Simple Methods to Change Your Moods and Feelings

Changing Your Moods

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by Jayaram V

This essay explains how with these simple methods you can change your moods and feelings

Life does not always happen according to your expectations. There will be times when you have to deal with problems and difficulties. On such occasions it will be difficult to keep up your spirits and remain cheerful. If you ever find yourself unhappy, disturbed or pensive, there are few simple tricks which you can use to feel good or cheer yourself up. The following methods should work on most occasions. However, sometimes if there are persistent problems that cannot be easily solved or forgotten, you may have to look for other options.

The first method is simple. Whenever you are down and feeling low, follow this simple suggestion. Find yourself alone in front of a mirror. If necessary, go to the restroom or some place where you can find a mirror, and stand in front of it. Take a deep breath, and start smiling at yourself. Keep smiling at least for a minute or so. If you do it sincerely, you will feel cheerful and your spirits lifted up.

You can practice it at any time you like, whether you are unhappy or not. For that you do not have to go to even a secluded place or stand in front of a mirror. You can start smiling wherever you are. Whenever you have an opportunity, just keep smiling to lift up your feelings and keep yourself in a cheerful mood. You may not change the world or your circumstances. You may not be able to escape from the problems of life or troubling situations. However, you can smile and be cheerful irrespective of what has been going on around you. It does not cost you anything. Besides, you can do it whenever you want.

There is another technique which is equally effective. Do something that will distract your mind from the current worry. Focus on some other issue or go to a different place and relax for a while. Walk in the park. Sit in a restuarant and have a cup of coffee. Watch television. Call a friend. Do something that will help you shift your focus. The idea is to disengage the mind and reengage it in another task. Sometimes, just a small walk to a different place in the same house or building can do the trick. Or find something that you have kept pending, and start working on it. There are plenty of ways in which you can shift your focus and take your mind off the problem.

The third technique involves some effort. In the midst of a hectic life we often forgot how we feel or what happens to us deep inside. Many people become immune to their own feelings and thereby lose touch with themselves and their natural alert system. The world demands so much from you that it will not let you think about yourself or your personal priorities. Priorities change as you are drawn deep into the world. Sometimes you may suffer from vague feelings, but you may not exactly know why they have come up.

If you are one of them, it is time you recover portions of you that you have left behind deep in the recesses of your past. Next time when you are not in a good mood, pay attention to your deeper feelings, and do some introspection why you are feeling so and what may be the real reason. Those reasons are not always known,  unless you keep practising and become closer to your authentic personality, which in many people usually remains suppressed. However, when you know them, you will experience a great relief.

Normal fluctuations in moods and feelings are a very common and frequent human experience. They keep us reminding that we are humans, that we have limitations, and that we have problems and challenges to overcome. Feelings of hurt, guilt, anger, fear, and remorse can keep your mind engaged in negativity and hurt your emotional wellbeing. If you are in control, with a few simple measures, like the ones mentioned above, you can quickly shake out of such feelings and regain your composure.

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