all maladies, strike thou the demons down, O
10Lumbago and rheumatic pain, consumptive cough, and pleurisy,
And fever which each Autumn brings, may Jangida make-


A similar charm addressed to the same

1While their lips uttered Indra's name the Rishis gave us Jangida..
Which in the earliest time Gods made a remedy, Vishkandha's-
2So may this Jangida guard us, even as a treasurer guards wealth,.
Even this which Gods and Brāhmans made a malice-quelling sure
3Hard-hearted men, the cruel eye, the sinner who hath come to-
Destroy thou these with watchful care, O thou who hast a.
thousand eyes. Thou, Jangida, art my defence.
4Guard me from earth and guard me from the heavens, guard
me from middle air, from plants protect me.
Protect me from the present and the future. From every region
Jangida preserve us!
5All sorcerers made by the Gods, all that arise from mortal men,.
These, one and all, let Jangida, healer of all, make impotent.


A charm against disease and evil spirits

1The Hundred-haired hath banished hence fiends and Consump-
tions by its might.
With splendour hath the charm that scares demons of ill-name
mounted up.
2It drives off demons with its horns and sorceresses with its root,
It stays Consumption with its waist: from this no wickedness
3Consumptions, light and serious, and those which sounds
All these the Amulet, Hundred-haired, scarer of fiends, hath
banished hence.
4A hundred men hath it produced, hundred Consumptions chased
All fiends of evil-name it hath smitten, and shakes the
5The Bull that weareth horns of gold, this Amulet with hundred
Hath cleft the demons of ill-name and overcome the Rākshasas.
6Hundred she-fiends, a hundred of Gandharvas and Apsarasas,
A hundred of dog-mated nymphs, I keep away with Hundred-


A charm to secure long life and dominion to a prince

1To me hath come this word given by Agni, fame, force and
might, and strength, and life, and lustre.
May Agni too bestow on me three-times a hundred manly
2For mighty strength, for action, I receive thee, for manly power,
to last a hundred autumns. p. 242
3For conquering strength and energy and vigour
I fasten thee for chieftainship, for bearing royal dominion
through a hundred autumns.
4With Seasons and with Season-groups, for vigour and extended
With splendour of the perfect year we fasten thee about the


A protective charm

1Never Consumption, never curse touches the man, Arundhatī!
Whom the delicious odour of the healing Bdellium penetrates
2Consumptions flee apart from it as from a wild beast fly the
If thou, O Bdellium, art produced from Sindhu or hast come
from sea,
The quality of both have I taken to keep this man unscathed.


A protective charm

1Let Kushtha from the Hill of Snow come, a divine deliverer.
Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses far away.
2Kushtha, three several names hast thou, Naghamāra,
Naghārisha: let not mishap befall this man,
For whom I make a charm of thee at eve, at morning, and by
3Jivalā is thy mother's name, thy father's name is Jivala; let not
mishap, etc.
4Thou art the best amid the plants, even as the ox is best of
tame, the tiger of rapacious beasts: let not mishap, etc.
5Born thrice from the Ādityas, thrice from Bhrigus, thrice from
Angiras' sons, born from the Visve Devas thrice, p. 243
Healer of every malady, that Kushtha stands by Soma's side.
Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses far away.
6In the third heaven above us stands the Asvattha tree, the seat
of Gods:
There is embodiment of life that dies not: thence was Kushtha
7There moved through heaven a golden ship, a ship with cordage
wrought of gold:
There is embodiment of life that dies not; thence was Kushtha
8Where is the Sinking of the Ship, the summit of the Hill of
There is embodiment of life that dies not: thence was Kustha
Healer of every malady, that Kushtha stands by Soma's side.
Banish thou all Consumption, drive all sorceresses far away.
9Thou whom Ikshvāku's ancestor, whom he who well-loved
Kushtha, knew,
Whom Vāyasa and Mātsya knew, hence healer of all ills art
10O thou who hast all-reaching might drive away Fever, drive it
Head racking Fever, tertian, continual, lasting for a year.

