A Simple Formula To Achieve Success

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by Jayaram V

The simple formula to achieve success in any field is this. Know exactly what you want to achieve. Then, do everything possible to make it happen. Three factors are most important in any endeavor. They are discretion, dedication and discipline. When you have these, you will have little difficulty in ensuring the following.

1. Having clear and well-defined goals

2. Making a dedicated effort to reach them

3. Having the discipline to remain focused when the going gets tough.

In other words, you must set clear and specific goals. You should clearly know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve, and you must put your heart and soul into what you want to achieve.


Discretion is an important virtue in life. With discretion or discernment, you can make right choices and avoid unnecessary problems.

With discernment comes clarity about your goals and thereby your journey and destination. How can you travel anywhere unless you know where you are going or where you want to go?

In the journey of life, you have to deal with a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty. The problems may not be so obvious and the destination may not always be clear. Also, you cannot always be sure about your goals, choices and solutions. Many times, you may think that you know what you want. You may mistake your desires, hopes and wishes for goals. However, with discernment, or the right use of reason and intelligence, you can deal with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Goals are more than your desires and wishes. They define you and objectify your hidden desires and aspirations. Most importantly, they project the vision of your future and the life you want to experience. Each goal is an objectified and concretized desire. Therefore, having well-defined goals is important both in life and in career. If you have clarity in your thinking, you will have little problem in setting your goals and working towards them.


Goals require effort and dedication for their fruition. You must know the price you have to pay, the sacrifices you have to make, and the time and energy you have to invest to realize your goals. No one should expect to achieve success by chance. Excellence comes through perfection, and perfection is achieved by dedicated effort. You must plan for it and work for it.

Therefore, you must not only have clarity about your goals or desires and how to get there but also the required mindset and attitude. You must choose right goals so that you can enjoy the effort and the journey that leads you towards them. Your commitment depends upon your interest and involvement. If the goals mean something to you or your life, you will not easily give up. If you really love what you do or what you want to enjoy, you will give full attention to accomplish the task.


You must be committed to your goals with discipline, because there can be any number of distractions along the way. It is easy to fool yourself with denial and delusion when you face difficult problems or unfavorable circumstances. At times, the price of success can be very high and require many sacrifices on your part.

To achieve worthy goals, you must invest a lot of time and energy and forgo comforts and pleasures, which may cost you the peace of mind, relationships and resources. Therefore, discipline is an important virtue that keeps you going in difficult situations. If you are disciplined, you will stick to your path and sustain your focus and effort.

Discipline is also required when you achieve goals so that you will not lose your balance or restraint. Managing your success and preserving your gains are as important as working for your goals. For that, you should have the larger picture, and know your ultimate purpose or goal. If you know the purpose, you will have perspective and balance and enjoy the fruit of your success.

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