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by Jayaram V

The world in which you life is a reflection of you. In that reflection you can learn many things about yourself just as you learn from your reflection in a mirror. - Jayaram V

We look to friends, family members, specialists, institutions, books and spiritual masters for guidance, inspiration and help. Sometimes, they help you and sometimes they do not. Sometimes, you may also need to spend time and money or make an extra effort to receive their help.

While you may continue to use these options to guide yourself or solve your problems, you may also consider another option, which is freely available to you and for which you do not have to depend upon others but use your own discretion, intuition and intelligence. The method has been used and tested by people since ancient times. It does not require any technology. You too can practice it anywhere and anytime.

You can do it by paying attention to what is going on around you and inside you, and by looking for the hidden messages the universe constantly keeps sending you. To practice it you have to be awake, aware and attentive. These 3 A's can connect you to the universe and provide you with solutions which your reason may miss.

We rarely look within ourselves and search for answers or pay attention to the messages that keep coming to us in various forms. As a result, we miss many subliminal messages, signs and omens that keep coming to us from various sources.

You may be surprised to know that you have an invisible connection with the world and the universe. You are part of them and you are forever connected to them both physically and mentally. Since you are inside them, you are an integral part of them, just as the blood cells in you are a part of you.

You are also immersed in an ocean of intelligence. You may never see it, but know that you are a representative of it. The universe speaks to itself through you. You do its work in the microcosm. You are its probe. Your mind is part of that intelligence only.

Just as you depend upon it for your survival and just as you acquire from it your power to think and conceptualize, Nature or the Universe looks upon you as a work in progress and uses your knowledge, experience, talents and abilities to constantly update and improve its own designs and programs and unfold the further course of evolution.

You can harness that same power of observation, learning and assimilation in which Nature as a silent observer excels. With some effort and training, you can open your mind to its intelligence and establish a two way communication, whereby you not only enrich the intelligence of the universe with your unique experiences and learning, but also benefit from the intelligence that wants to guide you and help you.

Every day, you receive subliminal messages as advice, warnings, and solutions. Unless you are well prepared and receptive, you will miss them as most people do. In fact, many people do not notice them because they are preoccupied with other matters and concerns.

How to receive guidance from such messages?

You may ask, "How can any recognize such messages? How to tell that it is not your imagination or your desire speaking for itself?" It is true that desires, prejudice, and expectations can interfere with your thinking and mislead you. It means you need some preparation and self-purification to keep your mind stable, peaceful, detached and non-judgmental.

Ideally, the messages should come from sources that are beyond your will and control. They must surface in your consciousness on their own, without your interference. If you are expecting them, probably it may be an illusion of your mind, and untrue. You must cultivate discretion to distinguish the thoughts and ideas you create from those that happen on their own. When you have that discernment, you can easily open to the messages that are coming from the universe.

Look for events that happen on their own, fortuitously, passively, unexpectedly or coincidentally. Actions and events that happen due to the will and actions of others or due to the acts of God happen for a reason. You have to find out what they mean to you, what message they deliver, and how you are connected to them.

How to decode the messages

Here is a simple suggestion to receive guidance from the invisible forces of the universe or your inner world. Analyze any experience that manifests in your mind or perception by itself and catches your attention. It may be a dream, an unexpected event, an object, a chance meeting, an unusual or uneasy feeling or foreboding, a conversation, or any event that bothers you or disturbs your peace and happiness. Ask yourself, what message could be hidden in it and what it was trying to convey to you.

In every experience, there is a visible content and a hidden content. The visible content is what is immediately perceptible in that experience. It may be totally deceptive and misleading, because the messages are rarely straightforward. They are delivered mostly in a cryptic or symbolic language. The hidden message may be connected to your past or your future. It may be connected to your past lives or a future birth. It may be about something you wanted to do but forgotten, or it may be a mistake or imperfection you are letting to continue.

Hence, you have to look for the hidden content in the message, which can surface only when your mind is clear and free from desires, expectations, fears, judgment, preconceived notions and prejudice. Many people fail to decode the messages because they have not risen to that level of purity and objectivity.

One way to find the hidden message is to observe the visible content with an open mind and ask yourself questions such as the following

What is it trying to teach me?

Why did it happen to me?

What thoughts are arising in me spontaneously in response to it?

Are there any lessons I can learn from this experience?

Does it have any relevance to may past or present?

Can I label the feeling and connect it to my past?

Why is this happening?

If you ask such questions in your daily life when any event or situation catches your attention, you will learn to perceive the hidden messages that life throws at you. You can use them to improve yourself, solve your problems and safeguard yourself from unforeseen situations.

Factors that can help your intuition long-term

As stated before, you cannot read the messages that are coming from outside unless you are mentally prepared and balanced. You have to cultivate the following to enhance your intuitive abilities.

1. Detachment: If you are more detached from external things, you will have greater clarity in receiving the messages.

2. Expectations: Keep your mind free from desires and expectations.

3. Freedom from fear and anxiety: Fear and anxiety may either block the messages or distort them.

4. Beliefs: You must believe in your ability to receive message. If there is no faith, you may not be receptive to the messages.

5. Nonjudgmental attitude: You must let the messages come to you freely without evaluation, criticism and judgment.

6. Confidentiality: It is better to keep the messages you receive to yourself. If you want to help others, do so but without telling them. If you disclose to others, they may confuse you with their own interpretation or mislead you.

Your learning never stops. Most of your learning in life comes from pure observation. Education is a modern concept. In the ancient world people learned purely from their observation. Nature does not have formal education, but it always learns. So is the case with all the animals. They learn and adapt. Learning is thus part of our survival.

Education definitely helps you to improve your observation and draw better conclusions from your perceptions and experiences. If you have a degree or formal education, it does not mean your learning has stopped. In fact, you may have to do some unlearning to improve your intuition and observation and continue your learning from them. Humility, openness, detachment, non-judgmental awareness, faith, courage, sameness, discernment, keenness, and wakefulness are a few qualities that can greatly enhance and strengthen your ability to connect to the universe and find answers to your problems. If you persist in practice and cultivate appropriate attitude and mindset, you will be able to benefit largely from the hidden messages the universe keeps sending you constantly.

Before we conclude this discussion let us not forget the importance of gratitude. Whether the messages serve you any purpose or not, make sure that you express your gratitude to everyone who facilitates your survival and continuity.

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