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The Upanishads are generally considered to be 108 although their exact number is not known. Of these ten are considered important for which Shankaracharya wrote commentary. The exact date of the Upanishads is not known. The oldest of them were probably composed around 1500 BC or earlier while others were composed at various times in the post Vedic period all the way upto the medieval period. The earliest Upanishads were non sectarian while some of the later Upanishads, like the Svetasvatara Upanishad, are clearly sectarian because they identify a divinity like Vishnu or Siva as Brahman or the Supreme Self. The oldest known Upanishads are the Aitareya, the Kausitaki, the Taittiriya, the Chandogya, the Brihadaranyaka and some parts of the Kena Upanishad. Many rishis and sages played an important role in preserving the Upanishads for posterity. Chief among them were Mahidasa, Aitareya, Raivka, Sandilya, Satyakama Jabala, Jaivali, Uddalaka Aruni, Svetaketu, Bharadvaja, Gargyayana, Pratardana, Balaki, Ajatashatru and others. The Upanishads have been translated by many scholars into various languages. We are presenting below links to some of these translations which are available on the internet

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