How Many Times Do You Reincarnate?

The Wisdom of Upanishads

by Jayaram V

Please do not look for complete answers or information in these. They are fragments of thoughts which deal with only certain aspects of the chosen subject

How many times do you reincarnate? The other day I was watching an old photograph of mine. Looking at it, I wondered where that person in the photograph was? What happened to him?

Take any old photograph of yours or someone else. Look at it and ask yourself the same question. It is an illusion that we live for a certain number of years and die. What lives is the body. Even that decays with time.

The person inside the body does not stay the same. His name may remain the same, but inside he is never the same. He is like the clouds in the sky or the waves in the ocean. You cannot bring back the person you were a few years ago.

You may remember a few aspects of him, just as you remember the history of a nation or our civilization, but those memories do not make up the person or a nation. They are like monuments that stand testimony to your past.

We cannot tell exactly how many times a being may reincarnate upon earth. An atheist may even argue that rebirth is a myth. However, I can tell you certainly that we reincarnate continuously. We cannot keep count of how many lives we live here in one life itself.

The impermanence of our world is a blessing. It gives you an opportunity to be different, change, improve, clean up, refresh and recover from the imperfections of your character and the past mistakes of your life.

When you transform yourself, with each iteration of improvement you are born again in the mold of a new person. This is the gift of impermanence. This is the delete option Nature has provided in the program of life. It facilitates renewal of life, improvement, transformation and evolution of the mind and body.

With each death in this very life you enter either into a heaven of pleasure or into a hell of pain. From there you return repeatedly to the reality of your existence in this world.

You may not know much about the heaven and hell that exist beyond this world, but you can know about the heaven and hell that exist in this very world. Each time you are lost in happiness, you enter a heaven, and each time you are lost in suffering and depression, you enter a hell.

Each time you dwell upon the world outside and become involved with it, that is a rebirth for you i this world. Where you remain most of the time in these three worlds, depends very much upon your actions and thoughts. << >>

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