The Secret Alchemy of Abundance

The Purpose of Wealth and Abundance

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by Jayaram V

Summary: The essay is about the meaning and purpose of abundance and the strategy to achieve success and happiness in life through the alchemy of abundance.

Abundance means having something which is overflowing, in excess or plentiful supply. It may also denote completeness, fullness or fulfillment. Some people may mistake it as prosperity, but they are different. Prosperity is a thriving or flourishing state of being wealthy, rich or affluent.

It is generally associated with money, wealth, material or physical comfort, and represents an aspect of abundance only. In broader terms, prosperity may also include other factors such as health and happiness. They are interrelated and may affect each other. For example, health and prosperity may make people happy, and peace and happiness may make people healthy.

Similarly, healthy people have better chances of achieving economic prosperity. However, it is difficult to say that the pursuit of economic prosperity leads to health or happiness, or keep people free from the feelings of fear, envy or greed. Most of the evils in the world arise when people selfishly pursue wealth at the expense of their values, morals and humanity. Therefore, prosperity in the hands of wrong people may prove to be a curse rather than a blessing.

On the other hand, abundance can be material or spiritual, or physical or mental. It can be negative or positive. For example, the positive abundances are the abundance of monetary wealth, spiritual wealth, happiness, joy, peace, virtue, generosity, nature, greenery, harvest, raw materials, finished goods, precious stones, metals, minerals, and so on. Examples of negative abundances include the abundance of poverty, suffering, problems, difficulties, etc.

The universe exemplifies the abundance of all kinds. It has an unending supply of everything, from planets, galaxies and other cosmic objects to dark energy and space. It is even possible that we may be living in a multiverse, and our universe may be just one of the countless universes in an infinite cosmos. We are thus surrounded by abundance from all sides, although we all may not equally enjoy it, or have access to it.

It is because much of the abundance of the universe is beyond the reach of humans. Just as the water in the oceans does not quench the thirst of those who sail in it, the wealth of the universe does not create prosperity or affluence for the vast majority of people. Almost 99% of the world population experience scarcity of some kind and do not have access to the wealth of the world. It is concentrated in the hands of a few, who control the fate of the rest.

The true purpose of abundance

Abundance is a state or a condition. It has no purpose of its own. We have to create that purpose by knowing what it can do, or what we can accomplish with it. We must identify the types of abundances with which we are endowed, and effectively use them for our good as well as for the good of others. It is where our humanity has an opportunity to express itself, and where we can transcend our selfishness and narrow-mindedness and stretch our minds beyond our limited thinking and interests.

Everyone cannot be wealthy in the world. Economic or material abundance may be limited to a few. However, Nature endows everyone with some form of abundance. It may be an abundance of a talent, skill, physical or mental ability or appearance. You may be good at speaking, writing, painting, photography, jewelry making, gold smithy, science, mathematics, cooking, selling, reading, problem solving, creativity, organizing, leading, inspiring, persuading, negotiating, foreseeing, planning, learning, teaching, and so on.

They are but your natural abundances. Cherish them because they are the means to your material wealth, happiness and fulfillment. Do not feel despair because you are not born in a rich family or you do not have wealth. Every person is unique. Therefore, you too must have some unique qualities and abilities, which define you and distinguish you. Put them to right use. Find out where you excel, or whatever that comes to you naturally with considerable ease, which makes you happy or forget yourself when you are engaged in it.

Know that those are abundances, which Nature has gifted you. They are the means by which you can achieve your goals, peace, prosperity, health and happiness. Everything is a form of energy only. Abundance is also a form of energy. The abundance of knowledge, skill or talent can be transformed through intelligent effort into the abundance of peace and wealth. The abundance of material wealth can be put to right use to create the abundance of spiritual wealth.

In other words, find your strength and build your life around it. Use it to improve your life and those of others. Put it to the best possible use to create other abundances. It does not mean that your life will be free from worries, anxieties and challenges. You will still experience scarcity in some areas of your life. However, by using the abundances which you already have to your advantage, you can mitigate such problems to some extent.

The alchemy of abundance

Here is the four-step strategy to use your natural abundances to achieve peace, prosperity, success and happiness in life.

  1. Identify the abundances which Nature has gifted you or which you feel are overflowing in you in abundance.
  2. Plan your life according to them with right attitude and right goals to create the life of your dreams.
  3. Through hard work and perseverance transform them into other forms of abundance, which you cherish.
  4. Share your natural as well as created abundances with others and be a source of inspiration to them.

Abundance is the natural state of the universe. Some aspects of that abundance manifest in you. They constitute your natural wealth. Some people are lucky. They are born in rich families. However, it does not mean they all will equally enjoy their good fortune. It depends upon how they make use of their material abundance and for what ends. Others may not have material wealth, but they too possess various types of natural gifts in abundance. They can make use of them and transform them to create material wealth or reach other goals. The approach suggested in this essay is perfectly logical, and it is available to everyone.

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