Tapping Into The Hidden Intelligence

Higher Intelligence

by Jayaram V

When you look at the beauty, symmetry and harmony in the universe, what do you feel? How can you explain so much perfection that is hidden in every object and aspect of creation? There is no doubt that mathematics and equations are at play in the configuration and architecture of all forms, objects and processes that you perceive around you. But how can you explain them and integrate them into the diversity that we see here? Scientists may argue that life originated upon earth randomly, and perhaps the very existence of the entire universe in itself may be a random process. However, it does not explain the perfection that is hidden universally at the microscopic and sub atomic level. There cannot be so many random processes happening simultaneously at so many levels.

So much perfection and symmerty in the world around us point to an inherent and hidden intelligence that must be at work in every animate and inanimate object in the universe. It must be responsible for the beauty and perfection that inundate our senses from all directions and invoke in us tender feelings. It is certainly not the ordinary intelligence that you perceive with your mind, and which you find sometimes inadequate to deal with the problems of your life. It must be very different from it because it seems to be all-knowing, self-existing, independent, immutable, complete and perfect in itself. In other words, this intelligence, which is different from your ordinary intelligence, but which is hidden in you as well as in everything else, does not seem to require any learning, improvement, change, purification, transformation, nourishment, or conditioning. It knows by itself what needs to be done, or what needs to be manifested, improved, and perfected in the things it inhabits.

You may call it by any name, soul, over soul, inner Self, guardian angel, hidden Self, embodied Self, or the Witness Self. It does seem to be the real support, the one which imparts to existence the structure, meaning, purpose, place, form, and distinction. It does seem to operate at the individual level in the things it inhabits, and it may or may not have a universal dimension. However, it does seem to be interconnected with other hidden intelligences and share the knowledge, awareness, and experience in facilitating the processes and movements that define and regulate our existence.

The interrelationships and connectivity among the numerous intelligences may be responsible for the diversity and the universality of applicable knowledge and the possibility of life existing on other planets based upon the same set of laws and processes. If life happens according to mathematical principle and functions, then it must also be happening predictably in other places. It may have a universal dimension, but our minds are too small to comprehend it or speak about it. Hence, I would choose not to speak about It

However, based upon the circumstantial evidence that is strikingly available in numerous objects that we deal with everyday, one can be certain about its universal presence in the diversity of creation.​ You cannot easily tap into it with your ordinary mind. If you are lost in the dreams of your outer world or your inner world, you may not experience it. At times, it may show itself in you as intuition, illumination, creativity, and revelations, and coincidences. If you manage to increase the incidence of such events or somehow establish a deeper and more consistent connectivity with it, your life and your intelligence will become illuminated with its knowledge, power, and understanding way beyond your imagination.

Our main objective should be to understand this intelligence and draw from it richly to enhance the quality of our lives and experiences. The seers in Hinduism long ago managed to tap into it through various spiritual practices such as yoga, austerities, and other inner rituals. So did many spiritual masters and teachers like Mahavira and the Buddha. It appears that this intelligence is fully awake only when your mind, senses and ordinary intelligence are fully asleep. Herein lies the problem, and why there are so many variations in our understanding and interpretation of existential and transcendental truths. Scientists nowadays talk about wormholes in the universe to bend the space and enter different dimension. Perhaps we need to bend our inner space or open hidden communication channels within ourselves with which we can tap into this hidden dimension of infinite truths that seem to have solutions to all our problems and reveal to us the secrets that can enhance and perfect our lives and actions. Perhaps we will move closer to it when we prefect in us what yearns to be perfected.

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