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Happiness and Wellbeing

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by Jayaram V

What is the most important thing in your life? It is your own wellbeing or your personal happiness, and how you feel about yourself. Whether you are rich or poor, what matters in the end is the state of your mind and your feelings towards yourself and your self-worth.

In end, if you are unhappy, after all your success and accomplishments, what is the point in striving for them? Do they matter at all if you are unhappy or sick or stressed? Few of us think about this or make wellbeing the central principles of our lives. Wellbeing (also spelled as well-being) means the state of good health, comfort, security, happiness, prosperity, peace and fulfillment. Financial wellbeing is part of it but not all of it.

When you take life in a particular direction, instead of focusing upon your holistic wellbeing, you create imbalances which make you vulnerable to negative feelings. Whatever may be your profession or your chosen goals, prioritize your wellbeing and establish inner harmony. What you want to achieve in life must be a true reflection of what you are. When you cannot do it, you must at least acknowledge the fact and make peace with it by finding alternatives. Here are a few model suggestions on how you may prioritize your wellbeing.

Remove the stressors

Modern life is full of stress. The electronic and information age has created a lot of additional responsibilities and thereby a lot of additional stress for most of us. With your cellphone and computer devices the world has now encroached into your private territory more than ever before. You are now continuously connected to the outside world and constantly bombarded with messages and information, which you may or may not need and which may or may not be even necessary for your wellbeing. You do now receive notifications even in the middle of the night.

You are rarely disconnected from your friends and family. Your cellphone spies on you. Your social networks keep recording the history of your life. You are drawn into the inconsequential things of other people's lives, and you have to express your opinion to be part of the conversation. Anyone can now call you or follow up with you on any urgent or silly matter even when you go on vacation or when you are with your loved ones.

If you are a busy professional or if you are working for a company that requires you to be on call during day or night, you will hardly have any time for yourself. Some professions are especially stressful. Some are made stressful by the people whom you work with.

It is important to choose the right profession that does not give you too much stress. If it is not possible, you should find time to relax, meditate, exercise and relieve your stress. Make provision in your daily schedule for relaxation, entertainment and exercise to stay mentally and physical fit.

Do what you like

Doing what you like is a luxury. Only very few people can afford to really do it and take the risk. Most people who resign from their jobs to do what they like, end up having financial problems as their income goes down or the business which they set up may not take off. The purpose why many people choose to do it in the first place is to be happy and not feel stressed or worried, but for one reason or another they may end up not achieving it.

Therefore, do not go for it, unless you know all the risks. Instead of resigning from your regular job, you may keep it and find alternatives to engage in tasks that make you happy. For example, you can plan for hobbies, which engage you, or you may use your spare time to do what you like most. You can incorporate into your daily routine actions that make you happy. It may be an artistic endeavor, listening to music, enjoying a scenic drive, talking to friends, visiting a place or meeting someone you love, and so on.

Save for tomorrow

Studies show that people who save money for the rainy day feel secure, stable and happier. In today’s world it is difficult to curb your expenditure. Even when you go to a grocery shop, you tend to buy on impulse. You may have noticed that many people spend more and buy unnecessary things to save money, using coupons. If saving is the real aim, it is not a good strategy at all. The idea that you can save some money by spending more money works well for the sellers but rarely for the buyers. Most people who do it, end up hoarding things which they do not use or need.

If you want to save money, you should either earn more or spend less. They are the two proven ways that have universally worked well for people of all ages since the earliest times. You can use both these common sense approaches to improve your net worth. In the end, your net worth is determined not by how much you spend but how much you save. Therefore, focus upon real savings that increase your true net worth. You should also cultivate the habit of saving from an early age. It will give you a lot of financial freedom later in your life. Equally important is, you should wisely invest your money and avoid risky investments and get-rich-quick money schemes.

Nurture yourself

The most important thing in your life is how you feel about yourself, and whether you are in harmony with yourself and your actions. If you are feeling guilty, defeated, depressed, angry, frustrated, stressed, unhappy, it means that you have neglected your wellbeing and not considered it a priority. You should not depend much upon the world or others to feel good about yourself. Others give you conditional acceptance. They appreciate you when you meet their expectations or act according to their values and interests. Hence, such relationships rarely fulfill your need for true friendship or sense of belongingness.

Instead, nurture yourself by focusing upon your positive qualities and accomplishments, and by reaffirming good things about yourself. Keep reminding and reaffirming to yourself how good you are, and how you can make a difference to yourself and to those you love. Cultivate the friendship of people who genuinely love you and want you to be happy and successful. Use your spare time to reenergize your mind and body with strong and powerful affirmations and let them become a permanent part of your self-awareness.

In the end, what matters most is your own happiness and Wellbeing. Whether you occupy the highest office in an organization or engage in a profession that fits into your dreams, your happiness and wellbeing should be your priority. If you focus on that goal and make it the central principle of your life, solutions will come to you on their own. You will feel connected to yourself and to your authentic self and express the best in you. You will also vastly improve your chances of success and happiness by radiating positive energy and attracting good things into your life.

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