HYMN XL Scroll Up

A prayer for pardon of error in sacrifice, and for wisdom, strength, and life

1For each defect of mine in voice and spirit I have approached
One vehement and ardent.
With all the Deities, fully approving, Brihaspati supply the
2Disturb ye not our intellect, O Waters, nor the power of prayer_
Glide on your way, strength-giving, invocated: may I be vigor-
ous and wise.
3Mar not our consecrating rite, our intellect, or fervent zeal.
Gracious to us for lengthened life, propitious let the Mothers
4Vouchsafe to us, ye Asvins twain, such strength as, with atten-
dant light,
May through the darkness carry us.

HYMN XLI Scroll Up

A benediction on a newly elected king

1Desiring bliss, at first, light-finding Rishis began religious rite
and holy fervour.
Thence energy was born, and might, and kingship: so to this
man let gathered Gods incline them.


In praise of Brahma, Prayer, or Devotion

1Brahma is Hotar, sacrifice: with Brahma are the stakes set up.
From Brahma was the Adhvaryu born, from Brahma hidden
2Brahma is fatness-dropping scoops: with Brahma was the altar
reared. p. 245
Brahma is worship, lengthened rite, the Rishis who pay sacrifice,
the victim's Immolators. Hail!
3To him who frees from woe mine hymn I offer, to the Good
Guardian, as I seek his favour.
Accept this offering of mine, O Indra. Fulfilled be all the sacri-
ficer's wishes!
4With prayer I call on him who frees from trouble, Prince of
Gods, Splendid, chief of sacrifices,
I call the Waters' Child and both the Asvins, Vigour is mine,
and strength bestowed by Indra.


In praise of Brahma, Prayer, or Devotion

1Whither men versed in Brahma go, with fervour and the cleans-
ing rite,
Thither let Agni lead me, let Agni give me intelligence, All hail
to Agni!
2Whither etc.
Thither let Vāyu lead me, let Vāyu vouchsafe me vital breath.
All hail to Vāyu!
3Whither, etc.
Thither let Sūrya lead me, let Sūrya vouchsafe me power of
sight. All hail to Sürya
4Whither, etc.
Thither let Chandra lead me, let Chandra vouchsafe me intellect.
All hail to Chandra!
5Whither, etc.
Thither let Soma lead me, let Soma vouchsafe me vital sap. All
hail to Soma!
6Whither, etc. p. 246
Thither let Indra lead me, let Indra bestow upon me power. All
hail to Indra!
7Whither, etc.
Thither, let Waters lead me, let the Waters give me deathless
life. All hail to Waters!
8Whither, etc.
Thither let Brahma lead me, let Brahma give Brahma unto me.
All hail to Brahma!


A curative and protective charm

1Thou art the lengthening of life, thy name is Universal Cure:
Then, Ointment! send felicity; Waters, send happiness and
2The yellow hue, the feverish heat, the shooting pain that rends II
the limbs,
All the consumptive malady let the Ointment drive from out
thy frame.
3Let the Salve born upon the earth, benignant, giving life to man.
Make the swift rider on the car sinless, exempt from sudden
4Preserve our breath, O Vital Breath, have mercy on our life, O
From snares of Nirriti do thou, O Nirriti, deliver us.
5Thou art the babe of Sindhu, thou art lightnings' flower, wind,
breath, and Sun: thou art the eye and milk of heaven.
6Gods' Ointment from the Three Peaked Hill, preserve thou me
on every side.
No plants of earth surpass thee, none from mountain or from
cultured ground.
7Now hath it gently crept within, fiend-slaying, chasing malady.
And driving all diseases hence, and evil omens, banished them.
8Full many a falsehood, O thou King Varuna, man hath uttered
Do thou who hast a thousand powers preserve us from that
misery. p. 247
9If we have cried, O Waters! Cows! if we have cried, O
For this endowed with thousand powers! deliver us from
10Mitra and Varuna, O Salve have closely followed after thee
May they, when they have followed thee afar, restore thee for
our use.

