Intention, Attention and Manifestation

Positive Thinking

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by Jayaram V

Planets use their gravitational force to keep things together and stay in equilibrium. In life we use the power of love to attract things and hold on to them. It is an awesome power we all possess in equal degree. We can use it positively and unconditionally to achieve our goals and dreams. We can use it regularly to empower our thoughts and emotions and move towards our goals. This is an effortless way. It is the way of the wise and the higher. It is an ancient practice with a proven track record. You can call it moving with the flow or manifesting your destiny.

The human mind has many latent faculties. One such faculty which many do not use or do not know how to use is the power of manifestation. It harnesses this power with the help of belief or faith, intention and attention. In this world you are but the sum total of what you attract with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, hopes and fears. Some of your thoughts and desires manifest instantly, some take time and some may never materialize because you do not have the power yet to manifest them. You exercise this power regularly in your dream world where you create instantly whatever you desire and wish. It is your latent power, which dissipates considerably when you enter the wakeful world, where you are subject to many limitations and your power to manifest your desires is greatly reduced by your own imperfections, fears and ignorance.

While you may not be able to materialize reality instantly in your wakeful state, you still have the power to attract what you think, desire, believe and want. You also attract what you fear and want to avoid. Hidden deep within the layers of your mind is a far deeper reality, a superior consciousness which can manifest your thoughts and desires. You can call it by any name you want, God, super mind, angel, guardian angel, subconscious mind, alpha mind, hidden self, over mind, real self or whatever. For better clarity, I call it the higher mind. Your higher mind has the wisdom to see things clearly and the know intuitively the truth of things.

Your higher mind manifests your reality on the basis of unconditional love. Which means it works for you unconditionally. It attempts to give you whatever dominant thoughts you entertain in your conscious mind. In proportion to the intensity of your thoughts and emotions it creates results for you. If you entertain positive and empowering thoughts, it will try to create a positive and bright future for you. If your thoughts vacillate or lack conviction, or are driven by doubt, anger, envy, fear or such negative emotions, your subconscious mind would manifest the same confusion and negativity in your life.

Such is the nature of your higher mind. It is love unlimited. It does not question you. It does not judge you. It does not apply standards of its own. It knows of no guilt other than your conscious guilt. It neither filters your thoughts not tries to change you on its own. It accepts you as you are. Purely and entirely higher and beyond all categorization and classification, and without discriminating the positive and negative, it acknowledges your wishes as its commands and tries to manifest them with unquestionable loyalty.

It is why many people find it difficult to harness its true potential. A great deal of training and mental discipline is required to overcome doubt, despair, negativity and conflicting thoughts before expecting positive results from your higher mind. The following suggestions may be of some help in this regard.

1. Use positive affirmations to clean your conscious mind of any negativity and allow your higher mind to know what you truly desire.

2. Have faith in the ability of your higher mind to manifest reality. If you think it cannot do it, it will not do it. It is as simple as that.

3. Begin your day with positive thoughts and positive images. So also before you go to sleep.

4. Be grateful for what happens in your life. Even for those happenings that are seemingly undesirable express gratitude for the lessons learned and progress made.

5. Make your goals clear and specific. With greater the clarity you have better chances of unleashing right conditions and forces to manifest your goals.

6. Free your mind from fear, hesitation, guilt, shame and such negative feelings. Remove the inner mental blockages when you use affirmations, images, worlds, emotions and visualization to send powerful subliminal impressions into your mind to communicate your intentions. Visualize your goals clearly and precisely everyday.

7. Focus on your strengths and what you are good at. Your inherent potentials, skills and talents are your natural resources.It is indeed your true wealth, your God given gifts. You cau use them to manifest other types of abundances in your life.

8. Relax and let your higher mind do most of the work. Do not instruct your higher mind how and when it should manifest your desires. Your higher mind knows what to do, how to do and when to manifest your desires. It does it usually at its own pace and according to its wisdom. Therefore, relax with hope and aspiration while your higher mind does the work for quietly and secretly in the background.

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