Essays on Hindu Festivals Symbolism Miscellany

Hinduism is rich in symbolism. Hindu rituals, spiritual practices, literature, mantras, prayers, beliefs and practices are shrouded in rich symbolic imagery. Hindu gods and goddesses also represent diverse energies, functions and aspects of creation. The human body itself is considered a replica of the universe and the creator, Brahman, himself. Human life is also considered a model of creation, with a beginning, middle and an end. The tantras contain syllabic and graphic representation of various deities and the methods to ritually and symbolically worship them.

The symbolism of Hinduism makes it difficult to understand. At the same time, it also helps the scholars of Hinduism to explain or present its complex ideas in a simple format. Outwardly, many Hindu beliefs and practices may look outdated and even superstitious. However, they cannot be ignored because hidden with them one may find the secret knowledge of transcendental states and metaphysical truths. In this section, we have assembled a few important essays on Symbolism which are available at

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