HYMN XLV Scroll Up

A curative and protective charm

1As debt from debt repay and send sorcery to the sorcerer's
Split, Salve! the cruel villain's ribs whose evil eye bewitches us.
2Whatever evil dream we have, what'er befall our kine or home,
Be this that is salubrity, the evil-hearted's foe applied.
3Increasing from the Waters' strength and vigour, sprung into life
from Agni Jātavedas,
Strong as four heroes, mountain born, this Ointment make for
thee quarters and mind-points auspicious!
4On thee is laid the Chaturvira Ointment: let all the regions give
thee peace and safety.
Secure like precious Savitar thou standest: to thee let all these
regions bring their tribute.
5Make one thy salve, thine amulet another, drink one, and with
another bathe thy body.
So let the Chaturvira keep us guarded from the four bonds of
Nirriti and Grāhi.
6May Agni protect me with fire for inspiration and expiration,
for strength, for energy, for vigour, for weal and prosperity.
All Hail!
7May Indra protect me with his Indra-power for inspiration, etc. p. 248
8May Soma protect me with Soma-power, etc.
9May Bhaga with good fortune protect me, etc.
10May the Maruts protect me with their troops for inspiration
and expiration, for strength, for energy, for vigour, for weal
and prosperity. All Hail!


A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet that ensures safety and victory

1For manly strength Prajāpati bound thee on first, invincible.
This for long life on thee I bind for splendour, strength, and
energy. Invincible, let it guard thee well.
2Erect, invincible, be this man's watchful keeper: let not the
Panis or the sorcerers harm thee.
Shake off thy foes as Indra scattered Dasyus: quell all enemies.
Invincible, let it guard thee well.
3Indra hath lent the power of sight, and vital breath and strength
to this.
Whom even a hundred combatants, striking, have failed to over-
come. Invincible, let it guard thee well.
4Around thy limbs I place the mail of Indra who hath become
the Gods' imperial Sovran.
Again let all the Deities bring thee hither. Invincible let it guard
thee well.
5One and a hundred manly powers, a thousand lives hath this
Amulet, unconquered ever.
Go forth a tiger, strike down all thy foemen: let him who would
oppose fall low beneath thee. Invincible, let it guard thee
6Drawn forth from butter, rich in milk and sweetness, hundred-
lived, thousand-homed, bestowing vigour,
Kindly, delightsome, full of sap, and mighty, invincible let it
guard thee well.
7That thou mayst be pre-eminent, slayer of rivals, rivalless, p. 249
May Savitar cause thee to be chief and controller of thy kin.
Invincible, let it guard thee well.


A hymn to Night for protection from fiends, robbers, snakes and wolves

1Night! the terrestrial realm hath been filled with the Father's
power and might.
Thou spreadest forth on high unto the seats of Heaven: dark-
ness that strikes with awe comes near.
2Each moving thing finds rest in her whose yonder boundary is
not seen, nor that which keeps her separate.
O spacious, darksome Night, may we uninjured reach the end of
thee, reach, O thou blessed One, thine end.
3Thy ninety-nine examiners, O Night, who look upon mankind,
Eighty-and-eight in number, or seven-and-seventy are they.
4Sixty-and-six, O opulent, fifty-and-five, O happy One,
Forty-and-four and thirty-three are they, O thou enriched with
5Twenty-and-two hast thou, O Night, eleven, yea, and fewer still.
With these protectors guard us well. O Daughter of the Sky, to-
6Let not a fiends or spiteful man, let no ill-wisher master us.
Let not the robber seize our cows, nor the wolf take our sheep
7Let not the thief, O Blessed, seize our horses, nor she-fiends our
Let thief and robber run away on pathways most remote from
8Far from us let Rope with Fangs, far from us let the wicked
Do thou make blind and headless. Night, the serpent with his
pungent breath.
9Crush the wolf's jaws in pieces, strike the robber dead against a
post. p. 250
In thee, O Night, do we abide: we here will sleep. Be watchful
10Give thou protection to our kine; and to our horses, and our


