Abundance Through Prosperity Consciousness

Creating Abundance

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by Jayaram V

Summary: This essay is about creating abundance through prosperity consciousness by building a vision of prosperous and wholesome life and pursuing it with right attitude.

Money is an important aspect of life. People who lack money think more of it, while those who have it also think about it but for different reasons. Poor people worry about finding money for basic needs and about surviving through scarcity and adversity, while rich people may worry about how not to lose or make more. Fear is the predominant factor in both cases, but greed drives those who are not satisfied with the wealth which they already possess, even if it is more than sufficient to take care of them for generations, and want more purely for egoistic or selfish reasons

Whether one has the abundance of wealth, or suffers from the lack of it, we cannot ignore the importance of money or material wealth in satisfying our needs and making our lives worth living. It is also important to feel good about oneself and enjoy the good things that life offers. However, we know that beyond a point wealth ceases to be important for our happiness and wellbeing.

Therefore, what is important is cultivating a healthy attitude towards wealth as well as enjoyment, so that things do not go out of control, and we can make the best out of our lives. While lack of wealth is a problem for many, the abundance of wealth is also a problem. However, it does not have to happen in both cases. With right attitude, one can deal with the problem of scarcity as well as prosperity.

Lack of money creates stress and unhappiness in many people. However, in some it creates a different response. It motivates them in powerful and positive ways to address the problem and earn more. Again, when they reach that conclusion, they may use rightful means or wrongful ones to reach their goals, depending upon how driven they are by the lure of wealth.

In the same manner, abundance of material wealth may create positive or negative attitudes or responses in people. They may either become more contrived, selfish, possessive and greedy or more generous, happy and contended. Thus, you can see that attitude plays an important role in matters of wealth. Whether you have it or not, you must examine your motivation as well as you thinking and attitude and attune them so that you are not overstressed by your own failings and weaknesses. In both situations, having right values and a balanced vision of life are important.

There is no guarantee that the abundance of material wealth will bring you happiness and fulfillment. It may temporarily make you happy and proud of your achievement and status in society. However, if you do not have the strength of character or commitment to right values, you may soon find yourself suffering from the consequences of your own actions and decisions.

Do you think money is important for you? Do you believe that you deserve wealth? Do you believe that life has dealt you wrong cards? How often do you think about money or the lack of it? Your thoughts about money are important. It is not that by only thinking you will achieve abundance in life. However, with right thinking and right attitude, and having right values, you have better chances of not only achieving success in life and reach your goals but also enjoying the fruits of your success.

Rather than thinking about money only, think about the quality of life you want to lead, the friend circle you would like to have, the personal relationships you want to build, the family you want to be part of, the goals you want to pursue, the career of the profession you want to engage in, the happiness you want to experience, the places you want to visit, the house in which you want to live, the luxuries you want to enjoy, the happiness you want to experience and so on.

Build that vision, and let it become an active part of your consciousness. Let it consciously or subconsciously drive your motivation, direct your thoughts, influence your thinking, behavior and habits, and let it become the guiding force of your life. The purpose of having abundance is to lead a wholesome life, in which you will have scope for your own happiness and the happiness of those who love you or who are an important part of your life. Therefore, rather than thinking of abundance and worrying about it, focus upon the life that abundance can manifest in your life and build a wholesome vision of it. Having done that, make it the reason for the pursuit of your goals.

When you build that vision and believe in its possibility, it becomes a force by itself. It will also help you summon another important power of your mind, the prosperity consciousness or the awareness and thoughts that will help you pursue all the good things in life, rather than just the material abundance. Your thoughts have power.

When you envision the life of abundance that you want to lead, rather than just material abundance, your thoughts become more concrete and specific and so also your goals, which in turn increase your chances of success.

Once you build that awareness, think of what habits, goals, skills, talents, knowledge will help you translate it into reality. Focus upon them. It is the most important step in reaching the goals you cherish through self-transformation. If abundance is your goal, you must first build a vision of It Then, you may translate it into actionable goals, which you can pursue with right attitude and intelligent effort.

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