Saying Yes To the Conditions of Life

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by Jayaram V

Life offers many opportunities, but we do not make use of all of them. The reason is simple. Either we do not recognize them or we are too afraid to take risks. In choosing our options we rely upon our experience, knowledge, example of others, or their advice. It may be the wiser or the practical choice because life is full of risks and we cannot afford to make too many mistakes or ignore the threats.

However, you may be aware that some fears are genuine and realistic, while many are imaginary and may never happen. Yet many assume that they are serious enough to avoid. in the process they may be missing many opportunities that may contribute to their success and happiness.

One of the major obstacles to success is the fear of failure. A variant version of it is the fear of rejection. Both come in the way of doing things or seeking things. Many people succumb to action paralysis because of them and let life pass by. In most cases it is what distinguishes the most successful from the mediocre ones or the failures. Fear keeps them from using their full potentials or expressing their deepest desires.

We can address this problem to some extent by rationally weighing the pros and cons and estimating the probably outcomes. You may have to examine your deeply embedded fears that may prevent you from thinking or acting rationally. If necessary you may have to spend a few days to examine them and neutralize them, but in the end it may motivate you to change the way you respond to situations and opportunities.

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