A hymn to Night for protection

1Then all that we accumulate, all that the treasure-chest contains,.
All this do we entrust to thee.
2Entrust thou us to Dawn, O Mother Night.
May Dawn entrust us to the Day, and Day to thee, O splendid.
3Whatever flying thing be here, whatever thing that creeps and.
Whatever fastens on a joint, therefrom do thou protect us,
4So guard thou us from west and east, protect us from the north
and south.
O splendid One, preserve us: we, the singers of thy praise, are
5They who are followers of Night, and they who watch o'er
living things.
They who protect all cattle, they keep watch and ward over our
lives, over our herds keep watch and ward.
6Verily, Night, I know thy name, Dropper of Fatness art thou
Thee Bharadvāja knew as such: as such be watchful o'er our


A hymn of Praise and prayer to Night

1Friend of the home, the strong and youthful maiden, Night, dear
to Savitar the God, and Bhaga,
All-compassing, all-glorious, prompt to listen, hath with her
greatness filled the earth and heaven.
2Over all depths hath she gone up, and mounted, most mighty
One, the sky's exalted summit.
Over me now the loving Night is spreading with her auspicious.
Godlike ways like Mitra.
3Excellent, high-born, blissful, meet for worship, Night, thou hast
come: stay here with friendly spirit.
Guard us, the food for men that we have gotten, and all pro-
sperity that comes of cattle.
4With eager haste hath Night assumed the vigour of leopard,.
tiger, or of tawny lion,
The horse's neighing and the wild-man's bellow, Thou takest
many a form when thou appearest.
5Kind through the Night be absence of the sunshine: Mother of
Frost, may she be swift to hear us.
Take notice of the hymn, thou highly favoured, wherewith I
worship thee in all the regions.
6Even as a King, O splendid Night, thou takest pleasure in our
May we through Mornings as they flush have all our good men,
round us, and become possessors of all wealth.
7Yes, Rāmyā is the name thou hast assumed. The men who fain.
would spoil.
My wealth do thou annoy, O Night, that not one robber may
appear, none may a second time appear.
8Thou like a well-wrought cup, O Night, art lovely: thou, a.
young maid, art formed in perfect beauty.
Thou lovingly, for me with eyes to se: them, hast bound on thee
heaven's stars as thine adornment. p. 252
9Whatever robber comes to-day, mischievous mortal enemy.
Let Night go forth, encounter him, and smite away his neck and
10His feet that he may walk no more, his hands that he may do
no harm.
The robber who comes hitherward goes crushed and mutilated
Goes hence, goes far away from us, goes hence and bears no
spoil away.

HYMN L Scroll Up

A hymn to Night for protection and prosperity

1Blind him and make him headless, Night! the serpent with the
pungent breath.
Strike from his head the wolf's two eyes, and dash the thief
against a post.
2Those oxen that are thine, O Night, with sharpened horns and
rapid pace,
With those transport us safe to-day o'er difficulties everywhere.
3Uninjured in our bodies may we pass through each succeeding
And let malignities fail to pass, as men without a boat the depth.
4As millet hurried through the air before us is beheld no more.
So cause the man to vanish, Night, who plans to do us injury.
5The thief hast thou kept far away, the robber driver of our kine.
Even him who having covered up the horse's head would lead
him off.
6If dealing treasure thou hast come to-day, O highly favoured
Cause thou us to enjoy it all so that this may not pass away. p. 253
7Do thou entrust us to the Dawn, all of us free from sin, O
May Dawn deliver us to Day, and Day to thee, O glorious One.

