Three Self Limiting Beliefs About Money

Limiting Beliefs

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by Jayaram V

Money is probably one of the things that you mostly think about and deal with. It is so important for our Wellbeing, peace and happiness that we can hardly ignore it or live without it. Even spiritual people acknowledge its importance and seek it in acceptable ways according to their beliefs, values and principles.

Money is also probably one of the main sources of stress, apart from being an important motivating factor in human enterprise. As our civilization progresses and as we become increasingly dependent upon the luxuries, gadgets and comforts of life, we become increasingly dependent upon money, and thereby become vulnerable to the problems and challenges, which the abundance or the lack of money will create.

Your thoughts create your reality, subject to your belief in that possibility and your willingness to act upon your thoughts and desires, with conviction and determination to make them possible. It is true in case of wealth also. We always have choices in life, and they make a lot of difference to what happens to you. You can be wealthy or rich, or settle for whatever life or circumstances give you. One is the active way to increase the chances of your success, and the other is a passive way to let others or extraneous circumstances decide what is good for you.

Ultimately, it is your thinking, attitude and your decisions or choices, which make the difference. We all have the potential to manifest things, according to our thoughts, desires and intentions. However, we may not all succeed in doing it due to our self-limiting beliefs and negative attitudes. It is as if you have an inner controller who does not want you to succeed because he does not want you to unsettle your life or disturb your routine by the problems that wealth creates.

If you believe in yourself and your abilities and if you have healthy self-esteem, your chances of achieving success or attracting good things in life are better. Otherwise, you will be limited by your beliefs. The following are three important self-limiting beliefs which prevent many from achieving success or creating or increasing wealth.

1. I do not deserve wealth

Although they may not be consciously aware of it, many believe that they do not deserve wealth either because they believe that their circumstances do not let them enjoy life or they do not have the skills and the abilities to earn more money and enjoy a better life. Generally, people who hold this belief settle for less. They avoid taking risks or asking for a pay rise or demanding just compensation for the professional services they render. They are happy if they earn just enough to pay off their bills or get on with their routine. Your desires are limited by your expectations. If you expect less from yourself, you will achieve less than what you may truly deserve. Therefore, examine your thoughts and see whether you hold a similar belief, which is limiting your success or your reach in life. Make sure that your expectations and self-esteem match your desires.

2. Money is filthy and evil

Many people hold this belief. Religious and cultural beliefs also play an important role in reinforcing it. Almost all religions preach that wealth can be a source of evil, and wealthy people are vulnerable to sinful actions and evil temptations. Our literature, plays and movies also reinforce the belief as they repeatedly portray similar themes. If you strongly believe that money is bad or unclean and one has to be immoral or unethical or break the laws to amass wealth or become rich, you may be subconsciously preventing you from becoming wealthy or attracting good things into your life. Therefore, examine your thoughts, and think of all the good things you can do with wealth. Wealthy people are not necessarily evil, and poor people are not necessarily good. Wealth is just a means, a kind of energy which one can use for both constructive and destructive purposes. There are many wealthy people who help others and do a lot of good in society. If you truly want to attract abundance into your life, you must have a positive attitude towards wealth.

3. I do not want the trouble money brings

One of the limiting beliefs about wealth is that one does not have enough knowledge or experience or patience to deal with it. People with low self-esteem may reach the self-defeating belief that they are not smart enough to manage it, or money poses so many challenges that they may not successfully handle them. Thereby, they settle for less with poor investment decisions. Some people believe that having more wealth than necessary is stressful and harmful to one’s peace and happiness. Therefore, it is good to have less and be happy. Such beliefs prevent people from exploring ways to increase their wealth or income. It is true that money can create problems for both the rich and the poor, especially if they do not know how to handle their income and expenditure or protect their investment. However, one can learn how to invest wisely or seek the help or opinion of experts to manage their finances.

Use Affirmations

You can overcome your self-limiting beliefs by changing your thinking and attitude with positive thoughts, affirmations and willpower. Self-limiting beliefs arise from low-esteem or the beliefs which one holds about oneself. By disputing them and grounding your thinking in reality and the present moment, you can gradually replace them with positive and uplifting thoughts. It is important to believe that you deserve a good life and all the good things in life. There will be difficulties and challenges, but it is not reason enough not to even try. Wealth or money is a form of energy. It is meant to be used not hoarded. Its power increases as it is put to circulation and right use. You have one life to live. Make the most of it by knowing how to put your talents and skills to the best possible use.

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