HYMN LI Scroll Up

A sacrificial formula

1Undisturbed am I, undisturbed is my soul, undisturbed mine
eye, undisturbed mine ear, undisturbed is mine in-breathing,
undisturbed mine out-breathing, undisturbed my diffusive-
breath, undisturbed the whole of me.
2Under the impulse of the God Savitar, sent forth from the arms-
of the Asvins and both hands of Pūshan I have taken thee.

HYMN LII Scroll Up

A hymn to Kāma or Desire

1Thereafter rose Desire in the beginning, Desire the primal seed
and germ of Spirit.
O Kāma dwelling with the lofty Kāma, give growth of riches to
the sacrificer.
2Thou, Kāma, art victorious, famous, potent, splendid, a friend.
to him who seeks thy friendship.
Mighty and overpowering in battle, give strength and vigour to
the sacrificer.
3They heard his prayers, and they begot, by Kāma, heavenly-
light for him.
Who from a distance longed for it, a dealer ready to exchange.
4O Kāma, with whatever wish we make this offering to thee,
May it be all fulfilled to us. Then taste this sacrifice, All hail!


A hymn to Kāma or Time

1Prolific, thousand-eyed, and undecaying, a horse with seven
reins Time bears us onward.
Sages inspired with holy knowledge mount him: his chariot
wheels are all the worlds of creatures.
2This Time hath seven rolling wheels and seven naves immorality
is the chariot's axle.
This Time brings hitherward all worlds about us: as primal
Deity is he entreated.
3On Time is laid an overflowing beaker: this we behold in many
a place appearing.
He carries from us all these worlds of creatures. They call him
Kāla in the loftiest heaven.
4He only made the worlds of life, he only gathered the worlds
of living things together.
Their son did he become who was their Father: no other higher
power than he existeth.
5Kāla created yonder heaven, and Kāla made these realms of
By Kāla, stirred to motion, both what is and what shall be
6Kāla created land; the Sun in Kāla hath his light and heat.
In Kāla rest all things that be: in Kāla doth the eye discern.
7In Kāla mind, in Kāla breath, in Kāla name are fixt and joined.
These living creatures, one and all, rejoice when Kāla hath
8Kāla embraces Holy Fire, the Highest, Brahma in himself.
Yea, Kāla, who was father of Prajāpati, is Lord of All.
9He made, he stirred this universe to motion, and on him it rests.
He, Kāla, having now become Brahma, holds Parameshthin up. p. 255
10Kāla created living things and, first of all, Prajāpati.
From Kāla self-made Kasyapa, from Kāla Holy Fire was born.

HYMN LIV Scroll Up

A hymn to Kāla; a continuation of the preceding hymn

1From Kāla sprang the Waters, sprang the regions, Brahma,
Holy Fire.
The Sun ascends by Kāla, and in Kāla sinks again to rest.
2By Kāla freshly blows the wind, mighty through Kāla is the
Earth: on Kāla rests the mighty Sky.
3In Kāla erst the text produced what is and what is yet to be.
From Kāla sprang the Richas, and from Kāla was the Yajus
born. p. 256
4They formed in Kāla sacrifice, eternal portion for the Gods.
In Kāla the Gandharvas and Apsarasas and worlds abide.
5Atharvan and this Angiras in Kāla are supreme o'er heaven.
Both this world and the world that is most lofty, the pure
worlds and pure intermediate spaces,—
6Yea, having conquered all the worlds by Brahma, Kāla as God
Supreme is supplicated.

HYMN LV Scroll Up

A hymn to Agni for protection and prosperity

1Bringing, as 'twere, with care unceasing fodder night after night
to feed this stabled Courser,
Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we thy neigh-
bours, Agni, ne'er be injured.
2Here is thine own desire for wealth: through this be gracious
unto us.
Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we thy neigh-
bours, Agni, ne'er be injured.
3Each eve that comes our household's Lord is Agni, showing his.
loving-kindness every morning.
Bestow upon us treasure after treasure: enkindling thee may we
increase thy body.
4Each morn that comes our household's Lord is Agni, showing.
his loving-kindness every evening.
Vouchsafe us treasure after treasure: kindling thee may we
prosper through a hundred winters.
5Never may I come short of food to feed me.
Glory to Agni, Rudra, the consumer and the Lord of food!
6Protect my company, protect its courteous members, courteous.
God! p. 257
Only through thee, O much-invoked, may I be ever rich in kine.
7Only to thee bringing our tribute, Agni, each day as fodder to a
stabled courser,
Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we the neigh-
bours, Agni ne'er be injured.

HYMN LVI Scroll Up

A hymn to Sleep

1Thou art come hither from the world of Yama: thou, resolute,
affectest men with rapture.
Thou, Sleep, created in the Asura's dwelling, goest, well-know-
ing, with the solitary.
2At first the all-containing, depth beheld thee, ere Night was
born, when only Day existed.
Thence hast thou come, thence, Sleep, hast thou come hither,
concealing, deep within, all form and figure.
3Come from the Asuras in lofty, glory, he hath approached the
Gods in search of greatness.
Winners of heavenly light, the Three-and-Thirty endowed this
Sleep with his supreme dominion.
4Of him nor Fathers nor the Gods have knowledge, the Gods
whose gentle talk is still about him.
Urged by command of Varuna the Ādityas, Heroes, transported
Sleep to Trita Āptya.
5Thou whose severity hath reached ill-doers, and whose reward
the good have gained in slumber,
Delightest heaven with thy most lofty kinship, born from his
spirit who was worn and weary.
6Of old we know all places whence thou comest. O Sleep, we
know him who is here thy ruler.
Protect us here illustrious with glory. Go, from afar, with
poisons, into distance.


A charm against evil dreams

1As men discharge the utmost debt, collect the eighth and
sixteenth part,
So to the foeman we transfer together all the evil dream.
2Princes came together, debts came together, Kushthas came to-
Sixteenths came together. The whole evil dream that hath visited
us we send away as a bad dream to the man who hates us.
3Child of Gods' Consorts, minister of Yama is the good Dream:
that which is my trouble we drive away to the enemy.
4Thou whose name is Rough art the mouth of the Black Bird.
As such we know thee, Dream, as such we know thee well. Like
a horse art thou, O Dream. As they bind girth and surcingle
on a horse, so bind the alien mischief-maker, the scorner of
the Gods.
5The evil dream that threatens us, threatens our cattle or our
That let the scorner of the Gods, the alien mischief-maker bind
as a gold jewel round his neck.
6Having measured off nine cubits' distance from us we give away
the whole of the evil dream to the man who hates us.


A prayer for prosperity, accompanying a sacrifice

1Still equal be the flow of butter ever causing the Year to prosper
with oblation.
Still be our hearing, sight, and breath uninjured: let us lose
nothing of our life and vigour.
2Let lively breath invite us: we call vital breath to visit us.
Earth and air's middle realm have gathered, Soma, Brihaspati
and Dhartar gathered vigour.
3The earth and heaven have come to be two gatherers up of vigo-
rous might.
So let us gather vigour up and closely follow after Earth.
With glory come the cows and stand beside the master of the
herd. Let us when we have gathered fame and glory closely
follow Earth.
4Prepare the cow-stall, for there drink your heroes: stitch ye the
coats of armour wide and many.
Make iron forts defying all assailants: let not your pitcher leak;
stay it securely.
5The eye of sacrifice, source and beginning with voice, car, spirit
unto him I offer.
To this our sacrifice, wrought by Visvakarman, may the Gods
come gracious and kindly-hearted.
6Let the Gods' Priests and those who merit worship, to whom
oblation as their share is offered,
Come to this holy service with their Consorts, and all Gods
revel in the food we bring them.

HYMN LIX Scroll Up

An expiatory hymn accompanying sacrifice

1God among mortals, Agni, thou art guard of holy Law, thou art
To be adored in sacred rites.
2When, ignorant, we violate the statutes of you, O Deities, with
whom is knowledge,
Wise Agni shall correct our faults and failings, and Soma who
hath entered into Brāhmans.
3To the Gods' pathway have we come desiring to execute what
work we may accomplish.
Let Agni—for he knows—complete the worship. He is the
Priest: let him fix rites and seasons.

HYMN LX Scroll Up

A prayer for perfect bodily and mental health and vigour

1May I have voice in my mouth, breath in my nostrils, sight in
mine eyes, hearing in mine ears, hair that hath not turned
gray, teeth free from yellowness, and much strength in mine
2May I have power in my thighs, swiftness in my legs, stedfast-
ness in my feet. May all my members be uninjured and my
soul unimpaired.

HYMN LXI Scroll Up

A prayer for long life prosperity and final happiness in heaven

1May my self remain in my body: may I enjoy the full time of
Rest thee pleasantly: pour forth abundance, purifying thyself in


A prayer for the love of Gods and men

1Make me beloved among the Gods, beloved among the Princes,
Me dear to everyone who sees, to Sūdra and to Aryan man.


A prayer, with sacrifice, for long life and prosperity

1Rise up, O Brāhmanaspati; awake the Gods with sacrifice.
Strengthen the Sacrificer: aid life, breath, and off-spring, cattle,


A prayer to Agni for children, long life, and various blessings

1For lofty Jātavedas I have brought the fuel hither first.
May he who knoweth all bestow faith and intelligence on me.
2With fuel and with flaming wood we, Jātavedas, strengthen
So do thou strengthen us in turn with children and with store of
3Whatever even be the logs which, Agni, we lay down for thee,
propitious be it all to me: accept it, O most youthful God.
4Agni, these logs are thine: with these be, fain to burn! a
flaming brand.
Vouchsafe us length of life and give us hope of immortality.

HYMN LXV Scroll Up

A hymn to Agni identified with the Sun

1A Golden Eagle thou hast soared with light to heaven. Those
who would harm thee as thou fliest skyward.
Beat down, O Jātavedas, with thy fury. The strong hath feared:
to heaven mount up with light, O Sūrya.


A hymn to Agni as the Sun

1The Asuras with iron nets, magicians, who roam about with
hooks and bonds of iron,
With wrath I make thy thralls, O Jātavedas. Come as a bolt foe-
quelling, thousand pointed.


A prayer for long life

1A hundred autumns may we see.
2A hundred autumns may we live.
3A hundred autumns may we know.
4A hundred autumns may we grow.
5A hundred autumns may we thrive.
6A hundred autumns may we be.
7A hundred autumns may we bide.
8A hundred, yea, and even more.


A preliminary sacrificial formula

1Both of broad and narrow I with magic power unclose the
mouth. p. 263
With these when we have raised the bunch of grass we pay the
holy rites.


A prayer or charm for long life

1Ye are alive. I fain would live. I fain would live my complete
term of life.
2Ye live dependent. I fain would live dependent. I fain would
live my complete term of life.
3Ye remain alive. I fain would remain alive. I fain would live
my complete term of life.
4Ye are life-givers. I fain would live. I fain would live my com-
plete term of life.

HYMN LXX Scroll Up

A charm for long life

1Live, Indra. Live Sūrya. Live, ye Gods. I fain would live. Fain
would I live my complete term of life.


A hymn, accompanying libations, for wealth and prosperity

1Let my libations, giving boons, adoring, further the Twice-born's
song that honours Soma.
Go ye to Brahma's world having enriched me with life and
breath, with children and with cattle, with fame and wealth,
and with a Brāhman's lustre.


A sacrificial formula

1Within the chest whence we before extracted the bunch of grass,
this do we now deposit.
Wrought is the sacrifice by power of Brahma. Through this
assist me here, ye God, with Fervour.

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